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This tool will read text for you. You can download e-books , scan hardcopy ect..You must have microsoft agent installed on your PC. Enjoy!!!! You must have TTS engine , You can download it for free here : http://www.microsoft.com/msagent To exit use Esc button .
307.2 K 13,831

Readerware 3.43

Unique and innovative library management, inventory and database solutions for collectors, booksellers, schools, churches, libraries, and other organizations all over the world. Features: Auto-Catalog Lets you feed in a list of ISBNs, UPCs or barcode scans. Readerware then does the rest, automatically searching the web and...
47.7 MB 145

Reader Library 3.3

Features: * Shop thousands of eBook titles including New York Times Bestsellers. * Read eBooks on your PC or Mac with adjustable text and two-page view. * Search inside your collection of eBooks. * Borrow books from your library (library card required). * Automatically receive your newspaper and magazine...
23 MB 813

ReaderWriterLockAlt 19545

This ReaderWriterLock is an improved alternative to the ReaderWriterLock of the .NET 2.0 framework. It corrects the main problem of ReaderWriterLock in that it gives priority to threads that request a Write Lock. Also, it's faster! Features: * write locks have priority over read locks * open source, permissive MIT license, so...
102.4 K 258

FBReader 0.12.8

Currently FBReader works on * Linux desktop. * Windows XP/Vista computer. * FreeBSD computer. * Various linux-based mobile devices: o Sharp Zaurus with Qtopia-based ROMs, pdaXrom or OpenZaurus ROM. o Archos PMA430. o Siemens Simpad with Opensimpad 0.9.0/Opie ROM. o...
5.1 MB 592

DDReader 1.0.20120116

The Dorina Daisy Reader (DDReader) application is a DAISY 3.0 digital book reader that functions as a Firefox add-on. Its first version is available in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. The interface was designed aiming at the needs of visual impaired people. In the near future, new visual skins will be developed. The DAISY books can be read...
4.2 MB 140

JMReader 4.1

For a booklover, there are plenty of book resources in internet. But it's hard for a reader reading book files on the computer: difficult to locating files; files must be opened one by one; background color cannot adjusted; reader must distinguish where they reading just now when stroll down... These problems reduce interesting of reading, and sometimes...
921.6 K 543


tlReader is a free reader application that can be used to view TLex and tlTerm dictionary and terminology database files, and tlDatabase files.
30.2 MB 399

BzReader 1.0.10

Usage The typical usage would be: * Download one or several .xml.bz2 dumps of Wikipedia topics from http://download.wikipedia.org/backup-index.html You will need the files named pages-articles.xml.bz2 for your language. Alternatively, you may use any database dumps which follow Wikipedia XML format - Wikibooks, Wikitravel...
614.4 K 394

BDReader 1.04

BDReader is intended to be a comfortable comics reader. As a main feature, BDReader includes an auto panels detection on comics pages. It allows you to display the panels (or squares) of a comics page individually, in the reading order. It also offers a Preview page option, allowing you to preview each page before reading into details the different panels...
4.9 MB 69

FMReader Free 5.0

FMReader reads web pages out loud. Listen to a series of pages as if they were a radio station. Every web site is a Podcast with FMReader! ...Reads Web pages out loud, one page after another, allowing you to Listen To the Web for hours. Listen to the USA Today or the Wall Street Journal all day as if it were a radio station...all the while you browse...
6.8 MB 640

WFMReader 2.01.00

WFM reader and exporter is the simple application to read WFM file that produced by Tektronix/Rigol oscilloscopes. In this version: - Recovered the tabbed interface - Added Zooming/Scrolling - Added Legend with Min/Max - Added CSV / Image exporting - Removed 3rd party dependencies for straight recompile Features ...
102.4 K 86

YACReader 7.1.0

YACReader is a free cross-platform comic reader with support for multiple comic files and image formats. YACReader comes with YACReaderLibrary an application for browsing and managing your comic collections with various smooth transition effects. YACReader is fast, easy to use and all you need to enjoy your digital comics. Reader...
14.8 MB 185

RssReader Beta RC3 /

RssReader collect news in the background at user configurable intervals and warn with a little popup in the system tray that there is a new message arrived. You can click the news headline to see a short description of the news and click or open the original news web page in an RssReader browser or default browser window. RSS (Really Simple...
1.5 MB 318

PCLReader 14.7

PCLReader Views & Converts PCL & Text into PDF, PDF/A, XPS, TIFF, BMP, PNG, PCX and ASCII Text. Once viewed, a PCL or Text file can be printed to any Windows printer driver. This is useful in when you have a non-LaserJet PCL printer and need to print an invoice, loan, insurance or other type of document from legacy applications that require PCL4/5/5e...
13.1 MB 607

AnyReader 3.13

AnyReader - Reading from scratched CD/DVD/Blu-ray(BD), unreliable LAN (Wi-Fi), damaged floppy/flash disks! Are you looking for a reliable CD data recovery or DVD data recovery tool? AnyReader is a perfect example of such software. Effectively copies corrupt data from any type of disks or erroneous connections if standard copying methods...
3 MB 2,334

RayReader 1.0.0

RayReader is a basic RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) text reader which allows you to read texts using less time and energy because words will flow under your eyes without the need for you to do anything.
102.4 K 190

CE Reader 3.0

CE Reader™ is a professional RTF, TXT and XML reader. It prevents changing the contents of .rtf, .txt and .xml files. It uses a magic color as the background color. Your eyes cannot be tired, even you keep watching the screen over four hours. It detects hyperlinks automatically. You can see and find the hyperlinks with...
3.2 MB 700

MpcReader 1.0

MpcReader retrieves comet and asteroid orbital data in MPC format from the web and store it on your computer in different formats. The data is fetched from the MPC. The main job of MpcReader is to convert plain MPC data to the format needed for KStar. Someone could fetch orbital data for: * Observable comets * Observable...
102.4 K 212

GooReader 4.0

Read Google Books and Magazines GooReader provides a sweet interface for reading publicly available books and magazines on Google Books. Instead of awkward page scrolling in your browser you can get pleasure of reading on your desktop in the same way as you read hardcover books or paperback magazines. With natural mouse moves you can turn over...
6.6 MB 2,159

XMLReader 1.1.5

XMLReader is an XML parser written in C++. Developed to make file input easier, XMLReader has functions to store a file in memory, with an efficient structure which resembles that of an XML file, alter it and save it on the hard drive. Features * Load and store an XML file into memory. * Efficient class structure that resembles...
102.4 K 627

AceReader Pro 7.4.0

Speed Reading, Reading Fluency, Vision Training, Reading Assessment and Online Reader Software for all ages. AceReader Pro provides you with three tools in one: (1) A training tool that will help you become a more proficient reader both online and offline. (2) An assessment tool to assess and track your reading level. (3) An online reading tool to help you...
9.3 MB 1,024

AceReader Elite 10.0.6

AceReader is referred to as reading improvement software, reading assessment software, online reader software, reading fluency software, vision training software, and speed reading software. A few reasons why individual consumers and educators choose AceReader: - The only program that uses time-tested, patented and research-based...
46.1 MB 122

CSVReader/Writer 7.3

Java classes you can use standalone or embed in your own programs to Read, write, align, sort and pack comma, tab and semicolon - separated variable files, commonly known as CSV files. It consists of a 20 Java classes/utilities CSVReader, CSVWriter, CSVAlign, CSVChangeCase, CSVCondense, CSVDedup, CSVDeEntify, CSVDump, CSVEntify, CSVPack, CSVPatch,...
2.6 MB 439

AceReader Pro Deluxe 8.2.0

AceReader is referred to as reading improvement software, reading assessment software, online reader software, reading fluency software, vision training software, and speed reading software. A few reasons why individual consumers and educators choose AceReader: - The only program that uses time-tested, patented and research-based...
9.5 MB 594

AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus 8.0.7

Speed Reading, Reading Fluency, Vision Training, Reading Assessment and Online Reader Software for all ages. AceReader Pro provides you with three tools in one: (1) A training tool that will help you become a more proficient reader both online and offline. (2) An assessment tool to assess and track your reading level. (3) An online...
9.4 MB 730

AceReader Pro Deluxe Network 8.0.7

Speed Reading, Reading Fluency, Vision Training, Reading Assessment and Online Reader Software for all ages. AceReader Pro provides you with three tools in one: (1) A training tool that will help you become a more proficient reader both online and offline. (2) An assessment tool to assess and track your reading level. (3) An online...
8.9 MB 584

FeedReader 3.14

Feedreader is a lightweight open-source aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats. It works under all Windows versions from Windows 95 to XP. Feedreader is the most robust, highly-functional personal aggregation solution on the market today. It dynamically reads, collects, and organizes syndicated Web content, and seamlessly delivers it...
5.6 MB 1,744

Roboreader 1.5.3

Supports CBZ, CBR, RAR, ZIP, 7z, animated GIF, JPG, JPEG, JPE, JFIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, TIF, ICO files as well as JPEG image tag filtering. Check out the features tab below for more info. Features: * File support for JPG/JPEG/JPE/JFIF/BMP/PNG/GIF/TIFF/TIF/ICO * Archive support for ZIP/CBZ/RAR/CBR * Minimal UI...
512 K 338

WAB Reader 2.0

Microsoft has brought the radically different Ribbon user interface to the popular mail client (Outlook 2010) for the first time. So many of user are moving for Outlook Express to MS-Outlook 2010 if you are amongst them then you will need a software which can take care of your WAB Contact SysTools Come reliable name in software market for conversion...
2.5 MB 434

MindReader 1.0

Now also ported for Texas Instruments calculators! Enjoy! In english, both Windows and Linux versions! Have fun with a program that can read your mind! ;)
102.4 K 315

UHS Reader 5.10

The Universal Hint System gives you only the hints that you need to solve many computer games. Unlike traditional walkthroughs, the UHS lets you select questions and view only as much information as you want, so you can finish solving the puzzles on your own. The UHS supports games from classic text adventures to the latest adventure and role-playing games....
1.37 MB 342


If you click on a link to an ePub-file, you are normally prompted by the Firefox "save as" dialog. With EPUBReader installed, the ePub-file is downloaded, processed and directly displayed ready to read! An ePub-file is essentially an archive of HTML files. So why not read ePub-files with a program which is specialized in displaying HTML-files...
307.2 K 1,424

MWS Reader 5.0 Build 330

MWS Reader 5 will read out loud documents, E-mails, web pages and text from any program for you! Comfortablewith ComfortRead Simply select any text on the screen and with one click have it read out loud. Enjoy large bodies of text quickly and effortlessly! Flexible with Character Recognition (OCR) MWS Reader automatically detects...
60.1 MB 84

BSB Reader 1

Windows application to convert .bsb (.kap) to .png, .jpg, or .tif, useful for NOAA Nautical Charts. Features - vb.net class to read .bsb files - application to batch convert .bsb files to .png, .jpg, or .tif
102.4 K 51

YeahReader 2.7

YeahReader is a free program for reading news feeds in RSS, RDF and Atom formats, and podcasts. The program provides all basic RSS reader functionality such as a convenient feed update system, proxy support and pop-up update notification. Besides this, YeahReader has such features as built-in blog client that will allow you to quickly write...
2.7 MB 720

PST Reader 7.05.01

Kernel for Outlook is an efficient email recovery program for PST files of MS Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007. It supports email recovery from .PST database which is corrupt or inaccessible due to file corruptions, virus attacks, media errors, 2 GB file size etc. Software provides effortless working and performs successful recovery of outlook...
2.2 MB 629

WikiReader 1.15

WikiReader makes loading and reading of WikiPedia articles easier. Just press a hotkey in any Windows application and the WikiPedia article will pop up in a small window. In the WikiReader window, articles from WikiPedia are displayed without menus, logos or other cluttered elements. Articles already viewed are cached, thus reducing loading time and...
1.23 MB 320

DynaReader 0.9.9

A program for watching dynamicly growing log files. DynaReader follows the tail of your log files and displays any updates instantly.
102.4 K 292

DBX Reader Free 1.0

Try Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express if you encounter dbx reader problems and Outlook Express is not openable for any reason. Very often, our users encounter minor issues therefore email recovery services may provide very good chances of getting the data back. However, do not forget about the privacy of personal information, it is not recommended that...
1.1 MB 177

CoolReader Engine 3.0.55-36

CoolReader Engine is fast and small cross-platform XML/CSS based rendering library for writing E-Book readers for desktops as well as for handheld devices. Supported e-book formats: FB2, TXT, RTF, TCR, HTML, EPUB.
6.1 MB 1,814

PDF Reader Converter

PDF Reader Converter is a tool to remove DRM protection from Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server for PDF file, it create a new non-DRM PDF file with 1-click, the new PDF file can read in Windows,Mac without limitation, user also can print PDF file. It is very easy to user, just 1-click to copy DRM book.
1.1 MB 465

Fora Reader 3.0.0

+ Quadruple activation methods - to suit best to your needs contextually - Hover activation - simply hover on the word of interest (extremely useful when you need to translate words very frequently, for example reading/translating a foreign document that's out of your profession) - Hotkey activation - simply hover and hit control-key to activate...
9.1 MB 1,965

Spam Reader 3.6

The software uses the most reliable approach to block junk emails - Bayesian algorithm based on statistical analysis, capable to be adjusted to user's needs and detect up to 98% of spam messages. Spam Reader automatically scans all incoming mails and sends detected spam messages to the special folder for further review. Supporting all types of...
2 MB 455

Web-eReader 2.2

The WebReader application can be accessed from the football/Soccer icon in the system tray (near the clock on the Task Bar). It basically allows quick and easy access to these saved documents, you can view, print and browse within the application. You can also organize your documents by creating folders in Windows Explorer and navigating to them within this...
1.9 MB 266

EventReader 2

Features: - Filtering (all events or last "n" hours, event types, time interval, event types) - Ability to save filtering criteria to create specific views - Servers list, organized in groups - Integration with EventID.Net - 3 panel view of event details - Export to HTML - no need for .evt files anymore! Just use your browser...
1.2 MB 249

MusicReader 2.60

The digital music stand offers solutions for all kinds of problems musicians have with (paper) sheet music, both individually and in orchestras and ensembles. This includes easy page turning, a convenient music library and flexible annotation making. MusicReader also anticipates on the developments of sheet music offered online. Digital sheet music can...
59.3 MB 509

Best Reader 8.0

Best Reader is the english version of our speed reading software for improving reading technique and increasing reading comprehension. Best Reader features: 1. Number of exercises: * text reading - 92, * field of sight testing and widening - unlimited, * Schulte tables for field of sight...
2.4 MB 453

Clip Reader

Read text aloud instantly from the clipboard just by selecting it. Great for reading email, online news, reviewing, documents, cram for exams and tests with repeat option. Choose from different voice styles, male or female voice. Just highlight text from any web page or document and the the program starts reading the text instantly. Very easy to use with...
409.6 K 35


* Handles all RSS versions, ATOM 0.3 and 1.0, modules like dublin core, content:encoding, xhtml:body, etc. * Advanced threading support allowing you to view connected items together in a threaded fashion. SharpReader detects and shows connections between items if they have same link, if one item links to another, if two items both link to the same...
798.72 K 398
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