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Cleaner gathers temporary internet files, cookies, recent items, along with history items to delete. Also, contains quick links and shortcuts to essential system cleaning tools, such as 'Clean Manager' and 'System Restore'. This is an updated version of the previous versions of AsaApplications cleaners. This version has the same User Interface...
614.4 K 847

Cleaner Kit 1.3

Cleaner Kit is a bundle of powerful tools for cleaning and optimization of your system. Various programs of the Cleaner Kit are able to monitor your systen registry and clean it of obsolete and invalid entries, free your disk space by removing unnecessary duplicate files, protect your privacy by removing trails that are left in your browser cache and...
1.27 MB 811

Cleanerzoomer 4.03c

This tool utilizes a complex multi-stage processing technology to accurately remove digital noise and JPEG artifacts from images. Another modification of that technology, called 'Nova Sharpen', allows sharpening of blurry images producing an amazing crispness never possible to achieve using standard techniques. Cleanerzoomer uses Nova Sharpen...
5.4 MB 1,584

Cleaner of Google's search URL results 1

This little java GUI program cleans URL that Google search returns on its web page. It returns cleaned URL..
102.4 K 52


FCleaner is a freeware all-in-one Windows cleaning and optimization tool. It removes unused files that are eating up your disk space and slowing your system down, tweaks your system and allows your Windows to run faster. FCleaner can also protect your privacy such as Internet History, the Cookies that websites leave behind. You can erase all the traces of...
1.2 MB 2,548

FCleaner Portable

FCleaner Portable is a freeware all-in-one Windows disk and registry cleaning and optimization tool. It removes unused files and invalid registry entries that are eating up your disk space and slowing your system down, tweaks your system and allows your Windows to run faster. FCleaner Portable can also protect your privacy such as Internet History, the...
1.2 MB 521

UnCleaner 1.7

UnCleaner is a solution to get rid of all unnecessary files and folders stored on your computer, doing to slow down and crashes Features: * Clean all unnecessary files with Smart Clean technology, the time of cleaning may be less than 1 second, is an instant cleaner * Instant file analysys on the window opens * Low...
2.4 MB 310

UTCleaner 0.3

A small and silent utility designed to help you clean your temporary files without any effort.
102.4 K 107

OS Cleaner 1.0.1

Clean your Operating System from all the garbage wasting space that slows the performance of your Computer. Clean and Tune UP OS Cleaner can delete temporary files and junk system files to Speed Up your Operating System Protect your Privacy Defends your right to privacy by securely eliminating the tracks that programs or web leave...
512 K 13

AdwCleaner 4.113

AdwCleaner is a tool that deletes Adware/Toolbar/PUP/Hijacker. It works with a Search and a Deletion Mode.
2 MB 3,458

AppCleaner 3.1

AppCleaner removes obsolete files on your computer including temporary files, history, cookies, internet logs and many more from 2000 software programs - more than any other cleaner. Frees up disk space and optimizes overall performance.
512 K 898

VirCleaner 1.0

This Free Software protects the computer against virus. It has an ability to protect your system in real-time mode. It also removes the suspicious files. VirCleaner is a cleaning tool and removing threats for the treatment of infected PCs. VirCleaner is compatible with antivirus on your system and can interact with them during the scan allowing your...
102.4 K 114

AnyCleaner 1.06

It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. AnyCleaner is safe and contains NO Spyware or Adware! Features: - 1-Click Feature...
819.2 K 86

PC Cleaner 1.00

PC Cleaner is a tool to keep your PC Clean and free from junk. It comes with System Cleaner which supports 50+ types filter to clean junk files Options to clean Windows temp folders Options to find and clean Duplicate Files safely Comes with Privacy Protector to erase your online tracks Simple and easy to use interface
1.96 MB 852

WinCleaner OneClick 12.0.8

Your computer holds a lot of your life. Your music, your photos, your business records and your various social networks. That's why you can't trust just any PC maintenance product on the Internet. After nearly a decade of research and millions of PCs cleaned, WinCleaner is the most trusted name in PC maintenance software. WinCleaner OneClick will help...
4.2 MB 401

WinCleaner One Click 11

Every day your hard drive gets littered with file fragments and debris you can't see. Unwanted files from daily usage and internet surfing can build up over time, slowing down your system's performance and leaving a trail of your web browsing habits for anyone to see! Traditional uninstalling and cleaning software can't remove stubborn programs and all...
1.27 MB 1,608

WinCleaner AntiSpyware 5.4

ImageWinCleaner AntiSpyware is free software that helps protect your Microsoft Windows computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware, adware and other unwanted nuisances. It features Real-Time Protection and an automatic monitoring system against spyware that is both quick and timely so it minimizes...
1.9 MB 249

SB Cleaner Free Edition 3.0.1

Like SBCleaner Standard Edition, SBCleaner Free Edition is a tool to free up disk space and improve your systems performance and most importantly, your privacy.. Our shredder uses DoD complaint deletion methods, making sure the files you delete can not be recovered using un delete programs. The deletion methods available are: *...
102.4 K 80

ExifCleaner 1.8

ExifCleaner is handy software for removing individual Exif tags or stripping Exif data entirely. This protects your privacy, helps you to hide unneeded, undesirable or sometimes sensitive information - about the image, photographer and location. Did you know that every photo produced with a digital camera contains it? Cleaning metainformation saves disk...
1.2 MB 1,097

SlimCleaner 4.0.30878.55015

SlimCleaner is the world's first software that lets you clean and optimize Windows systems using a crowd-sourced approach. SlimCleaner uses aggregated-cloud feedback to recommend optimal settings for programs, start-ups and services. Features: Cleaner The industry’s fastest, most robust engine for analyzing and cleaning unneeded...
716.8 K 1,425


EasyCleaner also lets you delete all kinds of unnecessary files such as temps and backups. You can search for duplicate files and you can view some interesting info about your disk space usage! You are also able to manage startup programs, invalid shortcuts and add/remove software list. ToniArts may not be held accountable in any way if EasyCleaner affects...
2.8 MB 672

ATF Cleaner

ATF-Cleaner.exe was once upon a time just my personal temp file cleaner. There became a need for a good temp file cleaner that could do the job safely and without removing files that are crucial to windows, so I decided I'd share it with the public. ATF-Cleaner has recently picked up alot of interested in the various communities...
102.4 K 2,900

DataCleaner 4.0 RC 4

The heart of DataCleaner is a strong data profiling engine for discovering and analyzing the quality of your data. Find the patterns, missing values, character sets and other characteristics of your data values. Profiling is an essential activity of any Data Quality, Master Data Management or Data Governance program. If you don't know what you're...
87.6 MB 308

HtmlCleaner 2.9

HtmlCleaner is HTML parser written in Java. It transforms dirty HTML to well-formed XML following the same rules that the most web-browsers use.
102.4 K 74

OFX Cleaner 1.08

Includes cleaning up payee names to better match your existing payee lists. Convert OFX files into QFX or QBO files to be compatible with Quicken and QuickBooks. Features: - Use this tool to import data into Quicken, QuickBooks, and other OFX enabled applications. - Supports both Banking and Investment OFX files. - Clean...
307.2 K 46

The Cleaner

Removes and blocks all manner of malware including Trojan Horses, Worms, Spyware, Adware, Ransomware, Keyloggers, Backdoors, Password Stealers and many more. The Cleaner also works hand-in-hand with your anti-virus and firewall to complete your security. Features: Advanced Malware Detection and Removal We use a combination of...
313 MB 5,356

123 Cleaner 6.00

Your computer is spying on you now! It stores all the evidence into your hard disk. Anyone using your computer can see where you have been on Internet, what images and movies you have seen, and even anything you have done on your computer could be seen by others. The Windows built-in functions will not protect you, most of the tracks can not be erased with...
2.8 MB 514

SVG Cleaner 0.6.1

SVG Cleaner could help you to clean up your SVG files from unnecessary data. It has a lot of options for cleanup and optimization, works in batch mode, provides threaded processing on the multicore processors and basically does two things: - removing elements and attributes that don't contribute to the final rendering; - making those elements and...
7.1 MB 84

HFV Cleaner Pro 4.0 Build 2013.12.17

Many a times when we connect our PenDrive to a PC or Laptop, we don't see our files and folders, instead see one or multiple shortcuts. Assuming these shortcuts as innocent, we launch them which in turn infects our PC or laptop with a virus which the geeks call Win32:Atraps-PZ[Trojan] Simply speaking, the shortcut creates a backdoor to your...
102.4 K 81

iSysCleaner Pro

It removes all unused files from your system with few clicks and faster - freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet History and Cookies. But the best part is that you can define your own search script (SDK will be available asap). iSysCleaner is a freeware system optimization tool. It...
1.1 MB 1,359

ExifCleaner Portable

This protects your privacy, helps you to hide unneeded, undesirable or sometimes sensitive information - about the image, photographer and location. Did you know that every photo produced with a digital camera contains it? Cleaning metainformation saves disk space and server bandwidth, reduces download times, it's especially evident on small-sized or large...
614.4 K 370

The Cleaner Database Update 3031 / May 28, 2014

The Cleaner Database Update represents the offline database updates for The Cleaner antivirus and antimalware software solution. You can use it in case you have no access to internet, or if you can not perform automatic updates.
357.5 MB 961

Indo Cleaner 3.0

Indo Cleaner is optimization software that will help you clean up recent file lists (MRUs) from installed applications in your PC. It will removes many unused files from windows system, by clean this files you can get extra space and faster performance your windows system. Indo Cleaner can removes your private data after internet activities such as...
1.1 MB 173

HTML Cleaner 1.02 Build 033

HTML Cleaner is a batch (X)HTML document file size optimization software. It removes unnecessary characters, such as extra spaces, quotation marks, optional end tags, etc. from your HTML docs, making them slimmer. The documents appear in the browser exactly the same way as before, they only load much faster. This is a great way to reduce download time and...
2.1 MB 179

SuperCleaner 2.98

It can also Clear your Internet History, including your Google search history, Internet Explorer history, Firefox history, and AOL history. It even erases the hidden index.dat files Windows hides on your computer! SuperCleaner will Delete Cookies that websites leave behind, saving only the ones you specify. You have the option to perform a file...
563.2 K 1,542

Disk Cleaner 1.8.1795 RC4 / 1.7.1621

Did you know that all your surfing history is being recorded in secret hidden files on your PC.?. Every website, files, movies, clips, documents, and anything else you viewed on your PC is recorded in secret hidden files on your hard drive. Did you also know that unwanted images, banners, pictures and content that exists on websites you visit, can be...
819.2 K 2,054

Word Cleaner 7.0

When you convert with Word Cleaner, your webpages are on average 1/3 of the file size compared to saving as HTML in Word. Best of all we keep the formatting of your documents. Save time by batch converting Convert one file or thousands of files all in one, with an average conversion time of less than 1 second. MS Word does not need to be...
30.1 MB 1,202

Iron Cleaner 3.1

The purpose of Iron Cleaner is to clean old data from SRWare Iron browser (installed or portable version), Chromium browser or Google Chrome. That should speed up browser and reduce his RAM usage.
307.2 K 118

Soft Cleaner

Soft Cleaner is a free software, privacy cleaning and optimize utility. Safely cleaning internet history and privacy carrier cookies in a fast method. Deep scanning of files and cleaning the unused junks results your PC to work smooth long time. You can protect the privacy of online traces by clearing the cookies. Temporary internet files, cookies, history,...
102.4 K 148

Data Cleaner Software

Disk eraser tool removes all existing files including your personal or private images, files or folders from your PC/ Laptop and ensures that no other recovery utility can get back data again so that no one can view your data in your absence. Computer hard drive data wiper tool permanently removes all deleted confidential files folders from windows hard...
1.7 MB 416

Cell Cleaner for Microsoft Excel

With this add-in for Microsoft Excel you can quickly clean data imported from an external date source and get it to the format convenient for further analysis. The Cell Cleaner plug-in automates such tasks as removing excess spaces, converting numbers stored as text to number format and changing Excel text case. In just a couple of clicks you...
12.5 MB 194


ADWARECLEANER is a program that eliminates all adwares, spywares, viruses, Dialers, and hijackers that might exist on your PC. ADWARECLEANER is a program that uses a database with tens of thousands fingerprints of spyware adware, trojans and worms that can be updated automatically to provide protection from the latest danger. It have the ablitiy to set a...
496 K 729

Clone Cleaner PRO 2.01.2

Heatsoft Clone Cleaner (HCC) is an easy-to-use program designed to find out and remove duplicate files with same name, same size, same content on your local computer or network computers. With HCC you can easily reclaim disk space wasted by all the extra unnecessarily file copies and keep your files well organized.HCC allows you to search dupes in multiple...
2.2 MB 494

Eusing Cleaner 4.0

Eusing Cleaner is a free system optimization and privacy cleaner tool. It allows you to find and remove the unused files in your system, invalid registry entries, delete your internet history, provides plug-in support to clean the history for over 150 third-party applications. You can select the items that you want cleaned and also specify cookies that...
102.4 K 100

Serial Cleaner 1

If you often transfer files from MacOsX to Windows and you are fed up with all these ._ files (.DS_Store, etc....), this simple tool is for you.
716.8 K 428

System Cleaner 7.61

System Cleaner takes care of all the common PC headaches that slow your system down and puts your data at risk from disk failure. It also takes care of many of the PC problems that other so-called tune-up programs ignore. Scan & Repair System Cleaner 7 has a brand new interface that allows you to quickly and easily scan for issues on your PC...
9.2 MB 4,916

Browser Cleaner 1.0 Build 0.100

Browser Cleaner is a handy utility designed to securely delete all traces of your online and offline activity and free up space on your hard drive by removing thousands of unnecessary files. Browser Cleaner erases history of visited websites, clears browser temporary files and eliminates all other records of your Internet activity.
921.6 K 297

XP Disk Cleaner 2.2

Windows applications create several files on your hard drive for temporarily storing the data. These files are supposed to be removed when application terminates. Often, they will not been removed because of a program error, sloppy architecture, your system gets reset or does not shut down properly, or another application locks up or crash. It is important...
614.4 K 474

History-Cleaner 9.12

Clean internet history, cookies, temporary internet files(cache), index.dat files, protect your home page from being modified, clean recently used files list, empty recycle bin and more. Protect your privacy and keep your system clean! What does History Cleaner do for you * Deletes Internet History * Empties Drop-down...
409.6 K 2,231

Privacy Cleaner 6.50

Your computer is spying on you now! It stores all the evidence into your hard disk. Anyone using your computer can see where you have been on Internet, what images and movies you have seen, and even anything you have done on your computer could be seen by others. The Windows built-in functions will not protect you, most of the tracks can not be erased with...
2.8 MB 217
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