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GoldenGem 1.4

Goldengem is considered to be one of the best of the neural network stock prediction programs. It is a simple no-nonsense program, containing a sophisticated mathematical calculation, which has been very successfully used by a few top traders. Its StockDownloader downloads free data. Select tickers, in capitals, separated by commas, including any that may...
2.45 MB 458

Golden Axe 1.0

You family is dead and your entire village is in ruins. There's only one creature evil enough to slaughter and destroy an entire town of innocent civilians, the Death Adder. It's up to you to exact revenge rid the world of one of the most vile and heinous beings to ever walk the planet. As either Gilius Thunderhead or Tyris Flare, you'll journey through a...
899 K 1,102

GoldenDict 0.9.0

Features The latest release has the following features: * Use of WebKit for an accurate articles' representation, complete with all formatting, colors, images and links. * Support of multiple dictionary file formats, namely: o Babylon .BGL files, complete with images and resources o StarDict...
12.2 MB 856

Golden Hues 1

A great looking Windows 7 theme specially created to bring a sunset to your desktop.
1.2 MB 221

Golden Ratio 3.1

It contains two different tools on a translucent window, which stays on top of any other window. 1. Stencil tool It is used to create template patterns useful in conjunction with any painting, photo manipulation or design software. The stencils help you create image compositions according to the "golden section" rule or some other...
5.2 MB 1,034

Golden Axe 3 1.0

This ?Prince of Darkness? has taken away the Golden Axe and put an evil curse over all the warriors. One of the heroes has their curse relieved and is sent to set things straight ? lift curse off others, defeat the villian and return with the Golden Axe. You get four characters to choose from: Amazon, barbarian, panther man, and a big gladiator-type brute.
1.21 MB 826

Golden Cliff 1.0

A gold rush is the term used to describe an era of intense migration of workers to an area that has had a dramatic discovery of gold deposits. The young married couple Cooper carried away by the information that they receive everyday about the golden rush that has ruled the world, decide to go searching for gold.
6.3 MB 2

Golden Axe 2 1.0

Not long after the malign reign of the Death Adder has ended, another evil rises. The peace of the land has again been threatened, this time by "Dark Guld", who was supposed to be imprisoned but apparently isn't. In this sequel to the arcade and Genesis hit Golden Axe, new skills and magic have been added to each character to help your chances of survival....
887 K 586

Translator GO

MMMOOO professional translator!! Must-install app on Win8. And we will keep on doing more optimization in the future. Features * Support translate all popular language all over the world; * Support pronunciation; * Support record the translation history;
102.4 K 86

Golden Browser 1

Included in the Package: - 512PX PNG Icon - Preview - Anti Theft Card.
614.4 K 3,222

Golden Fairway 1.0

Golden Fairway is an online golf game with realistic 18-hole, multiplayer competition. Golden Fairway reatures various skill levels from novice to expert, and an online chat feature lets you interact with your competition. Companies can use Golden Fairway as an advergame, and non-profits can hold online charity golf events with sponsor ads included.
134.2 MB 779

Golden Keylogger 1.26

Keyloggers get a lot of bad rap because they spy on people. But this keylogger is a good one. In fact, Golden Keylogger is Net?s only family-friendly keylogger. What gives us the right to make this claim? Because the only reason Golden Keylogger was created in to protect you and your family, not to spy on people. If you have teenage son or daughter...
967 K 1,518

GOLDEN Networking 1

The most trustable and recognized companies will be satisfied for using this set of icons on their software applications. Give to your applications a top of mind touch with this set. This set contains icons are oriented to companies dealing with communication services. Networking set includes icons for network technologies and site management such as...
819.2 K 200

GoldenDict Portable 1.0.1

GoldenDict allows you to quickly and easily lookup words and phrases in multiple dictionaries as well as wikipedia and other online sources. GoldenDict has its own internal web browswer with tab support. It supports multiple dictionary file formats (Babylon .BGL files, StarDict .ifo/.dict./.idx/.syn dictionaries, Dictd .index/.dict(.dz) dictionary...
14.9 MB 253

Translator's Abacus 3.1

Translator's Abacus is a FREE word count program developed by GlobalRendering. Just drag and drop files to be counted to Translator's Abacus and a Word Count Report will be presented. The program also provides translation quotes for the most common languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, etc.
409.6 K 607

GoldenSection Notes 4.4 Build 1900

What? You've not heard about GSNotes? Everybody on the Internet is talking about it. GSNotes is a user-friendly e-notebook that organizes your notes in a folder tree format for your convenience. The program has received dozens of awards and supports over 20 languages. In addition to keeping and organizing notes, GSNotes can perform any word processing...
5.6 MB 1,356

Translator Internet 1.00

Translator Internet is a Toolbar for MS Internet Explorer. It allows you to translate in real time any web pasge from one language to another. You only have to select languages and TI does all the work for you! Automatic dictionary updates.
528 K 827

GoldenSection Reader 4.1 Build 1517

GoldenSection Reader is an application designed for viewing and printing e-books of the .gso format created via WinOrganizer and GoldenSection Notes. Main features * view, search and print your own .gso files or other 200 computer databases created by our users. These are manuals, calendars, cookbooks, guides, dictionaries,...
4 MB 207

Golden Rules Organizer 2.2.0

This GTD-compliant personal effectiveness tool includes project management, recurring task management, to-do list, goal setting, diary, time tracking, bookmarks manager, and contact list. Main Features: * To-do list * Recurring tasks * Project tracking * Schedule * Mission and Values *...
102.4 K 1,098

Golden Fairway MVP Golf 1.2

This is a multi-player online golf game in 3D. The game supports up to four players and chat. You can choose from three skill levels: novice, skilled and expert. Notes: game code = fxgolfgame
72.82 MB 469

Golden Eagle FlightPrep 6.2.2

CSC Inc. DUATS of Chantilly, Virginia, has selected FlightPrepTM, to power the Golden Eagle FlightPrepTM flight planner. This new flight planner is a replacement for the popular CirrusTM software which has been the mainstay offline and dial-up DUATS flight planner for the last eight years, for several hundred thousand pilots. Golden Eagle...
69.4 MB 856

Golden Inventory System 4.0.10

This is a complete inventory management system that performs the functions of Purchases, Sales and payments. This system will guide you through the creation of vendors list, purchase orders, products list, receiving lists, sales orders, invoices, sale and payment receipts. This is in addition to product labels with barcodes, work orders for creation...
2.3 MB 1,240

Golden Gate Bridge Nights 1

Everybody knows that Golden Gate is a landmark of San Francisco. This theme will bring it on your desktop.
409.6 K 366

Golden Tour Slots Portable 1.0

Golden Tour Slots Portable - download and play. No installation needed. 5-Reel Multiline Slots. The object of Golden Tour is to obtain a winning symbol combination by spinning the reels. To play the game: Choose the amount you wish to bet on each payline, by clicking on the + and ? buttons on the right of the screen. Select the number...
7.4 MB 260

Golden Web Inventory System 3

The Golden Web Inventory system is a complete business software system for a diverse array of businesses. System works with desktop, SQL Server and web based databases. Real-time inventory tracking for companies multiple offices and warehouses.Bar code labels printing.Serial number and expiration date tracking. Multi currency feature for invoices and...
2.3 MB 301

Golden Shield Video Encryptor 10.4

Encrypt various types of video or audio files (e.g., wmv, avi, asf, mpg, rm, rmvb, mp4, flv, any other if you have corresponding decoder ) into exe files that can only be played when a Playback Password is provided, and users can only play the encrypted media files after obtaining the Playback Password provided by you. When a user wants to play an...
716.8 K 263

Golden Video VHS to DVD Converter 1.13

Golden Videos is software that helps you to convert your VHS tapes onto DVD or to avi or mpeg files.
358.4 K 335

Golden Tiger Casino 2006 Extra Edition 1.1

most are aware, the competition between online casinos is fierce and it is certainly worth doing some research before committing to one. With this in mind, the following review will outline the advantages of Golden Tiger Casino.Bonuses PromotionsGolden Tiger Casino offer a start up bonus of 50 matching bonus of up to 200 on your first purchase. They also...
391 K 263

Translator Fun Voices - MorphVOX Add-on 1.5.1

This free voice add-on gives MorphVOX, seven new voice transformations. From the makers of MorphVOX, this add-on will let you translate your voice into computer beeps, touch-tone phones or let out random farts without eating beans. Be the first to annoy your IM buddies. The add-on contains the following translations: Body Noises, Burpalator,...
1.4 MB 957

Golden Tour Slots Portable Multilingual 2.1

Golden Tour Slots Portable Multilingual - download and play. No installation needed. The object of Golden Tour is to obtain a winning symbol combination by spinning the reels. To play the game: Choose the amount you wish to bet on each payline, by clicking on the + and - buttons on the right of the screen. Select the number of paylines you want...
9.9 MB 184

STranslator 5.6.0

Features: - Easy to use and flexible dashboard to have all of your chat translations under control. - Translate your Skype chat messages on the go! just write in your language and STranslator, will send your original message together with its translated version in your friend language. - Now you can even translate your chats on GTalk and...
2.6 MB 93

G Translator 2.0 Beta

G Translator is a free Language Translator Service which uses Google Translation Service and converts the text to the best result it good. This is a beta version.
409.6 K 346

gdtranslator V2R3

Google provides a web interface to translate a document. But the constraint is, the translated document will be shown as a web-page and you can not get the translated document in your original binary format. This backlog prompts us to develop a desktop application which will exploit Google's translation power to translate a document, right from your...
102.4 K 81

AsTranslator 2.0.1

AsTranslator use the power of Internet machine language translation engines, and enables you to easily translate text file, letters, chat, and emails between major International languages. AsTranslator supports translations between 52 major international languages.
921.6 K 585


Get quick and accurate translations on the go between many languages. The translator will provide you the most easy to use yet powerful translation experience.
102.4 K 97

OnTranslator Portable 1.0.126

OnTranslator is a free desktop translating tool that makes use of the powerful Google engine to provide you with instant translations. OnTranslator Features: - Inline translations - Google Translate Engine - 50+ Languages - Smart language detection - Listening translations - Web search - Wikipedia search - Post...
1.7 MB 257

My Translator 1.4

Program for translation words from several languages. Main features: - automatical translation of typed word. - translation of several words (press - Enter) - translation of clipboard on hotkey - voice translation - navigation using hyperlinks system - addition of new dictionaries and words Current...
2.6 MB 746

TS Translator

What is the most necessary thing for a trip in abroad or learning languages? TS Translator supports 10 languages (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese), so you can communicate with foreigners. 300,000+ expressions in native voices Replaceable words Features ...
102.4 K 63

NUR Translator

This application is a client for the translator, which provided by With the help of our translator you get clear text in any language of the eight available. If you want to make the world a clear, accessible and interesting - use this translator. Features * eight languages * history of translation
102.4 K 61

PageTranslator 1.0

Google has created a fantastic set of tools to allow you to translate any web page from one language to another. However, for most, it is a bit difficult to integrate into your existing site. PAGE TRANSLATOR does all the work for you! All you have to do is enter the URL that you wish to translate, tell what language it is in,...
491 K 589

ResxTranslator 0.2

ResxTranslator edits multiple resx files in one grid, providing an overall view of the translation progress. Features: * Parallel view of resource strings in multiple languages
307.2 K 220

Ace Translator 14.3

Ace Translator employs the power of Internet machine language translation engines, and enables you to easily translate Web contents, letters, chat, and emails between major International languages. The new version supports 81 languages, and with text-to-speech (TTS) support for 46 languages, which makes it an ideal language learning app as well.
2.5 MB 18,608

Cute Translator 5.01

Cute Translator is a powerful handy program to translate text, documents between 12 major languages. Supported languages are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hungarian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Hebrew, Norwegian,...
716.8 K 469

Free Translator 1.1

Free Translator is a software that allows translation in over 40 languages. * English * French * German * Spanish * Italian * Greek * Japanese * Chinese * ... It can also translate documents easily through the opening function and backup files. The software uses...
17.5 MB 2,064

Site Translator 4.09

In today's global marketplace, you must appeal to customers from the whole world. To compete successfully in the world economy, your web site must be available in multiple languages. Site Translator is designed for web site owners and web developers who need a simple, do-it-yourself solution to web site language translation. With a few mouse...
8.4 MB 2,173

Game Translator 2.01

When a game is being developed, typically only 1 language is used by the development team. In some cases, the developers will also build translations for some other major languages, however this is not common for several reasons... It complicates the development of the game It costs time and money to do the translation, both of which are...
1.3 MB 6,459

Easy Translator

Easy Translator employs the power of Internet machine language translation engines, and enables you to easily translate Web contents, letters, chat, and emails between major International languages. The new version supports translation between 72 languages, and with text-to-speech (TTS) support for 45 languages, which makes it an ideal language...
14.6 MB 1,971

Neurotranslator 2011-11-12 Alpha

Neurotranslator is a compiler using for a new XBNF syntax which is a grammar for translation including severals channels for each input or output flux, the rules are directly usable as input or output which not made as far as I know by other classics parsers...
1.2 MB 166

Chat Translator for MSN

DYC Software Chat Translator for MSN is an easy-to-use chat translation software that could convert your chat to more than 20 languages such as Hindi, Arabic, French, Chinese, Japanese, English, Spanish, Russian. It can instantly translate MSN conversations in different languages, translate and sends messages in any foreign language and translate replies...
3 MB 803

Chat Translator for Skype

DYC Software Chat Translator for Skype is an easy-to-use chat translation software that could convert your chat to more than 20 languages. It can instantly translates conversations in different languages, translates and sends messages in any foreign language and translates replies from one language into your own language. Key Features: -...
3.2 MB 1,650
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