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Designer Pro

With Designer Pro you can create sketches of your product on-screen within minutes. The viewer gets a three dimensional impression on how the product will look like which improves transparency of the production process and customer satisfaction. It provides different model drafts (t-shirt, coffee cup, baseball-cap, button, product package). Our...
14.4 MB 849

Designer for Access 4.0

Designer for Microsoft Access lets you design complex MS Access databases without being an expert in relational database design. Designer asks you plain-language questions to help you create your database in minutes, not days. Designer handles the heavy lifting of creating table joins, primary and foreign keys, allowing you to start creating your forms...
1.5 MB 298

Hansoft - Git Integration 8.2001

This ready-made integration allows you to link Git commits with items in Hansoft. The integration is bi-directional, and allows the user to tag Git commits in progress, or after the commit has been made. Why Hansoft + Git? Speed and flexibility for the team - Git is fast. Hansoft is fast. The combination will give you a huge speed...
37.4 MB 74

phpDesigner 8.1.2

phpDesigner is more than just a powerful and lightning fast PHP IDE and PHP EDITOR - it's also a full-featured HTML-, CSS- and JavaScript editor boosted with features so you can get your work done -- for both beginners and professional developers! phpDesigner assists you with everything from editing, analyzing, debugging to publishing websites...
24.8 MB 7,879

PreDesigner 1.28.0

Features: * To assess & illustrate the key paraxial parameters for an imaging system * Select key conjugate, field & aperture parameters from comprehensive lists * See list of resultant values defining the system * See graphical display of paraxial layout * Slider based variation of chosen parameters with real time graph/table...
1.1 MB 330

IQ Designer 2.x

IQ helps organizations make the best use of data, through Dashboards, Analysis and Collaboration ? For effective decision making. Using IQ, business users to import data from various sources, create interactive Dashboards and share them on-line or off-line with just 1 click. No technical expertise is required. Be productive in minutes....
8.6 MB 358

phpDesigner Portable 8.1.1

phpDesigner 7 is more than just a powerful and lightning fast PHP IDE and PHP EDITOR - it's also a full-featured HTML-, CSS- and JavaScript editor boosted with features so you can get your work done -- for both beginners and professional developers! phpDesigner 7 assists you with everything from editing, analyzing, debugging to publishing websites...
29.7 MB 77

ByteDesigner 2.3

Discover what database professionals have known for years -- that enterprise databases are designed with enterprise modelling tools. Why has this been a secret for so many? Why do so many labor with buckets full of error-prone undocumented SQL? Well, it seems no one has been able to pack the features of a quality data modelling tool into a product at a...
102.4 K 4

CodeDesigner Beta

CodeDesigner is free and open-source RAD tool suitable for easy creation of various diagrams describing applications' structure and logic (class diagrams, state charts, ...) and for generation of production-ready source code from them. The application is available for MS Windows, Linux and OS X and can be used as a free alternative to...
8.6 MB 377

Map Designer Pro 2.23

Create HTML Image Maps of any shape in just a few clicks! Map Designer automates the creation of HTML Image Maps, making it easy for designers and Web developers to specify hot-links and clickable areas within images. Map Designer helps Web developers specify rectangular, round or arbitrary-shape areas in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get...
1.1 MB 275

BSC Designer PRO

It supports the Balanced Scorecard framework, which according to yearly studies continues to be one of the most popular tools for planning and executing a business strategy. The heart of the Balanced Scorecard is a strategy map. BSC Designer allows you to design state-of-the-art strategy maps, representing your business objectives and the...
22.4 MB 258

BSC Designer Light

Not ready to purchase professional version of BSC Designer? We are happy to provide you with BSC Designer Light – Freeware – ideal solution for home users. BSC Designer is a freeware utility for management of key performance indicators (KPI). Light version of BSC Designer was designed to help individuals and small businesses to get started with...
102.4 K 118

BSC Designer Standard

BSC Designer is a performance management software. It supports the Balanced Scorecard framework, which according to yearly studies continues to be one of the most popular tools for planning and executing a business strategy. The heart of the Balanced Scorecard is a strategy map. BSC Designer allows you to design state-of-the-art strategy maps,...
19 MB 138

Web Designer Application 9.0

This software allows you to create totally customized websites easily and effortlessly through its point and click design. This entire website was created in ABCWebWizard! Aside from software screenshots, only the text was entered, and the software did the rest! This is not another sophisticated text editor like every other web design application....
6 MB 195

Job Designer Scheduling Software

Schedule employees, rooms and equipment efficiently. Create jobs with a click of the mouse. Let Job Designer find available time for a job and track client preferences for you. Link tasks, employees, equipment and other items from the pre-configured database files. Automatically upload schedules. Link the job to a new or existing project. Automatically...
4.26 MB 407

JFormDesigner 5.1

JFormDesigner is a professional GUI designer for Java Swing user interfaces. Its outstanding support for JGoodies FormLayout, GroupLayout (Free Design), TableLayout and GridBagLayout makes it easy to create professional looking forms. JFormDesigner makes Swing GUI design a real pleasure. It decreases the time you spend on hand coding forms, giving...
27.5 MB 577

FMOD Designer 4.44.46

Sound designers can use FMOD Designer to create multitrack sound effects, interactive music, and more. Improved Interface FMOD Designer was designed to make creating game audio faster and easier. Together with extensive engine integrations (see below) the aim of FMOD Designer is to make the lives of game sound designers much easier – allowing...
102.4 K 71

CUML Designer 1

Convert a c code to UML design it is very useful for Reverse engineering the C code to UML class design.
102.4 K 193

Obeo Designer 6.1.1

Based on either domain specific languages (DSL) or standard metamodels (UML, SysML, Togaf, BPMN, etc), the graphical designers created with Obeo Designer provide diagrams, tables, matrix or trees to create and edit models according to your own vocabulary, notation, process and technical target. To master the complexity, they also provide innovative...
342.5 MB 66

Form Designer .NET 3.89

Form Designer .NET allows you move and resize any control on your .NET application form at runtime. You need not prepare your form to use Form Designer .NET. Just drop Form Designer .NET control onto any form, assign the DesignedForm property, set Active property to true and enjoy!
1 MB 321

Gantt Designer 1.0

How can a business proposal be taken seriously if it does not contain a graphical presentation of your schedules or activities? If you need a nice Gantt chart fast to demonstrate that you have done due dilligence, Gantt Designer is the tool for you. Most acknowledge that Microsoft Project is too difficult to use if all you want is a nice-looking...
488 K 333

QtRPT Designer 1.4.5

QtRPT is the easy-to-use report engine written in C++ QtToolkit. It allows combining several reports in one XML file. For separately taken field, you can specify some condition depending on which this field will display in different font and background color, etc. The project consists of two parts: report library QtRPT and report designer application...
22.7 MB 214

Print Designer GOLD

Create Adrress Labels, CD Labels, Envelopes, Post Cards, Business Cards and More. * Create Address Labels & Envelopes FAST!: The Design Wizard creates awesome looking labels, envelopes and cards from one of hundreds of label and business card templates in literally seconds. * Support for ALL Label and Card Stock: Design US size, metric...
4.9 MB 455

Cover Designer Software 1.5.1

3d software package is free book cover design software to create box shots dvd cd jewel cases eBooks using embedded artwork templates. Free cd label design software supports commonly used file formats including Jpeg, Tiff, Png, Gif and Bmp. 3d packaging illustrator allows to use solid color or picture for an illustration's background and saves true color...
4.5 MB 20,069

Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5

Create illustrations, diagrams and technical documentation with confidence with Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5, the complete solution for visual technical communications. With industry-leading file compatibility, 3D re-purposing, precise drawing tools and intuitive features, it supports your entire workflow. Publish technical documentation online or in...
807.1 MB 977

Mockup Designer 1.2

MockupDesigner is a .Net alternative to create your own application mockups. This is a very simple tool to create mockups efficiently and fast. It's developed in WPF. Instructions Just run the Setup or the Clic Once and enjoy ! Features: - Undo / Redo - Controls Alignment - Grouping Controls - Create your...
102.4 K 1,076

J4L FO Designer 1.6.3

As XML is becoming a standard way for representing and exchanging information, the need to convert this information to a user friendly PDF file also increases. XSL-FO is a standard for converting XML to PDF and other output formats. Apache FOP is an open source product that can execute XSL-FO file. J4L FO Designer is a WYSIWYG like editor (what you...
28 MB 178

Banner Designer Pro 5.1

Banner Designer Pro is a deceptively simple banner design tool with extremely powerful features. The best part about Banner Designer Pro is that it does not require you to possess intensive Flash skills. With the simple select and drop functionality you can add different elements to your banner and create attractive banners with complete ease. In addition,...
43.3 MB 808

Banner Designer Pro Banner Maker 5.0

Banner designer 5.0 allows you to use professionally designed flash banner templates, add text and image animation effects to build banners in flash, html, pdf, gif, and many image formats in no time. It allows you to design a banner of specific size by choosing from a set of 17 sizes. * Create professional looking banners from 300 predesigned flash...
37 MB 365

Viaduct Designer 1.0

When you reach a blown up bridge stop the train and press Space to enter design mode. Then using your limited cash build a bridge that can take the load of the cargo train. Get the train to its destination to advance to the next more challenging level.
5.1 MB 76

Diagram Designer 1.27.3

Simple vector graphics editor for creating flowcharts, UML class diagrams, illustrations and slide shows. * Customizable template object palette * Spellchecker (see below about dictionaries). * Import/export WMF, EMF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MNG, ICO, GIF and PCX images. * Slide show viewer. * Simple graph plotter to plot mathematical...
1.9 MB 2,383

Penrose Designer 1.0.0

Java based, Penrose Tiling tool. Colorful, easy to use, custom tiles, what more could you want!
102.4 K 483

Toolbar Designer 2.2.2

Toolbar Designer 2.2 is the first freeware Internet Explorer toolbar workshop that allows any person without programming experience to create own toolbars. With Toolbar Designer, any toolbar can be created by using simple ?point-and-click? and ?drag?n?drop? techniques. The program comes with a comprehensive collection of buttons, boxes (search, password,...
3.46 MB 529

Xara Web Designer

Xara Web Designer is unlike any web design software you will have seen before; an easy template based solution that gives you total page design freedom, no HTML skills required. Comes in 2 versions, Web Designer and Web Designer Premium; Premium offers advanced web design features. A one tool solution Web Designer includes customizable...
56 MB 1,144

Interior Designer 1.2

Interior Designer is the fully integrated project management and accounting software for Interior Designers and any trade associated with design. An application solution of the task will not just help to keep on the path of the entire projects however will even manage the requirements, designs, as well as materials needed during this process. The main...
15.2 MB 74

Ascalaph Designer 1.8.78

Ascalaph Designer is a general-purpose program for molecular dynamic simulations. Under a single graphical environment are represented as their own implementation of molecular dynamics as well as the methods of classical and quantum mechanics of popular programs. Features: * Molecular graphics - Multiple windows - Two cameras...
78.1 MB 175

CD Label Designer 5.4

This Windows program will help you design and print CD and DVD labels (jewel case front, inside and back, CD/DVD sleeve, DVD box, round disk, business card labels and booklets). It supports inserting images, text, circular text and shapes, allowing you to arrange and change the size, angle, and transparency of objects. You can customize print...
5.7 MB 3,547

Xara Web Designer Premium

Xara Web Designer is unlike any web design software you will have seen before; an easy template based solution that gives you total page design freedom, no HTML skills required. Comes in 2 versions, Web Designer and Web Designer Premium; Premium offers advanced web design features. Features: * Traditional web authoring tools are really...
62.6 MB 119

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.10.3

Database Designer for PostgreSQL is an easy CASE tool with an intuitive graphical interface allowing you to build a clear and effective database structure visually. See the complete picture (diagram) representing all the tables, references between them, views, stored procedures and other objects. Then you can easily generate a physical database on a server,...
13.1 MB 666

Crossword Designer 1.1 PreAlpha

Crossword designer is a freeware program to help you design crosswords. It's still in a prototype stage so not everything is working quite as it should. But it's usable. Use the mouse or the arrow keys to navigate over the grid. Delete blacks out a square, space gives you an open square. Letters fill in the grid. Very simple. The hard part is...
102.4 K 44

Nero CoverDesigner 12.0.11003

Nero Cover Designer is a powerful application for creating custom cover elements such as booklets, inlays, and labels. Nero Cover Designer supports cover elements for a wide range of disc types, such as CD jewel cases, DVD cases, multi-boxes, maxi CDs, slim packs, business cards, and more. Nero CoverDesigner supports LightScribe and Labelflash recorders,...
50.6 MB 211

ThreeDify Designer 5.3.3

A fast, intuitive and lightweight 3D modelling, dimensioning and assembly design tool. Designer allows the user to open and view over forty 3D file formats (including Wavefront, Lightwave, 3DS max, STEP and IGES), and over thirty 2D image formats,. Imported 3D models can be regrouped into different groups and/or folders using Designer's powerful grouping...
20.9 MB 184

Jeta Logo Designer 1.10

It's simple, fast and powerful software for logo design, icons and business web graphics. Jeta has over 5000 vector shapes, styles and templates, which makes it use even simpler and faster. Start your design from one of over 400 templates, modify it by replacing shapes and styles and you will get unique design in just a few minutes!
102.4 K 128

NewsletterDesigner Pro 11.2.3

With NewsletterDesigner you can create professional HTML Newsletters in your very own design, without any HTML or programming knowledge. Design your Newsletter like professionals do. Easy integration of Pictures, Links and Design Elements. Also included: Ready-to-use Templates and Layouts for your Newsletters. Keep your Cooperate Design by...
7.1 MB 459

OrCAD PCB Designer Lite 16.6

OrCAD PCB Designer is a tiered, scalable PCB design solution that delivers advanced capabilities and highly integrated flows. The powerful, tightly integrated PCB design technologies include schematic capture, librarian tools, PCB editing and routing (PCB Editor), Constraint Manager, signal integrity (included in Professional), autorouting (included in...
1000 MB 22

NiceLabel Designer Express 6.3.1 Build 11492

Design basic barcode labels in minutes with our easy-to-use label designer. Use Microsoft Excel as a simple database and spend less time designing and maintaining barcode label formats. * Easily create barcode labels Designer Express wizards help you quickly and easily design barcode labels. Start printing finished barcode labels in...
102.4 K 12

CloverETL Designer Community

The CloverETL Community Edition is based on our Open Source transformation engine and also includes a limited Clover Designer. It is a great way for people with modest data transformation and ETL requirements to start with one of the most powerful tools available in the industry. Reading & Writing Data The Community Edition lets you read...
285 MB 54

Google Web Designer Beta

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your work is if people can’t see it. Now everything you create is accessible on any screen – desktop, tablet or mobile – without compatibility issues. Focus on design Let us handle the HTML5 and CSS3 so you’re free to focus on what you love to do: creating gorgeous visual experiences. A full design...
102.4 K 199

VibeStudio Designer 2.5

Vibestudio Designer 2 is a professional 3D audio design suite comprised of two applications: VibeStation and Profiler.Together these applications create a one of a kind spatial audio package that provides the ability to compose and render spatial audio scenes to binaural headphones or 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1, 8.1, or 10.2 loudspeaker display.
198 MB 298

GIF Banner Designer 4.0

Professionally designed banner templates Banner Designer Pro provides a professionally designed set of attractive templates as a starting step to your banner. Select a banner size to suit your requirement You can select from a set of 11 banner size options available or design a banner of the specific size you require. Add...
23.8 MB 243
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