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Track-Album: Traveller's Diary

Track-Album is an electronic diary, photo album with GPS functions, the program for those who like to fly and ride, possibly with GPS, make photos, and don't want these trips to be forgotten and would like to save records about them. Track-Album is not only the log book which stores photos, GPS tracks and notes. It also gives you statistics of...
5.3 MB 56

LeaveTracker 1.2.6

LeaveTracker is a Microsoft Excel application for tracking and scheduling paid time off for employees in an organization. Its intuitive graphical interface, developed and refined over eight years of actual use, makes it a winning leave system. LeaveTracker is easy to use, and easy to read, a vast improvement over the complexity of competing...
102.4 K 22

Ultrawave Guitar Racks 1.0

Turn your computer into a powerful guitar effects processor. If you want to sound like your favourite rock star, or just want to make your guitar playing more exciting then you need effects. Ultrawave GuitarRacks has over 100 effects knobs, which gives you more control over your sound, allowing you to be more creative and expressive in your music Use it to...
819.2 K 1,134

AVS 4.5.3

If you develop software, you need SCM. But this means more than just version control! Seat-of-the-pants solutions based around open source systems such as CVS or SVN seem adequate at first, but when you have teams working on several projects, with customer releases, bug-fixing etc. these systems start breaking down. You find yourself spending more and more...
74.7 MB 1,035


AVG Free Download. Download AVG. Get AVG. Free AVG Download. AVG Download. Free Download AVG. Get Free AVG. Get Free AVG Download.
1.5 MB 7,875

AvsP 2.0.2

AvsP is essentially a text editor designed to help create AviSynth scripts. The question which naturally comes up is "An AviSynth script is just a text file, I already have a great text editor, why should I use something else to make scripts?" Ah, that's a valid question, glad you brought it up. Here are a couple of things to consider. Comparing...
4.9 MB 454


This is where AVERT comes in. AVERT is an application designed to help facilitate the removal of malware on an already infected machine. It is a portable app that can run a variety of scanning software to remove infections. AVERT comes loaded with tons of features and more are constantly added: * Use up to 8 Portable scanners from some...
6.2 MB 355


A framework for developing virtual environments equipped with virtual agents. Virtual agents are dynamically embodied; they have the ability to deliberately change the form of their avatar.
102.4 K 85

Racket 6.1.1

Racket is a full-spectrum programming language. It goes beyond Lisp and Scheme with dialects that support objects, types, laziness, and more. Racket enables programmers to link components written in different dialects, and it empowers programmers to create new, project-specific dialects. Racket's libraries support applications from web servers and...
37.7 MB 670

AviRaw 3.1

What is the RAW modification? Essentially, it is a firmware modification that allows elimination of the usual in-camera processing that all webcams perform. Such processing causes loss of image resolution. With the RAW mod we can capture the information directly as seen by the CCD. But to use such RAW image information, we need special software. This is...
716.8 K 884


AVIWMV is freeware to convert AVI and WMV video format from www.aviwmv.com, allows you to convert AVI to WMV, MPEG to WMV, MPEG4 to WMV and WMV to AVI, WMV to MPEG, it support different AVI video/sound codecs and WMV codec. This software support batch video files conversion. Program have one simple interface and is very easy to use. The conversion is very...
4.1 MB 793

Avanti! 0.4.9

It supports multiple accounts, both types of e-messages (HTML, Plain text). It has new style of previewing messages, not like other. Avanti contains Mail-Manager. This is the feature for view only headers (subject, receiver's e-mail, sender, size etc.) of new messages on POP3 server. Here you can choose message to download and delete from server...
819.2 K 559

AVIDemo 1

AVIDemo.jar generates an AVI video with random squares.
102.4 K 249

AVCutty 3.5

With optical/digital scene detection and many other functions for working with videos (Importing, sorting, trimming, archiving...).
921.6 K 125

AVI2ISO 2.10.02

It uses only freeware tools and can handle varius freeware enconders (QuEnc/FreeEnc/HCENC) and also comercial Cinema Craft Encoder. Latest Changes: * (NEW) MKV free to convert to PAL or to NTSC without sync problems * (NEW) MKV sources with very bad audio is now recovered to 5.1 channels * (NEW) Upmix better sync ...
34.1 MB 1,944

Avi2Dvd 0.6.4

Avi2Dvd is an All In One tool in order to convert with just few clicks an Avi/Ogm/Mkv/Mp4/Wmv/Dvd to Dvd/Svcd/Vcd. Supports multiple audiostreams and up to three textual external subtitles. From the version 0.6 Avi2Dvd supports natively Windows Vista and Windows 7. Avi2dvd supports High Definition (HD) films in avi, mkv and mp4 containers. From the...
35.5 MB 1,044


Because AVS script files are used, avi.NET requires AVISynth to be installed and VobSub also needs to be installed if subtitle support will be required. Finally, either the DivX or XviD (or both) video codecs need to be installed, all of which are available in the .Tools Package (DOWNLOADS section). avi.NET will allow you to load in both MPEG-1...
9.5 MB 1,726

Avernum 1.0.2

You have been banished to the underworld, never to see the light of day again. Begin an epic quest to escape and to gain revenge on the cruel empire that put you there. Avernum is a classic fantasy role-playing game, designed for anyone who longs for a huge adventure, enjoys a fascinating tale, or misses the classic days of Ultima and Wizardry. It features...
7.11 MB 544

Aviator 37.0.2062.99

With every website you visit, you’re vulnerable to malicious hackers out to steal your surfing history, passwords, email access, bank account numbers, medical info, and more. And the “big browsers” don’t do enough to stop it. But now you can protect yourself before you go on the Web – with WhiteHat Aviator, the Web’s most secure and...
60.5 MB 114

Avedesk 1.4

AveDesk is a tool that enables desklets on your desktop: desklets are small graphically pleasing mini-applications that are useful and fun to use. A desklet can be anything, a small sticky note, a weather foresight, a calculator, etc. It all depends on the imagination of the desklet creator. In recent years desklets —or widgets, as they are also...
5.7 MB 77

AvPlayer 1.0

AvPlayer is an advanced multimedia player for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. It is fast, powerful and easy-to-use. It can play video (AVI, MPEG, ASF, etc) and audio files (MP3, WAV, MID, etc). There are some of its possibilities: Easy-to-use interface , Small size, fast launch, lightened system load , Optional control panel and positioning bar during full-screen...
224 K 2,847

Avogadro 1.1.0

Avogadro is an advanced molecular editor designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science and related areas. It offers a flexible rendering framework and a powerful plugin architecture. Features * Cross-Platform: Molecular builder for Windows, Linux, and Mac *...
9.5 MB 349

AVIcodec 1.2.113

If you want more precise information, then use AVIcodec which will tell you the codec required and where to download it. Recognized formats : Natively : AVI & DIVX, ASF & WMV, Real (.rm, .rmvb), Ogg (.ogg, .ogm), Mpeg-(S)VCD-DVD (.mpg, .vob), FLV Others : all those handled by DirectShow (.mp3, ...). Features : install...
512 K 564

AviTools 1.5

The Recorder Window There are three different possibilities for specifying the area for recording: * Whole Desktop will record anything on your entire desktop. * Window lets you choose a window on your desktop. * Rectangle allows you to draw a rectangle on your desktop that will define the recording region. Simply move...
1.3 MB 443

Avaguide 1.0

AvaGuide is the first web-based interactive video characters? base for business sites. It enables you to easily create your own video avatars or virtual employees. You can use own video recordings or choose from multiple professionally recorded characters. Each avatar is fully interactive and can hold a virtual conversation with your site visitors and...
3.7 MB 266

Avidemux 2.6.8

It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities. Avidemux is available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license. The program was written from scratch by Mean, but code...
17.7 MB 4,204


This is a MOD of the amazing Avalon skin, called Avallonis (Latin for Avalon).
5.7 MB 72

Avanti GUI 0.8.6

Features: - Easy access to all FFmpeg codecs and basic encode settings. - All advanced options are available through FFmpeg scripting (editor included). - All settings are saved and restored at the next session. - All encoder settings, user additions and scripts can be saved in template files. - Re-formatted FFmpeg...
1.2 MB 263

AVI Viewer 2.0

AVI Viewer application provides the user with a visual representation of the AVI container. Supports the original Microsoft AVI format (.avi), ODML, Type 1, Type 2, Matrox AVI defined chunks and DivX file format (.divx). Binary hex view is available along with the chunk tree view. Binary hex data editing of chunk data. Along with the presentation...
819.2 K 266

AVRpal.net 3.0.0

A Windows based GUI for popular avrdude command line utility for AVR microcontroller Programming.It has got many features with a lightweight easy to understand interface.LibUSBdotnet and avrdude is provided with it.Supports only USBasp programmer but if you can code,you can change it to work with your programmer.Feedback is necessary...
1.6 MB 157

AVI Cutter 1.0

AVI Cutter provides the most easiest way to cut your AVI files. You can split any AVI file simply by selecting starting and ending point.
7.02 MB 573

Avert Fate 1.0

Avert Fate is a shooting free game that will allow you to fight the killer robots of doom and also feel the real power of the Unity game development platform. Fight off killer droids and airborn drones with heavy weaponry, while exploring a next-gen environment. Can you beat the gigantic boss robot in a final, earth-shaking battle?
70.4 MB 366

AVI Player 1.0

Now you can play any of your AVI files easily with this wonderful player. AVI Player supports playlist, screenshot, sub titles, frame step etc.
5.1 MB 1,421

AVISmaster 1.0.4

AVISmaster is a batch file processing GUI for Avisynth scripts and makeAVIS (which is part of ffdshow). It can be used to generate scripts using template and to produce dummy .avi files with embedded avisynth script wrapper for target media files.
102.4 K 192

AVI ReComp 1.5.6

he application supports not only files containing audio streams but AVIs without any audio as well. For the time being the program uses only Xvid codec for the recompression process (versions: 1.0.3 or newer). The installation pack contains all required components (the newest versions of: VirtualDubMod, AviSynth and Xvid). AVI ReComp can be very useful for...
28.8 MB 5,612

AVI Joiner 2.03

Easy-to-use tool to join multiple AVI files into one larger AVI file. AVI Joiner is designed to join AVI files quickly, without reducing quality and without re-compression. You can also select any installed video or audio codec and recompress the desired file to any format that you prefer.
512 K 623


AVI-Mux GUI is an application that allows to combine several video, audio or subtitle files into one file, with out without size restriction, allowing to configure properties of the output file to a deeper level than usual for such applications.
102.4 K 42

Avenue Flo 1.0

Due to a series of mysterious events, the biggest wedding in DinerTown history is on the brink of disaster! As Flo, you will have to explore the whole town, interacting with your neighbors and enlisting their help as you solve puzzles, collect missing items, and complete challenging activities that will put everything back in its place, in this exciting...
69.4 MB 393

Avia Motor

Avia is affordable and versatile Windows software that brings sophisticated instrumentation to the everyday power boater or sailor. Avia software receives data from onboard sensors via the industry standard NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 protocols, and presents the data as crystal-clear analog and digital instruments on your Windows PC, netbook or tablet,...
17.8 MB 69

Avalancher 1.0

Protect your Eskimo from the deadly force of an avalanche in this fun, physics-based strategy game. Take cover in caves and valleys, and construct sturdy igloos for protection. Click to place/move the Eskimo, click and drag to add/remove blocks for the igloo, then press Space to trigger the avalanche.
1.2 MB 76

AVQ Player 0.2.12

New DVD & Divx Player, AVQ Player You can Play most popular Video File formats and HD/DVD Movies are supported. Very friendly interface the new AVQ Player's Control Panel, fast and easy to use from everyone user.
3 MB 1,241

AVLock Pro 3.1

The greater goal when AVLockPro was designed, was to do it easy to use. * Drop an AVLock Pro component onto your main form, add one line of code to your current project and enjoy your program converted into a fully featured trial application. FULLY FEATURED AVLockPro is a full featured product, this has been carefully...
921.6 K 88

AVCataloger 3.7.1

Catalog your favorite music, video, book, and software collections. Integrates CDDB for automated cataloging of music CDs. And IMDb (Internet Movie Database) to download Movie and TV program details. Designed after Microsoft Outlook, an easy to use, completely customizable interface. Loan Log and Wish List additional areas with reminders. Advanced...
337 K 1,477

AVETIX Free 2.8.6

Avetix ensures comprehensive protection of your PC by intercepting all threats, such as viruses, worms, spyware and trojans. It also uses Anti-Adware technology to prevent unexpected and annoying advertising pages opening on your browser. Thanks to its preventive action, Avetix also ensures the removal of viruses before they appear on your computer, by...
18.9 MB 47

AVIAddXSubs 9.15

AVIAddXSubs is a simple to use, free program to subtitle videos converting the original srt files you may have. Its services are useful in cases your hardware player is not able to show the subtitles directly from srt or even if it does the result is not satisfactory. Using AVIAddXSubs and converting the srt you have a variety of options to configure the...
921.6 K 1,730

AV VoizGame 6.0.61

Features: - Built-in Recorder allows users to record voices and sounds from almost any Game. - Transparency skin allows the program to be totally invisible in Transparent Mode. - Shortcut key helps to activate VoizGame while in your Online Game. - Save your computer’s resources with the Minimize to System Tray...
12.6 MB 561

AvancePaint 5.5.1

It’s powerful enough to suit the advanced user and yet simple enough to please the beginner. Open unlimited number photo's or pictures and unleash your artistic talents as you will discover the advanced and powerful but easy to use graphical options! A complete set of more then 20 photo-realistic filters and more then 40 textures are...
2.2 MB 67

AVG Remover 2015.5501

AVG Remover eliminates all the parts of your AVG installation from your computer, including registry items, installation files, user files, etc. AVG Remover is the last option to be used in case the AVG uninstall / repair installation process has failed repeatedly.
3.5 MB 608

AVISynth GUI 0.01 Alpha

AVISynth UI is a user interface for the script based video editor AVISynth. Written in Visual Basic, It enables you to edit videos using AVISynth with the comfort and ease of use of having a user interface.
409.6 K 359

AVS Antispam

Stop a flow of annoying e-mails with suspicious content with AVS Antispam! AVS Antispam uses a combination of intelligent methods to analyze content of incoming messages and detect spam among them. Select among three aggression levels to adjust filtering parameters. AVS Antispam is compatible with popular e-mail applications such as MS Outlook, MS...
25.3 MB 240
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