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inBookmarks 1.57 Build 207

inBookmarks is a powerful bookmark solution. It allows you to store, organize, comment and check you Internet pages. It has many powerful facilities that replace and compliment the browser's bookmark management systems. You can easy add URLs from all opened browser sessions. It also supports drag- drop operations. You get capability to import and export...
819.2 K 318

SyncBookmarks 1.01

SyncBookmarks enables you to transfer and synchronize bookmarks between browsers installed on your computer. Features: - Merge (synchronize) or copy/replace bookmarks every X minutes; - Backup and restore bookmarks; - Bookmarks sorted alphabetically; - Info converted between browsers: title, url, description, keyword/nickname, site...
1.91 MB 264

JPdfBookmarks 2.5.2

With this version I have added the possibility to select multiple bookmarks and drag them around using the mouse. It was more difficult than I thought to implement this feature and a lot of code has been modified and added, but I think the result is acceptable. I was tempted to increase the version number to because I find this new capability very...
5.7 MB 325

Simple Bookmarks 16.3

You can open the Extensions tab, clean the browser history and pin a tab with just one click. Left click = Current Tab Left click + Shift = New Tab Left click + Alt = New Tab Left click + Ctrl = New Tab in background Right click = New Tab Middle click = New Tab in background Right click on one of the folders =...
102.4 K 120

Winamp Bookmarks Recovery 4.9

Winamp Bookmarks Recovery can recover your lost mp3 songs from bookmark files, eventually save these songs, to a folder, mp3 player, memory stick, etc. Physically remove selected file from playlist.
102.4 K 106

Portable Bookmarks 2.6.4

Can you imagine the modern world without the Internet? No? Me either. Every single day most of us spend some time surfing the net. We all find something useful and interesting in the immense knowledge depository that we call the web. But sooner or later we face the problem of repletion; the information is so diverse and available at various sources, that...
6.6 MB 415
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