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Circle Dock

What Circle Dock Allows You to Do: * Launch your programs from a circular dock. * Drag and drop your files, folders, and shortcuts onto a circular dock that you can re-size. * Rotate the dock with either your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. * Change the image shown for the icons and change the skins (compatible...
19.8 MB 1,505

Circle-U 1.0

Circle-U v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable circular navigation menu with custom cursor support. It adds a unique touch to any site where a non-standard menu is desired and supports a variety of special effects (including transparencies). Features and benefits: * Provides easy and unique way for visitors to navigate your...
204.8 K 423

Docker Sokoban 1.02

This time you'll be playing a clever docker who is working hard at such places as the seaport, railroad or the warehouse. Download the latest version of the sokoban on the web. Original innovations and high quality animated graphics will guarantee you and your children many hours of brain-bursting fun. A brief history of the sokoban...
2.6 MB 526

Docklight Scripting 1.6

Docklight Scripting is an extended edition of Docklight RS232 Terminal / RS232 Monitor. It features an easy-to-use script language, plus a built-in editor to create and run automated test jobs. A Docklight script allows you to execute all basic Docklight functions (sending predefined data sequences, detecting specific sequences within the incoming data...
3.93 MB 313

Docklight RS232 Terminal - RS232 Monitor 1.8

Docklight is a test, analysis and simulation tool for serial communication protocols (RS232, RS485/422 and others). It allows you to monitor the communication between two serial devices or to test the serial communication of a single device. Docklight is easy to use and runs on almost any standard PC using Windows 98/NT 4/2000/XP operating system. Key...
3 MB 566

MyDock 0.9.1051

Here is how it works. By default dock is populated with number of items such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Word, Media Player etc. If you click an item and application is not yet running, dock will start it. If application is already running, dock will bring all application's windows to the front. Blue circle on the bottom of an item indicates if...
614.4 K 710

SnipDock 1.0

Snip screenshots and dock them so you can refer to them while working. Installer sets up a shortcut on desktop to run the program. Example Usecase: While reading up something and you need to refer to an image always Requires at least .NET Framework 4.0 (Runs only on Windows) Features: - Snip Screen: snip whatever portion of the...
102.4 K 68


Custom docking windows library, featuring floating forms, autohide panels and redockable windows. Full Office2003 theme support, integrated WYSIWYG desginer support for VS.NET, fast rendering, accurate panel transitions and full documentation. Supports tabbed docked windows and stacked windows, similar to the Visual Studio .Net model. Windows can be docked...
4.43 MB 466

Javadocking 1.4.1

With the Sanaware Java Docking Framework you can: * Organize the windows of your application in panels, split panes, tabs, lines, grids and floating windows. * Reorganize the windows of your application by drag and drop. * Minimize and maximize your windows. * Save your workspace. * Organize the toolbars,...
6.6 MB 731

Stardock Tiles 1.1

Have a hard time organizing your running applications? With Tiles you can quickly view and manage your running applications by simply looking to the edge of your screen. Start improving your computing life with the help of Tiles! Increase Your Productivity Swiftly move from one application to the next, clicking through your list of tiles....
10.1 MB 243

Stardock DeskScapes 8.20

DeskScapes gives you the capability to animate and customize the wallpaper on your Windows desktop. Choose one of the animated wallpapers already included with DeskScapes, or use your own images WMV files to personalize your desktop. Animate Animate your Windows desktop Use WMV and Dream files with DeskScapes to apply animated video...
72.2 MB 7,245

PlusDock for .NET 2.0 3.2000.0.7

Custom docking windows library, featuring floating forms, autohide panels and redockable windows. Full Office2003 theme support, integrated WYSIWYG desginer support for VS.NET, fast rendering, accurate panel transitions and full documentation. Supports tabbed docked windows and stacked windows, similar to the Visual Studio .Net model. Windows can be docked...
4.18 MB 368

Flowdock for Confluence 1.0.4

Flowdock runs on modern browsers and supports audio and desktop notifications. On top of that there is an OS X desktop app and an iPhone app. Flowdock is always within reach – on your desktop and your mobile. The Ultimate Activity Stream Combine changes in all your tools into one team inbox, where you can react & discuss. Comment...
102.4 K 68

Unit Circle

The Unit Circle is used to teach calculus in a visual manner. This App take the visualization and learning a little further. Slide the bars to show and hide the various sections to see how they relate or to help memorize the relationships. Features * Unit Circle * Calculus
102.4 K 49

SliderDock 1.20

It will be a unique dock where you won't have to chase behind you icons to run an application. Just rotate your mouse wheel and let the icons come to you. It will be a nice customization that will add some life to your desktop. slider dock desktop customization The look and feel is very flexible SliderDock is highly...
4.6 MB 2,103

CryptoDock 1.0.1

CryptoDock is free multi-platform application written in Java that hosts various hash and modern cryptographic algorithms you can use to protect your sensitive data on your computer. Features - Encryption - Decryption - Tokens
102.4 K 31

Magic Dock

A Simple yet beautiful bubble bar that's just like the one from Mac OS but it's built for windows. Fully customizable. Really easy to use, it's just a beautiful yet magical software for your windows desktop.
9.2 MB 90

ObjectDock 2.1

By allowing users to have more control over how they organize their desktop, users can take control of their desktop icons and shortcuts to have them be available when where and how they need them. This, all with the unique style and top-rate performance that ObjectDock is known to deliver! In constant development, ObjectDock and ObjectDock Plus...
20.4 MB 4,816


The point of this project is to provide a functional program launcher that is simple to operate and that takes up minimal system resources. Although more interesting features will be added in the future, the intention is not to deviate from it's main objective: to remain clean and simple for the average user to utilize. Notes on this...
1 MB 297

RocketDock 1.3.5

RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization. With each item completely customizable there is no end to what you can add and launch from the dock. Now with added Taskbar support your minimized windows can appear as icons on the dock....
6.2 MB 64,559

WidgetDockMod 2.9b

Organize, load and spawn all your Widgets, folders, and programs!
1 MB 636

SliderDock Portable 1.22

SliderDock is an application launcher that will allow you to easily drag and drop icons to access them later on by double clicking on them. It is a unique dock where you won't have to chase behind you icons to run an application. Just rotate your mouse wheel and let the icons come to you. It will be a nice customization that will add some life...
4.7 MB 313

RocketDock Config Saver 1.6

RDCS It's a usefull and easy-to-use program. In case of formatting computer, after install RD just run RDCS and install your saved config. Features: * Hihg compressed config file * Encrypted config file * Ease-to-use * Absolutely portable * Compatible with all RocketDock versions
3.5 MB 464

RocketDock Candy Pin-Up Icons 1

RocketDock Candy Pin-Up's - Download to have it on your Dock. Enjoy! Do if you like these high glossed icons.
716.8 K 347

WindowsDock 1.2.22

WindowsDock is a Mac OS X like application launcher.
5.8 MB 868

VooDoo cIRCle 1.1.40

VooDoo cIRCle is modular IRC bot, scriptable thanks to PHP and Perl, with built-in SSL support, File System, private BotNet and advanced security rights for each user. Runs on POSIX and Windows.
19.1 MB 273

Launcher Dock

Features: - Customize application launching options for every application after the computer is turned on. For example, if you always open up a particular document in notepad, then add the file location in the Paramaters field - Capable of opening multiple applications at the same time - User defined positions of where the...
7.2 MB 73

Calendar Docklet 3.4

If you like this docklet,You don't have to pay for it, butsend a postcard of your town to me instead, to get my postaladdress, send me an e-mail first :-).
7.1 MB 459

The Crop Circles Mystery 1.0

Jane's wheat cultivation has been tampered with in the midst of a dangerous thunderstorm. Some think it was just a prank, others think it was the work of aliens from outer space! Help Jane unravel the perplexing mystery through a journey of shocking revelations and solve The Crop Circles Mystery! Discover who is responsible in this fun Hidden Object game,...
132.6 MB 56


Feature overview * Smoothly animated dock bar * Built-in Office 2003 / 2007 / 2010 styles as well as Windows Vista & Windows 7 style * Progress and background appearance fill style * 3D platform fill * Collection of dock items with many properties * Item appearance with hover, selected, disabled and normal states * Internal...
10.3 MB 387

SSuite Mac Dock 3.4

Mac Dock is a very simple Windows utility designed to create a Mac OS X-like dock on your desktop, allowing you to launch certain programs with just a single click, just like you do with the ones in the Quick Launch. Mac Dock sports its very own shortcuts to some of the most popular applications on the market e.g. MS Office, FireFox etc. This dock may also...
102.4 K 174

iYogi SupportDock 3.0

Support Dock is a comprehensive desktop application suite that provides single click access to everything you need to manage your computer and give you peace of mind. Get one click access to: - Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware - Disaster Backup & Recovery - Home Network Manager - PC Optimization - PC Recovery Support...
0 K 1,916

Battery meter docklet

Allows you to meter teh status of your battery. Included is a zip that contains all the pngs to change the look for this docklet.
1.5 MB 5,651

Document Import Kit for SharePoint (DocKIT) 2010 / 2007 5.2.3

DocKIT software has been designed and developed to address the specific needs of companies that are deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Servers / Windows SharePoint Services. DocKIT for SharePoint 2007 assists users in importing their existing documents and file repositories into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 / Windows SharePoint Services...
7.3 MB 494
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