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CMake 3.1.1

CMake is a family of tools designed to build, test and package software. CMake is used to control the software compilation process using simple platform and compiler independent configuration files. CMake generates native makefiles and workspaces that can be used in the compiler environment of your choice.
9 MB 177

CMISS 2.8.0

An interactive computer program for Continuum Mechanics, Image analysis, Signal processing and System Identification. CMISS is a mathematical modelling environment that allows the application of finite element analysis, boundary element and collocation techniques to a variety of complex bioengineering problems. It consists of a number of modules...
6.6 MB 123

CmosPwd 5.0

Works with the following BIOSes * ACER/IBM BIOS * AMI BIOS * AMI WinBIOS 2.5 * Award 4.5x/4.6x/6.0 * Compaq (1992) * Compaq (New version) * IBM (PS/2, Activa, Thinkpad) * Packard Bell * Phoenix 1.00.09.AC0 (1994), a486 1.03, 1.04, 1.10 A03, 4.05 rev 1.02.943, 4.06 rev...
102.4 K 123

CmdTwain 1.03

This is a program that allows you to run your document scanner from the command line. This is useful if you are writing programs that need to scan documents without the user having to choose settings and click buttons. One click in your program is all that is needed – CmdTwain does all the setting and saves the document in a file. It should work with any...
1.3 MB 47


cmVodbx32 is a tool for DBF databases management. This DBF viewer and editor is the best shareware solution for your business. Convert and repair tables, in format CLIPPER, DBASEIV and FOXPRO. Zap, pack, append, filter, find and seek over records.find and seek over records. - cmVodbx32 is a great DBF database management software - Handles DBF...
1.9 MB 848

Cmd Linker 0.9.7

It allows keeping those programs linked under a simple GUI, supporting operations like resetting the working programs, stopping all at once, etc. CmdLinker is mainly useful to programmers and users who must spawn a set of non interactive command-line programs in order to achieve some predefined functionality. For example, I use a proxy...
102.4 K 162

cMail eXpress 1.5.3

cMail eXpress is a Windows application that can be used as a simple e-mail checker program with multiple notification options, or as a full-blown, highly customizable e-mail client. Features include: Multiple Accounts. cMail eXpress makes managing multiple accounts quick and easy by displaying each account on a tab inside the main...
4.7 MB 342

CM Note Keeper 1.0.0

Have you ever found a good recipe, a good programming code, a tip or something which you found useful on the web but may want to keep it down somewhere to use later ? Sticky pads may do the trick but if you have a lot of notes around, it can get messy. This is where CM Note Keeper comes it. CM Note Keeper helps you * Organize Your...
5.4 MB 206

Cmd Line Helper 1.22

Cmd Line Helper is a Windows program that is designed for control and automate the administration of Windows and applications. Cmd Line Helper can capture command promt output and copy/save/print it. The program can copy command line output to Windows Clipboard directly.
307.2 K 745

cmdradio portable 0.1.1 Alpha

cmdradio is very simple and powerful tool to listen internet radio with control from command-line interface.
102.4 K 81

CMOSsave/CMOSrest 4.6 Build 9325

CMOSSave CMOSRest CMOSChk restore corrupted CMOS from backup and check that CMOS has not been tampered with. Naive users sometimes meddle with CMOS settings. We need a fast way to put the scores of subtle CMOS configuration settings back the way they were. Power surges can corrupt CMOS. We need a way for a naive user to quickly restore all...
102.4 K 424

CMATH for Delphi 7 5.3.2

CMATH is a comprehensive library for complex-number arithmetics and mathematics, both in cartesian and polar format (single, double, and extended precision). The implementation in Assembly language ensures maximum speed, accuracy, and safety, far superior to the unit Complex coming with Delphi. As in the C version of CMATH, all functions of the...
204.8 K 371

CMATH for Delphi 5 6.4

CMATH is a comprehensive library for complex-number arithmetics and mathematics, both in cartesian and in polar coordinates, for C/C++ and Pascal/Delphi compilers. CMATH is available as a stand-alone product. It is also included in the OptiVec package. All functions may alternatively be called from classic C and Pascal/Delphi with type-specific...
204.8 K 349

CML Compass Project 0.2.6

Modern networking technologies let systems cooperate by sharing resources and offering services to one another so that the resulting system of systems has a behavior that is greater than just the sum of its parts. For example, the information systems of fire, police and hospital services can together offer a flexible and responsive SoS for emergency...
106 MB 117

CMATH for Visual C++ 6.3.5

CMATH is a comprehensive library for complex-number arithmetics and mathematics. The following features make CMATH an ideal replacement for other available complex class libraries: 1. High-performance implementation in machine code leads to superior speed. 2. Accuracy and safety are greatly enhanced. 3. Each of the floating-point...
512 K 886

CMATH for Borland C++ (Win32) 6.4.0

CMATH is a comprehensive library for complex-number arithmetics and mathematics. The following features make CMATH an ideal replacement for other available complex class libraries: 1. High-performance implementation in machine code leads to superior speed. 2. Accuracy and safety are greatly enhanced. 3. Each of the...
307.2 K 2,973

Ncmpc 0.20

ncmpc is a fully featured MPD client, which runs in a terminal (using ncurses). Its goal is to provide a keyboard oriented and consistent interface to MPD, without wasting resources. Features: * full Unicode and wide character support * music database browser, database search, media library * audio output...
2.3 MB 71

PCMark 8 2.3.293

PCMark is the latest version in our series of popular PC benchmarking tools. It is designed to test the performance of all types of PC, from tablets to desktops. With five separate benchmark tests plus battery life testing, PCMark helps you find the devices that offer the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. PCMark is the complete PC benchmark...
2959.6 MB 125

DcmEcho 1.0

DcmEcho is a DICOM Echo Application including Ping command.
716.8 K 139

DCM Editor 3.0.0

You can add and remove attributes. Modify attribute values and even manipulate sequence attributes. You can use it to solve problems in data or create perfect test data. Key Features * Modify attributes and attribute values * Modify sequence attributes * Save DICOM files * Export DICOM file into text...
29.2 MB 1,044

ECMerge Pro 2.2 Build 124

ECMerge compares and merges local/FTP/SCC text/images/folders, side-by-side or 3-way. It is designed for software engineers, web authors and other professionals who work with multiple revisions of text files or who need to keep multiple folder hierarchies in sync. Two text files or folders can be compared to a common ancestor: comparing entire source code...
6.7 MB 986

Acme CADSee 2013.12.24

DWG viewer , browser and Print.The fastest and easiest-to-use DWG/DXF/DWF(AutoCAD R2.5-R2013), PSD, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, GIF, PNG, MNG, TGA, PCX, ICO, WMF file viewer available for WindowsXP/Vista/win7/Win8! Acme CADSee is two tools in one. A full-featured drawing viewer quickly displays your images in high quality. The drawing file browser lets you...
5.7 MB 739

LCM-Builder 1.3

296-Software has released the next version of LCM-Builder, the ASP Application Generator! The new version now has online and Local Help, can handle unlimited languages with only one version of the web site. Content of the web site can maintained and updated online. Supports online-developers and let the maintenance of a web site handled web based....
10.32 MB 1,139

Acme TraceART 3.9.1

Raster to Vector converter, which can high-speed convert raster bitmap into vector image. it supports such all kinds of image format as BMP,JPG,TGA,TIF,PCX etc. which can identify the center line, contour line and provide the function of the vector fill in, convenience of the industry innovation, configuration ways of the parameters intuitionisticly, what...
1.8 MB 506

LCM Calculator 1.0

If you already know, area can be calculated by multiplying length by width. To make things easier, we created this free tool that converts instantly between acres, square feet, square miles and other units.
102.4 K 69

PCMark05 Basic 1.2.0 Build 1901

PCMark05 is everything you need to reliably and easily measure the performance of your PC and determine its strengths and weaknesses. With PCMark05, you will be able to select the optimal upgrades for your existing PC, or choose the right new PC that fits your specific needs. This easy-to-use product gives you the same tools and knowledge that virtually...
90 MB 83

BCM Call Logger 1.3.4

BCM Call Logger is a tool for processing log files from Nortel or Avaya BCM PBX telephone systems for the purpose of generating call reports.
102.4 K 94

ECMerge Standard 2.5.196

Developer / Integrator / Web * fast comparisons thanks to multi-threaded engine * 2-way and 3-way diff/merge for files and folders (why 3-way?): secure automatic merge * enhanced text-based comparison for XML files * in-line differences and merge * binary comparison with ability to ignore unimportant ranges of...
9.1 MB 700

Acme CAD Converter 2015

All-in-one DWG Converter - Batch DWG converter that allows you to convert DWG DXF DWF to PDF, WMF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, SVG, CGM...,Supports command line parameters, it is also a very nice Free DWG Viewer. Features: * Supports to open various DWG,DXF formats ( R2.5-R2013 ) and DWF; * DWG to PDF, DWG to JPEG, DWG to TIFF, DWG to EPS, DWG to...
6.4 MB 1,653

MCM CD & DVD Burner 1.0

Easy CD & DVD Burner to create Data and Audio CD, Sound Editor included, and audio CD ripper, read and write ISO files, easy to add files by supporting Drag&Drop functions for adding files directly from the Windows Explorer. Supports most IDE, USB, IEEE1384, SCSI CD recorders; records CD discs On-the-Fly and erases re-writable discs; supports Buffer,...
8.17 MB 367

Acmeware MP3 Joiner 5.3.2

MP3 Joiner is an easy and efficient FREE MP3 Joiner, it can combine, merge and Join MP3 files into one big file. Features: * MP3 Joiner is an easy and efficient FREE MP3 Joiner. * Combine, merge and Join MP3 files into one big file. * It can copy & save audio tag from the source files to the destination ones, MP3...
2 MB 146

ICMP ActiveX Control

ICMP ActiveX control can be used for network diagnosing, troubleshooting, and monitoring. It allows developers to integrate Ping and Traceroute capabilities into their applications. The control is fully compliant with RFC 792. ICMP ActiveX Control is capable of simultaneous processing of multiple Ping and/or multiple Traceroute...
3.2 MB 245

PCMate Free Folder Monitor 6.5.1

PCMate Free Folder Monitor is a cross-platform free folder monitor that automatically records all activities of all the folders including subfolders for newly added/deleted/changed files in real-time. This free file monitor also has the ability to monitor any kind of execution of a program with access to full installation. It displays the activity info of...
921.6 K 147

Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker 4.51

It is easy to build an excellent cool effect screen saver with your own photos and music fast. No particular skill needed, no complicated settings, whether you are a screen saver beginner or a professional, this screen saver maker of choice for you will make your screen saver software experience more rewarding. Feature: - make screen...
1.8 MB 565

PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing 5.0

PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing is an Internet utility to let users surf the Web anonymously by masking their IP address. IP address is the unique identification number of any computer connected to the Internet and is detectable by any website that the user is visiting. IP address contains information about the geographic location of the user and...
1.05 MB 552

Acmeware M4A to MP3 Converter 6.0.9

M4A to MP3 Converter is an easy, efficient, fast yet free M4A to MP3 Converter. This converter is totally free of charge for any private & non-commercial usage. It is the fastest M4A to MP3 Converter available and fully optimized for the mainstream multi-core CPUs. With its build-in latest & advanced M4A codec and Lame MP3 encoder, the sound quality of the...
2.2 MB 564

PCMate Free Empty Folder Delete 6.5.1

PCMate Free Empty Folder Delete is a tiny and free empty folder remover designed to quickly locate & delete empty directories (include empty sub-folders) recursively below a given start folder and shows the result marked with different icons in a well arranged tree. Likewise, folders that have files of zero file size are also deleted. Further, this...
512 K 88

PyCmd 0.9

PyCmd is a 'smart' command prompt extension for Windows' cmd.exe; its purpose is to emulate a few power features of UNIX shells (decent Tab-completion, persistent history, etc.) Features: * Smart Tab-completion (similar to e.g. bash) * Searchable, persistent command history * Enhanced editing (copy/paste, undo, emacs key...
2.2 MB 258

Pacman 1.0

Pacman is one of the all time classic video games. When it was released, the popular games were Asteroids and Space Invaders. Pacman broke the mold, appealing to both men and women. Free Pacman stays true to the original. We hope you like it.
614.4 K 205

abcMIDI 2015-03-28

AbcMIDI is a package of tools designed for processing ABC music notation files. It contains several useful programs: abc2midi, yaps, abc2abc, and midi2abc. abc2midi is possibly the most complex program for creating MIDI files from ABC files. It bundles special features, like handling multivoiced files, extending guitar chords into bass chordal...
512 K 394

IPCMail 3.2.3

Do you find yourself constantly sending monthly minders or emails notifying users of network status? Log files for large jobs need to be sent out after being generated? C-Mail is here. With C-Mail, email functionality can be written into job scripts or set up with schedulers. Just add C-Mail to the end of a backup script to email a log file to you,...
4.48 MB 299

DocMoto 2.0

DocMoto is an internet ready, multi-user document and file management system. Fully integrated into Window's native file manager, Windows Explorer, DocMoto is as simple to work with as a network drive. Users can drag and drop files in and out of a DocMoto repository using familiar windows interfaces. Anybody who has ever copied a file from a...
3.62 MB 306

PicMania 1

PicMania is a open source software that helps to organize and view your pictures and many more.
512 K 275

PTCMaster 1.2

Freely available program for automatic earning with PTC sites. Download the program at absolutely no cost, use it to register with websites it supports and, simply by running it regularly, automatically get some extra income. Program's features: * Lets you add, modify accounts, query your stats or site info, and request your payments - there's almost no...
4.2 MB 1,838

AbcMarker 1.14.120416

Use any image or any text as a watermark. Change transparency, timing, size and position of each watermark. Adjust the size, color, and font of the text. Supported formats are avi, mpg, ts, vob, flv, or mkv. AbcMarker supports the video codecs mpeg2, mpeg4, and flv). Export uncompressed video for further encoding in other...
23.3 MB 124

PicMapTool 2.2014.12.17

PicMapTool sits over the desktop in your primary monitor area to augment other tools you may be using. Flexible grid or cross hairs or common picture aspect ratio boxes to ease crop choices may be moved over your image viewed through PicMapTool from the desktop below. Calibrated measurements by drawing lines are done by first drawing a line over a coin or...
102.4 K 5


In the digital world of today an old fashion photo album (or a shoe box) is not enough to keep our memories safe and organized. Our picManager had been designed to help you stay organized without spending hours going through your photos to catalog them. Create a perfect photo repository with our picManager . Scan all your media (hard drive, CDs/DVDs,...
409.6 K 104

Pacman 2005 1.2

Classic pacman game with added background graphics, collect the dots and avoid ghosts. The game which offer an increasing level of difficulty and the prospect of many hours of play. The ghosts are clever and won't miss following you for a minute if you get too close to them. Bonuses appear at random during the game and could make you invincible or...
2.5 MB 444

Pacma Fight 1.0

Shuriken bonuses allow you to shoot at your opponents. Health bonuses restore your health reserves. Each level has numerous secrets that store more valuable bonuses that can improve your hero's health and give him temporary superpowers! Use the cursor pad or keys W, A, S, D to run and jump. Use SPACEBAR to shoot at your opponents. You can jump much higher...
2.3 MB 123

Docmail Word .Net 2.1

Docmail Word .Net is an ASP.NET component is clever at automatically send email HTML after conversion Documents Doc to HTML. It's very easy way just: - define the fields "from", "to", "object"; - pass the address of the SMTP server, user name, password; - point corresponding HTML file. Docmail Word .Net is an ASP Net...
409.6 K 240
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