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DirCmp 1.5

DirCmp is a command-line tool that allows you to compare two directories and possibly their subdirectories. The program reports files missing in either directory and whether some files are different or empty. You can also specify a list of files or folders to exclude during the comparison. The output can be redirected to a text file. Simply type dircmp in a...
102.4 K 56

Dirlot 0.9

The utility shows relative size of all elements (both files and directories) in a directory on disk using columnar diagram. It allows you quickly to estimate how many space a file or subdirectory occupies on parent directory and how space is distributed among the directory's elements. You can also: - change parent directory - view files'...
11 K 173

DIRlist 3.1.63

It can be difficult to identify the purpose and content of files with just the filename, especially when the file is old or shared by multiple users. DIRlist provides free text descriptions to supplement the file name for project documentation, instruction manuals, and general identification of directory contents. The DIRlist functions and options...
1.6 MB 2,285

DirSync 7.9

You specify a source and target directory and DirSync will ensure the files in the target directory exactly match the files in the source directory. Directory structure is also synced, ie if a directory or file exists in the target directory that does not exist in the source directory it will be deleted. Only files or directories that have changed will be...
1.2 MB 107

DirDate 6.5

DirDate is a command line tool that can easily be automated to change folder and file last modification date, creation date or last access date. It can change dates using either a reference file (where you can 'lift' the date from an existing file), the EXIF Date Taken date from your photos, the current date/time or a series of YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR,...
3.1 MB 476

DirectX 9.27.1734 August 2009

Overview Microsoft DirectX is a group of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3D animation, and rich audio. DirectX includes security and performance updates, along with many new features across all technologies,...
103 MB 62,883

DirSize 6.1

DirSize is a command line tool to show you how much disk space is used and wasted in each directory. You will find that it is far faster and more accurate than other similar tools, completing scans of 1.2 Terabyte disk structures in 40 minutes while other apps take 2 hours and are still not complete. Its uses include: * Finding space...
1.8 MB 199

Dirhtml 4.871

Dirhtml builds customizable html files from a folder branch using the gui or command line You can fully customize the index file, select which data to include, headings to use, date format, file sorting and many other details. The program supports user designed output templates and can filter the directory list by file type, name and folder. Dirhtml can...
614.4 K 9,068

DirSplit 1.0

This is an applicatiion that will help you to sort your files and keep your pc organized.
307.2 K 262

dirtyJOE 1.5 (c359)

dirtyJOE - Java Overall Editor is a complex editor and viewer for compiled java binaries (.class files). Current version still have some limitations, but hopefully those will be removed within the next releases. dirtyJOE is free for non-commercial use. dirtyJOE is entirely written in C++, no third party libraries were used. Main...
1.3 MB 355

DirCaster 09.j

DirCaster is a PHP script that allows one to very easily start Podcasting MP3 files from their web host. This allows original content creators to easily provide a feed for the Juice Podcast Receiver, jPodder, and other "podcatching" software. The feed is also fully iTunes compliant! Simply drop the dircaster.php script (and accompanying files)...
1 MB 288

DirLogger 1.3

It can monitor/log any changes to files/dirs and has also a option to calculate md5 checksums for even more powerful monitoring of your directories and files.
409.6 K 85

DirectXLS 2.5

DirectXLS allows you to write Excel files (.xls) within seconds directly onto a hard drive even without Excel installation. DirectXLS is a DLL with C++ classes, helper functions and C# wrappers for them which you can include into your own software product and distribute along with it. High performance (more than 10 thousand cells could be written for less...
512 K 675


DirectDVD is a professional Hollywood DVD Player, includes 3D DVD Bookmarks, Xtract, SRS Circle Surround II, and WOWHD. Users can use powerful Audio 3D Environments and Digital Filters to customize their DVD Experience. Built in HD control panels. Users can control Surround Mix engine and 10 Band Surround EQ. Developed by Orion Studios Productions
20 MB 2,948

DirectMath 2.0.5

DirectMath is a mathematical word processor and easy to use front end to the Mathematica and Maxima computer algebra systems. DirectMath makes use of a powerful pattern matching system to anticipate the calculation you want to perform, so you don't have to learn a programming language or wade through menus to get your work done. Computing integrals,...
22.4 MB 43


DirectWave is one of the most complete VSTi samplers currently available. It loads and edits most of the existing sound formats out there (WAV (any), SF2 (Soundfont), AKP (Akai), Propellerheads Recycle, Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt *(nki), GIGA *(gig) & eMagic EXS24, ...) and it can even sample your existing VSTi...
6.9 MB 457

DirectXTex October 2013

DirectXTex, a shared source library for reading and writing DDS files, and performing various texture content processing operations including resizing, format conversion, mip-map generation, block compression for Direct3D runtime texture resources, and height-map to normal-map conversion. This library makes use of the Windows Image Component (WIC) APIs. It...
102.4 K 131


DirectTune is an streaming extension for Songbird, it provides an interface for adding (Live-)Streams to Songbird. You can add streams as URL, or download a List-AddOn to get pre-defined Streams such as online radio streams. Features: Add individual Streams Add pre-defined Streams out of List-AddOns Use direct URL and playlist URLs...
102.4 K 244

DirSyncPro 1.51a1 Unstable

DirSync Pro can be used to synchronize the content of one or many folders recursively. Use DirSync Pro to easily synchronize files from your desktop PC to your USB-stick (/Externa HD/PDA/Notebook, ...). Use this USB-stick (/Externa HD/PDA/Notebook, ...) to synchronize files to another desktop PC. Using DirSync Pro you can make incremental backups....
2.8 MB 436

3001 Bricks 1.0

3001 Bricks is a remake of the classic Arkanoid with a lot of new features and options. One of the most amazing is the possibility of playing in multiplayer mode. You will be able to choose between the single player mode and two distincts mutiplayer modes. Experience the fun of playing 4 people at time with 3001 Bricks. Another great feature is the...
12.7 MB 318

DirectX SDK 9.28.1886

This DirectX SDK release contains updates to tools, utilities, samples, documentation, and runtime debug files for x64 and x86 platforms. System Requirements * Supported Operating Systems: Hyper-V Server 2008; Search Server 2008; Windows 2000 Advanced Server; Windows 2000 Server; Windows 7; Windows Essential Business Server; Windows...
553.3 MB 2,051

Dirty Hearts 2.0

Play a non-traditional version of the card game of hearts against computer opponents. Learn hearts for the first time, or brush up on your existing game. Designed for both the beginning and advanced player.
1.1 MB 390

Direct sender v3.03

Direct Sender allows you to quickly and easily send unlimited numbers of personalized e-mail messages using any kind of database (Access97/2000, Excel, text, ODBC...) The bulk process sends up to 100 simultanous emails directly to recipients, checking its state before, without using your provider's SMTP: You can send millions of customized emails in...
700 K 313

Directory Hog 1.3

Directory Hog is a small, free utility for Windows which will scan a drive of your choice and list the total size of each folder in a list. The list also shows the largest file size found in the folder as well as the number of files found in the folder. You can sort the columns in this list. To view the contents of a folder, simply double-click the folder...
409.6 K 301


Introducing DIRECTV nomad. Now you have the freedom to watch your recorded shows and movies anywhere. The innovative DIRECTV nomad allows you to sync your HD DVR with your cell phone, laptop, or tablet and take your recorded programs with you wherever you go. No Internet connection required to watch, so you can enjoy your favorites anywhere, anytime,...
11.2 MB 397

Direct Backup 3.10

Differently than other programs Direct Backup works always in the background and saves new and changed files into a freely selectable folder with a delay of maximally one minute. It is possible to store the files in another folder every day. Also optionally up to nine releases of a file can be safeguarded. With these options an access on former file...
307.2 K 324

Directory Mate 2003

Directory Mate is a wizard based import/export tool for your Windows 2000 or 2003 Active Directory. Quickly export a list of users, open the comma delimited file in Microsoft Excel, make the changes you want and quickly import all your changes. Quick, painless and efficient. Not to mention, easy enough to use that once you've used it a couple times it...
1.49 MB 278

Direct Folders 3.72

Direct Folders guarantees you quick and direct access to your favorite folders and recent documents. Jump to any deeply nested folder in a single mouse click. The DirectClick feature of Direct Folders lets you double click on any part of the empty area in the standard Windows Open/Save/Browse dialogs to display a menu (see picture below) giving your...
2.1 MB 608

Directory Opus 11.12.5 Build 5558 Beta

Directory Opus is designed with four goals in mind: Ease of use: As far as possible, Opus works just like Explorer does. You don't have to learn any complicated scripting or non-standard mouse techniques to use Opus. If you've ever used Explorer to copy a file, you already know exactly how to do it in Opus as well. Configurability: We...
28.6 MB 1,172

Directory Snoop 5.11

Directory Snoop is a cluster-level search tool that lets Windows users snoop through their FAT and NTFS formatted disk drives to see what data may be hiding in the cracks. Use Directory Snoop to recover deleted files you thought you would never see again or permanently erase sensitive files so that no one will know they ever existed. Supported media include...
1.7 MB 598

Dirhtml Portable 4.856

Dirhtml builds customizable html files from a folder branch using the gui or command line. It runs on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 and via Wine on most linux distributions.
614.4 K 623

Direct TS Editor 1.6.7

In TS Direct Editor, you can split and join Transport Stream video files without encoding, it is the fastest process while keeping the original quality. TS Direct Editor is the easiest and the fastest video cutter for H.264 AVCHD and MPEG2 in Transport Stream captured from HD PVR and DV Cam. In TS Direct Editor, you can split and join...
6.7 MB 189

Directory Eraser 3.280

Super Fast Folder and File Deletes can delete mass files and folders in few seconds, This is a test I've taken on my own PC: With Direcroty Eraser Example 1 22 986 files, 3 059 Directory and Size 3.7 GB 4.07 min is used. Example 2 160 041 files, 9 994 Directory and Size 107 GB 28.47 min is used. With Windows...
614.4 K 1,056

Directory Report 43

Directory Report is a file managing application which includes a large variety of functions, allowing you to find duplicates, maintain and rename files, check folder size or print entire directories. Perform all these actions using only one tool! Directory Report's features include useful functions such as printing directory lists and files, file...
4.9 MB 1,107

Directory Monitor

Directory Monitor can be used for the surveillance of certain directories and/or network shares and will notify you of file changes/access, deletions, modifications, and new files in real-time. Users and processes making the changes can also be detected and with the help of plugins, Directory Monitor also provides text logs, automation via...
5.8 MB 1,277

Directory Compare 3.46

Directory Compare is a utility to help you keeping copies of your important directories (documents, programs under development and so on) in a backup hard disk or any other storage system (like 100Mb diskettes), as well as in a compressed .zip file (only in version 2.53). The backup may be made automatically (in unattended mode) or by using a friendly user...
4 MB 334

Direct Zip Driver 1.0.0

Direct Zip Driver is a powerful compressor and reader for computer files. As a compressor it can compress, extract and browse almost all compressed archives. As a reader it can map ZIP RAR, map CD/DVD image, map virtual hard disk, no need for physical CD/DVD drives or the actual CD/DVD media. Features about Direct Zip Driver: 1) Compressed and...
2.5 MB 1,868

Direct MP3 Joiner

Direct MP3 Joiner is an easy and fast audio tool to combine MP3s, as well as merge or join MP3 files. With Direct MP3 Joiner, you can join multiple music MP3 files into a larger MP3 file in a split second. You can merge, combine and join MP3 audio files with blazing speed, without recompressing and without quality loss. Our MP3 Joiner works with audio files...
2.7 MB 726

Direct XML Builder 1

Convert Databases ( MySQL, Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, ODBC, InterBase, DB2 ), CSV/TSV, XML files in new structured XML files. Create in a blink of an eye RSS,Atom feeds. You can create product feeds for (NexTag, GoogleBase, Pricegrabber...). Imagination is the only limit to what you can do with Direct XML Builder. No programming required.You must...
409.6 K 200

DirectExportSybase 1.3

DirectExportSybase reads data directly from filesystem bypassing fetching data from server via ODBC or any other interface. This approach provides minimal impact on the system where source server is installed and high speed of unload. On average direct unload faster than native bcp utility in 3-5 times. Command line interface is easy to use and...
1.5 MB 29

Directory Defender

We are all guilty of it - clicking around Windows Explorer at lightning speed and inadvertently moving folders. Whoops. Where did that folder go? Stop this unintentional folder movement from happening before it starts. Install Blue Shoe Software’s free tool, Directory Defender. Register, download, and install for free....
102.4 K 4

Directory Lister Pro 1.68

Directory Lister Pro allows you to list files or print folders, that is to create and then save, print or send via e-mail list of files from selected folders on hard disks, cd-roms, dvd-roms, floppys, USB storages and network shares. Listing can be in HTML, text, CSV format (for easy import to Excel) or stored directly to a database. Additional...
2.9 MB 3,132

Direct Sell Assistant 1.3.3

Direct Sell Assistant will help direct sales consultants to focus more on selling their products rather than worrying about paper work. Direct Sell Assistant is easy to use and does not need a course to learn how to use it as with some accounting software. Direct Sell Assistant will help in the following ways: Contact Management: Keeping your...
2.6 MB 211

Direct Stream Recorder 3.2

Direct Stream Recorder is a handy and powerful tool for capturing all kinds of video and audio streams and then turning them into a standard .avi files so that they can be opened in any media player or edited with any video or audio editor. Direct Stream Recorder has a diverse applicability. You can record live streams like Windows Media, Real...
614.4 K 305

Directory List & Print 2.38

Directory List & Print is a software tool for Windows and enables listing and printing the content of any directory in a simplest way. In addition, the file lists can be formatted, filtered, saved to several file formats and also be further processed (delete/copy/move files). By copying to the clipboard the lists can be exported into other programs or...
4.2 MB 980

DirectX Version Checker 1.1

DirectX Version Checker is a small utility designed to check the version of DirectX installed on your computer. The application also can check DirectX Version, DirectX Debug Levels, DirectInput Devices, DirectShow Filters, All Video Compressors and All Audio Compressors. Its very lightweight and extremely easy to use.
1.3 MB 559

Direct WAV MP3 Splitter

A user-friendly tool for splitting up large MP3 and WAV files, Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is a fully-featured solution that gets the job done quickly and without loss of quality. Files are also split without recompression. Aside from its MP3 split ability, the software is also a WAV splitter for extra versatility. The most powerful and useful feature of the...
1.6 MB 411

DirectX Redistributable 9.29.1962 June 2010

This download provides the DirectX end-user multi-languaged redistributable that developers can include with their product. The redistributable license agreement covers the terms under which developers may use the Redistributable. For full details please review the DirectX SDK EULA.txt and DirectX Redist.txt files located in the license...
33.5 MB 1,492

DirectXchange for Outlook 1.1.0

Works with Outlook 2007 and Vista! Sending files via email was easy years ago when attachments were small in size. Today, the files we send are very large. We send all types of digital media and rich text documents. In order to keep network bandwidth and server storage minimized, most modern email servers limit the maximum file attachment to a...
3.3 MB 321

Directory Compare Portable 3.42.2

Directory Compare is a utility to help you keeping copies of your important directories (documents, programs under development and so on) in a backup hard disk or any other storage system (like 100Mb diskettes), as well as in a compressed .zip file (only in version 2.53). The backup may be made automatically (in unattended mode) or by using a friendly user...
4 MB 497
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