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Stickman 5.7 ALPHA / 5.6

You can choose from many figures and animate them with control points. The position of control points are stored in key frames which makes it unecessary to create each frame. Stickman supports multiple layers and uses a smart draw order system with verbs as "Before", "After" and "Inside". You can animate speech, pick up items with...
4.3 MB 185,145

DesktopX 3.5

DesktopX is a revolutionary program that lets you completely change the Windows desktop into anything you want it to be. It's the program studios use to create futuristic looking computer screens in movies and TV. Enhance your desktop by giving Windows the ability to have real objects on the desktop. Objects include clocks, stock tickers,...
24.7 MB 4,792

Desktops 2.0

Read email on one, browse the web on the second, and do work in your productivity software on the third, without the clutter of the windows you're not using. After you configure hotkeys for switching desktops, you can create and switch desktops either by clicking on the tray icon to open a desktop preview and switching window, or by using the...
102.4 K 993

Desktop3D 2.0d

Desktop3D is tailored to replace the standard Windows Desktop and bring new features. Desktop3D includes more of 100 icons that replaces the default icons on a large and beautiful with alpha - effect (Transparency). Desktop3D replaces the wallpaper on animated pictures that will definitely give a twist to your desktop. The default setup includes three...
13.2 MB 7,355

DesktopOK 4.04

DesktopOK is a small but effective solution for user that have to change the screen resolution often. Features: - Save your favorite icon locations for each screen resolution. - Each user can then have his own arrangement. - Automatically hide and display desktop icons - Minimises to tray area for easy access. - Easily...
102.4 K 3,666


It's very convenient and useful. Desktop Calendar help you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more... And, Desktop Calendar also offers a variety of common festivals, anniversaries and other information.
3.2 MB 961

DesktopGate 2.7.2

DesktopGate is the best employee monitoring software on the market with easy to use interface, live screen monitoring and event logging features using SQL Server database. DesktopGate combines remote support, employee monitoring and computer activity logging features in one easy to use application. Enable Live Monitoring Enables...
23.6 MB 221

DesktopGame 2.0

1.Write daily diary. 2.Set any kind of alarm to do the designed intend, such as, running the appointed application, shutting down the computer. Those actions can be repeatable with a reiteration of many kinds, such as one time, minutely, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. 3.Make the user-defined website favorite. 4.System tools. Efficiently get...
3.37 MB 2,903


What is APM? APM stands for actions per minute. A key press or mouse click is counted as an action. APM is the number of actions you perform per minute. DESKTOP APM is a useful tool that can track your mouse clicks and key presses, determining their number and assessing your daily performance during work hours or gaming sessions. It offers you a...
1.5 MB 76

DesktopAlarm 2.0

1.Write daily diary. 2.Set any kind of alarm to do the designed intend, such as, running the appointed application, shutting down the computer. Those actions can be repeatable with a reiteration of many kinds, such as one time, minutely, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. 3.Make the user-defined website favorite. 4.System tools. Efficiently get...
2.52 MB 533

Desktop IRIS 3.0.6

Desktop IRIS is an easy-to-use search program that can be successfully downloaded and accessed by anyone. It allows you to intuitively find stored information from your desktop and network without imposing any restrictions on the number of files and folder locations indexed. The system uses the same security model for the desktop and network operating...
102.4 K 387

DesktopPlant 3.0.2

Plants grow directly on your desktop and need your care just like real plants! There are several different plants to choose from. Features: - Amazingly realistic growth (realistic plant development depending on water, fertilizer, environmental parameters, etc.) - Random effects will guarantee that each plant is unique -...
716.8 K 1,242

Desktop Zoom 7.0

This Application is like loupe (magnifying glass) and can enlarge the portion of the Windows screen. It is easy to change position (Left-Button Hold+Moving) and size of zoom window (Right-Button Hold+Moving) and zooming level (Wheel-Button) with mouse. It can invert and filter colors also rotate the image.
614.4 K 119

Desktop Lock 7.3.3

Desktop Lock is a computer security protection and access control software product, you can use it to lock computer to prevent people from accessing your private documents and resources. When the computer being locked by Desktop Lock, none can access your documents, browse your computer, or use programs on your computer. Desktop Lock supports Windows...
716.8 K 955

DesktopCoral 1.10.01

DesktopCoral is an unusual program designed to "reserve" some portion of your desktop which is shielded from maximized applications.. Essentially, it acts like an invisible resizeable docking bar, which can be docked to any side of your desktop. This invisible dock acts as a barrier to maximized applications and essentially shields this area of your...
1.4 MB 359

Desktop Info 1.50

This little application displays system information on your desktop in a similar way to some other desktop information tools. Unlike others, this application looks like wallpaper but stays resident in memory and continues to update the display in real time. Uses very little memory and nearly zero cpu. Perfect for quick identification and walk-by monitoring...
204.8 K 326

DesktopTweet 1.0

DesktopTweet is a small program for Windows that lets you quickly take snapshots of your computer's screen, and then tweet them up to Twitter in a matter of seconds! All you need to do is highlight the region of the screen you want to snap, write a quick tweet for it, and then DesktopTweet will handle the rest, uploading it to an online Twitter...
614.4 K 154

Desktop Movie 2.4

Desktop movie is a simple application to play movie files on your desktop. The player projects the movie to the background replacing your background image temporarily. The player is based on directshow meaning every movie you can play with a directshow player can be played with desktop movie too. At start you can choose your movie and the...
307.2 K 350

DesktopSnowOK 2.78

To add a little winter magic feeling on your Desktop is DesktopSnowOK the right program. "DesktopSnowOK" is a lightweight portable Windows program for 5 or more snow flakes on your windows desktop. Features - Very Small - Low CPU usage - 5-64 snow flakes - Adjustable speed - Several flakes textures...
102.4 K 468

Desktop Scout 5.21

Desktop Scout is a powerful computer surveillance program which can be used in the home, school or office to monitor and record every detail of PC and Internet activity. The program contains several integrated tools which work together at the same time to record all programs used, keystrokes typed, web sites visited, files created or changed, and a...
1.3 MB 193

Desktop Earth 3.1.33

Desktop Earth is a wallpaper generator. It creates desktop backgrounds that are accurate representations of the Earth. The imagery is based on NASA's Blue Marble Next and Earth's City Lights. - Day and night is accurately represented depending on the Sun's overhead position, which depends on the time of day and the day of the year. -...
81.6 MB 1,140

Desktop Buddy 2.0.3

Your Buddy will remind you of those important tasks you need to do. You can also ask your Buddy to read to you while you work. Your Buddy can read any plain text file including the wide range of eBooks that are now widely available on the Internet. Feature Matrix Feature Buddy Choice of male and female high resolution Desktop...
1.2 MB 10,477

Desktop-Notes Beta

Do you need some text often when you use your computer? Do you have to open a file to get the text you want now and then? Desktop Notes will reduce you pain. Just add a new note, and paste some text, it will remain there forever. You can also customize you note, change themes and fonts and many more things. Features - Fast and easy to use...
102.4 K 12

Desktop Armor 1.3

Desktop Armor watches your computer for changes, immediately notifying you when a setting is altered to confirm you want to keep or reject the change. This catches many of the modifications made by a virus, trojan or worm; protecting your computer from harm. (A "Computer Setting Firewall" is an excellent description.) It includes other features to...
1.6 MB 287

Desktop Notes 1.2

Desktop Notes is a program that will allow you to post notes on your Windows desktop. These notes won't intefere with your other activities on your PC cause they stick to the desktop. The fact that you can use various pictures as a background and special fonts that are supplied along with the program makes these notes not only a very useful but also a very...
1.3 MB 346

Desktop Telly 1.00

Desktop Telly allows you to watch television straight from the internet, no special hardware required. This means you install and can start watching television immediately, no tedious configuration of difficult settings, it is install and enjoy. Desktop Telly comes with a pre-installed station list, set up in such a way that you can easily select...
1.31 MB 532

Desktop Timer 1

The Desktop Timer is a clock which counts down to zero and alarm which gets activated when zero is reached after a preset period of time. You can use it when you work on your computer and you boil eggs in the meanwhile or you are waiting for your coffee to get ready or when you need an alarm to remind you that your lecture is over or other similar...
102.4 K 148

Desktop Budget

With Spryka Desktop Budget You can use multiple currencies, payees, payers, budget categories and banks. You can manage multiple databases for different purposes such as personal finance and small businesses. You can manage multiple account types with different currencies within the same project. ...
5.4 MB 214

DesktopManager 1.2.6

This application allows you to manage your desktop wallpapers. Features: * Integration with SpeedRunner and AsideBar. * Lock computer when flash-key is lost. * Translate Desktop to the network.
102.4 K 78

Desktop Pinger 1.0

Test anything that replies on a ping (ICMP). This little stay on top application is a handy tool for the helpdesk verifying that computers and other equipment are connected and online. Desktop Pinger don't require installation, just copy it to a suitable folder and start using it right away. Tip. Copy Desktop Pinger to your memory stick and take it...
266 K 430

Desktop Author 7.0.1

Desktop Author is an electronic publishing software that allows you to create 3d page turning ebooks. DNL ebooks are any type of e-publication including e-brochures, e-books, digital photo albums, e-cards, digital diaries, online resumes, quizzes, exams, tests, forms and surveys. DNL ebooks can be presented in a stand alone format or you can easily...
28.5 MB 915

Desktop Racing 1.0

Drive a car mini desktop, dodge all the obstacles and collect all the stars you can. Use nitro to blow through objects on the desktop. Assemble a circuit with what you have on hand and throw the car at full speed doing tricks.
7.2 MB 104

Desktop Tagger

The application searches through photos on your computer and exploits API to tag you and your friends. You can later search through your photos in windows by searching for 'Tag:"Your Faceboook Full Name"' The currently requires to have a Facebook account with tagged photos. Disclaimer: This is a beta, use it at your...
204.8 K 230

Desktop Ticker

Desktop Ticker is a free aggregator application that allows you to keep an eye on your favourite RSS and Atom web feeds whilst you work on your computer. Once feeds have been added, the article titles scroll across the screen. Article summaries are displayed when the mouse cursor is placed over an article title, and the full article can be opened in a web...
307.2 K 346

DesktopZip 2008 1.0

Professional assistance for your Windows PC DesktopZip 2008 is a fast, simple ZIP archiver and dearchiver which uses most popular ZIP format. Its intuitive user interface is extremely easy to use, while its wide ranging support for most file compression formats and comprehensive feature set makes DesktopZip the only archive utility you will ever...
819.2 K 303

Desktop Lighter 1.4

Desktop Lighter How do you consider which is the main hardware of your PC for you? We believe it is a monitor, because your eyes health depends on this device. Desktop Lighter allows you to tune the brightness of your screen easily and quickly. It can change the brightness level by application window trackbar or by keyboard command hotkeys. So...
819.2 K 995

Desktop 3D Ball 1.06

The program represents a three-dimensional soccer ball on a desktop over all programs (except fullscreen). The ball reacts to touches of a mouse pointer and contact to screen edges. At detection a full screen application the program stops to not use a system.
512 K 2,005

Desktop Clock-7 4.0

Desktop Clock-7 is program that displays the current time, date, day of the week on desktop window. You can resize the clock, move it anywhere, hide or show it using menu on system tray icon and use one alarm. The program uses color scheme of OS Windows. Appearance options: show numbers off/on/12-3-6-9, show logo off/as date/as custom text, show day of the...
819.2 K 299

Desktop Journal 3.9.8

Desktop Journal is basic and straightforward journal software, meant to store your entries safely, without all the confusing and frivolous bells and whistles. All entries are encrypted, and access to the interior of the journal can only be accessed by you (front-cover passcode). Entries can be searched by date, or you can simply flip thru your entries by...
3 MB 139

Desktop Flag 3D 1.44

Desktop Flag 3D brings you the patriotic spirit of a proudly flying flag of your country on your screen. You can choose any of 192 flags or load a picture of your own flag. Also you can choose any of 10 background photos or load your own background picture. It also an animated wallpaper which will animate your desktop wallpaper with a proudly flying flag of...
2.5 MB 953

Desktop Magnify 1.5

Although you probably have something like this already installed on your system among "Accessibility" tools, you will immediately notice the difference. Unlike most screen-magnifying utilities, this one is actually useful, repositioning itself from category of accessibilities to a new one: necessities! programmers and web designers Anybody that has ever...
716.8 K 168

Desktop Orbiter 8.3.3

Desktop Orbiter is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, computer security administration solution. With Desktop Orbiter, protecting multiple local and remote machines is a matter of a point-and-click procedure. Security features include a suit of powerful desktop security settings, and filtering capabilities to stop users from running untrusted websites or...
4 MB 1,079

Desktop Calendar 1.16

Desktop Calendar is a successor of the popular freeware tool - Desktop Reminder, one of the easiest task planners for Windows. The Key to success of Desktop Reminder was its simplicity. Desktop Calendar is based upon the same principle, it is easy to use even for a newbie, but additionally it contains some next generation features which were suggested by...
2.4 MB 546

Desktop Panorama 1.2.4

Unlike traditional virtual desktops like the ones seen in Linux desktops, the virtual desktop area is represented as an infinite stripe and windows can be freely moved around it. The advantages of this type of virtual desktop are that it gives you greater overview of open windows (the entire virtual desktop content is visible at a glance) and moving the...
6 MB 260

Desktop Takeover 1.0 Beta Build 104

Lets you enhance your desktop by embedding pictures from your compuer, or online photo albums, or webcams into your desktop background wallpaper. * visually add photos to wallpaper backgrounds by simple drag-and-drop - no image editing required. * embed pictures not only from your computer, but also from on-line albums and...
3.2 MB 2,060

Desktop Counters 2.2

Desktop Counters It's a tool that keeps trak of your mouse clicks and calculates the calories burned when using your mouse. Features: - Intuitive Interface - Counter for left clicks - Counter for right clicks - Counter for calories burn - Cumulative counters - Reset counters - Light indicators...
512 K 43

Desktop-Reminder 2.114

Desktop-Reminder is a FREEWARE task planner for Windows to manage your tasks and other to-dos’ in an easy way. It can start with Windows and list all tasks, which are urgent for the current day. For a task with time of day defined a corresponding alarm message will be shown, when the time comes. Features: - Intuitive task planner...
19.3 MB 2,405

Desktop to Photo

Desktop to Photo is a program for static screen capture, with a nice photo-camera - like look and functionality, and easy to use. With a single click capture screen and save as BMP, JPEG or PNG. Easy to insert the snapshot in any picture or document by pressing one of Copy buttons (Copy Picture, Copy Path) and then paste the result. Selected area can be...
512 K 487

Desktop BBC News 0.99

Desktop BBC News is an application that sits on your desktop - or at the front - that shows you the latest BBC headlines. You can choose which news category you would like to monitor and click on any item for a summary; click Read More if you would like to view the full story. Stories can be read using the system's default browser or the built-in...
819.2 K 484

Desktop Icon Toy 4.7

Desktop Icon Toy is a desktop icon enhancement tool that allows you to make many funny but useful things for your windows desktop icons. What cool things could you do with Desktop Icon Toy? Arrange Desktop Icons You can arrange desktop icons by many complex figures, like: Clock (all the icons will be aligned as a clock, showing the...
512 K 10,996
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