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Add-on for instant messengers and internet phone software. Change and add effects to your voice, sound like anything from a big giant to a little chipmunk. Add background sounds and sound effects to your phone conversation. Share your music with your friends using you favorite music player such as iTunes, WinAmp, Microsoft media player. Text to speech, you...
15.7 MB 520

Donarius 4.40

Nonprofit or church management doesn’t have to be a challenge, when you keep track of your members, contributions, pledges and more with easy-to-use Donarius nonprofit and church management software. Affordably priced, we even let you try it for free before purchase with our downloadable demo program. See why over 2000 churches and nonprofits...
3.7 MB 495

Don't Sleep 3.66

Don't Sleep is a small portable program to prevent system shutdown, Standby, Hibernate, Turn Off and Restart. Especially when old Programs run on Windows-7 or Windows Vista. Here's more aggressive power-saving features with new rules. But not only that, it also prevents loggin off the computer, and the deactivation of the monitor or...
102.4 K 2,824

Don't Panic 3.1.0 Build 30

Don't want to get busted by your boss or your teacher playing Solitaire, chatting or surfing the web? Close (hide or minimize) and open multiple programs with the click of a button. So you won't have to panic anymore... Features: * Close, hide or minimize as many programs as you want using the BlackList (by executable filename or...
1.2 MB 264

Donar Player 2.9.0

Donar Player is a music product from which provides you with a great experience managing and playing your music files in different formats - MP3, MP4, MPC, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WMA etc. Donar Player is a very sociable player which you will learn to use and appreciate very fast due to its user friendly configurable interface. Its theme editor offers...
12 MB 813

Donuts Cooking 1.0

Today you need to prove your cooking skills in a new cooking funny game. You are here in order to cook some delicious donuts. Your customers are waiting. A large number of cops and other people are waiting to see and taste your fine results, so do the best you can to cook it!
2.2 MB 8

Donar MP3 Recorder

Save your sound! Donar MP3 Recorder is a flexible sound software designed to capture any sound in real-time (without having to create temporary files). It is a very easy and reliable way to record any sound whether voice from microphone, internet streaming audio, or music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games,...
9.5 MB 274

DoneEx XCell Compiler 2.2.10

XCell Compiler offers very easy and hassle free Microsoft Excel workbook copy protection. You can compile Excel spreadsheet into EXE application with securely hidden formulas in binary format and protected VBA code. In order to protect Excel algorithms from being copied, the calculation engine was created to substitute the original Excel's...
12.8 MB 3,097

Donation Organizer Pro 2.9

Donation Organizer Pro is a flexible database management software with ready to use donation management solution. Our software gives you an easy way to manage, track, and organize data of a small fundraising organization. For the database novice, Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use donation management solutions make it easy to set up and use....
7.3 MB 291

DoNotTrackMe for Firefox 3.1.1038

DoNotTrackMe automatically blocks more than 600 companies from watching what you do online. DoNotTrackMe lets you take control. It's like an unsubscribe button that always works. Access DoNotTrackMe on any browser or device to manage your privacy anywhere.
819.2 K 75

Donation Management Software 1.5

The RPT Software - Donation Management software is the most user friendly and affordable donation software on the market today. Starting at just $90 we provide a complete fund raising package with all the features found in other software packages costing much more, please take a few minutes and try our donation software. Our software is designed to...
60.31 MB 361

Donarius Church Management Software 4.33

Features: Donor Information: * find any donor by: - first name or surname - donor number - church envelope # - mailbox # - street - postal/zip code - phone number - email address - tax receipt number * you can enter characters in non-Latin languages. For example, Chinese and Korean. You can enter...
3.6 MB 85

Edongba 7.00

These interesting hieroglyphs depicted here are called Dongba Hieroglyphs, and represent a unique form of writing, being in fact the only hieroglyphic writing system still in use today. This writing system of hieroglyphs has been recognized by international academic and cultural circles as a most remarkable world heritage. Naxi Dongba hieroglyphs differ...
102.4 K 12

eDonkey Acceleration Patch 6.0.2

eDonkey Acceleration Patch is a powerful accelerator designed to speed up your eDonkey file sharing program. You will download MP3s, movies and other desired files faster than ever. The add-on will ensure that your bandwidth is used to its highest capability. Also the booster will help you find more sources to download. It is free and do not...
3.9 MB 986

MLDonkey 3.0.7

MLDonkey was originally intended as a pure eDonkey2000 clone, running on Unix and Linux, a sector that the original client never served well. Since the release of version 2, there has also been development to access other networks, most notably the eDonkey2000 offspring Overnet, BitTorrent, Kademlia and DirectConnect. The history of MLDonkey has...
2.3 MB 547

CodonCode Aligner 5.1.3

CodonCode Aligner is a program for sequence assembly, contig editing, and mutation detection, available for Windows and Mac OS X. Aligner is compatible with Phred-Phrap and fully supports sequence quality scores, while offering a familiar, easy-to-learn user interface.
87.8 MB 346

London Mania:Tube Stations 1.2

London Mania: Tube Stations is a free game, which helps to explore Underground of London, learn metro maps of London or check your knowledge of London Metro. Learn stations of metro map of London with fun and plan city trips fast and easy! London Mania: Tube Stations quiz game features a metro map of London without names of stations. The aim of the...
8.9 MB 143

Abandonwares Pack 2.0

Abandonwares pack v.20 contains some of our old abandoned softwares made over decades ago. This pack houses six of our abandoned softwares. Namely: 1) The lost crystals: An adventure, RPG (role playing game). 2) Pacman 4) Karpet Media Player: A media and CD player with neat graphics. 5) Invading Enemies: An adventure game with a...
17.6 MB 198

SSLAddOn 1.00a

The SSL Add-On for AmiBroker 5.21 or higher allows sending e-mail alerts to SMTP servers requiring SSL (secure) connection.
307.2 K 79

zibaldone 2.0.1

zibaldone is a c++ library for multithread programming. Currently zibaldone provides the following functionalities: - a class named "Thread" that (likewise what happens in Java) is to be inherited to create user thread. - event communications management between threads (design pattern observer) - socket support class (both...
307.2 K 65

TurnedOnTimesView 1.11

TurnedOnTimesView is a simple tool that analyzes the event log of Windows operating system, and detects the time ranges that your computer was turned on. For every period of time that the computer was turned on, the following information is displayed: Startup Time, Shutdown Time, Duration, Shutdown Reason, Shutdown Type, Shutdown Process, and Shutdown...
102.4 K 78

Poseidon - Live RTV Player 1.7.2

Poseidon - Live RTV Player is a free Internet television and radio tuner program that allows you to watch TV stations and listen online radio from around the world. There is no need for a PC TV Tuner card because the TV channels are streamed through your internet connection.
1.5 MB 2,076

NetRecodon 5.0.6

NetRecodon is a population genetic simulator that generates samples of nucleotide and codon sequences from haploid/diploid populations with intracodon recombination, migration, growth and dated tips. It can also run in several processors using MPI. Operative systems Source code and a makefile are provided for compilation in any OS with a C...
1.4 MB 164

Dan Gordon's NFL Handicapping Companion 2.0

Dan Gordon is widely regarded as one of the three best handicappers in the sports world and has a winning record as a professional sports bettor for over two decades. His sports betting columns have appeared in the New York Daily News, San Francisco Examiner, Boston Herald, Log Angeles Herald Examiner, College and Pro Football Weekly and other newspapers...
6.64 MB 303

Firefox Addon Maker

It can be frustrating to manually reinstall Firefox with all its extensions, themes, personas and other add-ons. Even for those administrators who need to deploy Firefox on hundreds of network computers will find it a cumbersome task to do it manually. To assist you in building a silent Firefox installer with all of the settings preset, here is FFaM, aka...
2.6 MB 214

English Indonesian Dictionary - Lite 1.0

English Indonesian - Bahasa Dictionary - Windows, Mac, Linux, electronic software travel dictionary to translate English to Indonesian - Bahasa displaying a list of translated words. The Indonesian - Bahasa English dictionary translates from Indonesian - Bahasa to English. Copying a word from the translated list for a reverse translation can be used to find...
307.2 K 2,035

Multiple Addon Deactivator 1.5.1

With this add-on, you can (de)activate one, many or all add-ons, at the same time. Very useful when you want to test addons or functions to see whether one or more addons make errors with webpages or with other addons. Now you dont have to click on each deactivate link. You can check each add-on, you can check ALL add-ons or you can say, I will...
102.4 K 167

English To Indonesian and Indonesian To English Converter Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to translate English to Indonesian and vice versa. Text can be loaded from a file and the translation pair (English to Indonesian or Indonesian to English) is chosen from the drop down menu. The results are displayed in the lower pane and can be copied to the clipboard for pasting.
45.6 MB 204

ReplaceMagic WordOnly Standard 3.2.8

ReplaceMagic WordOnly is used by IT staff to fix broken links when server gets renamed, to change header/footer when for example contact details are changed, by translators and other people who need to do massive search/replace all over Word documents. Features: - Search and replace inside the headers and footers of multiple sections -...
6.6 MB 211

ReplaceMagic WordOnly Professional 3.2.8

ReplaceMagic WordOnly is used by IT staff to fix broken links when server gets renamed, to change header/footer when for example contact details are changed, by translators and other people who need to do massive search/replace all over Word documents. This version comes in Standard and Professional edition and difference is that Standard can scan...
5.9 MB 287

Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon 0.1.8

Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon extends the blocking functionality of Adblock Plus to those annoying pop-up windows that are being opened through mouse clicks or other user actions. By default, Firefox doesn't block any popups that are opened through mouse clicks or other user events. However, some sites use those popups for advertising and even Adblock...
102.4 K 257

Mercury live E-shop AddOn 2.0

Mercury eshop addon Feutures:1- Browser based. Visitor downloads nothing. Visitors only enter their username and optionally what are they looking for to buy.Visitor e-comes at your E-shop at 5-10 sec 2- Powerful Admin Console 3- Video is totally controlled by Admins , Salesmen, Technicians. 4- Advanced Banner System (best banner system to promote your...
512 K 354

TransHunter English VS Indonesian 1.0

This version of TransHunter hunts different translations from English to Indonesian or vice versa. TransHunter helps you hunt different translations from Internet. TransHunter helps you better understand what you want to translate. You can also choose the best translation from results.
512 K 374

Excel Convert Files From English To Indonesian and Indonesian To English Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to convert Excel files from English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English. The user can specify a list of files or an entire folder and then choose a block of specific cells, the active sheet or the entire workbook for translation. This software uses Google Translate as the backbone for translations and...
30.3 MB 4
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