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OpenOffice Password Recovery 1.0.6

OpenOffice Password Recovery is an "all-in-one" solution for effective recovery of passwords to open OpenOffice documents and instant removal of any type of document protection. In just a few moments, the program will recover passwords for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images and files created in OpenOffice Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, and...
1.6 MB 570

OpenOffice Impress Password Recovery 1.0.6

OpenOffice Impress Password Recovery provides you with a friendly interface to recover OpenOffice Impress passwords and remove document ReadOnly protection. A powerful combination of proven recovery methods ensures successful recovery results in most cases. OpenOffice Impress Password Recovery provides anyone, regardless of their knowledge of...
1.5 MB 382

Easy OpenstreetMap Downloader 6.0

Easy OpenstreetMap Downloader is a tool that can automatically download the OpenstreetMap images to your PC. It can download the small tiles and save them to your hard disk, including the normal, transport and cycle layers. After downloading, you can view the maps offline by its tool Maps Viewer, or you can combine the small images into one big map image....
1.2 MB 329

Intelore OpenOffice Math Password Recovery 1.0

OpenOffice Math Password Recovery will stretch its helping hand to all forgetful users of OpenOffice Math who first set a complicated, lengthy password and then discover that they are unable to recall it. In such cases, the program is a godsend because it'll recover any lost password and remove document read-only protection with ease. In recovering, it...
1.5 MB 174

Open++ 1.5.1

It adds a submenu with customized menu items to the shell context menu when you right click a file or folder icon, or a folder background in Windows Explorer. Open++ submenu is similar to the standard "Send To" menu but is much more advanced, since it allows you to customize the Title, Program, Arguments, Working Directory, Icon, Associated File Types for...
102.4 K 515

OpenDS 2.3.0

OpenDS is an open source community project building a free and comprehensive next generation directory service based on LDAP and DSML. OpenDS is designed to address large deployments, to provide high performance, to be highly extensible, and to be easy to deploy, manage and monitor.
16.7 MB 630

OpenIt 2.64

Attention, brainiacs of the world! Finally there is a logic game that is worth the challenge. Now, I know you all say that you are smart, finished at the top of your class, got the scholarship, but can you prove that you are OpenIt smart? It is a good old plot - man versus machine, who is going to come out on top? The rules are quite simple. There are...
1.31 MB 562

OpenLP 2.1.3 Beta 3

Experience the power of open source in your church with worship presentation software designed to fit how you want to run your service. Fast, flexible and easy to use, you will have your service up and running in a few minutes. These features and a whole lot more at a price that can't be beat.
37.6 MB 155

OpenCV 3.0 Beta

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library. OpenCV was built to provide a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and to accelerate the use of machine perception in the commercial products. Being a BSD-licensed product, OpenCV makes it easy for businesses to utilize and...
380 MB 164

OpenRA 20150118

Include recreations of C&C (Tiberian Dawn), C&C: Red Alert, and Dune 2000. These are not intended to be perfect copies, but instead combine the classic gameplay of the originals with modern improvements such as unit veterancy and the fog of war. The most visible change in this release is the redesigned in-game UI: - The RA mod has...
9.5 MB 68

OpENer 1.1.0 Beta

EtherNet/IP(TM) stack for I/O adapter devices; supports multiple I/O and explicit connections; includes objects and services to make EtherNet/IP-compliant products defined in THE ETHERNET/IP SPECIFICATION and published by ODVA.
614.4 K 223

OpenTTD 1.4.3 RC2

OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon the popular Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features. Features: - bigger maps (up to 64 times in size) - stable multiplayer mode for up to 255 players in 15...
7.1 MB 3,401

OpenEFB 0.1.0 Alpha

OpenEFB is a software which provides the functunality of a real electronic flight bag for flight simulation. It is planned to provide interfaces for FS2004, FSX and X-Plane.
5.8 MB 135

OpenMBV 3.1.0

A visualisation tool, specially for three dimensional multi body simulations.
30.2 MB 177

OpenOpt 0.51

Numerical optimization problems occur almost everywhere - in physics, economics, chemistry, biology etc. For example: * planes, helicopters, vehicles fuel consumption minimizing * shop profits maximizing * seedlings of crops growth (in greenhouses) maximizing * gaskets ways communications minimizing (auto and transportation industries,...
307.2 K 445

OpenGLM 1.2.158

OpenGLM is an eclipse-based rich-client application allowing the graphical design of IMS Learning Design compliant learning and teaching flows by encapsulating the complexity of the IMS LD specification in a coherent user interface. OpenGLM accesses.
38.4 MB 607

OpenDCL Development

OpenDCL is for AutoLISP programmers who want to replace AutoCAD's limited DCL (Dialog Control Language) user interface language with a rich set of modern Windows user interface elements.
9.8 MB 717

OpenCFU 3.9.0

OpenCFU is a completely open source lightweight application designed to enumerate clustered circular objects such as bacterial colonies. It can handle digital pictures as well as live stream from a video device/webcam. OpenCFU is cross-platform, fast, reliable and allows the user to implement intuitive filters.
17.3 MB 77

OpenCDT Alpha

The vision of openCDT is to provide a framework for conceptual aircraft design that enables the integration of design data and functionality from existing software tools, that supports the collaboration between discipline teams and that is flexible enough to be adapted for designing unconventional aircraft concepts.
102.4 K 55

OpenCCM 0.9.0

The first public available and open source implementation of the CORBA Component Model (CCM) specification defined by the Object Management Group (OMG). The CORBA Component Model (CCM) is the first vendor neutral open standard for Distributed Component Computing supporting various programming languages, operating systems, networks, CORBA products...
51.8 MB 214


OpenMPT is being developed since 1997 (initially named ModPlug Tracker) and has grown a lot since then. It can be used as a "classic" sample-based tracker to edit and play your favourite tracked music, but also as a modern DAW with plugin support and other great features. Here, you can find some of the key features of the...
3.7 MB 53

OpenBLT 1.01.00

With OpenBLT you can make software updates through an on-chip communication interface (UART, CAN, USB etc.), without the need of specialized debugger hardware. Features: - Includes user-friendly PC download utility - Full source code available - Supports common available communication interfaces such as UART, CAN and USB -...
27 MB 120

OpenCTF 1.4.3

OpenCTF is a test framework add-on for Embarcadero Delphi® which performs automatic checks of all components in Forms (or DataModules). It provides an easy way to build automatic quality checks for large projects where many components have to pass repeated tests. Adding OpenCTF tests to a DUnit test suite requires only a few lines of...
716.8 K 86

OpenDCP 0.28.1

OpenDCP is an open source program to create digital cinema packages (DCP) for use in digital cinema. Features * JPEG2000 encoding from 8/12/16-bit TIFF/DPX RGB/YUV/YCbCr images * Supports all major frame rates (24,25,30,48,50,60) * Cinema 2K and 4K * MPEG2 MXF * XYZ color space conversion * MXF file creation * SMPTE...
16.8 MB 639

OpenCPN 4.0.0

A concise ChartPlotter/Navigator. A cross-platform ship-borne GUI application supporting. GPS/GPDS Position Input. BSB Raster Chart Display. S57 Vector ENChart Display. AIS Input Decoding. Waypoint Autopilot Navigation
27.5 MB 22

OpenOPC 1.2.0

OpenOPC for Python is a free, open source OPC (OLE for Process Control) toolkit designed for use with the popular Python programming language. The unique features that set it apart from the many commercially available OPC toolkits include. Easy to use Because the OpenOPC library implements a minimal number of Python functions which may be...
9.6 MB 138

OpenSong 2.1.1

OpenSong is a free, open-source software application created to manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets, overheads, computer projection, and more. Features Chord/Lyric Sheets * Automatically transpose chords to any key * Print sheets with regular chords and capo-ed chords together * Customize any font face, size,...
9.1 MB 293

OpenJUMP 1.3.1

OpenJUMP is an open source Geographic Information System (GIS) written in the Java programming language. It is developed and maintained by a group of volunteers from around the globe. OpenJUMP started as JUMP GIS designed by Vivid Solutions. The current version can read and write shapefiles and simple GML files. It has limited support for the...
14 MB 1,575


openIPSW is a front-end for retrieving official Apple iDevice Software (IPSW) files. All information is pulled from a database (included) which must first be imported. Once the database is set up, you will need to add your server information to the source.
1.9 MB 585

OpenFAST 1.1.1

OpenFAST is an open source implementation of the FAST protocol written in Java.
3.8 MB 134

OpenMCDF 1.4.1

OpenMCDF is a 100% .net / C# implementation of the Microsoft Compound Document File Format for OLE structured storage. It supports read/write operations, manipulation of streams and storages and traversal of structures tree. Features: * COM Structured Storage for your .NET applications * Read / Write OLE compound files in .NET...
204.8 K 291

OpenXava 5.1.1

OpenXava is an AJAX Java Framework for Rapid Development of Enterprise Web Applications. In OpenXava you only have to write the domain classes in plain Java to get a web application ready for production.
74.6 MB 257

OpenProg 0.7.3

An open source USB programmer for PIC micros, I2C-SPI-MicroWire EEPROMs, some ATMEL micros, generic I2C/SPI devices and (soon) other devices. Quick facts * Completely free and Open Source (including firmware) * Programs PIC10-12-16-18-24, 24xxxx I2C EEPROMs, 25xxx SPI EEPROMs, 93XX6 MicroWire EEPROMs, some ATMEL micros,...
307.2 K 398

OpenDict 0.6.5 Beta

OpenDict is an application designed to be a multi-platform computer dictionary.
204.8 K 43

OpenWire 5.0.2

OpenWire is a free open source library. The library allows writing advanced VCL and FireMonkey components for rapid codeless application development. The components developed with the library allow creation of complex applications with zero lines of program code.
19.2 MB 216

OpenRAVE 0.8.0 Revision 3624

An open-source, cross-platform, plugin-based robot planning environment for autonomous robotics. Includes services like collision detection, physics, (inverse) kinematics, sensors, robot controls, python bindings, and a network scripting environment.
18.9 MB 309

OpenPuff 4.00

OpenPuff is a professional steganography tool: * HW seeded random number generator (CSPRNG) * Deniable steganography * Carrier chains (up to 256Mb of hidden data) * Carrier bits selection level * Modern multi-cryptography (16 algorithms) * Multi-layered data obfuscation (3 passwords) * X-squared steganalysis...
5.2 MB 302

OpenNERO 2011.12.14

OpenNERO is a general research and education platform for artificial intelligence. The platform is based on a simulation and graphical display of a 3-D physical world that includes multiple agents with embedded sensors and effectors and multiple objects. The software also includes tools for defining and manipulating the environment, the task, and the agent...
16.4 MB 181

OpenProj 1.4

OpenProj is a free, open source project management solution. OpenProj is a replacement of Microsoft Project and other commercial project solutions. The OpenProj solution has been download more than 1,250,000 times in the few months since launch and is being used in over 142 countries. A free download of OpenProj is Click to enlarge in a new windowavailable...
6.5 MB 298

OpenPFGW 3.7.7 Build 20130722

OpenPFGW is software that is designed to perform PRP and primality tests on numbers of specific forms. This software currently run on any x86 hardware with the support of George Woltman's gwnum library, the same library behind GIMPS and Prime95.
19.1 MB 163

openSMILE 1.0.1

The openSMILE feature extration tool enables you to extract large audio feature spaces in realtime. It combines features from Music Information Retrieval and Speech Processing. SMILE is an acronym for Speech & Music Interpretation by Large-space Extraction. It is written in C++ and is available as both a standalone commandline executable as well as a...
17.1 MB 174

Open GAPP 1.2.1 Build 130107

OGapp is a slim sized and fast program to manage your textual notes. Notes are organized in pages and it is possible to setup a main password to get the access to the notes. When the notes are password protected the .ogp file in which the notes are stored will be encrypted. OGapp is cross platform and is available for Windows, Linux and (maybe in the...
102.4 K 115

OpenChrom 0.9.0 Prev

OpenChrom is an open source software for chromatography and mass spectrometry based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). Its focus is to handle mass spectrometry systems (e.g. GC/MS, LC/MS, Py-GC/MS, HPLC-MS) data files natively. OpenChrom is able to import binary and textual chromatographic data files, such as *.D chromatograms from Agilent...
78.7 MB 54

OpenSCADA 1.0.0

openSCADA is an open source Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System. It is platform independent and based on a modern system design that provides security and flexibility at the same time. openSCADA is flexible. It is not an out of the box solution, but a set of tools that can be combined in many different ways. It provides development...
62 MB 533

OpenComet 1.3

OpenComet is an program that analyzes comet assay measurement images. It is fully automated and capable of batch processing a large number of images. OpenComet is deployed as an ImageJ plugin.
102.4 K 17

OpenSwing 2.4.2

OpenSwing is an open-source suite of advanced graphics components based on Swing toolkit: these components are more sophisticated of those provided with Swing and can be manipolated directly inside the UI designer of the IDE. It is also a framework that provides data binding mechanism between components and data model, based on the MVC paradigm....
35.1 MB 416

OpenItsMe 3.5.0

OpenItsMe is a social networking software that lets you chat, share files with your friends, download files from them, play music on their computer, view their photos and watch their videos. Try it now. Features Chat with people Share files with friends Download files from friend's computer Browse for files your friend...
4.8 MB 349

openLISEM 1.85 Beta

openLISEM is a spatial hydrological model that simulates runoff, sediment dynamics and shallow floods in rural and urban catchments. It is an event based model, that can be used for catchments from 1 ha to several 100 km2. The model is designed to simulate the effects of detailed land use changes or conservation measures during heavy rainstorms. It is a...
102.4 K 135

OpenClonk 5.1

OpenClonk is a free multiplayer action game in which you control clonks, small but witty and nimble humanoid beings. The game is mainly about mining, settling and fast-paced melees. OpenClonk is not just a game but also a versatile 2D game engine that allows the creation of mods. It is the successor of the shareware game series Clonk and thus...
102.4 K 51

OpenChords 1.2.6

OpenChords is a guitar chord database manager. It allows the user to present songs with guitar chords to a computer screen, so printing pages and pages of guitar chords is a thing of the past. Its opensource, easy to use, clean, and has a clutter-free interface.
307.2 K 99
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