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Racer 0.9.0 RC8

Racer is a free car simulator project (for non-commercial use), using high-end car physics to achieve a realistic feeling and an excellent render engine for graphical realism. Cars, tracks and such can be created relatively easy (compared to other, more closed driving simulations). The 3D files, physics and other Racer-specific file formats are documented....
72.1 MB 1,002

Dragon 1.00

The main character of this game is a young knight who has no ambition of becoming a hero. That is why he is far from being keen on taking on a five-headed dragon in order to win back royal treasure and free an abducted princess. A little entertaining game with detailed hand-crafted graphics for all lovers of fairy tales. Whether it will have a happyend like...
1.2 MB 449

DragonRAD 5.0.7970

DragonRAD is a cross-platform mobile application development tool for building, deploying, managing, and securing mobile enterprise applications. DragonRAD greatly simplifies the Design, Deployment, Maintenance, and Administration of database-driven mobile applications. DragonRAD Features: * Cross-Platform Your app needs to run...
79.2 MB 172

Dragon Boy 1.0

Your objective is to raise a dragon egg so it can grow and aid you in battle. It?s a fun RPG game? To feed your dragon, you must toggle the arrows in the inventory and drag the food towards it. When it reaches a certain amount of HP, the dragon will evolve several times. Remember, you can wield 2 weapons at once, not just a sword and shield.
5.9 MB 95


Dragonframe is the next generation of image capture software for stop motion animation. New features include a visual timeline editor, integrated lip-sync, advanced DMX lighting, motion control and much more. Animate your Way You may feel most comfortable animating with onionskin—blending your live view over the previously shot frame. Or...
23.1 MB 193

Dragon Quest 1.0

A dragon stole your horse! Complete the different levels to find it. So easy you don't really have to think at all and it's just going through the motions. Use the arrow keys to move, C and X to jump and attack.
4.2 MB 97

Dragon Jumper 1.63

Each level you play a little Dragon who lives in a magic lake. The lake is dangerous, but our little fellow loves fruits and diamonds. He loves them so much that even the most dangerous place in the world can not scary our fellow away. He is good in jumping and whenever Dragon sees a sparkling thing somewhere in the lake he immediately starts jumping from...
819.2 K 658

Dragon Spheres 1.0

Defeat the family of fire breathing enemy dragons while breaking through spheres breakout style. Dragons are in control of the universe and it is up to you to beat them through 50 colorful levels by capturing bones, catching bonuses and destroying the leaders. Several powerups will help you like multiball, breakthru ball, sticky paddle and paddle guns. ...
4.9 MB 427

Dragons Prophet 1

At Auratia’s creation, numerous powerful elemental forces collided and combined violently in the darkness, finally converging to give birth to the mightiest beings and the symbol of Auratia. Out of utter chaos, the Dragons were born unto this world. However, they were dissatisfied with this barren and desolate world they had emerged into, so they decided...
102.4 K 8

Dragon Hatchery 1.0

Dragon Hatchery is a cute new match 3 and time managment game that gives you the chance to raise baby dragons! I?ve been looking for a dragon raising game, so I was excited to see this game released. You match dragon eggs to help hatch them, and then you raise them in time managment style, caring for them in the dragon nursery. It?s a really cute concept,...
23 MB 346

Dragon UnPACKer 5.7.0 Beta

This program allow you to open the game resource files in an explorer-like interface then extract the content at will. This tool searches for known patterns in unknown file formats. This allows to extract texture, sounds, music and more from unknown file formats!
3 MB 2,674

Dragon Keeper 2 1.0

The evil witch is back and causing trouble in this exciting Time Management game! The Prince has been turned into a goldfish by the evil witch and the Princess has to save her beloved husband. Enlist help from the magical dragons to break the spell on the Prince. Breed dragons, hire a variety of magical creatures and learn how to cast dragon spells in...
77.9 MB 84

Dragon's Prophet 2.0.1385

Dragon's Prophet is an online role-playing game which features all virtues of a classic MMORPG and "evolutionizes" them. Players will experience immense dragon features and an epic story in a modern fantasy world, including next-gen elements such as action-based combat, deep character development and the extensive cross-server Frontier PvP system.
19.4 MB 64

Racers vs Police 1.0

3D racing game.Become a cool street racer and conquer the metropolis or join the police to defuse a dangerous riding on the night city streets.
54.5 MB 515

DRAGSENS (English) 2.00

DRAGSENS Geo Software is used for the exact position estimation of a towed body, sensor, camera, array or net, dragged behind a ship, aircraft or vehicle. The software allows a real-time estimation of the position of a dragged sensor based on the location of a GPS-receiver. The sensor thereby can be dragged underwater, at water or earth surface or by...
1.6 MB 317

Dragon Age Journeys 1.62

Your task in this awesome tactical RPG game is to venture into the Deep Roads, to defeat the forces that threaten Orzammar. You start out by making a character, choosing your appearance, sex, race, name, and class. The game autosaves after events and every battle, letting you resume play instantly whenever you like.
18.5 MB 149

DragDropLineCounter 1.0.5

DragDropLineCounter is a simple utility for Windows that counts the number of lines in the files that are dragged onto it.
102.4 K 255

Dragon Game Premium 3.1

There were times when dragons ruled the World. Those were times when a trifle of people coexisted peacefully with dragons. However, people had started to gather in tribes, to be lead by chiefs, thus posing a threat to dragons. Now power and strengths of one dragon wasn't enough to defeat one tribe. Very often when a tribe attacked a dragon, they came out...
5.2 MB 931

V3 Internet Security

V3 IS 8.0 provides functions for data security by restricting access to system resources. It also helps to prevent unwanted programs or malicious security threats installed in your system by configuring more advanced protection settings. The basic concepts of V3 IS 8.0 are: Easy: Aims at easy program configuration and features for...
67.1 MB 341

RaceRender Video Processor 3.1.3

Powerful Features Made Easy - Quickly create amazing videos with custom data overlays, GPS telemetry, multiple camera picture-in-picture, logo overlays, and more. Impress your fans with high-tech video of you in action! Your Video + Your Data - Use the cameras and data equipment that you already have! Works with GoPro, Sony ActionCam, Garmin VIRB,...
10.1 MB 1,345

Dragon City 3D Screensaver 1.0

The city was nice and peaceful... and then the dragons came! Fly with real 3D dragons through a devastated 3D city as they breathe fire, weave between skyscrapers, and wreak havoc! Features Include: * Beautifully Detailed Dragons! Forget dragon training, these guys are all about looking good as they cruise around the city! They even...
7.7 MB 600

DragonDisk Client For Amazon S3 1.05

DragonDisk is a file manager for the Amazon S3 Service. DragonDisk will back up, share and organize your data thanks to an intuitive interface. Its functions and conviviality will persuade you from the start, whether you are an amateur or a professional user. Features include folder multiple windows; create, browse, and delete S3 buckets; copy and...
9.2 MB 672

RaceRecover Media Recovery Tool 1.0

RaceRecover is a simple and effective tool to recover erased or lost media files from your digital camera memory cards, thumb drives, and many other removable storage devices. It bypasses the file system and directly scans the drive to extract JPEG pictures or certain popular video types. Advanced users can also configure it for use with other file types,...
1.6 MB 232

Dragonfly File Sorter (formerly Peacock Sorter)

Automatically Sort Your Files Sleek, intuitively designed and extremely powerful. Dragonfly File Sorter will automatically organise your files according to your rules. Schedule Sorts When You'd Like Schedule your sorts to detect new files automatically, or sort for you on a regular cleanup. It's like having a personal cleaner! Only...
1.8 MB 255

Tracer 1

A truetype font that will allow you to give a new look to all of your documents.
102.4 K 346

TraceRouteOK 1.13

Traceroute track the path that your data travels over the WWW, internet, or the local network. There are many programs of this type, but this is optimized for fast list of data track and quick query of the data route.
102.4 K 73

PTracer 2.4

PTracer is a ActiveX Library for raster to vector conversion in automatic mode
504 K 316

A Dragons Tale 1.0

A dragon egg is left at the cows' home. The cows don't know what it is until the little dragon is born. Then all cows are scared oft and want to throw it away. But only the mother cow insists on keeping it. Then what happens next? What is the little dragon,s destiny? Click on the different places between the two pictures. Finish each level to explore the...
3.9 MB 190

AMV3 Video Codec 3.00h

What's AMV2MT/AMV3 video codec? AMV2MT/AMV3 video codec is high speed processing lossless and lossy codec for windows. Optimized Intel(R) and AMD(R) processor. Support color fomat by "RGB24", "YUY2", "YV12".
716.8 K 2,018

Priv3 0.1

Did you know that social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter can track your visits to any web page that uses the familiar "Like", "Follow", or "+1" buttons, even if you do not actually click these buttons? The Priv3 Firefox extension lets you remain logged in to the social networking sites you use and still browse the web,...
102.4 K 287

AltDrag 1.0

AltDrag gives you the ability to move and resize your windows in a new way. After you have started AltDrag, you can simply hold down the Alt key and then click and drag any window. Besides just moving windows, you can resize, maximize and close them too. AltDrag simply allows you to do more with less mouse movements. This behavior already exists in...
102.4 K 172

Pendragon 0.3

It's a program written in java to collect all yours CD/DVDs. Features: * You can create or delete tags. * Every tag has its own picture and description field. * Each CD/DVD can be assign to sevral tags (or none). * Disk entry has its own description field * Simple search engine * You can use...
9.2 MB 251


SysTracer is a system utility tool that can scan and analyze your computer to find changed (added, modified or deleted) data into registry and files. SysTracer can scan your system and record information about: * changed files and folders * modified registry entries * installed programs * system services ...
1.4 MB 704


BootRacer is testing your Microsoft Windows boot speed. Speed up your MS Windows system boot time using BootRacer and compare the boot rating results. If your are not satisfied with your rating, your option is to speed up your MS Windows startup time. BootRacer is suitable for everyday use and it matches even with the need of the novice users. BootRacer is...
4.5 MB 1,365

3d Traceroute

* 3d traceroute display: multiple graphics modification options * statistics window: min, max, average, standard deviation and history window with destination ping time * as list: the usual data view with lots of features * long period Ping and HTTP monitor * Whois query: everything with only one click *...
2.2 MB 472

SysTracer Pro 2.4

SysTracer Pro is a system utility tool that can analyze your computer for modified files, folders, registry entries, startup applications, windows services and drivers. Each scan of SysTracer Pro generates an overview image of your system, image that we call snapshot. Information related to your files, folders, registry entries, startup...
1.3 MB 408

StopDragon Pop-Up Blocker 1.0

Highly affordable and highly effective pop-up blocking software for internet explorer! StopDragon Pop-up blocker's advanced software monitors all open IE windows for popups. Unique "Setup Mode" notifies you whenever a site tries to send a popup, and lets you block it or allow it with the click of a button. Once you turn off...
2.69 MB 238

Accuracer Database System 4.03

Accuracer is a compact, embedded, single-file, multi-user (file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement database with SQL support based on a new original BDE alternative database engine that supports the almost all TTable, TQuery, TDatabase, TSession, TBatchMove functions and provides some special ones to give you wide functionality and...
3.55 MB 295

ITDEV32 WebSnapshot ActiveX Control 2.09

ITDEVE32 WebSnapshot ActiveX Control takes the snapshots of given URLs as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, WMF and EMF image, it helps you convert the web page to images in batch, capture full length website screenshots, generate thumbnail image previews of web pages. Now, you can add "HTML to image", "HTML to PNG", "HTML to JPG" feature to your application...
716.8 K 141


QuickDrag is a Firefox/SeaMonkey extension that extends the function of the drag-and-drop mouse gesture so that it can be used to load URLs, do a web search of selected text on a page, or save an image on a page-all with a simple drag-and-drop. QuickDrag was inspired by the defunct Super DragAndGo extension. How do I use...
102.4 K 483

Fractracer 1.3

Fractracer uses powerful script language for defining 3D shapes, scenes, and GUI elements, but can be used as 3D modeling tool without any knowledge of programming. Any created object can be exported as 3D triangle mesh to use in other modeling software.
3.6 MB 313

AbleTracer 7.34.14

If you want to edit a raster file in your CAD program, you first have to convert it to a vector file. AbleTracer does just that, transforming scanned paper drawings into a vector format. It looks like a typical graphics program, with toolbars and floating palettes, you can edit raster image, vectorize it and edit the vector drawing. AbleTracer also offers...
2.4 MB 263

The Tracer 2012.7 - Build 3-58

Traceroute is useful for displaying the route (path) and measuring transit delays of packets across the Internet. "The Tracer" shows different diagnostic information about the single hops and their geografical locations. Whois is used for querying the databases that store the registered users or assignees of a domain name or an IP address. The port...
512 K 199

TaskTracer 3.0 Beta

Time tracking and project management in your pocket. its a simple but effective way to track time and split up big problems in smaller tasks.
1.5 MB 89

FlexTracer 2.14.4

FlexTracer is a powerful DLL and SQL tracer which enables you to trace SQL statements in various RDBMS, file and registry access functions are supported as well. FlexTracer creates history log containing all invoked calls, their parameters, results and execution time. SQL tracer FlexTracer supports many RDBMS such as Oracle (OCI),...
819.2 K 1,381

Heli Racer 2.4

This game is a simple 3-D Helicopter Simulator. Each helicopter is equipped with two engines - the main rotor (for lift) and horizontal rotor (for acceleration and steering). The task is simple - to fly around and shoot down enemy helicopters before they do the same to you. You must manage to do everything at once, keep the helicopter aloft while fighting...
5.2 MB 186

Photo Drag 5.0

Import images from browsers /Finder(Mac)/ Explorer(Win) only by Drag & Drop
716.8 K 94

Space Racer 1.0

Space Racer is unique in the fact that you have very little control over your speed and once you get going, the only way to turn around is to fly into a block or object. Your only goal is to reach the finish line as fast as you can (Simple yet very hard to master). This is the ultimate game of speed, time, reflexes and bouncing balls. It gives you...
19.5 MB 864

MagicTracer 2.0.012

MagicTracer is a raster to vector converter for Windows. With over 100 customizable functions, MagicTracer works as your all-purpose tool for raster to vector converting. It even comes complete with a simple interface and real-time previews that allow you to see how a custom setting will affect your project. View the videos to see some...
102.4 K 53

Swarm Racer 2.0

What do you get if you cross a hive of pixelated bees with a remote controlled car and put them in a plasmatronic dream? Who knows. While you're thinking about it, why not play Swarm Racer? It's a different type of racing game. Instead of controlling a single vehicle, take control of a whole swarm of bees and fly around the track while strategically...
748 K 433
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