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DVD to AVI Window Mobile Sound Recorder 2.0

DVD to AVI Window Mobile Sound Recorder is an easy-to-use application which could auto record phone calls and sound on Windows Mobile Pocket PC. It also could play the record file so that you could check if you record successfully. It support record calls and sounds to mp3 and wav audio file. Support auto record outgoing and incoming phone calls. Support...
102.4 K 216

Sky DVD-Audio CD WAVE to MPC Recorder 1.1.23

Sky DVD-Audio CD WAVE to MPC Recorder is a perfect audio editor tool for your music production that supports many popular audio formats. Sky DVD-Audio CD WAVE to MPC Recorder provides cool and easy-to-use interface that allow you to edit an audio file visually (Cut, Copy, Delete Select, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File); apply...
3.33 MB 261

Happiness CD Audio DVD-Audio to WAV Recorder 1.0.94

Happiness CD Audio DVD-Audio to WAV Recorder - You need to convert your audio files to Mp3, Wma and Wave format, but you have tired to start audio conversion utility every time? Try to use our Newlive All Audio To Mp3 Converter. It supports the following format: Wave, Wma and Mp3. Convert Wav to Mp3 music format. Convert Wma to Mp3 music format. Convert Mp3...
819.2 K 297

DVDPe 2.3

DVDPe is best DVD ripper software that provides you a fast and easy way to convert your favorite DVD movies and ifo file to hard drive and portable device such as iPod, PSP, Zune, Cell Phone, PDA in most popular formats, take up much lesser room while keep DVD high quality, you can watch your DVD everywhere no need to take DVD disc any more. You have full...
102.4 K 50

DVD43 4.6.0

DVD43 is a free DVD decryption utility that runs in the background and decrypts DVDs. This site will help you find sites that host DVD43 so you don't have to pay money for a decrypter. This website does not host the DVD43 setup file and is not affiliated with the authors of DVD43. WHAT DOES IT DO?: DVD43 will decrypt (unlock) a movie DVD so that...
512 K 103,334

DVDAux 1.0.0

DVDAux, as an all-in-one dvd ripper and dvd copy software, users can load files like DVD disc, DVD folder, DVD media, ISO File, IFO file, even with DVD copy protections. DVDAux also enables you to rip DVD to a lot of popular formats ,including MP4, rip DVD to WMV, rip DVD to AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG, 3GP,etc and extract audio from DVD to MP3, AAC. ...
11.5 MB 139

DVDZip 4.0

DVDZip is an excellent simple and extremely fast software solution for converting DVD, or IFO, VOB file. DVDZip can convert all of your DVD movie collections. Without special setting, just 3 mouse-clicks, DVDzip copies movies to create unparalleled picture quality.without warning & watermark as original disc, the copied video works well with most popular...
2 MB 2,748

DVD2one 2.4.1

With DVD2one you can make a movie-only or full disk copy of your DVD for personal use on a single DVD-Recordable. Features: - Unique video compression engine: combines blazing speed with the highest quality. - Multi-processor, multi-core and multi-computer (grid) compatible. - Process a movie to fit on a single recordable in a...
614.4 K 233


dvdCover is a freeware application for printing covers of either CD's or DVD's. dvdCover makes it possible to AutoScale and AutoCrop the covers for printing purposes. The goal of this application is to simplify the printing of dvdcovers.
307.2 K 490


DVDCLONE has an advanced, yet simple to use movie clone engine which can copy any DVD movie on the market. Video quality of copied discs is perfect, since there's no recompression or altering of the VOB files from the original disc. Ease of use, setup, and configuration: When we developing the software, we tried out best to provide our...
2.6 MB 4,147

dvdSanta 4.50

DVD Santa is an All-in-One software that lets you copy, create, convert and burn your DVD movies. It can copy 9GB double layer DVD movies into a 4.7GB DVD-R disc, can turn your photos into DVD movies with Hollywood style motion effects, can convert other video formats(avi, wmv, vob, asf, DivX, Mpeg,...) into DVD video, can transfer miniDV camcorder tapes...
2.2 MB 3,768

DVD2x264 1.3.268 Beta

DVD2x264 is a simple DVD ripper which uses HandBrake. It can mux multiple audio and subtitle tracks to mkv or mp4 container. Many filters such as deinterlacing are available. You can create/save/load queues. Features * Rip DVDs to x264 * Encode or copy audio streams * Copy subtitle tracks to output * MKV or MP4...
102.4 K 103

DVD Span 1.07

DVD Span can automatically determine the best organization of each disk in order to fit the maximum amount of data on the minimum number of disks. DVDSpan is a great tool for backing up your music collection, photos, or even your entire hard disk to DVDs. And because it produces regular DVDs (or CDs), no special software is required to read or restore your...
5 MB 525

DVDCloner 9.60 Build 1113

DVD-Cloner is the latest version of the world's most reliable DVD/Blu-ray copying software. It features new cutting-edge functionality that makes DVD/Blu-ray copying simple. This easy-to-use yet powerful burning software, gives you the freedom to make perfect 1:1 DVD copy, movie only copy and customized copy, whatever you want. The ERT technology is...
10.7 MB 1,765

DVD Ghost

DVD Ghost is a very useful DVD decrpyter software to make your DVD player software and DVD copy / backup softwares restriction-free, and copy/backup DVD to hard disk. DVD Ghost - Decrypt any DVD and enable you to Watch & Copy any region code CSS-encrypted DVD movies. DVD Ghost is a very useful DVD decrypter software to make your DVD player...
1.4 MB 559

DVD Flick

DVD Flick aims to be a simple but at the same time powerful DVD Authoring tool. It can take a number of video files stored on your computer and turn them into a DVD that will play back on your DVD player, Media Center or Home Cinema Set. You can add additional custom audio tracks, subtitles as well as a menu for easier navigation. Features ...
12.4 MB 7,900

DVD Knife 4.0

DVD Knife is a simple tool for extracting DVD clips from your DVD.The extracted clips will be stored in DVD format only .This is the simplest and fastest tool in its category which has ability to extract long DVD clips in seconds.
1.6 MB 2,985


DVD XCopy Pro is a DVD to DVD copying software. If you need a DVD software that is easy to use, easy to install, has all the DVD copying functions in one place, and will produce an excellent quality DVD copy to a single DVD disc, DVD XCopy Pro is the product for you. With the help of the latest technology, DVD XCopy Pro lets you back up your entire...
3.1 MB 7,820

DVD Swarm

Features * Video Input: MPEG-2, Output: H.264 * Audio Input: 2 or 6 channel AAC/AC3/DTS/Vorbis/WAV, Output: 2 channel AAC/Vorbis, 6 channel AC3/DTS * Container: Matroska/MP4 * Batch jobs that can trim to a specific timecode range. * DVD demuxing (unencrypted discs only!) * Auto processing of video to...
9.3 MB 291

DVD Album 1.2

The DVD Album utility allows you to import several DVD .mpg video files created by MySlideShow's Tools | Video menu, create a menu (with additional text boxes and background music track) and burn a DVD video disc or save DVD disc files to the hard drive. The utility is free.
3.4 MB 575

DVD Chief 2.15

Catalogue your movie collection in no time! DVD Chief can automatically recognize movies when you insert a DVD or Blu-Ray disk or ISO image, automatically filling in all the necessary detail by connecting to an Internet database. You can enter your movie titles – or simply keep inserting the discs one after another for DVD Chief to fill in your movie...
42 MB 315

DVDCover+ 2.0

DVDCover+ lets the user load cover art and print it to standard-size or user-defined specifications. This is one easy way for the users to create their covers with this totally FREE software. The most used predefined templates for most DVD/CD sizes available.The cover creation is a simple 2 step process for the simpliest covers. DVDCover+ was created with...
1 MB 686

DVD Maker 1.0.2

iOrgsoft DVD Maker is powerful enough to backup and trim MP4, AVI, HDV, WMV, MOV, FLV, MOV, AVCHD etc videos to DVD, and get the ISO files with a superb quality. * Generate the ISO files on the native or burn a PAL/NTSC DVD * Backup almost all the videos to DVD on Windows 7/XP/Vista * Add background picture or music to the DVD...
81.7 MB 427


Copy DVD to DVD and backup DVDs in 1 click with no quality loss. Features: Rip DVDs * Copy DVD to DVD * Multiple audio + subtitles tracks supported * Video player integrated for easy audio and subtitle track selection * Supports ISO images as input files * Import original chapters or create your own * Rip DVD...
102.4 K 171

DVDBuilder 4.3 b90

DVDBuilder was designed to convert your mpeg file to DVD. You can use this software to create DVD from your digital video recorder, Webcam, or downloaded file. DVDBuilder is a powerful, splendid and simple to use app. It comes complete with numerous customizable video/audio controls that can deliver the highest quality viewing and listening...
6.3 MB 690

DVD-Cloner 2015 12.20

DVD-Cloner is the 12th generation of DVD copy tools with wizard options and great quality developed by OpenCloner Inc. The creative OCT supports for copying your newest DVD movies. The freshly designed interface alllow you to copy DVD movies more easily and colorfully. DVD-Cloner allows you to copy secured DVDs to a empty DVD disc or back up the DVD movie...
14 MB 2,558

DVD Dumper 2.0

DVD Dumper is a easy-to-use software tool that helps you to create normal video program from your favorite DVD discs. You can then play them in your computer anytime without DVD discs!. With DVD Dumper, you may easily divide one VOB file into several smaller VOB files of whatever size you specify. it can also extract AC3 stream and save it, you can preview...
1.79 MB 869

DVDINFOPro 7.200

DVDINFOPro is a DVD information program written in Visual Studio V2010 C++ for Windows XPSP2, Vista, Windows 7 and later. This program provides information & tools for: * Blu-ray and HD-DVD * DVD-R/RW * DVD+R/RW burners * DVD-R DL (Double Layer) burners * DVD+R DL (Double Layer) burners * DVD-ROM...
8.7 MB 1,713

DVD Ripper 4.3.9

DVD Ripper is a powerful, easiest and fastest DVD ripper application for converting DVDs to all most video format movie and video or audio with excellent output quality. It can convert DVD to iPod video, PSP video, ZUNE video,iPhone video, Apple TV video, Mobile video, PC mpeg4 video and so on. You can enjoy your favorite DVD on your iPod, PSP, Mobile or...
5.9 MB 3,819

DVDZip Pro 3.1

DVDZip Pro combines the convenience of DVDZip with the power of DVDZip Lite. Feature: * Suited for both veterans and beginners: If you are a veteran, you will find there are so many options you can set, if it's the first time you rip DVDs, you don't have to consider these options, just use default settings and rip DVDs in a...
2.7 MB 573


Since the advent of DVD, it brings up the brand-new enjoyment of movie entertainment. In response to RegionCode restriction that prevent people to copy their favorite DVD, many softwares of dvd decoding and dvdhack were developed. You can make use of DVD copy software to copy DVD which rip and decode by dvd ripper and dvd decoder, but sometimes the quality...
819.2 K 142

DVD Cloner 3.30

DVD-Cloner III - DVD copy backup restore dvd software | A super easy and power ripper software to copy dvd movies with dvd burner!Backup your DVD movie to DVD+(-)R/RW easily.Support most of popular DVD+(-) R/RW burners.With this software,you can get your DVD backup in 2 hours. Backup your DVD movie to DVD+(-)R/RW easily. Support most of popular...
3.33 MB 1,184

dvdisaster 0.72

After that time, data loss develops slowly with read errors growing from the outer media region towards the inside. Archival with data loss protection dvdisaster stores data on CD/DVD/BD (supported media) in a way that it is fully recoverable even after some read errors have developed. This enables you to rescue the complete data to a new...
5.8 MB 831

DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is software to backup DVD disks. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disk. DVD Shrink does not burn DVDs! The output from DVD Shrink is saved as files on your hard drive, which you can then burn to a DVD-R using separate burning software, such as the...
1.1 MB 213,825

DVD Player

DVD Player is one of the most efficient and powerful tools ever used to play DVD movies. By using this player, you will be able to grab snapshot and save it as an image and grab snapshot and save it directly as wallpaper; you can also set how you want to set the wallpaper (Tile - Stretch - Center). Also you can grab snapshot and save it to the clipboard....
13.2 MB 28,098

DVD EZ Copy 1.1

DVD EZ Copy is user friendly DVD and CD burning tool for Movie and data. When you need to back up something or to burn CDDVD you are running some soft with a lot of settings that so hard to understand. DVD EZ Copy is a very easy to use, powerful and flexible software that can copy your important data files to another location on your hard drive, floppy...
1.82 MB 585

DVDIdle Pro

DVD Region+CSS Free enables you to watch and copy any region-coded/CSS-encrypted DVD movies on any DVD drive! It fully supports region-protected (RPC2) DVD drives, and does not require any firmware modifications. It will even work if you have used up your region counter and can no longer change the DVD drive's region. DVD Region+CSS Free works...
102.4 K 77

DVD-lab Pro 2.52

The DVD-lab PRO version is a next step in DVD authoring (See Comparison) for advanced users who need accessible and easy to learn tool with full range of DVD features. Most of the existing tools are either very expensive and hard to master or are limited in implementing DVD specifications. Many tools that are often marketed as advanced or for...
3 MB 28,242

DVD Blaster

Burn discs of any kind - from Audio CD to High-Definition Video Did you download a high-def burning utility only to find that it does not support your minty Blu-Ray burner? Got a message saying "Your disc burner is not supported, please update the driver"? DVD Blaster works with all CD, DVD and HD burning hardware with no issues, and supports all...
9.5 MB 496

DVD PixPlay 8.01

DVD PixPlay allows you to create slide show disks from images, videos and music and write them directly to a CD or DVD for playback on your television using a DVD Player. DVD PixPlay makes it easy to share your images with your friends and family, particularly those who do not have a computer. And they are as easy to use as a normal...
8.4 MB 4,070

DVD Labeler 3.00.0011

DVD Labeler is an integrated DVD scanning and image-capturing program. DVD Labeler automatically captures the first frame image out of each DVD chapter and creates scene indexing labels for your DVD movie. You will know the exact content of your DVD movie prior to inserting the disc into the DVD player. You can save DVD images as digital pictures for future...
7 MB 1,408

DVD Demuxer 3.0

DVD Demuxer is designed for decompilation of total DVD on all data streams by pushing the only button. Output files of DVD Demuxer are well structured and named, so you have visual information about disposition data in source DVD. Later you can use these files separately in any of DVD authoring program. Features: - Automatic processing of...
1.4 MB 159

DVD Copier R

DVD Copier is a program for Windows that allows you to grab data DVDs, HD DVDs, Video DVDs and Blu-ray disks (ISO) containing any type of files into a blank DVDV disc or to an Image file (like ISO format). It grabs any type of DVD. SPTI (SCSI Pass through Interface) and ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) device access are supported which allows...
3.5 MB 331

DVD Profiler 3.7.2 Build 1444

DVD Profiler's unique combination of desktop application and online data access sets it apart from competing alternatives. With an enormous community of dedicated users worldwide, DVD Profiler has become the most compelling source of DVD information anywhere. Keep track of your entire DVD collection DVD Profiler can manage any...
10.8 MB 184

DVDCommander 2006

DVDCommander is easy-to-use, multi-functional software for disks management. Scan all your CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, HDD partitions in one click! DVDCommander allows you * organize you favorite discs into categories * make search for necessary files with supersonic speed and just in second * determine where is your favorite disc, which...
1.1 MB 598

DVD x Ripper 7.3.9

DVD x Ripper is powerful DVD ripper, DVD ripping software to rip DVD movie to almost all popular video/audio formats like DVD to MPEG, AVI, DivX, WMV, WMA, ASF, VCD, SVCD etc easily with high DVD ripping speed. Compared with other DVD ripping software, DVD x Ripper has more settings easier than ever to customize. Whether you are a veteran or beginner,...
5.6 MB 1,061

DVDAuthorGUI 1.029

Start with a suitably-formatted MPEG stream (as created by various tools, such as FFmpeg or mjpegtools), and graphic images for your menus, and you can define buttons, chapters etc and turn the whole lot into a DVD-Video disc. Features: * multiple titles (pgc) * multiple titleset menus (still and motion) * m2v still...
4.9 MB 542

DVD Catalyst

DVD Catalyst converts your movies and TV shows to small, great-looking video files that are perfectly optimized to play on devices such as the Apple iPad Mini and iPhone 5, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Barnes & Noble NOOK HD, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and much more. Computers were designed to do repetitive tasks, but when it comes to conversion...
24 MB 439

DVD Copy 360 1.1

DVD Copy 360 extract movies and episodes from DVD discs in a couple of clicks ... total rip within 3 screens! Copy modes: movie, movie and bonus titles, episodes, episodes and bonus titles, all titles, 3D movie. Advantages: - Simplicity and resulting video quality (while fast processing and reasonable file size). - Movies and...
34.7 MB 78

DVD Snapshot

The program lets you take snapshots directly from your DVD movie! This means you can go to any point within a video clip, capture a freeze frame picture, and save this image to your computers hard drive. There are many uses for these snapshots. * You can use these video pictures to create title slides. I like to find...
10.2 MB 139
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