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Lucid Electronics Workbench 1.02.0008

Main Features: Calculate LED Load Resistor Values: Calculate LED Load Resistor Values Calculate the value of a load resistor for a Light Emitting Diode (LED) based on supply voltage and LED characteristics. This application contains a number of standard LED products to choose from. After the value of the load resistor is calculated, a...
17.9 MB 6,507

Electronics Billing Tool With Barcode

Enterprise inventory management application quickly generates bookkeeping records, reduces account error and improves financial performance of enterprise. Electronics billing tool with barcode allows user to optimize their business inventory level, daily sales and purchase order records etc for managing your business details. Automated accounting software...
5.99 MB 265

J3DWorkbench 3.4.0

J3DWorkbench (J3DWB) is an open source, 3D visualization, simulation, and game design application for your desktop or workstation. J3DWB is a highly-intuitive 'WYSIWYG' tool, allowing you to import 3D objects & terrains in a variety of formats, animate them, add effects and behaviors. Scenes and simulations can be played back with the tool, or delivered...
26.7 MB 460

UDB Workbench 3.3.6

UDB Workbench is a development environment for DB2 UDB databases. It includes many features, such as comparing and synchronizing database schemas, packaging schemas and content of DB2 UDB database. SQL editor in UDB Workbench supports syntax highlighting, code completion, SQL formatting, script execution, and query results support editing, grouping,...
1.5 MB 1,003

Text Workbench

Multi-purpose search and replace tool with full Unicode support. Text Workbench will increase your productivity and save hours of manual editing you spend daily for updating your files at your local disks or via FTP. It is a powerful unified solution for web masters, software and web developers, technical writers and anyone else who wants to...
3.5 MB 228

GlycoWorkbench 2.1 Build 140

GlycoWorkbench is a suite of software tools designed for rapid drawing of glycan structures and for assisting the process of structure determination from mass spectrometry data. The graphical interface of GlycoWorkbench provides an environment in which structure models can be rapidly assembled, their mass computed, their fragments automatically matched with...
37.2 MB 91

MySQL Workbench 5.2.47

MySQL Workbench provides DBAs and developers an integrated tools environment for: * Database Design & Modeling * SQL Development (replacing MySQL Query Browser) * Database Administration (replacing MySQL Administrator) * Database Migration
26.8 MB 25,479

Carrot2 Workbench 3.9.2

Carrot2 is an Open Source Search Results Clustering Engine. It can automatically organize small collections of documents (search results but not only) into thematic categories. Apart from two specialized document clustering algorithms, Carrot2 offers ready-to-use components for fetching search results from various sources including GoogleAPI, Bing...
102.4 K 1

CLC Main Workbench 6.7.1

CLC Main Workbench aggregates user friendly gene expression analysis with all features of CLC Protein Workbench, CLC RNA Workbench, and CLC DNA Workbench in one integrated software package. CLC Main Workbench creates a software environment enabling users to make a large number of advanced DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analyses, combined with gene...
77.6 MB 659

Advanced Electronics 1.0.0022

This is a rebuild of Electronics 1 module, implimenting the use of the Data Tables feature to allow selection of a single question from a group of similar questions. This module covers Test equipment, Semiconductors, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Formulas, Logic, Clippers, Clampers, Oscilators, Counters, and various other Electronic questions....
102.4 K 46

Database Workbench Pro

Database Workbench offers a complete development and testing solution for database developers who work with: * Oracle * Microsoft SQL Server * Sybase SQL Anywhere * MySQL * InterBase * Firebird * NexusDB Advanced Data Generator Upscene Productions has a collection of data generator tools for you. The Advanced...
18 MB 499

Yogda AVM2 Workbench 1.0.564

In layman's terms , Yogda enables you to modify the running code in Adobe Flash applications. Platform features * Load/Save SWF files * SWF Tag processor * DoABC Block Decoder/Encoder supports Adobe AIR, Flex, Flash Builder (type 82) , Haxe and Alchemy outputs. (type 72) * ABC Symbol/constants table browser and...
3.6 MB 713

CLC Protein Workbench 5.3.0

CLC Protein Workbench creates a software environment enabling users to make a large number of advanced protein sequence analyses, combined with smooth data management, and excellent graphical viewing and output options. CLC Protein Workbench is available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. Product features CLC Protein...
49.6 MB 184

Ingres Database Workbench 2.0.0

The Ingres Database Workbench (IDW) is a powerful, low-overhead tool that makes Ingres database maintenance faster and easier and simplifies database management tasks. IDW is based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). * Browse your database objects such as tables, views, procedures and rules. * SQL editor, includes SQL statement...
157.7 MB 375

Regular Expression Workbench 2.0

The Regular Expression Workbench was developed to be a tool that will lets you experiment with .NET regular expressions. Regular expressions are a powerful facility, but they're a bit tough to learn. This workbench was developed to make it easier to create and understand regular expressions.
409.6 K 339

IBM LanguageWare Resource Workbench

IBM LanguageWare is a technology which provides a full range of text analysis functions. It is used extensively throughout the IBM product suite and is successfully deployed in solutions which focus on mining facts from large repositories of text. With support for more than 20 languages, LanguageWare is the ideal solution for extracting the value locked up...
102.4 K 327
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