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KidSafe is a computer-locking application designed to keep young children from messing anything up. Ever had your desktop icons scrambled or your Word document deleted by a little kid? KidSafe's for you.
1.9 MB 326

KidsSave 1.4.2

A unique and innovative kids' savings and money management software program for busy parents who want to teach their children about money...how to save it, how to spend it, and how to manage it wisely. "With all that it brings to the table, we have no problem recommending KidsSave to parents who want to encourage and teach their kids how to save...
7.8 MB 561

KidsMath 1.02

This is a small calculator that will stay on top all the time while your working. Converts Decimal to Hex, Binary, and returns Ascii characters. All keys have tool tip text to easily find keyboard shortcuts.
527 K 260

KidsTime 1.4

KidsTime is an ideal computer program designed to help parents control the time their children spend playing computer games. Control is made possible by a set of intervals delimiting when a listed game may or may not be played. A time limit for play for each day or even for an entire week can also be set. KidsTime will terminate any program from the...
2.52 MB 335

KidsLearn 3

Future Scope: -Alphabets order -Audio instructions -Objects real voices -Editorially controllable number and picture/sounds of objects -Counting -Video of objects -Sound to object identification -Category wise (birds, animals, etc) -Math functionality -Sound detection (for alphabets and objects) -Pictionary -Nations
14.5 MB 326

KidsMouse 3.0.5

Education software for infant who can learn while playing only by intuitive mouse operation. KidsMouse can learn alphabet, numbers, and shape and color, etc. in a happy game and the puzzle. The player can play only by an easy mouse operation. The reasons why the operation of KidsMouse can be easily acquired are the united interface...
4.4 MB 410


Kids gain confidence by using a PC on their own. Everything is one click away! With KidStarter, kids only see content that parents have approved for them, so they can explore safely. Keep Your Kids Safe Online KidStarter gives your children a safe, easy-to-use environment where they can only use programs and websites that you've approved!...
68.5 MB 376


Kids will love it not only because it has a cool and attractive UI but also it is very easy to use and you can not imagine how creative the kids are going to be. It combines an easy-to-use and cool interface, fun sound effects, and cartoon icons which can guide children as they use the program. It provides different kinds of brush tool...
6.5 MB 278

Kids Web Menu 1.4

Keep your kids safe on the Internet! Kids Web Menu is a free, easy-to-use Web browser for kids of all ages. * The highly visual, single-click interface enables kids as young as 2 years of age to navigate the Web without even knowing how to read! * A unique camera mode lets kids take pictures while safely exploring the...
1.3 MB 432

Kids mathchs game 08.05

matchs kids game. Test your logic with this game. Test your logic with this fun concentration game!
15 K 438

Kids Mask Factory 2006 1.1.2

Kids Mask Factory, is a program which is aimed at both children and parents, depending on age and skill. The program is designed to create masks which can be worn. This is done by selecting face parts and adding them to the mask. Freehand lines can also be used with color to great effect. Masks can be created in just black and white which can then...
2.12 MB 287

Kids game find logic error 08.21

Find logical errors in the diagram. Press the mouse button. Find logical error at the matrix. Free game IQ tests Kid game Personality test Fun game Free IQ test Game board Games strategy educational game fun free game Child IQ . kid game, child quiz, kid quizzes, children tests, kid games, test, all my child.
15 K 334

Kids PC Time Administrator

Setting the time limit for your kids to use the PC is also important to maintain their studies, health, etc. Kids PC Time Administrator is the software that would assist you in doing so. It would set the limits for each of your child and also you could easily share the same computer with them. Download it and forget the worries right from the installation....
5.3 MB 582

NetKids Beta 1.1.1

Features: * blocks access to dangerous websites * generates reports on internet use * monitors activities in social networks * controls upload of photos and personal information * provides reports on search queries * monitors e-mails and blog posts
4.5 MB 70

OOo4Kids 1.3

A complete office suite based on the OpenOffice.org project especially designed for kids between 7-12 years.
78.1 MB 87

Free Kids Flash Games 1.0

Free kids flash games for Internet Explorer. Fun arcade games for children to enjoy. We have many different fun and education flah games for kids to enjoy.
512 K 6,708

Turbo Kids 1.0

Partake in the crazy Turbo Kids tournament and win the ultimate prize of $1,000,000 in the game. Earn coins by doing combos and unlocking achievements and use them to upgrade power-ups. After completing the championship, try your skills in marathon mode, which features high-score table, to check who are the fastest Turbo Kid!
7 MB 118

X-OOo4Kids 1.2 [rev2]

OOo4kids is a project based on OpenOffice.org source code that aims to provide a simplified version of OpenOffice.org for kids between 7-12 years. Everything is made by the EducOOo non profit association with the idea to provide a extremely simplified software. An important difference between OOo4Kids and the original version of OpenOffice.org is that, as...
148.9 MB 304

Secure Kids Online 3.5

Secure Kids Online (SKO) is a complete cyber parental control system. SKO not only assist parents in protecting their children from inappropriate internet material, but also empowers parents to actively protect their children from cyber predators. SKO is easy to use and can: * Block inappropriate sites automatically or as configured by...
8.3 MB 213

Drawing4Kids 1.0

This program is intended to teach small kids to handle the mouse and have fun with colors, shapes and sounds. It has a friendly user interface, nice sounds (on colors tab there are piano Musical Notes) and a variety of stamps models. Features: Coloring page Kids can select up to 20 drawings. These drawings are black and white cartoons...
4.5 MB 561

Jjigsaw kids game 10

jigsaw puzzle . Kids like games. jigsaw puzzle Use this game for free and fun. This is free online jigsaw puzzle kids game. This game develop your child. Play kids game. All kids like games. Play it online free. jigsaw puzzle . Kids like games. jigsaw puzzle Use this game for free and fun. This is free online jigsaw puzzle kids game. This game...
20 K 381

1 2 3 for kids 08.15

Can your kid count? Do you know all digits? Can you chain it 1,2,3,4,5 . MATH IS FUN AND WHO CAN DOUBT IT IF WE HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT ! Can your kid count? Can your kid count? Can your kid count? Can your kid count?
15 K 482

Space ship kids game 12.25

Play Space Gunner Online Space Game. Use your lasers to protect your ship from enemy fighters in this fun Online battle. Online Space Games, Free Spaceship Game for Kids to Play. This is free online space ship kids game. You can download and use this space ship game free on your computer or site. Play drums games dress up game online. Games - Find a free...
24 K 302

FlexiMusic Kids Composer Dec2010

FlexiMusic Kids Composer is a fun, easy way for kids to learn the basics of music-making and recording. FlexiMusic Kids Composer software can be used at home for furthering your child’s musical experiences, or by schools for exploring the fundamental basics behind music creation. FlexiMusic Kids Composer software is packed with many “Tunes”. Kids can...
22.8 MB 97

Animals For Kids 2.1

A lightweight application that was created in order to help you teach your children the animals and the sounds they make.
2.2 MB 1,157

The Best for Kids! 1.0

Let your children have lots of fun playing our new games pack "The Best for Kids!" We picked up our brightest and most colorful games with wonderful graphics and nice characters - Bomberic, Fairyland and Millennium Digger. These games will bring hours of enjoyment even to adults, they are exciting and dynamic. The action of Bomberic takes place in a...
8.25 MB 326

Coloring Book 13: Kids Stuff 1.00.53

The 50 pictures included with the complete version are kid's easel, balls, bikes, tricycles, blocks, books, dolls, strollers, kits, rattles, rocking horse, stuffed animals, train, wagon, babies, flowers, birds, cats, dogs, fish, animals, and more.
1.9 MB 412

Speaking Images for Kids 120

Speaking images for kids is a very useful application for learning pronunciation and language vocabulary. It provides an easy and friendly way to learn new foreign words, especially suitable for little kids. Speaking images for kids can also be useful for anyone who wants to practice and test his foreign language skills. It can be used by language...
13.3 MB 57

Math Flash Cards For Kids Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to test their basic math skills. There are check boxes for: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and for game levels from 1 digit (easy) to 3 digits (hard). A score is kept. This can be useful when trying to encourage children to learn basic math.
102.4 K 134
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