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Simd is free open source library in C++. It includes high performance image processing algorithms. The algorithms are optimized with using of different SIMD CPU extensions. In particular the library supports following CPU extensions: SSE, SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX and AVX2 for x86/x64, VMX(Altivec) and VSX(Power7) for PowerPC.
512 K 231

Simox 2.3.5 Beta

A platform-independent robot simulation, motion and grasp planning toolbox consisting of three modules: VirtualRobot to simulate and visualize robots, Saba the sampling-based motion planning library and GraspStudio for grasp planning. Features: - motion planning - grasp planning - robot simulation - kinematics ...
28.7 MB 242

SimPy 2.3b2 / 2.2.0

SimPy (= Simulation in Python) is an object-oriented, process-based discrete-event simulation language based on standard Python. It provides the modeler with components of a simulation model including processes, for active components like customers, messages, and vehicles, and resources, for passive components that form limited capacity congestion points...
4.7 MB 271

Simgua 3.7.3 Build 1620

We live in a complicated world which creates new challenges for us as a society. From financial crises to a smokestack in China creating a draught in Texas, we are surrounded by examples of complexity out of control. Simgua is built to simulate and model complex systems. If you have just started your adventure with system dynamics it will guide you...
24.1 MB 400

Simple 0.1.1

In the 90s, a big company from up north was extremely successful with a dialect of the programming language BASIC (acronym for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). One of the reasons it was so successful was that the language was easy to learn and use. Bringing an easy to learn and use language to the mobile world and the Android...
409.6 K 221

SimWiz 3.03

Frequently asked questions: Why to simulate? Life is unpredictable, an excellent plan for given circumstances can be terribly wrong for a different possible realization of future events. Still, one must make decisions now, without knowing the future. Simulation is an accepted means to support smart decisions in face of uncertainty. Who...
2.2 MB 438

simECG 1.0

As a full software ECG signal generator, it's ideal for training and demonstration purposes. You can create customizable signals usually present in many pathologies.
6 MB 1,304

Simstat 2.5.8

SIMSTAT for Windows is an innovative product that goes beyond mere statistical analysis. It offers output management features not found in any other program as well as its own scripting language to automate statistical analysis and to write small applications, interactive tutorials with multimedia capabilities, as well as computer assisted interviewing...
4.8 MB 411

SimThyr 3.3.2

Thyroid hormones play an essential role for metabolism, growth and differentiation. Therefore, exact regulation of thyroid hormone levels is vital for most organisms. Although the principles of thyrotropic feedback control have been described decades ago we still have not yet gained a comprehensive understanding of its dynamics. Recently,...
1.4 MB 295

simuPOP 1.1.2 Revision 4825

simuPOP is a general-purpose individual-based forward-time population genetics simulation environment. The core of simuPOP is a scripting language (Python) that provides a large number of objects and functions to manipulate populations, and a mechanism to evolve populations forward in time. Using this R/Splus-like environment, users can create, manipulate...
15.8 MB 168

SimSail 2.5

SimSail calculates the best routing of a sailing boat based on the boat’s speed polar, the wind conditions (based on grib-file weather forecasting), the tidal currents and several parameters. The routing avoids the coastlines and the barriers defined by the user. It can do the routing on several legs.
74.8 MB 46

Simpler 0.4

A simpler theme for Firefox.
307.2 K 437

Simbabwe 1.6

Welcome to Simbabwe, where the property is already owned and the houses built and you compete to burn and dispossess them. Bounce around the map plundering farms, denying grain silos to opposition supporters and robbing the community chest. Easy to play but hard to escape from, Simbabwe is a richly detailed, evolved board game with unscrupulous AI...
10.62 MB 382

Simphone 1.01

Simphone is a simulator for mobile phone, running on Windows platform.
1.8 MB 492

FluidMark 1.5.2

PhysX FluidMark is a physics benchmark based on NVIDIA PhysX engine. This benchmark performs a fluid simulation using SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) algorithm to increase the realism of the fluid. FluidMark supports GPU PhysX (NVIDIA GeForce 8+ only) as well as multi-core CPU PhysX. This benchmark exploits OpenGL for graphics acceleration...
3.8 MB 160


SimpleLPR is a software component developed for license plate recognition applications (you should also see LPR, ANPR). The component can be used from C++ or any .NET enabled programming languages (for example: Visual Basic .NET, C#, VB Script or JScript). It's very simple to be integrated in various software products, as demonstrated in the...
15.5 MB 959


The geometric part can be created internally, with the available tools or imported from external file. Features: - Opening, creating, editing and saving geometry in industry standard DXF format. - Opening Svg file. - Vectorization with median line or outer edges mode of the raster images (Bmp and Jpeg) with recognition of arcs and...
1.6 MB 319

Simplyzip 1.1 Beta 82

Features: * Open: ZIP, CZIP, ACE, CAB, RAR, TAR, GZIP, LZH, BZ2, SQX, RS, UUE, XXE, BASE64, UCL, ARJ, ZLIB, ALIB, RPM, DEB, 7-ZIP * Create: 7z, ZIP, CZIP, Cab, LHA, TAR, TAR GZ TAR BZ2, ACE (optionale DLL), Deepfreezer, SQX, UCL, RS, ZIP-SFX/LHA-SFX, RAR-SFX, UUE/XXE, ZLIB and Base64. * Multi-ZIP * Backup to disk (e.g. CD) *...
2.3 MB 1,397

Simutrans 120.0-1

Your goal is to establish a successful transport company and build the necessary infrastructure to transport passengers, mail and goods between cities, factories and touristic attractions by land, air and water. Graphics Packages (Paksets) In Simutrans you have multiple choices from the start to the end. Even before starting the game you...
204.8 K 56

SimpleZip 1.1

SimpleZip is a simple easy to use compression tool. Archive and compress files quickly and easily. Create new archives, modify existing archives or extract existing archives. Navigate large archives with ease using a choice of flat list or hierarchical file listing.
12.43 MB 401

SimpleOCR 3

Convert your scanned images to text files or Word documents with SimpleOCR--the only OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application that is completly free. SimpleOCR is also a royalty-free developer toolkit (aka SDK or API) that you may use to add OCR to your custom software application. SimpleOCR features include OMR, TWAIN scanning, ability to...
9.29 MB 696


SimplePop is a Procurement Management system which automates the process of raising Purchase Orders and reconciling vendor invoices. SimplePop is aimed at small or medium sized businesses catering for anywhere from one to 100 users. Features * Based on Firebird, which supports single or multiple users on a scalable and highly...
7.9 MB 238

SimpleTODO 4.0

A handy utility that was created in order to help you organize your tasks in a list and manage them with great ease.
512 K 232

Similarity 1.9.2

As an active music fan you surely know how difficult sometimes it may be to keep your music collection ordered. The more sound files you have, the more time and efforts it takes to clean out duplicates, low-quality files and purify the entire collection of musical garbage it contains. That’s where Similarity comes in handy! Now the program can...
1.8 MB 3,133


Features: - Feel in control of your Outlook Inbox learn more ». - Spend less time filing email learn more ». - Save at least 30 minutes per week learn more ». - Files messages to the right Outlook folder with one click of a mouse. - Uses an advanced algorithm to learn and adapt to your filing habits. - No configuration...
1 MB 752


Simplexety 6 is established with a comfortable Formula Editor. Now, edit the formula quickly and easily expressed in your Simplexety editor. Scientific Calculator Simplexety is a sophisticated evaluation and calculation program. It supports direct access to the Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Engine (VBScript). The...
102.4 K 91

simuSearch 1.0

simuSearch is a free add-in for Microsoft Office programs. simuSearch allows to search Google, Wikipedia and Acronym spell outs directly from your Microsoft Office program. It also integrates most popular web translation tools like Google translate, Yahoo BabelFish and Bing translator. simuSearch supports four Microsoft Office programs: ...
1.4 MB 76

SimpleShot 1.2

This application provides Windows users to quickly save their screenshot with 1 click.
102.4 K 267

SimpleHelp 3.7

SimpleHelp allows you to host your own support web server as you may already do with your web page. Since you aren't sharing with many other companies you can be sure the service will be ready and fast when you need it. Provide a truly integrated customer support experience Since SimpleHelp is 100% web-based you can embed the customer support...
29.9 MB 260

SimpleDict 0.3.0

SimpleDict is a free, opensource electronic dictionary which runs natively on different platforms (Windows, POSIX). It provides easy-to-use modern user interface, supports several dictionary formats. SimpleDict is based on Qt4 framework.
7 MB 772

Simple Shop

Universal business software for invoicing, quotes or tickets through A4 and POS printers and adoption of RFID (NFC) cards, BAR codes and access control & time and attendance of working time - all in one software package. Quick setup We have prepared a simple program for easy installation Simple Shop to your computer, which requires no computer...
140 MB 854

SimpleCheck 8.0.2

SimpleCheck is a fast, low resource, server oriented, Windows System Tray based E-Mail Notification Client with a simple UI that regularly checks multiple POP3 E-Mail accounts. Many full client features; immune to viruses; use to delete SPAM mail. Features: * SimpleCheck is an interim release with several new features. * Note:...
1.1 MB 375

SimpleIndex 6.0

SimpleIndex is the perfect solution for small business and departments looking to manage their files from a single interface, developers who don't want to reinvent the wheel and large companies with many locations looking to decentralize their scanning. SimpleIndex organizes scanned images and electronic documents into a single document management...
41.9 MB 385


A PC crash is always frustrating, especially when important data is lost. But the fact is, the longer you use your PC, the less stable it becomes and crashes start to occur more often. Why is that? When software is installed or uninstalled or settings are adjusted, these changes end up in the Windows ("Registry") configuration data. If it's in...
102.4 K 68

SimplePiano 1.17

It shows the notes played on the treble and bass clef staffs. The notes played are also highlighted on a 60-key on-screen piano keyboard. You can play it using the keyboard, the mouse, or a MIDI keyboard. The Circle of Fifths can be displayed, and when a key in it is selected, that key's signature is shown on the staffs. Any of the eight...
102.4 K 220

Simple Icon 1

A collection of simple icons with just numbers and letters for use with Mac and PC, download file to get the full package with original photoshop file to change as you may wish. I first thought of doing these as for some folders i didn't have an icon for them so i simply made these icons to make it look a little more attractive. I hope you peeps...
409.6 K 102

Simply Text

Simply Text is a powerful, straightforward text editor for Windows. Designed for anyone, from the casual user up to and including the professional developer, Simply Text provides a feature-rich experience without any clutter. With Simply Text the user doesn't need to compromise on usability and functionality. Inside its Modern User Inteface, one...
2 MB 64

SimpleCopier 6.04

A straightforward Photocopier software SimpleCopier allows you to : * Apply multiples effects on the documents * Change size of the documents * Export as PDF * Email with resizing * Fax * Work on one or multiple documents at once! * Save in multiple formats * Store multiple parameters for "QuickAction" feature. *...
8.1 MB 717

Sim Aquarium 3.8.58

Sim Aquarium lets you choose among twelve intricately detailed 3D underwater scenes. You can populate your aquarium with up to 100 fish from the selection of 30 highly detailed species of fish with complex swimming behaviors and artificial intelligence. Using your mouse pointer, you can play with your fish pets and touch them by their tails or noses. They...
102.4 K 106

Simple Kiosk

Simple Kiosk is a software for building internet kiosks, information kiosks, multimedia kiosks, touch screen kiosks and public kiosks. Simple Kiosk turns a computer into the secured public internet kiosk in easy way. Features: - Protects computer against unauthorized and unwanted use - Secure fullscreen web browser - URL filtering...
614.4 K 78

SimpleBackup 1.6

SimpleBackup is a designed-for-simplicity file backup tool. Backup up groups of files and folders with the click of a button. Drag and drop files and folders into a new backup or an existing one. Back up files onto your disk, over a network or via FTP. Automatically delete old backups. Choose backup files with wildcard (*) matches. See clear messages...
12.35 MB 189

Simple Solver 5.2.2

The application includes six integrated tools, help files, and many examples. - Boolean Logic minimization - Logic Schematic drawing - Computer Logic simulation - Automatic Logic design - Permutation & Random Number generation
921.6 K 1,054

SimpleSysInfo 3.0

SimpleSysInfo is a program which allows you to retrieve information from your computer. When the information is retrieved you can send it everywhere by simple selecting the email button. It's possible to print the information and save it to a text file. SimpleSysInfo also supports creating a HTML file which is less hard to read.
1.1 MB 580

Simon Extreme 1.0

Simon has a brain, you either do what simon says or else you go down the drain. Simon Says slogan was from teh mid 80's and had kids all around the world playing simon says in real live. However Simon is a fun game. This is a FREE Simon game download, so be sure and tell your friends to stop on by and download Simon. The scores on this game allow...
901 K 639

SimilarImages 2013.11

SimilarImages is a utility program to analyze and search large media collections (images/videos) for near duplicates, meaning media showing the same thing but e.g. in different file formats, compression levels, sizes. SimilarImages first analyzes a file, generating a color/location footprint of a normalized thumbnail image of a file, and then compares these...
8.9 MB 89

Simple Browse 1.0.61

Features: * History, Favorites, Source Viewer, Tabs, Search, Skins, FastMenu, Pop Up Blocker, Fullscreen, Page Blocker, Proxy, Hidden mode * Engine: IE (optimized for faster browsing) * Language: English, Deutch, Magyar, Slovak, Czech (more coming soon) * Default home page: Google * Search engines:...
1.4 MB 99

Simple Mailer

Small application that can be used for sending email to unlimited amount of recipients one by one. It can use either existing email application with default user (MAPI) or connect to email server directly for sending emails (SMTP). Each of recipients listed will be sent individual email, so they will not see to who others the email was send.
1 MB 86

Simple Remote

Software for Commercial and Residential Real Estate. Brokers, Agents, Investors, Mortgage and Leasing professionals need this easy to use program for contact management, calculators, documents, calendar and listings.
46.73 MB 219

Simply Fortran 2.19 Build 1795

Simply Fortran has been designed from the start with GNU Fortran integration as the primary goal. Installing the development environment is as simple as downloading and running the installer; no additional download or user configuration is necessary. 32- and 64-bit Targets Simply Fortran can produce both 32-bit and 64-bit code with its included...
75.4 MB 843

Simply Weather

Simply Weather is my no-nonsense weather gadget that displays the current conditions and forecast in a straightforward, easy to read format. The location displayed at the top of the gadget is usually the name of the weather station reporting the weather. The station name is typically the name of a nearby city. Sometimes the station name is a bit...
102.4 K 1,078
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