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Fraction Calculator 1.1.0

Fraction Calculator is a small fraction calculator written in Python that will help you with your work.
102.4 K 108

Calculator 3.7.1

This is a calculator available for all platforms (Windows, Unix) and on the Web. The calculator is very simple to used and you do not need any additional documentation. The calculator allows to work with user-defined functions. The previous version of the calculator used scripted language developed by me. The Java 1.6 integrates Java technology...
819.2 K 4,535

CalculatorX 1. 2

CalculatorX is an enhanced expression calculator. It can evaluate an expression for one time. You can use Arithmetic, Logic, Bitwise and Relation operations in your expression. And many system constants and built-in functions can also be used in the expression. CalculatorX even supports the custom variables, custom functions and note-line. You can use...
1.28 MB 929

Calculator++ 1.1.2 Build 135

Java arbitrary-precision, scientific and unit conversion calculator for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris.
1.8 MB 695

FractionCalc 1.6

The FractionCalc java Applet/Application is a calculator that may be used to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on two given input fractions. The calculator not only gives the results of the operation, but also a graphical representation of the results.
204.8 K 318

Calculator-7 1.02

The program Calculator-7 offers you the following possibilities: * calculate using seven operation: addition, subtraction, multiply, divide, percent, square root, 1 divide to X; * calculate total from clipboard (copy data to clipboard from table or text and press one button); * set decimal position (0, 2, 3, float) and round type (up, mathematical, down); *...
409.6 K 997

Calculator RT

Calculator RT is just a nice calculator with intuitive interface. Features * Trigonometric functions * ln, log, n!
102.4 K 163

Calculator+ HD

Calculator+ HD is a scientific calculator with interactive graphical display and graph plotter. Features: - Calculator - Scientific Calculator - Graph Calculator - Standard Calculator
409.6 K 77

Calculator SNAP 1

Calculator SNAP is an awesome calculator app that calculates your equation in real time. It supports brackets and the exponential symbol (^), and will calculate the in the correct order of operations, as well as implicit multiplication precedence. Additionally, Calculator SNAP provides a text box for you to type in what you want to calculate (or...
102.4 K 90

Calculatormatik 1.13.144

Calculatormatik is a math tool that includes many calculators and converters. Calculate/Convert everything with Calculatormatik.
204.8 K 198


This is an application that gives the possibility to do Sum Rest Multiplication and Division in a simple way, telling you if you got any mathematical error.
102.4 K 84

Calculator by Less-Mess 4.50

Calculator by Less-Mess has proven to be very popular with office personnel, accountants, bookkeepers and Certified Public Accountants in their drive for offices with less paper. Free to Schools and Libraries, half price to students and volume discounts to multiple license users. This calculator produces a virtual proof tape of up to 1000 rows. Rows can be...
4.56 MB 367

Calculator of Resistance v1.0

This software decodes resistance from colors. Also he can convert units and count needed resistor for circuit.
459.78 K 522

GCalculator 1

GCalculator for performing basic arithmetic operations. Windows Sidebar Gadget
102.4 K 128


The text editor is intended to act more as a scratch pad rather than a fully functioned editor. As a calculator, kCalculator’s distinguishing functionality is the ability to restructure the “Convert” menu with your own preferences of conversion factors or multipliers. By editing the Multipliers.txt file, you can create an unlimited set of conversion...
307.2 K 344

3D Calculator 1.00

A multipurpose software calculator, compute complex arithmetic expressions including matrices and user defined variables, Plot 2D 3D animated functions and is provided with a high level programming language. MAIN FEATURES o Support unlimited number of variable definitions. o All calculations are made in extended real number format (19...
5.61 MB 862

KS Calculator 1.05

KS-Calculator is a powerful, easy-to-use, flexible calculator, which supports operations with numbers in Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal formats, operates with expressions and mathematical functions, like: Sin, Cos, Tan, ArcTan, Exp, Ln, Log, etc. KS-Calculator also offers built-in "Calendar" and "Character Map" utilities.
409.6 K 322

MD5 calculator 2.7 Build 027000

Simple utility that will calculate the MD5 hash of a given file. Can be used with big files (some GB). It features a progress counter and a text field from which the final MD5 hash can be easily copied to the clipboard.
512 K 153

SEO Calculator 1.0

SEO Calculator is a smart program for users who want to know how SEO Traffic from Search Engines can be monetized through various PPC Revenue Programs (Google Adsense, Chitika, etc.) and predict site income. Based on statistical data SEO Calculator allows to calculate average traffic for TOP 20 SERP Positions. SEO Calculator algorithms are...
716.8 K 83

The Calculator 1.2.2

The Calculator is small and handy. It supports compound expressions, bit operations, unlimited number of user variables and constants, and works with various types of notation. Special features: * User Variables. In computations, you can save your intermediate results in variables for further use. * Value Suffixes....
197 K 1,069

EFT Calculator 0.4 Beta

EFT Calculator is an application that performs common cryptographic operations used in electronic funds transfer applications.
512 K 156

SLD Calculator 0.6

Features * Calculation of Neutron and X-Ray scattering length densities for compounds * Standalone executable for various platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac) * Internationalization support (switch language at runtime) * free as in freedom (GPL) * Written in C++ and Qt
15.4 MB 156

DVB Calculator

DVB calculator is a set of comprehensive "easy usable tools" to facilitate bitrate's calculations of digital TV broadcasting systems including DVB and ISDB standards.
5.3 MB 118

EMI Calculator

Loans! We all take loans to make our dreams come true. Be it a house, a car, a two-wheeler or even gadgets. Many banks and other financial institutions provides attractive repayment options for the loans that we take. So when you plan for a loan, you think of the repayment options. EMI Calculator tool from Nucleation will help you calculate the EMI of your...
102.4 K 95

CBM Calculator

It helps user to calculate cubic meters (CBM) when shipping goods. User can get quick and easy calculation of how many product(s) will fit in a shipping container? While creating a shipment record CBM Calculator display occupied weight and volume percentage of packets inside a container. CBM Calculator also allows the user to pre-define products...
409.6 K 77

DateCalculator 1.0

It was developed using Windows Forms .NET technology. This utility is analogous to the "Date calculation" module in Windows 7 Calculator. This utility can be used for numerous date related calculations like calculating age or work experience.
409.6 K 278

LCM Calculator 1.0

If you already know, area can be calculated by multiplying length by width. To make things easier, we created this free tool that converts instantly between acres, square feet, square miles and other units.
102.4 K 68

GEM Calculator 3.1

To install the GEM Calculator, we recommend that you right-click on the link and save the file to your hard disk using the "Save Target As" command. Once this program is downloaded, shut down this program and run the installer (setup.exe). The download is 4.8 MB in size. You will require this amount of hard disk space to download the installer,...
4.8 MB 135

TotoCalculator 2 2.12.8

TotoCalculator 2 improves your chances to win on the soccer betting games such as Toto, Lotofoot, Totocalcio... The application calculates the optimal distribution of the tips on your tickets by supplying lines that have - each line compared with all other lines - a minimum of common tips. The resulting distribution also yields a well-balanced ratio of...
3.6 MB 176

MD5 Calculator for Windows 8

MD5 Calculator allows you to quickly calculate the MD5 code of any file on your PC or Tablet. You can also compare the MD5 code with another, to see if there is a match, which is very useful for checking whether a file has been successfully downloaded from the internet or whether two files are really the same.
102.4 K 66

BMI Calculator - Body Mass Index 1.0

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women useful tools for weight loss.
512 K 267

The Calculator for Compound Interest

The user inputs their principal, the interest rate, how often the interest is being compounded, and how long the interest is being compounded. This app takes the work of inputting data into a formula, and can't have any errors when figuring out the answer.
204.8 K 86

Free Calculator

Free Calculator is a general purpose ergonomic calculator which combines use simplicity and calculation power.
1.3 MB 762

Flow Calculator 3.0

The Flow Rate Desktop Calculator is a small but handy flow program which enables you to make very fast flow related calculations offline . It is a simple calculation without too many options for users who only want to see what they might expect . The simple interface only contains three text boxes. These text boxes correspond to the inside diameter of...
3.5 MB 98

Mini Calculator

A simple 'pocket' calculator with all the basic functions, and that uses very little space in your desktop.
204.8 K 1,064

401k Calculator 1

Comprehensive but easy to use Excel based financial calculator that not only help you answer these kinds of questions, but help you understand how slight adjustments to any one of the numerous variables can yield very different results. (What does a 1% drop in market return mean to your plan?) 401k Calculator Variables * Current Age...
204.8 K 76

RT60 Calculator 1.0

A python-based calculator that uses the Sabine formula to calculate the RT60 time of a room with given specifications. Material list from SAE Institute reference. Features * Audio reverberation time calculation * Graphical representation of RT60 of range of frequencies
36.8 MB 323

Loan*Calculator! Plus 3.0b

A free, fast, easy-to-use collection of 7 financial calculators. Loan calculator, accelerated payments, balloon payments, amortization schedule & interest calculator. Support for Normal loans; Rule-of-78's; Canadian type loans; Points; 10 payment frequencies; 12 compounding frequencies; separate origination date and first payment dates
15.5 MB 344

Time Calculator Pro v2 2.20

Time Calculator Pro is a useful program to perform arithmetic on time units. Unlike 'regular' calculations, time values are different. Sixty seconds make a minute, sixty minutes an hour etc. Adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying time units can be a tedious task. Not anymore! With Time Calculator Pro, you can do all those things easily using a...
1.25 MB 265

Steam Calculator 3.0

Steam Calculator is a steam table calculator built as an MS Excel add-in used to calculate thermodynamic and transport properties of steam. Steam systems are a part of almost every major industrial process today. Chemical processes are significant energy consumers in view of their large heating demands. The chemical industry uses steam for a wide...
2.3 MB 3

Human Calculator 2.5

"Human" - means, that expressions for calculation are written in the form perceived by the person. It is the compact, handy and "smart" calculator. It is created for replacement of built-in Windows calculator. Has the beautiful adjusted user interface. With the help of semi-automatic monitoring the clipboard will save a lot of your time. Features:...
348 K 313


Smart Calculator is beautifully designed, having both standard and scientific modes of calculations. It is built to run anywhere, as its written completely in Java. It featured different types of Look and Feels, using Java's Swing PLAF library.
102.4 K 99

Nero JCalculator 3.0 PreAlpha

This project is for learning purpose, it's about developing a calculator using Java, at last, I want to release it for free with nice GUI and these stuffs. Features * Simple calculating system. * Simple input system. * Simple asking system. * Simple credits system. * Simple checking mathematics types...
102.4 K 104

Combo Calculator 1

Full featured free calculator providing all the essential features of a calculator and more. The software handles all basic and advanced features required by most users and includes several advanced features within a scientific calculator. It evaluates all major mathematical expressions and supports various trigonometric functions, exponential function,...
56 K 401

Fornux Calculator 5.1

Fornux PowerCalc-GX is both a powerful scientific calculator and a fast graphing calculator offering college students everything from high precision calculations to quality graphics helping you to resolve any problem easily. Intelligent, fast and precise, Fornux PowerCalc-GX is ultimately designed for ease of use with advanced logical, scientific,...
9.6 MB 169

Points Calculator 2.0

Small utility to help calculate the points value of food for people using the Weight Watchers system. Completely portable, single EXE file with no external files (perfect for a USB flash drive). Currently calculates food point values for the PointsPlus (USA/Canada) and ProPoints (UK).
102.4 K 91

2006TaxCalculator 1.0

For the number of dependents add one if any of the dependents are blind, over 65 year age. Gross Income is income from all sources like W2, Interest and Divident Income.
16 K 723

Max HR Calculator

Quickly and easily find out what your Max Heart Rate is as well as finding out your target heart rate range for exercising.
102.4 K 90

MX MD5 Calculator 1.0.676.0

MX MD5 Calculator is a simple tool to calculate/compare the MD5 cheksums of files. It sports an intuitive user interface, with features such as shell Integration which allows direct calculation of MD5 value from the Windows Explorer. Other features include configurable automatic copy of calculated MD5 value and a built in interactive updater so you can...
573.44 K 307

Subnet Calculator 1.3

Its a very simple subnet calculator written in C#. It's designed to be lightweight and portable for quick daily usage. Features: * Subnet Calculator for IPv4 VLSM * Lightweight * Portable * Free * Easy to copy and paste data * Live calculation * Open Source
102.4 K 50
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