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Custom Colors You can choose any color for the frame from any image you have opened. Unlimited Number of Frames There is no limit on how many frames can be created around your image. Save In Popular Formats FrameZ can save your new images in all popular formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, as well as exporting your created work...
1 MB 1,417


FrameFun is a simple application to add frames to Bitmap, JPEG or PNG images. You may select an outer frame, a border around the image and a drop shadow for a 3D effect. You can modify the color and width of each Frame, Border and Shadow. You may additionally modify the direction of the drop shadow. A Batch Conversion option allows you to "frame"...
1.2 MB 1,065

Frame-It 1.0

Frame-It v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable photo slideshow with support for a variety of frame styles and includes a number of extra frame backgrounds and custom cursor support. Frame-It v1.0 provides an easy and convenient way to share your photo or image collection over the web.
377 K 406

FRAME3DD 0.20091203

Frame3DD is free open-source software for static and dynamic structural analysis of 2D and 3D frames and trusses with elastic and geometric stiffness. It computes the static deflections, reactions, internal element forces, natural frequencies, mode shapes and modal participation factors of two- and three- dimensional elastic structures using direct...
1.1 MB 809

FrameShots 3.1.3

Video image capture software is often complicated to use, lacking features, or just clunky. FrameShots was created as a very simple, powerful movie capture program. The software will capture images from video like your MPEG, DivX, Xvid, WMV, AVI or any other movie files that Windows Media Player can play. You can quickly and easily skip frame by frame in...
1.8 MB 409

FrameDummy 1.0

Run FrameDummy and get a window frame around any image or screen area. The frame dummy looks and behaves like a real desktop window. Use it for screenshots, messages, pranks, or software development. Write a greeting or a birthday card, save it as image, and show it with FrameDummy. Or make a fake desktop window, that looks 100% real, but does not respond...
102.4 K 64

Wedding Shoppe 1.0

Help the young girl to manage her wedding dress store. You are a wedding Shoppe manager; your duty is to help the customers to select their wedding dresses. Let them see dresses and try the dresses in the fitting rooms if required. Finally pack the dresses for them and collect the money.
819.2 K 161

Wedding Budget 1

A practical tool designed to help you estimate all the expenses of a wedding event. The user only needs to enter the expenses in the Data Entry tab in order to generate the budget overview.
102.4 K 64

Frame Maker Pro 3.77

Frame Maker Pro is an imaging and desktop enhancement program that adds impressive frames to digital photos in order to enhance your personal albums, projects, websites or desktop wallpapers with remarkable ease. Through its innovative graphical user interface, you can choose from a variety of frames and add them to your images; full screen preview the...
2.5 MB 400

Frame Photo Editor 5.0.2

Frame photo editor is a photo editor that would let you do the work YOUR way, but do it all for you. With Frame Photo Editor, you can easily enhance your photo effects by blending your digital photos onto another image. The photo will be masked as special effect which you can select from a lot of masks that Frame Photo Editor provides.You can also easily...
10.3 MB 8,210

Wedding Manager Pro 1.2

Wedding manager Pro as the name suggests is software which has been designed to serve event managers and wedding planners. The software is unique and is not something which you can find with many software development concerns. Now coming towards the navigation features of this software, it features a data navigator which allows user to access their data...
15.3 MB 74

Wedding Dash 2 Game 2.0.2

Wedding Dash 2 Game, is one of many free Games you can download at Free Ride Games, Quinn is back on a new whirlwind adventure, joined by Flo and Joe Wright, wedding photographer. Help Quinn become the world's top wedding planner in this hilarious sequel to the hit game Wedding Dash. Visit beautiful, exotic locations while managing new guests,...
716.8 K 410

Wedding Slideshow Studio 1.01

You have lots of wedding photos, video clips, and want to show them on big TV screen with a DVD player on your wedding party? You can do it by yourself (DIY) absolutely. Wedding Slideshow Studio is such a photo slideshow software to create stunning dvd photo slideshow with your wedding photos, video clips and music. Wedding Slideshow Studio lets you create...
21.7 MB 1,073

Wedding Album Maker Gold 3.52

Wedding Album Maker Gold is a professional photo album software which creates an exciting wedding photo slide show with music, transitions, DVD menus. It can quickly and easily produce amazing wedding photo album DVD video disc and share your love story and excitement of your wedding day on home big screen TV with standard DVD player in the comfort of your...
23.3 MB 4,881

iFrame 0.4

Browse using a popup iFrame to preview a link before you open it. Very useful for browsing Google search result, Craigslist. A simple Opera alternative for Firefox's CoolPreviews and Google Chrome's ezLinkPreview After installing the extension: 1. Hover a link to show a tiny box on the right of the link 2. Click the tiny box to open...
102.4 K 447

JFrameBuilder 3.3.0

JFrameBuilder is an easy-to-use visual Java GUI Builder for Java Swing applications. It provides the application GUI solution for Java developers. The Java GUI designer enables Java developers to create sophisticated GUI applications using drag-and-drop interface without spending a lot of time writing code. Features: - What you see is...
13.75 MB 6,030


Reframe is a stand-alone software solution to convert between PAL and NTSC video, between SD and HD video, and from film to video. Convert Among Video and Audio Formats - MOV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MPG, 3GP, DV, AIF, WAV, MP3 and more Reframe supports many popular input and output formats including mov, mp4, m4v, avi, mpg, 3gp, and dv for video,...
102.4 K 56

2D Frame Analysis 2.0

2D Frame Analysis is a powerfull application which uses optimized finite elements (beam elements) in order to perform static analysis of beams, frames and trusses. Its versatile interface as well as its easy customization make it a leader-product in structural analysis of frames. Features * Use of highly flexible, general, finite...
37 MB 110

EyeFrame Converter 1.8.1

EyeFrame Converter is a tool for converting acquisition codecs into edit friendly intermediate codecs, converting files for an intermediate/proxy work flow, inserting time code and reel names for an EDL work flow and finally converting into delivery/upload/authored DVD formats. The latest feature is conversion of Magic Lantern RAW files.
11.6 MB 138

Warframe Online Client 14.7.1

Join your friends in player-vs-enemy raids across the solar system and master the power of the Warframes. Stand alone or fight together against enemies that threaten your world. Story: They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now...
307.2 K 40

My Frame Panel ActiveX 2.01

This frame control lets you create appealing visual styles to your applications in all Windows versions. All default styles (XP, XP dark, Vista, Office 2003 and Media Player 10) and themes are supported (blue, olive, silver, royal). My Frame enables you to customize the appearance of your applications to suit your individual needs. NOTE: Source...
512 K 207

SDL Framework 1.0.2 Beta

SDLFW is a cross-platform framework from the powerful SDL library to make 2D games with the LUA programming language. It's easy-to-use, free, open-source, and works on Windows and Linux (more platforms in new versions). Features: * Fast application development through LUA scripting language * Provides input from the...
921.6 K 78

Blueframe Pack 3.0

Your complete online solution. Package includes Blueframe Website editor, 6mths Hosting, Email, Domain Name plus much more. Easily build a professional Flash Website presence without coding. Blueframe Web is a unique technology which gives you 30 website and PocketPC Flash templates, plus an easy-to-use WYSIWYG authoring software. No complicated...
5.69 MB 255

WireframeSketcher 4.4.1

WireframeSketcher is a software tool that helps you quickly create wireframes, mockups and prototypes for desktop, web and mobile applications. It comes both as a plugin for your Eclipse-based IDE and a standalone application. Mockup anything A comprehensive palette of widgets lets you design anything from simple screen mockups to entire...
73 MB 568

WireframeSketcher Studio

WireframeSketcher is a wireframing tool that helps designers, developers and product managers quickly create wireframes, mockups and prototypes for desktop, web and mobile applications. It’s a desktop app and a plug-in for any Eclipse IDE. Mockup anything Mockup your website, desktop and mobile applications. Get Android, iPhone, iPad and...
63.5 MB 64

XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 Refresh

The XNA Framework Redistributable provides the necessary runtime components to execute a game on Windows that was developed using Microsoft XNA Game Studio. This release contains improved functionality as well as new features. Installation of this runtime is unnecessary on systems with Microsoft XNA Game Studio already installed. The Microsoft Software...
6.7 MB 273

lindyFrame 2.0

LindyFrame is a Java desktop application framework that eliminates the development time needed to create software tools. The framework provides the ability to create applications that support several languages and loading resources from network sources. The core aspect of the tool is a plugin architecture that the developer uses to build the desired...
102.4 K 40

Play framework 2.0

Play is based on a lightweight, stateless, web-friendly architecture and features predictable and minimal resource consumption (CPU, memory, threads) for highly-scalable applications - thanks to its reactive model, based on Iteratee IO.
89.4 MB 94

MOEA Framework 1.17

The MOEA Framework is an open source Java library for developing and experimenting with multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs) and other general-purpose multiobjective optimization algorithms. A number of algorithms are provided out-of-the-box, including NSGA-II, ε-MOEA, GDE3 and MOEA/D. In addition, the MOEA Framework provides the tools necessary...
9.1 MB 182

PhotoFrame Free 4.5.3

Add the perfect finishing touch to your images with the PhotoFrame 4.5 Free Edition plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. Based on the award-winning PhotoFrame plug-in, PhotoFrame 4.5 Free Edition gives you 30 professional-grade edges, backgrounds, textures and adornments. It even has complete layouts where you just drop your image in and you are done. No...
61.4 MB 1,492

Easy Frame Creator 2.1

Easy Frame Creator is intended for quick and easy creation of framed images or single frames. You can find the detailed information about work with the program in Tutorial (see also Spanish Tutorial, German Tutorial). Areas where you can apply Easy Frame Creator: * creation of framed photos for theirs publication on the Web; *...
102.4 K 112

Firm Framework for C++ 0.4.2

Don't you dream about developing software in extremely small period of time? And how about the program's code that is completely understood by everyone? Isn't it comfortable to develop your applications once and then deploy them across multiple platforms? How it would be great if you just tell the computer what to do and it follows your instructions!...
204.8 K 300

Odin Frame Photo Creator 6.6.5

Frame Photo Creator looks like popular photo sticker booth not only enable you to edit ,print, and manipulate digital photos to improve photo quality but also can take photos on your home PC .So we also call it photo sticker,sticky photo,frame photo editor,big-head photo maker,photo booth software. Frame Photo Creator software has photo mode and...
20.3 MB 1,837

DRPU Wedding Card Designer

Weddings are one of the unforgettable moments in a couple’s life. The wedding invitation is one of the precious parts of all wedding preparations. We provide wedding card designer software that helps you to design and print attractive wedding cards for your dream day. Wedding card designing program is developed with different predefined...
5.1 MB 107

.NET Framework Cleanup Tool 6.0.3790

This .NET Framework cleanup tool is designed to automatically perform a set of steps to remove selected versions of the .NET Framework from a computer. It will remove files, directories, registry keys and values and Windows Installer product registration information for the .NET Framework. The tool is intended primarily to return your system to a known...
102.4 K 276

PhotoFrame Professional Edition 4.6.7

Create album layouts or add a frame or edge effect with the large library of professionally designed edges, textures, backgrounds and adornments. From simple edges to full page layouts PhotoFrame Professional Edition features over a thousand design elements like film edges, borders, textures, backgrounds and adornments. It even has...
1400 MB 2,124

Photo Frame 1.4.152

Photo Frame Show is an imaging and desktop enhancement program that adds stylish frames to digital photos in order to enhance your online photo albums, projects, websites or desktop wallpapers with remarkable ease. Through its innovative graphical user interface, you can choose from a variety of frames and add them to your images; save your framed images in...
7.54 MB 2,696


Dragonframe is the next generation of image capture software for stop motion animation. New features include a visual timeline editor, integrated lip-sync, advanced DMX lighting, motion control and much more. Animate your Way You may feel most comfortable animating with onionskin—blending your live view over the previously shot frame. Or...
21.6 MB 159

Photo Framer 3.25

A picture is not complete without a frame. You can have a cute snapshot or a whole gallery of family pictures to email or show on a Web site, but will they impress the viewer? Have a look at portfolio sites of renowned family and wedding photographers. All of their pictures are carefully framed and signed, and all of them impress the viewer. Sure the frame...
4 MB 1,074

Demux Framework 0.10.0

DEMUX Framework is a Java framework for building modular, cross-platform applications which can run on desktop, web and mobile devices. It is an open source project published under Apache License 2.0. The following list presents basic goals of this project: * build a platform that will enable easy creation of modular applications based on OSGI....
6.9 MB 99

Photo Frame Show 1.0.16

Photo Frame Show is an imaging and desktop enhancement program that adds stylish frames to digital photos in order to enhance your online photo albums, projects, websites or desktop wallpapers with remarkable ease. Through its innovative graphical user interface, you can choose from a variety of frames and add them to your images; save your framed images in...
7.5 MB 1,348

Photo Frame Maker 2.1147

Photo Frame Maker is easy to use photo frame software. You can add cool frames to your photos, very quickly and easily. Resize, rotate, adjust collor and add text to your photos. These can be finished in batches! You can print or mail to your friend. Photo Frame Maker makes working with your digital photos as easy as...
2.8 MB 265

Photo Frame Genius 2.3.1

Photo Frame Genius (Photo Show) is a tool for quick and easy creation of stunning frames, and with help of this program you can add many different Mask, Clip Art and Shadow effects to photos. As a specialized tool, Photo Frame Genius has many features: 1. Support the major picture format. 2. allow to rotate, flip, or change the...
2.8 MB 633

Photo Frame Studio 2.96

Program PHOTO FRAME STUDIO has been designed to edit and decorate digital photographies. Thanks to the program each picture will look different and operating our program will be a real pleasure for you. We offer over 200 frames and what is more, every one of them can be modified by the options which are contained in our program. The interface of the...
189 MB 5,618

Photo Frames & Effects Free 1.0

It is a great tool for users who want to add frames & effects to their digital photos, it's easy-to-use interface allows you to alter your images fast and easy. The program comes with more than 60 different frames and effects and support for additional addons to support more frames and effects to be added to the...
10.5 MB 524

Robot Framework SeleniumLibrary 2.8.1

SeleniumLibrary is a Robot Framework test library that uses the popular Selenium web testing tool internally. It provides a powerful combination of simple test data syntax and support for different browsers. In addition to standard web testing, the library also supports testing Adobe Flex/Flash applications.
25.4 MB 77

myPhotoFrame 1.4.0 Build 51

Single file or a whole Folder content can be used as photo source, so photos can be changed in a slide show mode. If a single file selected, photo can be zoomed and positioned to fit into frame. If a folder content selected, disproportional images can be skipped. Slide show change Interval is adjustable, Random Order makes slide show more...
1.8 MB 111

Loader Framework 0.1

This loader framework will help to develop a simple loader which patches program in memory and runs, without learning all the details of Win32 APIs. All of the works has already been done. A user only needs to add loader icon and a splash image, and to implements few virtual methods of a class inherited from one of the provided classes. (and a few lines of...
307.2 K 162

Signal Framework 0.5

A Spring-based IoC, AOP and MVC framework for Java ME (J2ME). Both MIDP and LWUIT APIs are supported.
1 MB 267

Scooter Framework 1.0.2

With Scooter, you can build RESTful database-backed web applications in minutes in Java. You will enjoy Ruby-on-Rails-like development style and much more. Features: * Type and click: No more tedious compile, package, deploy, shutdown, and restart. Just edit/save your Java code, and refresh your browser. * Dynamic...
27.6 MB 258
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