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Adblock Plus for Google Chrome 1.8.8

Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads, and supports websites by not blocking unobtrusive ads by default (configurable). Enjoy surfing the web without obtrusive ads cluttering your screen! Adblock Plus for Google Chrome blocks: · Banners · YouTube video ads · Facebook advertisements · Pop-ups · All other...
307.2 K 601

PlibC 0.1.5

Applications written for Unix often rely on functions that are incomplete or unimplemented in the Microsoft C runtime library. The Cygwin project emulates a more or less complete Unix environment to run Unix based applications under Windows. However, this emulation isn't fast and doesn't provide the Windows "Look and...
102.4 K 167

Pligg 1.2.0

RC5 Changelog: * Many SEO updates and fixes * Better foreign language support for UTF-8 Characters * Future upgrades will automatically make edits to your language file so after 1.0 final you will never need to manually update it. * Group admins can now be notified by email when a user requests to join a Private or...
1.5 MB 409


Plane9 is a 3d visualizer where you never have to settle for just one view ever again. From the start you have over 260 predefined scenes to choose from. But it doesn't end there since the scenes can be combined with one another to form a near endless supply of new views to experience. To form a continous experience so does the visualizer utilize 35...
20.7 MB 662

Plplot 5.9.8

PLplot is a cross-platform software package for creating scientific plots. To help accomplish that task it is organized as a core C library, language bindings for that library, and device drivers which control how the plots are presented in non-interactive and interactive plotting contexts. The PLplot core library can be used to create standard x-y...
13.2 MB 223

Plates 1.22

Features Import bookmarks Import bookmarks from any of the most popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Search Quickly search across your library. Groups Group bookmarks in your own way. Add folders and subfolders. It's up to you how to organize your bookmarks. Tags Use flexibility of...
3.6 MB 736

Play65 1.3

This software enables players of all levels from all over the world to join the largest worldwide Backgammon community. After downloading the software (1 minute) and registering as a new player you will experience a new world of online backgammon that provides you with a platform to play against thousands of players worldwide for fun and for Real...
293 K 572

Player 1.7.2

Audio and video player, playlist editor, mp3 tags editor. Supported formats include MP3, WAV, MID, WMA, CDA, AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, WM, SND, AU, AIFF, M1V, MP2. The list and playing position saved automatically. Also supports m3u list manipulations: load, save, modify. 5 displaying modes: micro, brief, medium, full and background. Modes 5...
1.2 MB 18,859

PlusPAD 1.0

PlusPAD is an advanced PAD file generator, editor and validator. Includes a solid project based management of the PAD files, embedded validation, multiple languages, fast file processing and esthetic GUI. PlusPAD is able to generate 1 or multiple PAD files, save the formatted html version of the PAD file or even view the PAD file as raw XML inside the...
551 K 740

Playdar 9.07.09

Run it on every computer you use, and you'll be able to listen to all the songs you would otherwise be able to find manually by searching though all your computers, hard disks, online services, and more. Playdar provides a consistent API for accessing any song ever recorded. Playdar is designed to solve one problem: given the name of a track,...
2 MB 255

PlayCap 0.1.1

PlayCap plays back captures made from Wireshark, tcpdump, WinDump, or any libpcap-based application.
1.3 MB 165

Plastic 1.76

The 360Works Plastic plugin makes it easy to process secure, SSL-encrypted credit card payments from FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server. Just charge it The 360Works Plastic plugin works with scripts that are scheduled with FileMaker Server 9, as well as with custom web publishing and Instant Web Publishing. It also reads the extra magnetic...
1.8 MB 165

PlunkIt 1.0

PlunkIt! is the cross-platform private file-transfer utility for your office. Instantly send files or folders to any user on your network. PlunkIt! uses peer-to-peer technology and does not rely on Internet servers to transfer files within your local network. This makes PlunkIt! a very fast in-house file-transfer system that complements your...
7 MB 243

PlantUml 8009

PlantUMLis a component that allows to quickly write : - sequence diagram, - use case diagram, - class diagram, - activity diagram (here is the new syntax), - component diagram, - state diagram, - object diagram, - wireframe graphical interface Diagrams are defined using a simple and intuitive language. This can...
2.4 MB 686

Plotagon 0.14.1

Plotagon is a playful new app that makes stories come to life with you in the director’s chair. Write your story, choose characters, and press play – it’s that simple.
102.4 K 4

Platcore 1.1

It seems you can't die in this action game, and the only thing that makes a difference is how many coins you collect. It seems the makers of this game are rather fond of Portal, because they offer a moist delicious desert to those who finish.
17 MB 17


Three great reasons to try Chrometa 1. It saves you time. How much time are you wasting by manually entering times and then piecing together notes at billing? Drawing from a survey we've conducted on time tracking habits, legal professionals within our sample spend on average 3.8 hours per week (!) reconciling their time. Using Chrometa,...
23 MB 1,043

plaYUVer 0.1.46 Beta

plaYUVer is an open-source video player with the following features: - Support for libavformat and libavcodec; - Support for wide range of raw video formats; - Support for OpenCV imag/video processing library - Advanced frame zoom with easy to use pan function - Usefull information in status bar, e.g., pixel information -...
37 MB 29

PlayTime 1.4.4

Quickly calculate the total play time of a list of most any music or movie file. That was the original request. Due to further user requests, PlayTime has since been expanded to be a fairly complete front-end for the MediaInfo library.
1.9 MB 211

PlayClaw 5.0 Build 3090

For showing off slick new tricks or proving you really can take down The Boss with one shot, nothing shows it better than video. Be it OpenGL, DirectX 8,9,10 or 11, if your machine can run the game well you can capture it all with low hit to the frame-rate even at full resolution video! PlayClaw can also show you important information in...
19 MB 1,731


Plainamp is a free, open source audio player for Microsoft Windows. More precisely it is a rewritten Winamp core (or plugin host) which means it relies on Winamp plugins heavily. It is still in early alpha state. Plainamp currently features: * Winamp plugin support (input, output, visualization, DSP and general...
716.8 K 381


Custom docking windows library, featuring floating forms, autohide panels and redockable windows. Full Office2003 theme support, integrated WYSIWYG desginer support for VS.NET, fast rendering, accurate panel transitions and full documentation. Supports tabbed docked windows and stacked windows, similar to the Visual Studio .Net model. Windows can be docked...
4.43 MB 461

Plagiarii 1.0

Evelyn awoke locked up in a strange place, her whole life overturned. Even in her strangest dreams, she never could have predicted what extraordinary phenomena would soon overcome her existence: memory loss, mysterious disappearances, encounters with an unknown intelligent species, time travel. Help Evelyn escape her confinement, discover the truth behind...
214.4 MB 94


Linear Technology PLLWizard is used to communicate with the LTC6945 and LTC6946 synthesizers. It uses the DC590 controller to translate between USB and SPI-compatible serial communications formats. It also includes advanced PLL design and simulation capabilities. You may use it to: * Recommend part parameters based on your frequency...
3 MB 71

PlayAnyCD 1.0

PlayAnyCD helps you to play and ripp even scractched music CD's on your PC. If your CD drives can detect the CD your chances are good to play it on your PC! You can save the tracks as WAV files. The program has a Karaoke mode in which you hear only the background music.
921.6 K 7

Planetris 1.0

This game is an adaption of Tetris in 3D -but can be played comfortably. You only have to turn the constructed ball-figure to add more balls flying to you in space. But to every type of ball you can only add a special number of balls.
19 K 154

PlayerPal 4.2 Service Release 7

Browse, search and control your PC's music from anywhere on your home or office network. Turn any networked device with a browser into a music remote. Liberate your music from those boring lists and see them as real albums with their cover art. Use from your Sony PSP, PDA, PC, laptop, Mac or any other device with a browser. PlayerPal includes three...
1.7 MB 4,603

Plus Lite 1.1

Plus Lite is general purpose accounting software suitable for Accountants, Personal accounting, Micro businesses, Learning etc. Features - Sale / Purchase & Stock - Job Work to Party - Accounts - IT / VAT Reports - Analytical / MIS reports - Outstanding Reports - Special Feature - Special Utility Sale /...
102.4 K 61

PlusRings 1.0

PLUS Rings is a ring optimization software that allows you to enter rings and discs of different sizes and nest them one inside the other. The rings are nested in such a manner, so that we get non-concentric ring patterns. Application Area: * Gasket Manufacturer. * Cookware manufacturer. Key Features: *...
13.3 MB 277

PLUS Bend 2.26

A software which automatically calculates the total flat length of bent component, after the user has fed all the necessary information regarding the bent component, at the click of a button the flat length of the component is calculated. Thus after obtaining the flat length of the bent component and its width we can get the size of the blank to be cut from...
2.7 MB 143


PlaySound is a small utility that allows you to play various sound files interactively or via a command-line. PlaySound will play the following sound files *.wav, *.mp3, *.wma, *.snd, or *.au provided that you have the associated codec already installed.
102.4 K 102

Playground 1

A collection that provides you with different icons related to children playground
1.8 MB 102

Plant Base 2.1.5

Plant Base is designed as a straightforward plant information encyclopedia and all its features are focused on this. Information is organised by using a database, but no technical skills are needed. The emphasis of the application is on a functional, no-nonsense approach to usability and considerable flexibility. There are no frills, but it is fast,...
279 MB 60


Plot2PDF quickly converts your engineering drawings to Adobe PDF or DWF file formats. Supports ISO PDF/A Runs on XP, Vista, Win7 (32- and 64- bit versions) Supported File Formats: * HP-GL (PLT) * HP-GL/2 (PLT) * Calcomp907 * DWG up to R2009 * DXF up to R2009 * CGM * CALS G4 ...
11.2 MB 744

Chrome 140 1.2

Chrome 140 is the simplest way to tweet a page from Google Chrome. Before switching to Chrome, I was a Safari user and really liked Safari 140. After switching, I tried to find a similar extension for Google Chrome but everything I tried would just take me to my twitter page. While this works, it's not particularly quick. I wanted something simpler and...
102.4 K 426

Plan Maker 1.24

Make simple plans of houses, rooms, street maps etc. Add doors, windows, labels, clipart and even your own pictures. Onscreen help explains all. Program includes an uninstall facility. Recommended Minimum System: PC, Windows 95/NT4 or better e.g. XP, Vista, Windows 7, 16MB Ram, Pentium 166, sound card.
102.4 K 74

Plexis POS

Plexis POS Software, Point of Sale for Retail, Restaurant, Fast Food, Bars, Coffee Shops, Grocery, Convenience Stores, Liquor, Pizza Delivery and Retail. Use Touch Screen, Mouse or Keyboard. Includes Inventory and Barcode, Customer Management, A/R, Statements, General Ledger, Reporting, Multiple Taxes, Discounting and more. Single Lane or Multi-Lane...
29.3 MB 312

PlumPlayer 1.3

PlumPlayer is a folder based music player with an integrated Ken Burns effect slideshow viewer. With PlumPlayer you can make your own (scheduled) music playlists and it offers support for streaming MP3 / Internet radio. PlumPlayer supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, M4A, OGG and WAV. The slideshow supports the most common graphic formats. Music -...
921.6 K 124

PluralEyes 3.2.1

Videographers and filmmakers win by telling a good story. Now you can win at the workflow behind that story too. By synchronizing audio and multi-camera video automatically, PluralEyes revolutionizes post-production and speeds your sync in seconds rather than days. PluralEyes is a standalone application with a new timeline, visual feedback, and touch-up...
102.4 K 224

PL/Barcode 1.0.0

Supported barcodes * Code39 * Code39 Extended * Code25Interleaved * Code11 * MSIPlessey * UPCA * Code25Industrial * Matrix2of5 * Code93 * EAN13 * EAN8 * UPCE * CODE128 A, B, C *...
102.4 K 242

ChromeCuts 3.2.0

ChromeCuts reduces the need type out common details repeatedly, such as email addresses, usernames and login IDs. It's also a great place to quickly store notes. Features -Unlimited saving using HTML5 Local Storage. -Support for Syncing between computers.* -Copy Cuts to your clipboard. -Add labels so you don't forget what...
102.4 K 396

PlayIt Live 1.07 Build 744

Features: - Choose from classic cart decks mode or live-assist players mode. - Instant QuickCarts for jingles and sound effects. - Display QuickCarts as a cartwall or docked to the main window. - Play WAVs, MP3s, WMAs or MP4s. - Add tracks with an easy to use wizard. - Analyze tracks for silence for a more streamlined...
9.2 MB 206

Chromebleed 1.0.4

Many HTTPS-secured sites on the internet use OpenSSL. Unfortunately, a major vulnerability in OpenSSL was disclosed - known as the Heartbleed bug - yesterday that put hundreds of thousands of servers at risk of compromise. Whilst some servers have been patched already, many remain that have not been patched. Chromebleed uses a web service...
102.4 K 50

Plastic SCM

Plastic SCM is the best Distributed Version Control supporting task-driven software development for teams of any size because it simplifies branching and merging. It works the way you want! * Fully distributed or centralized repos * Branching and merging made simple * Powerful GUI or straight command line *...
19.2 MB 68


Type of scheduling With your scheduling software, choose the type of schedule you need for a defined view (morning, afternoon, daily) or more general view (weekly, monthly). You can also define a number of days to display from a specific date. Filter With one click, you can filter the schedule. Select only the human or material...
9.7 MB 772

PlotLab VCL 5.0.3

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL components library for very easy and fast Data Visualization. The library includes: Scope - scientific chart component for plotting multi-channel data. Waterfall - l data plotting component, especially suitable for FFT results. The components allow zooming, navigation, direct printing, clipboard copy, save to file and more. All of the...
391 MB 267

Planner.NET 4.1

Planner.NET is a calendar and scheduling component for the .NET framework. The control supports yearly, monthly, weekly and daily schedule views. Each view provides a distinct layout of the time cells and can display events such as appointments and meetings. The timetable view displays a day's schedule where the columns represent dates, locations, tasks or...
5.88 MB 224

Chromentum 2 1.00

Goldy and Sweety want to make their land beautiful again, help them on their way by completing over 700 hand-crafted levels, including 120 single action bonus levels with 16 different Chromate types. Move and shoot your Chromate around the levels to try and cover all the circles with other Chromates. Ramps, slides and corners give each level a unique feel...
19.5 MB 411

Plot Builder 2.2.0

Equipped with a revolutionary new way to organize and write your novel or screenplay. Plot Builder is the simple solution to visualize and develop your story in correct industry standard format. Dynamically place story elements upon an a Three-Act Excitement Graph to construct your manuscript in a non-linear fashion. Whether you use Plot Builder to write...
102.4 K 187

PlotLab .NET

PlotLab is a set of very fast data plotting / charting / graphing components. Add sophisticated interactive graphs, charts, plots, and waterfalls to your VB.NET, C#, Visual C++, Delphi and C++ Builder applications with minimal effort. Channels: - Display multiple channels as lines, points or bars - Custom draw...
232 MB 290
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