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Hex Editor Neo Standard

Hex Editor Neo is a binary files editing software utility for Windows. It's rich and handy set of features will help all software and hardware developers working with ASCII, hex, decimal, float, double and binary data. Highly optimized performance, carefully tuned user interface among with new level of application stability will save a lot of your...
11.4 MB 1,791

Hex Editor Neo Ultimate

Hex Editor Neo Ultimate is a most powerful binary files editing solution for advanced specialists who wants the best and knows the pleasure of working with top quality tools only. It has all of extended features and product flexibility. You will be even able to write and execute your own scripts to manipulate data and control the way an application...
7.8 MB 438

Hex Editor Neo Professional

Hex Editor offers you all basic functionality of the award-winning Free Hex Editor as well as a number of extended features. They include multiple selection, powerful Find All and Replace All commands, Goto and Fill commands, Bookmarks and file structure analysis capabilities. The powerful multiple selection feature allows you to select multiple...
5.5 MB 382

Free Hex Editor Neo

Free Hex Editor Neo is award-winning large files optimized freeware editor for everyone who works with ASCII, hex, decimal, float, double and binary data. Freeware Hex Editor Neo allows you to view, modify, analyze your hexadecimal data and binary files, edit, exchange data with other applications through the clipboard, insert new data and delete...
11.4 MB 3,712

HexEditor 3.1.2

The XEditor is a Java application that allows to view, validate and edit the contents of X9 Image Cash Letter Files. to the following standards: * X9.37 DSTU-2003 * X9.37 DSTU-2003 - FRB * X9.100-180-2006 * X9.100-180-TECH * Universal Companion Document (UCD) * X9.100-181 (Check Image Validation) ...
2.3 MB 533

Hex Editor 3.12

Hex Editor Software - Binary and Hex file editing tool for Windows with Multi-Window, Multi-Document Interface, Text Viewer, Advanced Search and Replace features. Edit your Exe Code, Hex Dump, Avi, Mpeg, Jpeg and other files with HHD HexEditor.
2 MB 812

Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor 1.0.0

Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor is a powerful yet easy to use freeware tool to view and edit metadata of PDF documents. It is especially designed to modify a large number of documents at once. Just drag pdf documents into window, select desired fields and enter text to insert, click “Modify All Files”, and you’re done. Only selected fields are...
1.4 MB 67

Be.HexEditor 1.4.2

Be.HexEditor is a simple but powerful editor for binary files. Advantages: * Opens files of unlimited size. * Multi-language support (English, German, Japanese and Russian) * Open Source * It's free for personal and commercial use.
819.2 K 215

Abdio Hex Editor 6.2

Abdio Hex Editor is one friendly Hex data editor, you can edit all documents and the document format, providing an exceptionally stable and robust program that you can always count on to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Powerful features: - Edit, Cut, Copy, Paste, Insert. - Delete hex, Print, and export to Txt. -...
2.9 MB 408

febooti fileTweak Hex Editor 3.0

febooti hex editor is simple and easy to use utility, fully integrated into windows properties pages, that allows to modify file binary content in the very precise and exact way. Hex editor provides significant benefit, namely, the possibility to edit strictly specified regions of file without affecting the layout of file or content shifting, thus giving a...
716.8 K 422

NeonDS 0.2.1

Fixed ATI card rendering problem Auto frameskip when limit60fps options is enabled 0.2.0 New 3D display engine using GLSL Video capture 2d background mosiac effect RTC NDS firmware settings Other emulator bug fixes 0.1.1 3D display engine (incomplete yet) Replace D3D with OpenGL for display rendering Support 2x...
307.2 K 8,674

Neo EQ 1

Neo EQ is a revolutionary concept in equalizer technology. Totally different from traditional EQ, Neo EQ is able to automatically detect and lock in the most audible/sensitive frequency. This makes the whole EQ process much easier than traditional EQ methods - much more efficient and effective than traditional parametric EQ. Mixing engineers spend...
2.8 MB 225

HexChat 2.10.2

HexChat is an IRC client based on XChat, but unlike XChat it’s completely free for both Windows and Unix-like systems. Since XChat is open source, it’s perfectly legal. For more info, please read the Shareware background. HexChat was originally called XChat-WDK which in turn was a successor of freakschat. For more info, please read the...
102.4 K 64

NeoLoad 5.0.2

NeoLoad is a load testing software solution designed for web and mobile applications to realistically simulate user activity and monitor infrastructure behavior. NeoLoad's exclusive technology allows you to perform web testing more quickly, efficiently, and frequently, which means you can immediately identify the root cause of any bottlenecks or...
236 MB 173

NEO Pro 5.04 Build 573

A seamless view to all your messages - automatically organized for easy access Features: * Revised User Interface - Ribbon or Toolbars * Conversation view - view messages in their email thread * Add personal notes to your messages * Automatically organized email - by correspondent, date, attachment and status * NEO search:...
10.4 MB 485

Hex2bin 2.0

Converts Motorola and Intel hex files to binary. Executables for windows included. Features: - Supports unsorted records - Can add a checksum to a file - Can fill unused bytes with FF or another value
102.4 K 107

Neopods 1.0

Click a neopod in stasis to release it and make it roll down the level. Power a Neobot by fitting the correct Neopod, power all Neobots to complete a level. Red platforms can be removed. Yellow platforms can be moved by dragging them with the mouse. Rings around the Mouse means you an interact with that object. Antipods need to be avoided!
5.2 MB 67

Neontor 1

Neontor is a software product that enables you to record all computer activity without being detected. Think of Neontor as providing the equivalent of a digital surveillance system which enables you to see everything your family members or employees are doing. You can view the recorded data from the computer later, or you can view the data...
1.1 MB 238

NeoPhoto 2.0.1

Create an Instant Photo Website. Resize, rotate, crop and organize all of your digital photos into albums. Add captions. Email entire photo albums, automatically resized with captions included. Turning your photos into an attractive website is as easy as pushing a button. Capture photos from your digital camera, scanner, hard drive, web pages or screen...
3.9 MB 384

Hex Edit 3.5

Feature Summary: - Easy to use interface familiar to Windows users - Unlimited undo (incl. cursor moves), undo changes - Window tabs to see/jump to any open window - Highlighter mode to remember important bytes - Built-in calculator, integrated with macros - Autofit, hex/decimal addresses, OVR/INS, RO etc - Drag and drop...
6.7 MB 661

NeoAudio 1.7

NeoAudio is a free program that rips CD audio to WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis, or WMA directly. NeoAudio also encodes and decodes MP3s, OGGs, WMAs, and more. Remote and local CDDB and ID3v2 file naming is supported during extraction for automatic track naming. Advanced features include multiple/variable bitrate support, multi-drive reading, file compare, jitter...
3.06 MB 1,688

NeoPaint 5.2

NeoPaint is a full featured graphics studio that's easy-to-learn, powerful and affordable! It's simple enough for beginners, yet packed with powerful features and advanced tools that power users will love. NeoPaint makes it easy for business and home users to touch up photographs and create great looking graphics for desktop publishing, presentations, and...
12.6 MB 1,312

Neon Race 1.0

Smash and dash through 8 neon-soaked levels of thrilling driving action. Earn cash to upgrade your vehicle, and unlock all the tracks. Beat all the track times to unlock the Super Car for more speed and thrills. Use Arrow keys to drive, X or N to turbo.
5.4 MB 98

Neon Wars 1.01

BlitWise Production's newest game, Neon Wars, is an arcade style game where vivid, colorful graphics, great music, and exciting, fast paced game play come together in an amazingly new experience for the next generation of players that stays true to its classic, retro roots. This easy to learn abstract shooter has you collecting stars to power up your...
2.94 MB 304

neoSearch 2.60

Tired of wondering where you saved that important document? Is launching applications quickly something you still dream about? Put off by having to scour through your hard-disk to find that elusive mp3? You know that Google Desktop and Vista's built-in search can help you but you just hate the way they slow your PC down and bloat it with...
921.6 K 1,657

Neoclipse 1.9.5

Neoclipse is a tool to view, edit and explore Neo4j databases. Main features: - visualize the graph - increase/decrease the traversal depth - filter the view by relationship types - add/remove nodes/relationships - create relationship types - add/remove/change properties on nodes and relationships - highlight...
102.4 K 14


NeoRouter Free features bleeding-edge technologies and is released frequently. It is 100% free for both commercial and non-commercial usage. Key Features Cross-platform Support Windows (Windows 2000 and above), Mac OS X/iOS, Linux i386/x64 (all major distros), FreeBSD, Android and router firmwares (openwrt and tomato). P2P...
13.3 MB 893

HexEditXP 1.6 (1072)

HexEditXP is a professional hex and structure editor for editing binary files. Being a flexible and fast hex editor, it has a powerful built-in scripting engine which is used to run scripts that can parse binary files into hierarchical data structures to let you explore the internals of binary files and edit them. The benefits of using...
3 MB 216

NeoLoader 0.48

It can download files fron various One Click Hosting sites as well as from BitTorrent and eMule/eDonkey2000. In addition to that Neo provides an own anonymous filesharing Network, based on a TOR-like packet routing in its own Next Generation Kademlia network. NeoLoader supports a large amount of hosting sites, see our Supported Hosters page for a...
13.4 MB 383

NeoBookDX 1.1c

This exciting plug-in adds the advanced multimedia capabilities of Microsoft's DirectX technology to NeoBook. NeoBookDX uses the same drivers and codecs as the latest versions of Windows Media Player and supports all major multimedia formats. Play multiple sound, music and video clips at the same time. Independently control volume, balance and rate for...
921.6 K 167

Hex Mines 4.01

Hex Mines is an improvement of the classic Minesweeper game. There are six board variations and five different levels in Hex Mines. It means that you have 30 different games to play! Additional features: sound effect, MIDI music, customizable skin, shield to prevent you accidentally uncover a mine, and many more.
225 K 206

HexBrowser 0.72 beta

HexBrowser is a tool that identifies file types. It does not care about the file extension, but opens each file to look for signatures inside, so it can determine the exact type of a file. It now recognizes more than 1000 different file formats. HexBrowser shows detailed information about each file, or a hex- or text dump of the beginning of each file. For...
102.4 K 9

HexInsight 1.1

HexInsight is a professional hex and structure editor for viewing and editing binary files. In addition to a flexible and fast hex/binary editor, it also has a built-in powerful scripting engine which is used to run the scripts that can parse complex binary files into hierarchical structures to let you explore the internals of binary files and edit...
1.2 MB 230

Neon Rider 1.0

Neon Rider is a fast paced reflex driving game. Drive your vehicle in the cyber world and try to finish the tracks as fast as possible. Change your bike color to stand on colored lines, collect bonus points and perform crazy flips! You will always be able to stand on blue lines. Use the minimap to plan your ride.
1.9 MB 194

Neon Clock

Big digital clock and beautiful 3D Screensaver. Amazing special effects will not leave you indifferent! You can use your current wallpaper as a background for clock and to adjust quantity of fires at will. Change the mood now! Fireworks screensaver on your display works as mood elevator. The good mood will not leave more you!
409.6 K 137

Hex Viewer 3.0.4

Files are read at the binary level then displayed in hexadecimal with ASCII representation.
2.5 MB 201

Editor.NET 2.1

Editor.NET is an advanced syntax code editor allowing integration of a highly flexible edit control in your .NET applications. Editor.NET has almost all the features that can be found in the Visual Studio.NET code Editor, including customisable syntax highlighting, code outlining, code completion, unlimited undo/redo, bookmarks, word wrap,...
18.4 MB 1,468

Hex Mahjong 1.0

Mahjong is a classic game which has been invented in China. You have probably tried many variations of Mahjong games, and you would like to discover a new one you do not know. Here is a hex Mahjong. The tiles are not rectangular, hexagonal. The game's principle remains the same: you'll have to combine 2 identical tiles to remove them from the game and to...
1.5 MB 8

Neon Race 2 2.0

Race at super speeds through futuristic landscapes. More speed, more upgrades, more unlocks, more TURBO! Use AWSD or arrow keys to drive, X or N or SPACE to use the turbo. Have fun and good luck!
4.8 MB 132

Neo Replace 1.01

Neo Replace is a tool that allows web developers to replace texts in a file. Users can also replace texts in multiple files or a specified folder with just a few clicks. To use the program, the user just type in texts to be replaced and type in new texts; the program will automatically replace those texts in that file. This program only support currently...
102.4 K 297

Hexdataedit 1.20

HexDataEdit is a tool to view and edit hex binary data file. You can view and edit binary data in every type such as Byte, Integer, Float, String, etc. This is strongly available in binary data file. You can use it as data debug. Usually some program save data use hex file. This can save Bytes, integer, float, and other data in it. But outside of...
652 K 904

Neo Napster 3.6

NeoNapster is a free file sharing program based on the Gnutella protocol. Similar to Napster and Morpheus, NeoNapster gives users the ability to search for, download, and share music, videos, software and more with millions of others. NeoNapster supports the most powerful Gnutella features, such as multi-host download swarming, SuperNode compatibility,...
2.3 MB 872

Neo Cryptor 1.1

Neo Cryptor - encryption software based on powerful passwords technology in which key - any file or key diskette. From now your password will contain millions, billions and more characters. Encrypted files can be safely transferred over the Internet via e-mail, or saved on your computer. The encryption method used will result in your files being ultimately...
307.2 K 443

Hex Workshop 6.8.0

The Hex Workshop Hex Editor is a set of hexadecimal development tools for Microsoft Windows, combining advanced binary editing with the ease and flexibility of a word processor. With Hex Workshop you can edit, cut, copy, paste, insert, and delete hex, print customizable hex dumps, and export to RTF or HTML for publishing. Additionally you can goto, find,...
17.3 MB 656

HexAssistant 2.7

Import structure from C/C++ files. - The font of Editor can be customized. - Copy hex data to clipboard as C/java Source. - Disk Editor. - View and edit the files in hex mode. - Highlight the modified data. - Unlimited undo and redo operations. - Find variable data in file(s), e.g. Hex, Text and Value. - Compare...
0 K 428

NeoDownloader 2.9.5

NeoDownloader is the fast and convenient solution for bulk downloading any files from any websites. It is mostly intended to help you download and view thousands of your favorite pictures, photos, wallpapers, videos, mp3s, and any other files automatically. Just specify a link (URL) and choose what you want: download from one web page, download a...
3.7 MB 4,949


A graph-based procedural texture editor to create 2d seamless textures for real-time rendering applications. Features: * Several Basis functions as Patterns: Perlin Noise, Cellular, Regular Functions... * Loading of Bitmaps as Patterns * Realtime OpenGL preview with Normal Mapping and Parallax Occlusion Mapping
1.3 MB 400

Hex Comparison 5.1413

Hex Comparison is a binary file comparison and hex editor. It helps you to compare files in binary format, serving as a hex editor. * Allow quickly compare two files. * Quickly find every different. * Show different with customizing color. * Allow save comparison result to file. * Go to any offset of file quickly. * Create new...
614.4 K 595

Hexamail Guard

Hexamail Guard is an easy to install server based anti-spam solution for your mailserver and all other email servers. Server spam filtering eliminates the requirement for desktop installation and updates and prevents spam, virus and malware from even reaching your mailserver. Hexamail is dedicated to making truly cost-effective products that are easy to...
102.4 K 47

NeoRouter Mesh

NeoRouter Mesh is a cloud-based zero-config remote access and VPN service. Simply follow the three easy steps below and you can start accessing remote computers within minutes.
102.4 K 58
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