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iTunes 12.1.1

You've never been so easily entertained. Features - iTunes Radio iTunes Radio has streaming radio stations you’ll love from day one, from the best selection of songs online. It lets you easily create stations that evolve based on the music you play or download. And you can hear them all on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, and...
71.5 MB 3,854,525

iTunesSnarl 1.1

iTunesSnarl is a neat plugin for iTunes, which hooks it up to the wonderful software "Snarl". Once installed, Snarl will show you information about the current song once you switch tracks in iTunes.
307.2 K 548

iTunes Sync 1.5.1

n just a few easy steps iTunes Sync will let you synchronize any iTunes playlist with any MP3 player that shows up as a drive letter in Windows. iTunes Sync is designed and tested to work best with iTunes 8. You can configure as many different MP3 players as you need and synchronize each one with a different iTunes playlist. You can use standard playlists...
512 K 679

iTunes Icon 1

iTunes icon in .ICO format that will change the look of your folders and documents.
1 MB 271

iTunes Feeds 1

Get the latest RSS feeds from iTunes Store. Get the top songs and album charts personalized to your favorite genre. See all the new releases and featured albums. Configure your preferred genres and music store location. Links directly with your iTunes MP3 application for immediate downloads to your iPod!"
0 K 3,010

iTunes Reader 1.0.0

With the iTunes Reader, you can instantly explore your iTunes backup file and manage your data on your Mac or PC. The software will locate and read your iTunes backup file, and display data which you may have deleted from your handset after it has been backed up to iTunes. The software is ideal if you have lost your iPhone or iPad or it has been stolen and...
20.9 MB 74

iTunesWatcher 1.0

iTunesWatcher will keep your Apple TV in sync with iTunes when new movies are added. It watchs the "Automatically Add to iTunes" directory and when a file is deleted from this directory (which is what iTunes does when you copy a file to this directory, it moves it to the appropriate iTunes directory) it waits for a user defined "settle time" and then...
102.4 K 142

iTunesControl 0.61

It adds visual feedback, a sleep timer, over 30 customizable global hotkeys, and more. iTunesControl works with iTunes 4.6 and above and runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Features: - Small memory footprint - Small download size - Very little incremental CPU usage - Many different hotkeys (see documentation) -...
1.51 MB 897

iTunes Hotkeys

It's pretty self-explanatory. Run the .exe, on first run you are forced to put in new hotkeys. You can select modifiers, but you don't have to. Only one modifier can be used per hotkey. Select a key from the keylist (Drop down menu). In order for the program to work you must select a hotkey for every command. IE: Play/Pause, Next & Previous.
307.2 K 113

iTunesEradicator 1.0

The quickest way to remove iTunes and it's additional components that come with it is to use a small script I have create to automate the process. Now you may ask "Why not use the uninstaller provided?". Simply put the "uninstaller" leaves additional components installed, keys left over in the registry and even it's own drivers.
102.4 K 189

iTunes CleanList 1.1

Simple iTunes library manager to help keep your library clean and current. Removes orphaned items in your library as well as adding new ones from your specified music and video folders. Additional options allow you to shutdown your PC when complete, specify multiple root folders, save settings, and more.
819.2 K 564

iTunes Media Keys 1.3

It is written in C# and require .Net framework 3.5.
102.4 K 1,153

iTunes Controller 0.1.1

Shows the current title, artist, album, and artwork (if available) of the current played song. Includes current time, previous, play/pause, and next buttons. You may have to reopen the gadget if you close iTunes.
102.4 K 329

iTunes Match Tagger

This script goes through any iCloud Matched songs in your iTunes library and tries to update the metadata from the iTunes Store. * Only works with matched and downloaded AAC files! * Supported iTunes-Languages: german, english, frensch, dutch, spanish, portuguese, swedish, italian and japanese
102.4 K 120

iTunes Folder Watch 2.1.09

This program is a companion for iTunes (versions 6 onwards). Are you frustrated that iTunes does not automatically detect new tracks in certain nominated folders and add them to the library automatically? This program does exactly that. It allows you to set up "Watch Folders" and to evaluate whether there are any new tracks in them which do not exist in...
307.2 K 752

iTunes Album Browser 2.1.50

It analyses your music collection, collates the full albums that are contained within it, and displays the album covers (or spines), with various sorting and filtering capabilities to get to the music you want quickly and intuitively. It retrieves album art from Amazon automatically if required. It can also display album reviews, song lyrics and all other...
614.4 K 888

iTunes to MP3 Converter 2.23

iTunes to MP3 Converter is a DRM protected audio and music conversion software which can convert protected iTunes M4A, M4P Files, DRM WMA, DRM protected AAC to plain Audio MP3, WAV, WMA files ready for use on any computers or mobile music devices such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, cell phone, MP3 player and car MP3 CD players, etc. This iTunes to...
2.7 MB 1,316

iTunes Backup Extractor 5.1

Jihosoft iTunes Backup Extractor is a free and simple-to-use application that extracts contacts, SMS messages, photos, videos, call history, notes, WhatsApp, and more from iPhone, iPod touch and iPad backups. Fully extract all data from iTunes backup files without any loss Restore iPhone, iPad and iPod touch data from iTunes backup ...
102.4 K 8

iTunes Album Art Importer 0.5

A command line script that imports music and album art into iTunes on Windows. usage: import_to_itunes.bat -s directory directory directory directory -s Sync iTunes with the current state of the file system. If files have been moved or deleted remove them from iTunes. -d Add a directory of files to iTunes. -dr Recursively add...
512 K 818

iTunes Duplicates Cleaner

If you have hundreds of music songs and podcasts in your library and most of them are duplicated for some reason, it'll be horrible to delete the duplicates manually by yourself. With iTunes Duplicates Cleaner, such a scutwork will be done automatically with just 3 single clicks. iTunes Duplicates Cleaner can find the duplicated tracks depending on many...
2.2 MB 485

iTunes Podcast.xml Editor Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to edit or create new iTunes podcasts. The user simply loads existing podcast or chooses to create a new one and can edit/enter the following: title, language, description, subtitle, summary, owner's name, link, copyright, author, category, owner's e-mail address, and image link. The lower pane displays...
2.8 MB 114

Itunes To Windows Media Playlist Converter

Converts Itunes m3u playlist files to Windows Media Player wpl playlist files
102.4 K 109

SYNCiTunes 1.25

Do you have an iPod, but you don't like to use ITunes for managing your audio files? iTunes is the best software to syncronize your songs with iPod, but it's a poor solution to manage your songs. There are many better options. Before SynciTunes, you'd need to add your songs two times: In the software of your choice and in iTunes....
716.8 K 535

SkiniTunes 1.1.0

For the first time ever, you can jam with iTunes in style! Customize SkiniTunes with downloadable skins from our ever growing online skin library. Dare to be different and unique, download SkiniTunes now. SkiniTunes is an iTunes controller application that will enhance your experience with iTunes. With SkiniTunes , you will enjoy your choice of...
3 MB 954

Recover iTunes Music iPod

Secure iPod data retrieval software restore inaccessible audio, digital pictures and movies of various file formats such as MP3, AAC, M4A, AIFF, WAV, Protected AAC, Apple Lossless, Audible audio book, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG image and QuickTime. iPod secure data backup software provides safe data restoration process for affected files and folders and...
1.5 MB 390

Recover iTunes Library iPod

iPod snaps recovery software restores accidently deleted mp3, mov, mp4 music files from digital iPod. iPod data recovery software supports major file formats including audio files mp3, aiff, wav, aac, video files mov, m4v, mp4 and image files peg, tiff, gif, bmp, psd etc. iPod file rescue application provides efficient utility to recover misplaced audio...
1.5 MB 265


This Wizard will ask you some questions before starting to copy tracks and playlists from your chosen iPod to iTunes. This Wizard is designed primarily to help you recover your files back to iTunes after a system crash. Features: Playlists This program can be used anytime with any iPod to help you get playlists and contents back to...
8.7 MB 789

Aniosoft iTunes Backup 1.1.0

Aniosoft iTunes Backup is a backup tool to backup your iTunes or transfer it to another PC.It supports iTunes backup, iTunes restore, backup scan and backup update. You can also import a backup to restore your iTunes. It can help you a lot when you want to transfer your itunes to another computer.When you share a computer with your families,you also need...
2.2 MB 224

Nidesoft iTunes Converter 2.5.16

Nidesoft iTunes Converter is an excellent Video to iTunes Converter tool which could convert Video files to iTunes movie. It could accept almost all the popular video formats as input and support video to all the Apple devices, including Video to iPod, Video to iPhone, Video to Apple TV. In addition, This powerful iTunes Video Converter could...
14.5 MB 1,664

Aniosoft iTunes Assistant 2.0.1

It can help you to play APE or WAV music on iPhone iPad iPod.Other function: Import music folder into iTunes and auto create a playlist name. Clear invalid tracks in iTunes library.
819.2 K 266

iPubsoft iTunes Data Recovery 2.1.10

Deleted some vital data on your iPhone because of the inattentive swipe of a finger across the touch screen? Lost all your files because of a failed iOS update? Just let the iPubsoft iTunes Data Recovery make things simple! This specific software offers you an extremely easy way to regain your lost/deleted iPhone, iPad, or iPod photos, videos, notes and...
9.1 MB 86

Xlinksoft iTunes Video Converter 2011.08.08

Xlinksoft iTunes Converter is an excellent iTunes converter which can convert any iTunes video, audio and movie to other video & audio formats perfectly. Powerful iTunes Converter -- Convert iTunes videos, audios, movies to all video and audio formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, MKV, MOV, DivX, M4V, VOB, ASF, MP3, WAV, WMA,...
16.1 MB 166

iTSync for iTunes 2.1.10

The name says it all! iTSync is a product to make the daily use of iTunes a lot easier. One of the major issues with iTunes is how it can clutter your music collection. From adding duplicate tracks that already exist in iTunes to not monitoring music folders. iTSync has two modes of operation- manual mode and automatic mode. Manual mode is for the...
921.6 K 654

Soundcrank iTunes Plug-in 2.1

The Soundcrank iTunes plug-in allows you to get album art and lyrics for the songs in your iTunes library. You will be able to view album art and lyrics on your iPod once the plug-in updates your music files. It also allows you to see what like minded people are listening to so you can find great new music. We lost something when we switched from...
1.6 MB 906

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery

Accidentally delete contacts, text messages or photos from iPhone? Lost all important files on iPad after upgrading? Lost or broken your iPod Touch and lost all previous data? If you have ever synced your device with iTunes, you are lucky. iTunes Data Recovery can help you get all lost data back. It is an excellent iTunes Backup Extractor program...
16 MB 530

Apple iPod iTunes Recovery Software

iPod data recovery application is designed and developed to efficiently recover your damaged songs and video files. Apple iPod data salvage utility provides user to restore files and folders that previously existed on iPod memory. Easy to use iPod data retrieval software provides user with an inbuilt help manual that works as a guide in understanding the...
1.5 MB 931

Backuptrans iTunes Backup Extractor 3.1.1

iPhone/iPod/iPad got broken or lost Miss some important data when updating iOS? Accidentally deleted SMS Messages, contacts or photos from iPhone? If you have ever synced your device with iTunes, Backuptrans iTunes Backup Extractor can ensure that you won't lose your important data. It offers you the fast & simple-to-use way to extract and recover your...
11.7 MB 93

Restore iPod iTunes

Restore iPod iTunes software is the best solution to rescue and restore lost music files and folders from your popular Apple iPods music player and similar music player devices. Digital music revival software is provided with a Windows explorer type graphical user interface that can be easily used by everyone without the need of having any special technical...
1.5 MB 390

Recover iPod iTunes

Recover iPod iTunes files is a quick, simple and easy to use data recovery solution that helps you in file restoration in moments of disaster of an iPod drive crash. Deleted data recovery software is an easy to use, best restoration utility examines your inaccessible iPod for damages and corruptions and recovers the data. Free iPod iTunes recovery software...
1.5 MB 289

Recover iPod iTunes Music Library

iPod iTunes music library recovery program is comprehensive solution to get back your lost data files from logically corrupted iPod media device. iPod songs retrieval application can easily recover data lost due to virus infection, human error, software malfunction and improper device usage. Apple iPod iTunes file rescue software is capable to retrieve data...
614.4 K 542

SqlMyTunes for iTunes 1.0

Auto-create power playlists and perform library updates with SQL SELECT statements Requires iTunes 8 or 9 and Microsoft SQL Express or SQL Server
307.2 K 278

Visualizer for iTunes 3.0

A very exciting powerful new way to view, explore and play your iTunes music. Powerful new Live Graph visualization presents in live interactive tree graph your artists with their associated albums and the albums associated tracks. The Live Graph can be searched, moved and interacted with to find and play artists, albums and tracks. Visualizations...
102.4 K 86

Aneesoft DVD to iTunes Converter

Aneesoft DVD to iTunes Converter is the easiest and fastest way to rip DVD to iTunes MP4, M4V, MP3, M4A, MOV, WAV and AIFF on Windows PC. Convert and enjoy your video entertainment on your iTunes. Video editing is also featured in this DVD to iTunes converter, you can rip DVD's any segment, select target subtitle and audio track, and even add watermark and...
6 MB 90

iPod to iPod/PC/iTunes Transfer Pro

iPod to iPod/Computer/iTunes Transfer not only can transfer your iPod/iPhone music/video/playlist/photos back to PC, but also support iPod to iTunes transfer. If you own more than one iPods, it can simultaneously manage all the iPods in the same interface, you may transfer files among these iPods by drag-and-drop. All formats compatible with iPod can be...
5.5 MB 365

Notpod (Formerly iTunes Agent) 1.5.1

iTunes is a great music player and organizer. Unfortunately iTunes is made to only synchronize with iPods. Not everyone own an iPod, though Apple certainly would have loved that. How great would it not be if you could synchronize your non-iPod MP3 player, your Playstation Portable and your Walkman phone with your iTunes Library? Enter - iTunes...
307.2 K 2,353

Restore iPod Nano iTunes

iPod data recovery software restores music files, mp3, mp4, audio, video songs, movie clips, digital images and snaps. iPod nano files restoration utility backup your memorable photographs accidently deleted from iPod memory. iPod iTunes data retrieval tool recovers files lost due to software hardware malfunction or improper usage. iPod file rescue program...
614.4 K 1,208

Sortlist Manager for iTunes Beta

Features: * You can sort your podcasts (or any files in iTunes) by date and album name * Your iPod will can be updated on a schedule, so you are ready for your commute each morning. Requirements: * Windows XP * dot Net 2.0 framework o Will be installed automatically if you do not have it.
307.2 K 276

Restore iPod without iTunes

Most of us like music and love to hear songs using an iPod. Thousands of songs can be stored in an iPod. What you will do if all your favorite music files have been lost? Don?t worry about this problem! We provides iPod data recovery software that easily recover and restore all music files, audio, video, songs, images, pictures lost due to any reason such...
1.5 MB 298

iPod to iPod/Compute/iTunes Transfer

iPod to iPod/Computer/iTunes Transfer not only can transfer your iPod/iPhone music/video/playlist/photos back to PC, but also support iPod to iTunes transfer. If you own more than one iPods, it can simultaneously manage all the iPods in the same interface, you may transfer files among these iPods by drag-and-drop. All formats compatible with iPod can be...
5.5 MB 434

MAC M4P Converter for iTunes 6.0.2

MAC M4P Converter is an audio and music files M4P to MP3 converter. It converts any DRM protected iTunes music files (such as M4P, M4A, M4B) and unprotected music (such as MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, AA, aif) to plain MP3, WAV or AAC formats. Then you can share these converted files on any computers or music devices, such as Zune, PSP, Nokia, Santa, etc. MAC...
2.9 MB 867
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