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TheIM 20100917

TheIM is an easy to use and simple instant messaging application on LAN. Features: * Text Chat * File Transfer * Voice Chat * Video Chat
102.4 K 270

Theem 0.1 Beta

Theme your windows so that they look like Mac OS, BeOS and more.
204.8 K 496

TheEnd 1.1

Features: - Press F2 to rename a file. - Or click a filename slowly two times. Changes: - 20100515 - v1.1: Fixed the double click problem. Added editing in search window.
1 MB 222

TheBlu 1.7.0

TheBlu brings together the biology, the activism of conservation, the beauty and the artistic elements as well as the grassroots, participatory artist movement. Support ocean conservation as you interact with the flow of life in theBlu.
102.4 K 96

Theano 0.5.0

Theano is a Python library that allows you to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently. Theano features: * tight integration with numpy - Use numpy.ndarray in Theano-compiled functions. * transparent use of a GPU - Perform data-intensive calculations up to 140x...
1.4 MB 103

Themis 1.2

Themis is a lightweight, extensible authorization system, providing a explicit and strong type way of defining and demanding permissions. The main idea behind Themis is to allow a few dimensions of configuration, with no impact on your domain model (no interface to implement in your domain model). The configuration is code only (there is none xml...
102.4 K 220

The Mop 2014.6.2.0

A program designed to remove unnecessary data from the computer and supplies you with several methods to do so. It can be handled by users of any level of experience. Features: - Proper disk cleaning - Wizard style application - Automatic update
2.8 MB 1,349

The Eye 1.0

The Eye is a physics-based puzzle game for free, your goal is to use arrow keys to move the eye wisely in the platform maze. Use arrow key to move eye. Have fun and good luck!
1.8 MB 99

TheSafe 1.8

In my work I use of a lot of passwords to a lot of servers. First I was keeping them written down on papers but it takes a lot of time to first find the right one and then type it in by hand. Then I started to keep them in a text file. In that way I could just copy/paste them as soon as I needed them. But that wasn't very safe (non encrypted text files...
102.4 K 237

The Dude 4.0 Beta 3 / 3.6

The Dude network monitor is a new application by MikroTik which can dramatically improve the way you manage your network environment. It will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems. Some of it's...
3.7 MB 4,597

The Fall 1.0

Awesome casual physics-based remover game, with 30 levels and achievements. The game you find ways to make the strange face falling to the green area, in which there will be a lot of obstacles, Come and start your brains!
3.9 MB 154

The Wall 1.1.0

The Wall is a new, original, fast paced puzzle game, easy to play yet challenging and addictive. Your goal is to make the bouncing ball hit the bomb before time runs out. Just click on empty tiles to add bricks to the wall, and so to redirect the ball towards the bomb - it's that simple. You need to plan your strategy carefully and to act fast....
13.5 MB 121

The Tube 1.0

The Tube allows you to auto-configure Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox to tunnels of your choice for browsing, smtp, pop3 and imap. This is a full unrestricted working tool for all your SSH Tunneling needs. Can be used for any SSH capable host.
921.6 K 250

ThenCode 0.1b

But I'm kinda looking forward to creating a whole gui app implementing most well-known encryption tools, "the paranoid secret-coder special brainkiller"!
102.4 K 283


It starts with a single Thought and grows more powerful as you use it. Think of it as a living mind map with unlimited space for everything you want, are learning or need to remember. Each idea can grow and evolve with all related Thoughts instead of being separated in folders or lists. Use TheBrain to manage specific projects or as an "everything in your...
19.9 MB 109

The King 3.3

"The King" is a challenging card game. The game is recommended for children and adults who want to develop own memory and logical thinking. Each game of King as ten different hands, being six of them to negative points (your score goes down) and four for positives (your score goes up). Your aim is to get as more score as you can. You have to play against...
1.05 MB 840

The Qube 2.00

WHAT IS THE QUBE? The Qube is a fun, challenging & VERY ADDICTIVE 3D Puzzle Game based on the classic PSone game Kurushi (also know as Intelligent Qube). In a variety of breathtaking backdrops, you must first select 1 of 4 characters from The Diaeresis Fleet with varying abilities & speed to find out exactly & take on the relentless wrath of The...
22.12 MB 701

Theremin 1.0

The sound is a nice mellow howling tone with lots of distinctive stamp. Move the mouse over the hand and click to start using it and at the same time play a note on the keyboard. It is possible to record the hand movement by using the write enable automation on the output itself. Record just one note with MIDI data while the hand movement plays different...
1.5 MB 897


GIMP represents a versatile graphics manipulation package. Customizable Interface Each task requires a different environment and GIMP allows you to customize the view and behavior the way you like it. Starting from the widget theme, allowing you to change colors, widget spacings and icon sizes to custom tool sets in the toolbox. The...
86.1 MB 23,778

The Swamp 1.0

Here is really funny game with a pretty well-designed setting. Smash as many frogs as you can before time is up by press the letters and numbers you can read on these flying frogs before they disapear from the screen. The higher the level, the highter the difficulty : be as fast as you can!
921.6 K 111

TheLookup 0.2.1

A simple button to present a popup where you can get a definition for any word through the world's most comprehensive dictionary: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Medical, Legal, and Financial Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Acronyms and Abbreviations, Idioms, Encyclopedia,...
102.4 K 218

The Nerds 1.0

A well designed canon based physics puzzle game. Use the super-hero's super powers to save their pets which have being captured by the evil robots. Every level can be accomplished with 1 or 2 shots max so choose your hero wisely. Gather coins and stars to get extra points. Each level increases in difficulty and game is pretty hard, which increase the...
2.3 MB 110

The Vault

Feature summary: - You can create multiple vaults. - You can create folder in the vault - You can add unlimited files and folder to any vault. - Drag and drop files from Windows explorer - Individual files and folder can be deleted from any vault. - You can delete each vault, including all files inside the vault. - Files from any...
819.2 K 550

The Cells 3.0

Features: * is easy-to-use but powerful, WYSIWYG GUI designer, makes it easy to create professional and complex looking forms. You can drag and drop components, resize components, move components, etc. * designs nested Layers. * is based on the JavaBeans standard. It supports and uses BeanInfos, BeanDescriptors,...
1.2 MB 211

TheSeeker 0.6.3

An intuitive application that aims to help you quickly find and replace text strings within files in a local directory.
204.8 K 57

The Guide 4.7.4

The Guide is a comprehensive knowledge management system that guides Your business activities. It is like a compass that guides software development activities to systematic and sensible directions. The Guide provides tools and guidance for people working in projects and provides reports and measurements for the management. 'The Guide' offers...
124 MB 481

The Forge

A simple but powerful 3D modeler, written in Java and inspired by Wings 3D.
10 MB 300

The BIBLE 1.1

The talking BIBLE.New Testament by apostol John. Enjoy!!!
307.2 K 621

Thermobox 1.0

Time to use your puzzle solving skills in this awesome game called Thermobox. Your about to heat things up using your Thermobox to melt object and to release objects. Do you think your up to the task? This game is based around a physics engine so you can experience gravity, weight and buoyancy! So the big question is… Do you think you can solve each
4.7 MB 100

The Manor 1.1

Come in, kickback, relax, make new friends. Chat with old friends and family. The Manor is a 2D avatar chat experience that runs on most personal computers. With users creating additional Manor sites your bound to find a Manor to your liking. The Manor provides the tools to create your own avatar chat environment. You can build your own world here,...
2.6 MB 409

the2avpro 2.0.1004

making virus author is unhappy a long time ago.with a fast scan,most virus are visible now,with a pclxav engine deleted both wild also oop viruses simple and easy.with the the2avpromon,monitor system directory and registry changes,even dear with the memory viruses.
2.71 MB 401

The Abacus 3.0

Use Abacus to count lines and more in any MS Word document. Abacus will count gross lines, lines as a number of characters per line, or lines of highlighted text. It will then record the line counts in a log file which Abacus can use to create an invoice. The program offers many counting options, including headers and footers; characters that are bold,...
456 K 637

Theme Park 1.0

Do you love the thrill of roller coasters? Does the smell of cotton candy make you think of bumper cars? If you answered yes to these questions, then you'll want to play Theme Park. You are given the opportunity to manage and run an amusement park. Decide the park layout, research and build new rides, all while keeping your employees happy. You can create...
1.3 MB 73,580

TheChatbox 0.8.0 Build 0627 Beta

TheChatbox - a free Chatbox Program using only a webserver no port forward, and is very secure!
102.4 K 101

theRenamer 7.69

TV Series Episodes and Movie File Renamer works with,,, and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) from WikiPedia. theRenamer renames your TV or Movie files into a neat and orderly format and adds in the TV show episodes titles! Features: - A user interface that's idiot proof - using Drag & Drop. -...
3.9 MB 433

The Tracer 2012.7 - Build 3-58

Traceroute is useful for displaying the route (path) and measuring transit delays of packets across the Internet. "The Tracer" shows different diagnostic information about the single hops and their geografical locations. Whois is used for querying the databases that store the registered users or assignees of a domain name or an IP address. The port...
512 K 199

The Journal

The Journal is always available when you need it, and lets you make entries with text, images, and just about anything else. Plus, The Journal's optional password-protection and encryption ensure that your secrets remain secret. Incredibly Easy to Use! - Make new entries easily! - Review past entries with just a click on the...
27.7 MB 628

The Cleaner

Removes and blocks all manner of malware including Trojan Horses, Worms, Spyware, Adware, Ransomware, Keyloggers, Backdoors, Password Stealers and many more. The Cleaner also works hand-in-hand with your anti-virus and firewall to complete your security. Features: Advanced Malware Detection and Removal We use a combination of...
313 MB 5,359

ThemeEngine 9.10

ThemeEngine is a library of components which allows to change visual appearance and behavior of your application with use of the powerful set of tools including visual components, convenient designers, easy-to-use non-visual components, the optimized graphic algorithms and a set of ready themes. ThemeEngine can add themes to forms, to the menu and to the...
4.9 MB 3,787

TheSeekster 6.23

Simply put, TheSeekster is the best combination of safety, security, portability, power, and ease-of-use in a Windows-based address book. If you don't find it to be the best inexpensive thing you ever bought, then the author has not met a major design goal. * Designed to be easy to learn, with a rich feature set for power users * Runs...
2.1 MB 237

The Lottery 1.5.2

This software is completely free, allows fans of the lottery to obtain a series of random numbers or put the touch of a button, and then, to print the numbers obtained by being able to play in the Receivership.You can now choose the range of numbers that can be extracted, from default is 1 to 49, even or odd.
409.6 K 381

The Grinder 3.10

The Grinder is a Java load testing framework that makes it easy to run a distributed test using many load injector machines. It is freely available under a BSD-style open-source license. Features * Generic Approach Load test anything that has a Java API. This includes common cases such as HTTP web servers, SOAP and REST web services,...
7.8 MB 161

TheGoodLife 5.5.0

With this program you do not have to search hours for just the right food recipe you know you have seen somewhere on the internet - Just open the program and search for what you have in mind. In addition to the approximately 88,000 recipes which comes with the program, there is a Drinks subsystem with more than 7,500 drinks recipes, a Vine subsystem with...
247.8 MB 167

The Heritage 1.0

The year is 1916. To escape from war, and protect your daughter, you must go to your Grandfather's haunted old manor! The local inhabitants of a nearby village tell stories about the ghosts and the terrible things inside the mansion, but you have no choice! Explore the old house as you discover The Heritage of your family and uncover incredible secrets in...
122 MB 117

The Fog Fall 1.0

Escaping the radiation and fallout of a nuclear disaster, you find yourself in a doomsday bunker with no electricity. You must piece together the solution for getting outside safely by finding and using various objects within the bunker. Point and Click Adventure ? Use the mouse to find objects, navigate and progress through the game.
3.9 MB 74

TheGodFather 0.89 Beta

Rename,update Tags,restructure files on hard disk, create/merge play lists,encode-decode Features -User defined Formats using Tag fields, File/Folder name or Tokens, Mpeg bitrate/mode as variables. -Powerful case conversion including custom case and all the options you would ever want. -Replacement matrix. (remove unwanted...
6.1 MB 138

TheAeroClock 3.77

"The Aero Clock" is a simple but at the same time beautiful desktop clock with alpha transparency. This Windows program can be used as a portable avert. This very decorative desktop clock shows the local time at the Desktop. The basic functions: total transparency, size, setting, and the selection of the Clock-texture or the appearance...
1.5 MB 1,240

ThemeWidgets 1.50

Windows 7 also had some widgets and Microsoft decided to abandon them. Many people still like that idea and so I have started to develop them right here. Theme Widgets has eight small apps that run on your PC desktop. The apps cover different tasks such as: clock, calculator, weather, notes, calendar, timer, stopwatch and a whiteboard. This will...
2.8 MB 76

The Mechanic 2007

THE MECHANIC HARD DRIVE RECOVERY SOFTWARE Fix Any Crashed Hard Drive. Recover Lost Data and Lost Files. Bring your dead PC back to life! The Mechanic Hard Drive Recovery software is designed so anyone can get their PC back up and running in minutes! This software will easily locate and recover hard drive crashes with FAT32 drives,...
2.61 MB 1,843

TheKeyLogger 0.0.1

Supports any Operaring System, and safest of it's kind. It's unique and untraceable, use it for anything you can imagine.
307.2 K 274
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