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Lighty 1.3.6

Explore all the statistics of your databases. Monitor many databases. Features: * Activity Viewer - View the paste activity with graphs (Datas issued from ASH) - Many filters help you isolate the desired information - Choose your dates of activity - Detailed activity thanks to the gadgets - Dashboard fully...
59.4 MB 55

Light Up 1.0

Light Up all the dark balls in this physics puzzle game. You will need some logic skills but you'll also need a good timing to pass all the levels! Levels get more challenging when blue bulbs are introduced.
3.7 MB 53

Lightput 0.5

Lightput is a freeware program that can control the amazing lighting technology available today. Lightput's goal is to make high-end LED lighting more accessible to homes, small businesses, and creative projects working on a budget that wish to have high quality, customizable lighting. Lightput is a simple to use freeware solution for controlling lights...
3.1 MB 82

Light Bot 1.0

A programming-style puzzle game. Give commands to your robot to light up the factory. The first few levels are easy but you will soon realize that using the the main method on its own is not enough and you will have to start creating re-usable functions to achieve the ultimate goal.
1.2 MB 85

Light Pad 4.6.158

LightPad is a simple yet powerful editor designed for the webmaster. It supports HTML, CSS, Java script, PHP and Perl files editing with syntax highlighting to assist with web development. New document creation is fast and easy, with default templates for each common file type. You can preview documents on-the-fly using an external browser or the built-in...
2.7 MB 671

Lightning 1.10.1

Can you press the shutter when you catch a glimpse of the lightning? As an enthusiast of photography, your goal is to take a beautiful photo of the lightning during a thunderstorm. Since the lightning may strike at any moment, you need to get ready and prepare to hit the shutter. Remember not to shoot before the lightning appears, or you will lose. Click to...
716.8 K 54


Fast screenshot of selected area App allows you to select any area on a desktop and to do its screenshot by 2 clicks Easy-to-use application Simple interface, nothing useless and light weight makes your work with the app easier Share screenshots via Internet Upload your screenshots to server to get a fast web-link on...
2.3 MB 1,236

Lightspeed 1.2

If you think physics is boring, we can prove your wrong. Lightspeed, a game once born in a research lab, is now becoming more and more popular - day by day, hour by hour. People are playing it in offices, at home, and even on planes with their laptop computers. The game rules are really quite simple. There is a light source that emits light (laser ray)....
3.18 MB 433


Lights-Out enhances a Windows Home Server in these areas: * Power management, to run your server on demand * Client backup, to run a scheduled backup and use Wake-On-Lan * Uptime chart, to give a graphical overview of device activity in your network
6.9 MB 168

Lightworks 12.0.2

Lightworks is the fastest, most accessible and focused NLE in the industry, because it is based on the simple idea that the editor, not the computer industry, knows what’s best. The latest release of Lightworks is based on the cumulative knowledge from twenty years of top-flight editing. Unmatched format support Lightworks has the widest...
73.1 MB 6

Lightwright 5.0.41 Build 489

Lightwright is a unique cross between a spreadsheet and a database, designed specifically to manage professional lighting design paperwork. Lightwright understands what designers and electricians do with their paperwork. It knows that dimmers and circuits shouldn't be overloaded, that striplights have more than one color, it organizes your...
26.1 MB 422

Light Bot 2 1.0

Light Bot 2 is the second programming style puzzle game from Coolio Niato. Use functions, operations, and other methods to get a robot to the goal. Control the bot by giving it commands and switch the light on.
5 MB 159

Light Table 0.5.2 Alpha

Light Table is a new interactive IDE that lets you modify running programs and embed anything from websites to games. It provides the real time feedback we need to not only answer questions about our code, but to understand how our programs really work.
102.4 K 62

Lightscreen 2.0

Lightscreen is a simple tool to automate the tedious process of saving and cataloging screenshots, it operates as a hidden background process that is invoked with one (or multiple) hotkeys and then saves a screenshot file to disk according to the user's preferences. Features: * Can execute at Windows startup (hidden or displaying the main...
4.9 MB 448

Light Alloy Build 2038

Play AVI, DVD, DivX, MP3 with Light Alloy, advanced multimedia player with many features and friendly user interface. Features: - Very quick and easy to use - Drag-n-drop from explorer - DivX, DVD and MP3 support - Take screenshots of a movie - Download needed codec - Windowed and fullscreen - Multilingual...
63.1 MB 4,602

Light Hunter 1.0

Manage to safely make your way through a darkly light maze filled with spikes and other deadly hazards. Create light and avoid getting killed by the enemies by shooting light at them. Also be mindful of the amount of lives you have because once you run out, you will have to start over. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move. Mouse to aim to shoot.
4.7 MB 10

LightOort Lite 1.2.4

Simultaneous displaying RGB, HSV and LAB histogram models. Stretching of histogram up to full screen. Three-level histogram smoothing. Fast and easy images loading, instantaneous switch between already reading images. Copy-paste image directly from documents or web sites.
1.1 MB 120

Lightened Dream 3.3.6

A useful application for lucid dreamers which can trigger your conscious awareness in the dreamstate.
19.4 MB 81

LightMan Writer 2.1.0

LightMan Writer is a very practical and solid CD & DVD burning application deisgned for all categories of users. In addition to easing the data recording process, LightMan Writer includes special options and features to boost the overall performance of the writing engine. This is a highly capable solution to saving all your data and safely storing...
2.5 MB 365

Light Developer 7.85

Affordable software that provides effective and efficient solutions for all photographers. From image management to editing and touch-ups, Light Developer uses Stepok's unique technological advancements to help you solve issues related to high quality noise reduction, portrait optimizing, content-base manipulation and so much more.
4.4 MB 291

Lightning Newtab

LightningNewtab is a Chrome extension based on Html5. It provides website fast dial to make you find your favorite websites ASAP, such as Google, Facebook, 337 and DDT. Functions like fast visit to extension shortcut, website custom and wall paper can all enhance the New Tabs of Chrome. Besides, LightningNewtab also provides Weather, Favorite, History,...
409.6 K 81

Light Downloader

Light Downloader is a free download manager that accelerates your downloads by splitting the files into several parts and downloading them simultaneously. As a result download speed increases up to 6 times, or even more! Light Downloader can resume broken download from where it was interrupted. Light Downloader supports FTP, HTTP and HTTPS. Proxy is also...
1.7 MB 250

Lightning Editor

Lightning is a text editor written in MFC C++ that can open many different files, including Text, HTML, C++, Visual Basic, C#, XML and many different files.
102.4 K 184

Lightning Pool 2 1.4.0

We've taken everything that's good from Lightning Pool and raised the bar. The Lightning Pool table is back with a major upgrade. Lightning Pool 2 has 20 new tables, hundreds of levels and new spin control for even better ball handling. Take your pool skills to the Ice Hockey rink, the pinball table and the golf links. Avoid the lava, use x-ray vision and...
1.5 MB 401

Light Blue: Photo 1.5.2

Photography studio software If you're a professional photographer, you'll know that keeping track of clients, shoots, images, orders and expenses can be done with a load of spreadsheets, folders, bits of paper and a brain the size of a planet. However, we think there's a better way. No matter what type of photography you specialize in,...
48.8 MB 352

Lightning Download 2.3.1

Lightning Download is a Download Manager to help you download files from the Internet. Never have an incomplete or lost download again. # Accelerate your downloads - split a file and download up to 10 parts at the same time to help get your files faster. # Manage your downloads - easily find files waiting to finish and those you've already...
3.1 MB 1,571

Light Media Player 0.6.2 Beta

Light Media Player is a small and easy to use media player that will help you play your multimedia files.
102.4 K 142

LightsOut Connector

The LightsOut Connector plug-in is a MediaPortal plug-in, letting you periodically copy MediaPortal schedules to the LightsOut calendar, in order to prevent your server from unexpected power down during active recordings. Features: * Copy schedules to LightsOut calendar * Various parameters to customize copy process
614.4 K 102

Light Alloy Portable Build 1937

Timeline So you can see graphically how much is played and how much is still to play WinLIRC Allows you to remotely control Light Alloy, for example if you are laying on the sofa Live Preview Just like on YouTube you can navigate with a preview window while searching on the timeline IPTV support Allows you to watch...
36 MB 298

Lightshot for Chrome 4.4.2

LightShot is a tool allowing you to easily make screenshots of any selected area. You just hit Lightshot icon on the toolbar, then select area you want to make a screenshot from and click "Save" or "Upload to server". In case of uploading you instantly get link to a screenshot you have just uploaded. Before installation Chrome will alert you...
102.4 K 62

Lightning Crazy Golf 1.2.0

Test your potting and putting skills in this crazy hybrid of pool and golf. Expansive levels with multiple objectives will keep you hooked for hours.
10.8 MB 168

Lightbeam for Firefox 1.1.1

Using interactive visualizations, Lightbeam enables you to see the first and third party sites you interact with on the Web. As you browse, Lightbeam reveals the full depth of the Web today, including parts that are not transparent to the average user. Using two distinct interactive graphic representations — Graph and List — Lightbeam enables you to...
102.4 K 308

Lightning PDF Printer 1.10

Free PDF Printer Program. Print to PDF files instead of to a printer. Print PDFs from any application that can ve viewed from any PDF reader. You can also save PDFs in an Image Format to create rasterized files.
819.2 K 281

Light and Dark 2 Theme 1

Using subdued colors and stark black and white, Nick Boyer brings his uniquely contrasting imagery to your desktop once again with this free theme for Windows.
15.8 MB 84

Lightning Windows 7 Theme 1

You can almost hear the thunder boom along with the electrifying lightning images contained in this Windows 7 theme.
5.7 MB 611

Lightning Email Deliverer

Lightning Email Deliverer is the best-in-class email marketing software that enables you to create and deliver quantities of personalized emails to your customers at the speed that you have never experienced. You can choose to send emails directly from computer instead of SMTP server and resend to new-added or failed addresses. Lightning Email...
2.6 MB 398

LightBox Free Image Editor 1.01c

LightBox Free Image Editor is a completely free, user-friendly professional image editor with many advanced features found in expensive editors. A simple but powerful editor, with a focus on absolute image quality and ease-of-use -- we are releasing a free version to show our new technology and speed. Features include advanced color...
12.4 MB 2,334

LightScribe System Software

With LightScribe-enabled label-making software, you can create one-of-a-kind designs for your CDs and DVDs using your own photos, text, and artwork. In addition to label-making software, you'll also need the LightScribe System Software. Each hardware manufacturer will provide the optimal version for their systems, but universal versions are also...
11.8 MB 61,827

Lightbox Expression Web Add-In 3.1.1

This Expression Web add-in will let you add a great-looking lightbox to your pages without having to write a single line of code. - Easy to set up - no JavaScript or CSS knowledge is required. HTML markup, CSS, and JavaScript are generated automatically. - Stylish and flexible - create your own styles or use preset themes, customizable in any...
17.2 MB 411

Lighthouse Point 3D Screensaver 1.3

Lighthouse Point 3D Screensaver opens a majestic ocean view available from the top of a massive lighthouse. Behold the beauty of the ocean, observe the arriving ships and admire the lighthouse's refined architecture. A nice tune too!
20.5 MB 166

LightScribe Diagnostics Utility

This Windows utility will scan your computer and fix many common installation problems and conflicts. We suggest you run this utility first when encountering problems with your LightScribe installation. Supported platforms: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000. * NOTE: LightScribe System Software (LSS) must also be installed.
102.4 K 408

LightBox Advancer for Dreamweaver

Easily insert the LightBox into your web pages. It is designed to view the pictures in the popup LightBox window. It allows customizing the LightBox window and managing the gallery content. No hand coding is required. You also can create thumbnails for your images/photos without any additional software. The extension automatically...
2 MB 538

LightBox Video Web Gallery Creator 2.1.7

Show this program the folder where your images and videos are, press "Create web gallery" button and in a few moments a lightbox-like HTML Web Gallery will open in your browser. The resulting folder then can be copied anywhere (to your site). License You are free to use the galleries on any number and type of sites as long as you keep...
512 K 1,023

FlightGear 3.4.0

FlightGear is an open-source flight simulator. It supports a variety of popular platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and is developed by skilled volunteers from around the world. Source code for the entire project is available and licensed under the GNU General Public License. The goal of the FlightGear project is to create a sophisticated and...
1200 MB 247

FlightCheck 7.5

FLIGHTCHECK is the essential quality control tool for any and all participants in the print and rich media markets, from creative designers to manufacturing professionals and organizations. FlightCheck now supports Adobe CC! FlightCheck by Markzware helps you create excellent output for magazines, catalogs, brochures, advertisements, manuals, and...
64 MB 344

Blight Tester 10.0

Blight Tester is a lightweight software that will check your web server or website for vulnerabilities.
512 K 89

Flight over sea 2.2

We all live in a much overstressed world, where fear of terrorism, unemployment and other social problems mix with tremendous speed of civilization progress, globalization and information havoc, creating the ultimate disturbance. This screensaver invites you to take an air trip over the sea surface, as if you would have been gliding on a paraglide several...
1.86 MB 655

Flight For Fight 1.18.184

Flight for Fight is an adrenaline pumping action game in the "shoot'em all" style that involves you in the world of the air battles of World War II. Two sides of the conflict are presented in the game: US Air Forces and Luftwaffe. So, you have an opportunity to fly and fight on legendary aircrafts such as P51 Mustang and Messerschmidt Bf109.
29.4 MB 1,822

Xlight FTP Server

Xlight FTP Server is a high performance and easy to use ftp server software for Windows. It is designed to handle thousands of simultaneous ftp clients and use very little CPU and memory. Xlight FTP Server has three editions: personal, standard, professional. Personal edition is free for personal use and home users. You can click here to see the...
1.5 MB 3,306

Xlight FTP Server Portable

It is designed to handle thousands of simultaneous ftp clients and use very little CPU and memory. Xlight FTP Server has three editions: personal, standard, professional. Personal edition is free for personal use and home users. You can click here to see the difference of three editions. Xlight FTP Server has many unique and useful...
512 K 433
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