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LSMC 3.1

Lottery Syndicate Manager Complete (LSMC) is an application that is designed to take the work out of managing a lottery syndicate and save you time. (Currently for UK syndicates only.) It's very flexible, so you manage your syndicate how you want, not how we decide! Member credits are maintained, as is the division of costs of entries and the sharing...
1.8 MB 273

LS Tune 0.6

It features accurate tuning and fast reliable note detection.LS Tune is a simple, virtual strobe tune designed with accurate tuning and fast reliable note detection. Features: * Accurate virtual strobe tuning for musical instruments * Quick and reliable automatic note detection
5 MB 257

LSAT Exams 2.0

LSATPass provides an all-out, blue-ribbon LSAT prep plan which not only covers the concepts essential to an impeccable LSAT prep, but also discloses useful tips on cracking the test. At LSATPass, your verbal reasoning skills will be polished and you will get the practice that'll make you perfect, or pretty much close to it. Our study guide amply covers all...
8 MB 4,718

LSN Password Safe

It is not only Password Manager. It is a Safe! With integrated AntiKeyLogger, mouse clicks capturing protection, and more... Do you think, each of the password managers has almost the same security options? Look at the Password managers security tests on our site. Some features: Windows text capturing protection. File protection and data theft prevention....
921.6 K 802

Magazine Organizer PS Bombay 5.0

Organize magazines, periodicals, articles, authors and...the easy way. With Magazine Organizer PS Bombay you can store and retrieve detailed information for authors, articles, subscriptions and magazine publishers along with the contact info for the staff, articles, subscription data and much more. If you are an author, read for pleasure, or...
3.9 MB 279

ULS 1.5

ULS is a class library for creating lexical analyzer from language specification file. It's provided as C/C++/C# and Java (class) libraries with a few of tools on Linux/Windows platform. Features * Can instantiate multiple objects for one language or other languages in one application * Can tokenize the input file which...
1.7 MB 139

ALSee 6.22

ALSee is a user-friendly and convenient image viewer and photo editor. It mainly consists of two great features; ALSee Image Viewer and ALSee Photo Editor. ALSee Image Viewer is a sophisticated image browser that anybody can use without learning. You can view any pictures with ALSee Image Viewer. ALSee Photo Editor is a simple photo editor that has only...
17.6 MB 748

xlsgen 2.1

xlsgen is an Excel generation component. Support for programming languages such as VB, C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Java. xlsgen provides rich capabilities such as cell formatting, formulas, pictures, charts, ranges, calculation engine, hyperlinks, outline, comments, cell manipulations, ... Excel documents can be either created from scratch or reopened. In...
4.7 MB 372

XLSTAT 2013.5

XLSTAT is a modular statistical software built around XLSTAT-Pro - the core product of Addinsoft. XLSTAT relies on Excel for the input of data and the display of results, but the computations are done using autonomous software components. The use of Excel as an interface makes XLSTAT a user-friendly and highly efficient statistical and multivariate data...
55.8 MB 2,328


The ALSong Live Music Lyrics MP3 Player lets you read live song lyrics synchronized to the music while you listen to your MP3 music. With over 1,000,000+ music lyrics available, you can easily search to find lyrics, or enter your own song lyrics. For creative individuals (that means you!), musicians and music bands, the ALSong Album Designer lets...
10.1 MB 785

ALShow 2.01

Built-in Codecs & Online Codec Center ALShow includes the basic codecs to play most of the movies. For those rare kinds of codecs that are not popularly used, ALShow will download the codec from ALShow Codec Center then install it for you. With ALShow, you do not have to wander around the internet to find the proper codec for your video. ALShow will do...
11.7 MB 593

XlsToMy 1.7 Release 1 Build 31

XlsToMy is a data conversion tool that helps DBA and database programmer import Excel data to Mysql database.
2.2 MB 254


MLSTest is a free Windows-based software for the analysis of Multilocus Sequence Data of haploid and diploid organisms. MLSTest is implemented using Visual Basic. The major aims and functions of MLSTest are: - MLST Data Management (Viewing, editing and concatenating sequences, allelic profiles construction, etc.) - Managing Diploid...
102.4 K 71

XlsToSql 1.9 Release 1 Build 52

XlsToSql is a tool to import Excel data to Sql Server. Main features: 1 Read data from excel sheet into an Sql Server table. 2 Run SQL command to see importing results. 3 Support Unicode. 4 Support text, ntext, image type.
2.1 MB 453

XLSX2DBF 1.0.30

Starting with 2007 release of Ms. Office export (save as) DBF is no longer available, however export to DBF or other formats is still needed. XLSX2DBF export data to DBF VFP, Dbase III, Dbase IV, MOD, DIF, SYLK data files. Current release of XLSX2DBF uses Office automation to get data from Ms. Excel, Ms. Office installation...
102.4 K 102

XlsToOra 2.6

XlsToOra is a data conversion tool that helps DBA and database programmer import data from Excel to Oracle database. XlsToOra is Convenient * Easy visually config, just click on the mouse. * Saving and loading session parameters, let you repeat your task easily. * Wizard for importing, Step by step. * Displaying...
2.4 MB 575

XlsToMdb 2.8 Release 1 Build 131

XlsToMdb is a tool to import Excel data to Access. Main features: 1 Read data from excel sheet into an Access table. 2 Run SQL command to see importing results. 3 Support Unicode. 4 Wizard - step by step. 5 Support Excel 2007 and Access 2007.
1.9 MB 321

XlsToDB2 2.0 Release 1 Build 71

XlsToDB2 is a data conversion tool that helps database user to import Excel data to DB2 database.
4.6 MB 270

XLS-Reports 1.0

If you have data spread across multiple excel files; XLS Reports is the simplest tool to consolidate and generate Excel Reports. It is easy to install, light-weight, does not require dedicated hardware or software. And best of all, it's a breeze to use, no training or even instructions required. You can install it and generate reports within minutes!
9.1 MB 222

XLSReadWriteII 5.20.00

Features: * Native access to Excel files. The user doesn't need to have Excel, or any other software installed. * XLSReadWriteII works as an invisible Excel workbook. All cell values are always accessible. * Stability. One of the major goals with XLSReadWriteII was to create a product that won't corrupt the Excel files and...
10.8 MB 347

KLS Mail Backup

KLS Mail Backup is an easy to use backup program that allows you to back up and restore your Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Firefox profile files. Features: - Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox and Seamonkey profile - Windows Mail profile and Windows Contacts - Windows Live Mail profile and Windows Live Contacts -...
5.8 MB 583

XLS Regenerator 2.12

A corruption implies data losses. Many other data recovery programs recover corrupted documents from a single file. The result of such recovery is a file with probable data losses. In contrast to other recovery software, the XLS Regenerator regenerates Microsoft Excel documents not from a single file, but from the entire disk and without any losses of...
4.4 MB 384

XLS Repair Tool 2.0

Microsoft Office Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet application that usually serves to store valuable data. Considering data is so important and data loss common, it is no wonder that MS Excel look for a reliable data recovery solution. To this effect, XLS Repair Tool has been designed - a powerful program, enabling a user to recover corrupt Excel...
1.7 MB 336

XLSX Viewer Free 1.0

XLSX Viewer Free is a complete solution for recovering damaged Excel spreadsheet files created by any edition of Microsoft Excel from 97 to the XLSX format from Excel 2007 and 2010. Unlike many other Excel viewers, it supports the latest formats as well. The program retrieves as much data as possible and saves it safely in another worksheet. It can recover...
1.2 MB 272

XLSX Viewer Tool 2.1.3

XLSX Viewer Tool is a specialized viewer and recovery tool for damaged Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files damaged in all kinds of data corruption incidents. The software uses a powerful file analysis engine and several algorithms at once to reach unprecedented efficiency of file viewing and recovery. Since the program was designed for professionals and...
4.5 MB 81

ULS Deobfuscator 1.4

ULS Deobfuscator is a viewer for SharePoint ULS log files. When having to analyze SharePoint log files, I think that there are 2 difficulties: * Finding the right log file. * Reading the log file contents. This viewer tackles the first problem by featuring a log chooser window that displays the available log files in...
102.4 K 75

Elsa Hair Implant 1.0

Can you help Elsa to fix her hair problems before of the spring coming? In this game you have to take Elsa to the county hospital, where she will receive a hair implant. Good luck and have fun!
1.5 MB 4

XLS Recovery Tool 2.0

MS Excel contains tables, forms, images, graphs, function, records & macro etc. by mistakenly or intentionally, you have to lose your data & file. XLS Recovery Software recovers XLS File or repair Damage XLS file without loses of original format. SysTools has been launched a latest version of Excel Recovery Tool that provides some extra features. These...
1.3 MB 317

XLS2CSV Converter

XLS2CSV Converter is an application that is capable of converting a batch of Microsoft® Office Excel® files to comma-delimited files without the need for Microsoft Office. Powerful selection options Support for multiple Microsoft Excel file types: * *.xls (Microsoft Excel 97, 2003) * *.xlsx (Microsoft Excel 2007,...
716.8 K 503

XLSX Open File Tool 2.0.0

XLSX Open File Tool is exactly what you need to resolve the damage of MS Excel files, occurred in any environment and damaging the internal structure of corresponding workbooks. The recovery of XLSX documents, powered by XLSX Open File Tool permits restoring corresponding documents and exports repaired items into a new file of MS Excel format. It is really...
4.4 MB 95

KLS Backup Standard

KLS Backup is a powerful backup and synchronization program that allows you to backup or synchronize your data to local and network drives, cloud storage, CD/DVD media, WebDAV or FTP server. The backup files can be stored uncompressed or compressed in standard Zip or 7z format. KLS Backup 2013 can backup: files and folders from local drives, network...
10.3 MB 975

Elsa Goes to School 1.0

Now that Elsa has broken free from her ice cold isolation, she is free to go to school and enjoy all the activities that other girls do. The first day of school is approaching and she has yet to pick out a school uniform. What do you think would be the best choice for Elsa?
1.5 MB 5

KLS Backup Professional 2013

KLS Backup is a powerful backup and synchronization program that allows you to backup or synchronize your data to local and network drives, cloud storage, CD/DVD media, WebDAV or FTP server. The backup files can be stored uncompressed or compressed in standard Zip or 7z format. KLS Backup 2013 can backup: files and folders from local drives, network...
15 MB 1,324

XLSX Password Recovery Tool 1.0

InFixi MS Excel password Recovery software is the superlative Microsoft XLSX Password Recovery tool which recover lost Excel password and unlock XLSX file password instantly. Advance XLSX password cracker software spectacularly crack XLSX password. InFixi XLSX Password recovery software fastly & easily recover XLSX password. Two well-organized...
1.7 MB 102

Elsas Adventures: Diamond Eye 1.0

Elsa ¨C archaeologist. And all that she wants ¨C is to find the mysterious Egyptian Diamond Eyes of Faith, which is strange circumstances must be in ¡­ Aztec ruins of a dead country. Strange ¡­ But at least so read old cards, she suddenly fell into the hands of ¡­ New hidden object ¨C adventure game. Help Elsa find a Diamond Eye ¡­ in Aztecs...
70.1 MB 288

XLS Password Recovery Software 5.5

Remove xls password or recover excel file password now these problems can be easily solve through xls password recovery software. recover excel file password this question is a very common in our daily life but have very limitation full solutions but our PDS remove excel file password program giving you your original excel file password without any...
2.4 MB 80

XLS To HTML Converter Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to convert one or more Excel XLS files into HTML. The user chooses the files or an entire folder to be processed before starting the conversion. Using this time saving software, even large numbers of files can be handled with one click. Excel 2000 or higher required.
8.1 MB 12

XLSX To CSV Batch Converter Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to convert one or more XLSX and XLS files into CSV format. Each sheet will be saved to an independent CSV file with commas separating the columns and new lines (enters) separating the rows. By using this time saving software, even a large number of Excel files can be handled at once. Excel 2000 or higher...
5 MB 10

Pulse Beta 6

Pulse is an application that automatically downloads wallpapers from the web using given keyword.
102.4 K 199

TelStar 1.9.5

TelStar is a lean and quick telnet client for Windows 95 and up. It supports and displays visual attributes such as bold, dim, blink, underline, italic, double-width and double-height, and colors. The software supports ansi, scoansi, vt100, vt220, and wyse60 emulations. In addition you can "clone" existing emulations to create customized versions....
614.4 K 342

AllSync 3.5.84

AllSync is the professional solution for your data synchronization, backup, imaging, update, replication and archiving needs. Supporting Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8. AllSync features a bilingual user interface, enabling you to switch between German, English and...
4.9 MB 3,940

SqlSpec 3.4

SqlSpec will generate easy-to-read docs for any SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Analysis Server, or Access database. Given one or more connection strings, SqlSpec will generate documentation about all the tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, indexes, constraints, schemas, assemblies, CLR procedures, xml schema collections, synonyms,...
196 K 318

XILS V+ 1.03

From a very long time, this wonderful and versatile machine was used by a lot of well know artists and musicians, from a long time now, it is waiting by a lot of computer users to be part of their sound arsenal. The XILS V+ combines a Vintage 10 band Vocoder, Supreme Top Octave Divider based Strings and Human Voices, or any sophisticated layering...
52.5 MB 102

GALsync 4.2.5

Usability scenarios * Your company has one internal Active Directory and one separate Active Directory for company?s sales representatives. You want all user objects and groups of the sales reps AD to be visible to your internal Outlook/Exchange users (using the Global Address List). Vice versa: You want all sales reps have access to...
8.8 MB 310

XMLSpear 3.20

XMLSpear is a free XML editor with real-time validation. It is easy to use, built in Java and available for all platforms. Experienced XML users will find several advanced, unique features e.g. the interactive schema resolving, the display of loaded schemas and the extensive XPath panel. The XML is displayed in three different...
102.4 K 74

SolSuite 2015 15.3

SolSuite is a high-quality collection of 612 solitaire solitaire games. All of the world's best-known solitaire games are here, including Spider solitaire, Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid, Golf, Yukon, Monte Carlo, Canfield, Gaps, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Napoleon, Diplomat, La Belle Lucie, Flower Garden, Rouge et Noir. We've also invented dozens...
24.9 MB 682

DSLstats 5.3

The purpose of this program is to monitor the state of an ADSL or VDSL2 connection. It works with DSL routers using Broadcom chipsets which have a fully functional telnet interface with access to the Broadcom CLI. It also supports some Thomson/Technicolor routers via their custom CLI, but some of the features of the program are not available for these...
2.9 MB 94

molsKetch 0.2.0

molsKetch is a tool for drawing schematic representations of molecules, better known as molecular structures. molsKetch target is making this drawing quick and painless. Of course you're creation can be exported afterwards in high quality in an number of vector and bitmap formats. Some of the features of molsKetch: * creating regular and...
104 MB 293

XMLStomper 1.0

XMLStomper is a useful tool for anybody who works with xml files. XMLStomper is a simple, yet powerful application that can be used for reading xml files, editing xml files, searching xml files, validating xml, and displaying xml data.
861 K 323

FalseCamera 0.9.2

Features: - Support for web browser plugins Flash, Silverlight (,, - Support for multi-stream output (each application may use different resolution) - Support for SD, HD Ready, FullHD resolution - Support for DirectShow filters (uses system video codecs) - Sypport for playlist (adding,...
1.4 MB 851
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