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Mario Bmx 1.0

Mario is back in another bike cycling ride through the kingdom! Mario BMX Mario is once again in the crazy world and lost his way, help him complete the levels on his bmx and collect as many coins as possible. Use Arrow Keys to drive.
2.5 MB 175

Mario Miner 1.0

As a Miner, your objective is to collect gold and other stuff and avoid from catching rocks and obstacles and reach to the goal of the level you are in. Press the Mouse button or Grab button to grab the treasures. Use the tools by pressing the keys 1, 2 or 3.
1.8 MB 137

Mario Drift 1.0

Make a famous hero Mario and phase drift with the contact number of the turtle is also required to complete the goal of using carefully Deliver a time limit. We wish you success with drift Mario flash game. Use Arrow keys for car and mouse for menu.
7.7 MB 133

Mario Combat 1.0

Try to get massive combos to boost your score, and once you¡¯ve beaten the game, summit your score to the online leaders board. You can move backward and forward. You can jump, and if you want to jump the wall, just press the key twice. You can attack your enemy, and if you press attack at different times in combo, with different directions, you will...
4.2 MB 659

Mario Driver 1.0

Mario sand in the desert driving a car for a very strong collection of gold coins of the game, you have to help him in the shortest possible time, collecting all the coins. Controlled using the keyboard arrow keys to move the beach cart. Then the fun of the game must not miss.
1.1 MB 99

Forever Safe 1.2

A comprehensive and reliable program which is able to encrypt documents and directories, protecting them with a password of your choice
9 MB 11

Mario Jet Ski 1.0

Mario is back, and once again he's taking on a new mode of transport! He's tried motorbikes, monster trucks, skateboards and more and now it's time to try the Jet Ski. Ride the rapid waters and help our old hero beat all challenges in this cool driving game. Use your ARROW keys to drive and SPACE for a superjump.
4.9 MB 235

Mario's Balls 1.2

This game is a close relative of the famous office puzzle game Lines. You are helping Mario to clear the color balls from the board. But the rules are quite different. First, you are playing on the hexagonal board, which drastically changes the nature of the game - the balls can move in three directions giving you more freedom. Second, you can arrange...
527 K 836

Mario Crasher 1.0

The Princess has been captured by Bowser. Mario will have to drive his truck to rescue his loving princess. However, the distance to where princess was kept is long. Help mario reach princess by crash all the enemies on the way with full upgrade on the truck. Arrow keys to drive the truck.
2.5 MB 148

Mario Tractor 1.0

In this new adventure land, Mario need to collect all the coins to complete the mission. But the coins are too big and Mario has decided to use his tractor to deliver the coins. Help Mario to complete the mission without missing any coins. Help him to drive the tractor and collect gold coins as fast as possible. Use the arrow keys to drive.
2.3 MB 134

Mario Tractor 2 1.0

Mario tractor 2 Mario and friends are driving tractors through the stages. Help them out by getting through them as fast as possible Play Mario Tractor 2 game. Use Arrow Keys to drive.
2.5 MB 129

Mario Kart Race 1.0

Welcome to Mario Kart Racing, in this game, you will be racing against with mario friends. You can choose your favorite character and race with other characters in the map you selected. Random items will be given to you when you hit the yellow box on the field. Use that item to help you win the race. Achieve 1st cup to reveal new characters and new map....
3.7 MB 157

Mario Tractor 3 1.0

Use your driving skills to help Mario and the gang transport all collected coins to the finish line using a tractor. Use the up arrow key to accelerate and down to hit the brakes. Press the left and right arrows to manage tilt.
3.1 MB 234

Mario Adventures 1.0

Mario Adventure, which is an adventure game for free. Return to remember this game the adventures of Mario Bros. Travel the world from our friend the plumber from Nintendo in exchange for overcoming all obstacles.
3.5 MB 388

Mario Kart Racing 1.0

Mario Kart Racing Mario always wanted to learn to drive a kart. But for some reason Mario can' t fathom it. Can you help Mario with controlling the kart and collect all the coins? Use your keyboard to play this game.
1.7 MB 147

Mario Combat Deluxe 1.0

Mario meets new challenges! This is the classic game Mario Combat Deluxe. Help Mario pass all the difficulties along the way. Use right and left arrow keys to move, and press A to jump. Paunch and kick with S, and throw bomb with D. Play special attacks with arrow keys plus S or D. Be careful of the turtle's attack.
5.2 MB 426

Mario Bros Motobike 1.0

Help Super Mario Bros ride his motorbike to the end of all levels without losing control. Try to collect as much points as possible and make a back-flip or front flip to earn more points. Use the arrow keys to drive and R to restart.
9.3 MB 163

Marios Mushroom Farm 1.0

Mario has been growing his crops on Yoshis Island ready for the winter months, help him collect his mushrooms and cash them in, see how many you can get to the finish, hopefully enough to get to the next level! Use Arrow Keys to play.
5.8 MB 92

Mario Cloud Adventure 1.0

Mario Cloud Adventure is a new adventure began with Super Mario and Princess started together at their palace, which is found high in the sky. To reach their palace Mario and Princess must pass several hurdles to jump on the clouds to reach as high as avoiding meeting with monsters that will try to stop them on their way home.
3.8 MB 254

Mario Bros Motobike 2 1.0

Help Super Mario Bros ride his motobike to the end of all levels without losing control. Try to collect as much points as possible and make a backflip or frontflip to earn more points. Use Arrow keys to drive.
1.8 MB 89

Mario Bros Motobike 3 1.0

The third part of Mario Bros Motobike just arrived in our free online motorcycle games category. You should enjoy riding a fast bike with Mario while collecting alread known yellow cions in your way. Take care not to hurt Mario, don't crush the bike aftre obstacles and mantain your position on the road as long as possible.
4 MB 74

Mario Vs Sonic Racing 1.0

Mario and Sonic is back. The two characters of your favorite games are racing against each other. This time they are racing against each other, choose Mario or Sonic and clear all levels in the very cool game Mario Vs Sonic Racing. Enjoy! Use arrow keys to drive.
4.2 MB 145

Mario Truck Adventures 1.0

Mario is driving again in another truck adventure. Help get all the mushrooms delivered to the castle as fast as possible. Try not to lose the mushrooms as you drive up and down the hills. Use your ARROW keys to drive, and good luck!
2.5 MB 161

Mario Bros vs Monsters 1.0

This is a plants vs zombies game with the theme of mario. Monsters are attacking Mario World. Help the Mario Bros to fight back. Kill all monsters with your special weapons and powers. Enjoy this new plants vs zombies type Mario game.
3.8 MB 123

Mario Physics Adventure 1.0

Your goal is to help Super Mario to find the princess in the koopa castle. Good luck and watch out as there are lots of obstacles to overcome. Use arrow keys to move. up to jump space to in/out vehicle space to use hammer or key space to use jet pack.
3.7 MB 145

Mario and Princess Adventure 1.0

Mario and his princess has finally reunited and get to spend some quality time together. In this game you have to take your princess out and create some memories together. IT's going to be a day to remember! Arrow keys to move, space bar to attack. Use your intelligence to avoid the monsters and get back home safely.
5 MB 266

Mario and Sonic Zombie Killer 1.0

Bowser army has turned into zombie after got affected by the virus. The army became more powerful after turning into zombie. Mario and Sonic will have to fight the zombie army with every weapon that they have. Help them to defense their base against the zombie attack. Kill as much zombie as possible to collect coins and upgrade your weapon. Use mouse aim...
2.8 MB 145

C64 Forever 2013.0.1.0

When the C64 was launched by Commodore in 1982 it immediately set the standard for 8-bit home computers. Its low cost, superior graphics, high quality sound and a massive 64 KB of RAM positioned it as the winner in the home computer wars, knocking out competitors from the likes of Atari, Texas Instruments, Sinclair, Apple and IBM. Selling over 30...
84.2 MB 310

Baby Mario 1.0

Mario always loved adventure. Mario is back but this time he is a baby in the Baby Mario flash adventure way. Collect as many coins as you can and try to save the princess. Have fun and good luck!
2.9 MB 133

Fruit Mario 1.0

Arrow keys to control the game is moving and jumping. operation explanation, In the game of 20 levels, Each level will appear different number of Star Think of a way to collecting all the Star, Can through the levels!
4.6 MB 139

Super Mario ATV 1.0

Super Mario is on another adventure. New Super Mario game in moto racing style. Now you can ride on Mario ATV and collecting stars. If you get stuck press R to restart the level. Use Arrow keys to drive your ATV.
2.8 MB 252

Super Mario Sky 1.0

Mario is flying high. This time his adventures has taken him into the sky. Every step counts when your in the sky trying to make it through all 4 levels to the boss! Use Arrow keys to move. Have fun and good luck!
3 MB 249

Super Mario War 1.0

Super Mario War is a fun game. It's a small addicting game for two or more players. However, this game is really more enjoyable to play with friends anyway. And in a four player match, things can get real interesting. The game is simple, jump on each other as much as possible. For every consecutive kill you make, without getting killed yourself.
716.8 K 251

Super Mario Land 1.0

Here we go for brand new adventures ! In the menu, move Mario around with arrow keys. Make him go on the square 1 and click on Play. Use arrow keys to move around and press space bar to jump. Good luck!
6.5 MB 187

Super Mario Bros 1.0

Mario also start a new adventure, and his place is going to brave the island, the island has a very amazing magic cup, as long as he can call who got the wizard to achieve a magical cup wish Mario very much want the cup, and he began his own journey. The Warriors of the island, numerous agencies, but also many of the monsters live here, you have to help him...
2.9 MB 439

Super Mario Jump 1.0

Super Mario Jump is a new super mario game. The goal of this game, is to jump higher as possible. You have to collect coins to get the plumber higher and higher. Use the arrows keys to play with mario and jump.
6.2 MB 145

Super Mario Bomb 1.0

Super Mario Bomb Mario is going into battle with Luigi, Bowser, and Toad. Mario will use one of his best bomb weapons to eliminated his opponents on the field. Eliminate other players on the battle field to win the game. You can choose between Mario, Luigi, Bowser or Toad to play the game. Use arrow keys to move and press space to drop the bomb.
3.9 MB 143

Super Mario Kart 1.0

Drive your kart fire rockets and throw banana peels on your enemies. Try to be the first and unlock more Levels. Use Arrow Keys to Control Kart, Ctrl to Fire Rockets and Banana Peels. Hope you have fun!
1.4 MB 153

Super Mario Icons 1

The file contains 64 high-resolution Windows ICO files and 256×256 PNG files, plus the obligatory Read Me file, which includes a detailed update history.
4.2 MB 443

Super Mario Flash 3.0

This is basically a remake of the original Super Mario Brothers games. If you¡¯re always tired of Mario being the hero, you can change his name with your own. Now your low self-esteem can be refilled. The game also includes a level creator. You can choose whether you want Mario or Luigi to play on the stage and it is similar to the creator in the other...
2.6 MB 1,563

Paper Mario World 1.0

The mission in this Mario platform action game is to complete each little level. Use your hammer to crush enemies or do it in the traditional way, jump on them. If you defeated all the enemies you will be rewarded with a password for an extra mode. Use your arrow keys to jump and run and press space to use your hammer to crunch the enemies.
10.1 MB 212

Super Mario Racing 1.0

Super Mario and the gang are having a fuel action packed race, choose your favorite Mario Kart character and race against the rest of the gang, collect power ups and zoom on past to the finish line. Arrow Keys to Move. X to Use Item. Spacebar to Jump.
8.1 MB 127

Super Mario Castle 1.0

Mario castle is the terrifying sequel to our previously added Mario Game, Mario Land! This awesome Mario Game features the same sort of style and layout of it's Mario Land brother but this time you are in the castle! Guide Mario through a series of Bowser like castle mayhem to see if you can master this mischief riddled fortress!
3.4 MB 184

Super Mario Battle 1.0

Mario and Luigi are the best partner in fighting against the big evil boss Bowser. Again, this time Mario and Luigi team up to fight against Bowser and his army. Defeat the evil force and bring back happiness for the world. There are several level in this game. Defeat all the monster and bosses in each level in order to advance to the next level.
1.1 MB 114

Super Mario Bomber 1.0

Here comes your chance to play Bomberman with all the characters from the Mario World. Arrow Keys to Move. Spacebar to Drop Bombs. Hope you have fun and good luck!
1.6 MB 142

Super Mario Bros 2 1.0

Super Mario Bros 2 is a new super mario adventure game with new graphics and theme. Play as super Mario and finish each level in the game. Collect coins, jump on your attackers and advance through the levels.
2 MB 392

Super Mario Dynamo 1

The people of the Mushroom Kingdom have finally embraced industrialization, and it is all thanks to everyone's favorite plumber, Luigi! Unfortunately, Luigi's greed got the best of him, and the entire kingdom became shrouded in darkness. The thick smog emanating from Luigi's accomplishments have darkened the once bright and colorful kingdom. It is now up...
102.4 K 52

Super Mario Flash 2 1.0

Super Mario Flash 2 contain more types ledges, water tiles and different kind of slopes. Mario has also more moves, he can : swim, slide, climb on wines, walk on walls and fly using his magic cape. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. And press SPACEBAR to fire.
4.2 MB 322

Angry Mario Classic 1.0

Your objective in this fun Mario game inspired by famous Angry Birds is to kill all the goombas in a given level to win. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim your cannon and click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to build power of your shoot, release the button to fire. Try to collect as much coins as possible for bonus points. Have fun!
2.8 MB 137

Super Mario Racing 2 1.0

Mario is racing again with Toad, Lugi, princess, Bowser,etc. However, It is not easy for Mario to get to the first place, he will has to stop his opponents from passing him by taking all of them out of the race. Go and help Mario win the race. Use Arrow Keys to control Mario. SpaceBar to fire.
1.8 MB 147
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