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Black 1.1

Black is an easy to use encryption program. It encrypts and decrypts folders using a key. Filenames of encrypted files are scrambled. Black also allow you to create an emergency plan for when you need to make sure all your secret files are encrypted while others are rather shredded.
542 K 1,251

BlackInk 0.173.1777 Beta

Black Ink is a digital painting software that uses your computer's rendering hardware to provide a perfectly responsive experience no matter your picture's size. Black Ink doesn't copy other software solutions, it creates new graphic tools. It stands as a "generative art" software because it doesn't try to mimic watercolor or oil...
13.9 MB 91

Blackshot 2.207

The old world ended at precisely 11:22pm, on the fourth of December, 2033. In the preceding decade, advances in human cloning had led to the development of the ultimate weapon - the expendable human clone soldier. Mass produced in cloning factories, and armed with the type of organic intelligence that robots could never match, these clones...
102.4 K 19

Black Hole 1

The black dots are the prime numbers. In a zoom-out mode the number on the bottom-right corner is the number that will disappear next (the start of the sequence).
102.4 K 104

BlackWidow 6.30

BlackWidow is a multi-function internet tool. It is an internet download manager, a web site downloader, site mapping tool, site ripper, site mirroring tool, website scanner, an offline browser, an FTP and webmaster tool. Use it to scan a site and create a complete profile of the site structure, files, external links and even link errors. Then use it to...
2.9 MB 2,130

BlackPanda 1.0.205

Instant Messenger provides user with an easy way to chat with friends from many popular networks in one integrated program. Supported IM networks are ICQ, AOL, Google Talk, Facebook, MSN, IRC, Skype, Gagu-gadu a many more. It is based on great Pidgin Instant Messenger project. Black Panda Features: * Management - easy adding of new...
18.5 MB 127

Black Omega 2.0.1

Black Omega is a high fidelity audio player, available for both Windows & Apple Macs, guaranteed to render your music collection at bit perfect resolution. With over 14 years of personal research & development each audio decoder and output pathway has been fine tuned and perfected in order to seamlessly deliver a perfect audio stream. If you are an...
15.7 MB 162

Blackjack Gold 1.3.0

Full featured blackjack game: Blackjack Gold is a full featured blackjack game loaded with options that let you simulate virtually any casino. Animations, a genuine blackjack dealer's voice, keyboard shortcuts, over 80 different card back images, king and queen faces include leaders from many different countries, and blackjack variations offer a realistic...
7.3 MB 434

Blackjack Flash 2

There's a reason why blackjack is the most popular casino game today, both in online and land-based casinos across the globe. The enticing combination of luck and strategy can't be found in any other casino games today. But playing online blackjack usually comes with some strings attached. Game versions that need to be downloaded, the hesitation of using...
160 K 427

Blackjack Tutor 1.0.25

Blackjack Tutor with expert strategy engine. Play a Blackjack simulation with hints on when to stand hit or double. No need to memorize charts. Have fun while you learn.
1.95 MB 226

BlackBerry Link

Get your pictures, songs and videos on your new device. With BlackBerry Link, you can manage and sync content between BlackBerry 10 devices and your computer. And if you’re transferring from a previous device, BlackBerry Link can provide a speedy, hassle-free set-up. Features: Seamless content management Access, sync, share and...
161 MB 998

Black and White set 1

Included are : 1 note, 7 zip, access, after effects, aim messenger, audacity, bitcomet, bridge, briefcase, burn, ccleaner, cinema 4d, cold fusion, dreamweaver, excel, extension manager, facebook, firefox, fireworks, flash, flex, frostwire, fruity loops, gmail, google chrome, google earth, illustrator, in design, info path, internet explorer, itunes,...
9.7 MB 342

Black Hand Icons 2011.1

The collection of Black Hands Icons includes images of various universally recognizable hand gestures. These icons can be used in graphic user interfaces of applications and websites. The package also includes vector source files in Adobe Illustrator format. Your order gets you a variety of unique icons representing gestures and hand signs. Each...
307.2 K 308

Black Glassy Set 1

Icons, Png, iContainer Folder icons - Complete Set Volume icons - Internal, External, Removable and Time Machine Black Glassy Dock! UPDATE: I noticed the finder being SLOWER when i applied the icons and the reason it does that, is because when i import the 512x512 png to Candybar it doesn't copy and scale the image to other...
6.6 MB 339

Black Cat Manager 8.02

Development tool for managing all database objects (tables, views, indexes, triggers). The program also includes a simple case studio (database architect) for modeling the new database. * modification of tables containing data * graphic sql builder for the creation of sql commands * modification of data in tables *...
3.4 MB 842

Black Web Buttons 1.0

Black Web Buttons give web designers one more uniform theme that's easy on the eye. Designed in black color, the set of web buttons represents a number of navigation and control elements used in social services and communication web sites. The set includes images such as Back and Forward, Link, RSS, Left and Right, as well as many others, 48 icons in...
307.2 K 209

Blackbody Spectrum 2.02

How does the blackbody spectrum of the sun compare to visible light? Learn about the blackbody spectrum of the sun, a light bulb, an oven, and the earth. Adjust the temperature to see the wavelength and intensity of the spectrum change. View the color of the peak of the spectral curve. Sample Learning Goals * Describe what happens to...
307.2 K 232

Blackjack Portable 1.0

Blackjack Portable - download and play. No installation needed. Blackjack, also known as twenty-one or Pontoon, is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. Much of blackjack's popularity is due to the mix of chance with elements of skill, and the publicity that surrounds card counting (keeping track of which cards have been played since...
7.4 MB 838

Blackjack Examiner 2004

The Blackjack Examiner is a blackjack simulator that can examine your system against thousands of hands of blackjack with specified house rules in only a few short seconds. Find out whether your system is a winner or a loser BEFORE you put your hard earned money on the table. Blackjack is a most popular Casino game, if only because it gives the...
1.76 MB 284

Blackmagic Teranex 3.0

Features: - Up and Downconvert to and from SD, HD and Ultra HD. - Supports up to 178 different conversions - Can support video standards up to Ultra HD at 60fps - Multi-rate SDI connectors to support SD, HD, 3G, 6G and 12G - Optical fiber interface (requires purchase of separate optical module) - Supports 16...
140 MB 2

Black Toolbar Icons 2012.3

Sometimes, the best icons can seem to go unnoticed by users, as their intuitive connection with a certain function or option makes for a fluid user experience. Our generic toolbar icon set easily achieves these goals, yet the smooth styling and modern feel associated with each graphic is bound to draw attention and please the eyes. Our generic icons are a...
2.9 MB 171

Blackjack Assistant 1.0

Learn when to hit, stand, double, or split playing blackjack. Blackjack game simulator and basic strategy charts. (single deck, multiple deck or European game).
616 K 340

Blackmagic Videohub 5.1.2

Videohubs can be controlled in a number of ways. Videohubs come with a USB connection, which can be connected to a Mac or Windows PC running the Videohub utility. This computer becomes the host server through which other computers and devices on the same network can control the Videohub routes. Note, Universal Videohub's USB connection cannot...
102.4 K 19

BlackMoon FTP Server

Features: Fast and Secure, Windows NT Integration, 168-bit SSL, Zero Admin Database Integration, NTLM and Active Directory Authentication, Scripting Aware, NT Service Support, Time Specific Speed Limits and Server Availability, Virtual Directories, MODE Z Compression, Virtual and Merge folders.
9.4 MB 592

Blackberry Extractor 10.6

Recover, Extract, Copy and Save Blackberry contacts, text messages, memos, call logs and tasks using Blackberry Extractor. Open BBB and IPD files on your computer without the need to connect your BlackBerry device. Extract and Recover Blackberry Contacts, SMS, Tasks, Memos and Call History Blackberry Extractor is a one stop...
3.2 MB 42

Black Facebook Theme 1.1

A Black facebook theme which will completely change your default facebook layout to a new one. Install this add-on, after that restart your firefox and then go to your Facebook page and enjoy the new theme.
102.4 K 115

BlackJack Drillmaster 3.0.0

This is an easy-to-use training software for learning basic strategy and card-counting for blackjack This program is loaded with lots of drills that will take you from the level of a rank amateur to that of an accomplished player. It also comes with a 1-on-1 game with the dealer with lots of available options to allow for playing under different house...
5.16 MB 280

BlackHawk Web Browser 2.0.805

A simple and efficient web browser that features various functions to help you make the most out of surfing the web, in a pleasant manner
21.8 MB 153

Black Ice TIFF Viewer 9.10

The TIFF Viewer & Plug-in allows users to view, print, and edit any TIFF image on the Internet or to open and view TIFF files on your computer. The Black Ice TIFF Viewer includes both a browser plug-in and a standalone TIFF document and Image Viewer. The TIFF Viewer and Browser Plug-In is ideal for viewing, editing and printing TIFF and a variety...
20.5 MB 359

BlackICE PC Protection 3.6 crc

BlackICE firewall solution is recommended for non-technical users. The programs has very few customiziong options. BlackICE teams a personal firewall with an advanced intrusion detection system to constantly watch your Internet connection for suspicious behavior. BlackICE responds immediately by alerting you to trouble and instantly blocking the threat....
6.7 MB 998

BlackBerry Theme Studio 6.0

The BlackBerry Theme Studio is a free suite of graphics design tools that allows graphics designers, software developers and hobbyists to create colorful and interactive BlackBerry smartphone themes, mobile websites, splash screens, graphics and animated content that are optimized for the BlackBerry smartphone.
357.9 MB 34,995

BlackBerry Analytics SDK 0.91 Beta

The free Analytics Service Beta Powered by Webtrends helps you improve your end user experience, optimize your apps and know (not guess) where to invest your resources to increase your ROI. With the reports and metrics available with the Analytics Service Beta, you can find out if your app is being used the way it was designed to be used. You can...
102.4 K 116

Blackmagic Camera Utility 1.5

This software package allows you to update your Blackmagic Camera to the latest software release for new features, bug fixes and other enhancements. Minimum system requirements • Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit • A suitable USB 2.0 port • A suitable Thunderbolt port when using Blackmagic Cinema...
102.4 K 69

Black Ops Korean Conflict 1.0

Black Ops: Korean Conflict is the first in a series of action adventure games, based on a real-world scenario. With North Korea blatantly conducting a nuclear test despite stern warnings from the US, Japan, South Korea and China, the threat of a full blown offensive to disarm Pyongyang grows. In this action packed game, you play a black-ops special forces...
2.8 MB 3,918

BlackBox Security Monitor 1.0 Build 73

The most comprehensive monitoring: * Every Program launched: when program was started/ended, what is the program name, what is the text in program title; * Every Web site visited: the web site address, when it was, even the IP address; * All Web Searches: what was this search for; * Computer usage time; * All...
17 MB 437

BlackBerry UI Prototyping 2.0

BlackBerry UI Prototyping Stencils for MicrosoftВ VisioВ is a free product that's oriented on project managers and gurus that participate in planning of the project as the first stage of development. We support ideas that planning at the beginning of the project saves time and efforts in the future, and for most cases helps to identify problems...
102.4 K 39

BlackBeltPrivacy Tor+WASTE 3.2014.09

Features: - Integrates seemlessly into an existing Firefox as a new profile. All traces removed on uninstall - Your Tor only Firefox Profile is automatically set up for you, including its plugins. - As a result, you benefit from ALL firefox fixes provided you run the latest version. - NoScript is provided. JavaScript is...
11.5 MB 321

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Bundle 42

Key Features: Bring your entertainment with you Transfer files between your computer and BlackBerry smartphone internal memory or optional media card1 using Roxio Media Manager2 for videos and BlackBerry Media Sync3,4,5,6 for music. Stay Organized Synchronize your email and organizer information between your BlackBerry smartphone...
114 MB 29,824

BlackShark Video Converter 3.1

BlackShark Video Converter is easy, fast, reliable, and loaded with features. It's capable of converting videos of all popular formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC,VOB, MKV, MOV, XviD, 3GP, and audio MP3, AAC, AC3. Now you can convert video, audio, and animated images to play on your PSP, PS3, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox,Dell phones,HP...
7 MB 253

BlackBerry Database Viewer 1.4

View any desktop database on BlackBerry Device. BlackBerry Database Viewer will help you to view the contents of your desktop databases like MS Access, FoxPro, dBase, Excel and any ODBC Compliant Database like Oracle, SQL Server on BlackBerry through the USB cable. It has two components: One works on Microsoft Windows based Computer (i.e....
608 K 269

Black Cat's Money Organizer 1.34

Black Cat's Money Organizer is personal financial software that allows you to organize your finances. It's very easy software and intended only for personal money management. It can store your transactions and show you a line graph from these transactions. Current version of application consists of two main windows: line graph with visualized data and...
7.2 MB 4

Blackjack Card Counting Pro 1.5.0

Casinos think that the average blackjack player does not have enough knowledge to beat the game. For the most part, they are absolutely correct! The majority of players do not take the time that can make blackjack a profitable game. Many players treat blackjack strictly as a form of entertainment that can sometimes cost more than they can actually afford to...
4.1 MB 307

BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.104

The BlackBerry Backup Extractor can recover contacts, call histories, SMS and text messages, calendar entries, notes, app files, saved games, debug information and data that might otherwise be inaccessible. It automatically converts the extracted data into CSV, VCard or ICAL formats, so they can be easily imported into Excel, Outlook, or...
204.8 K 603

Blackjack Scratch Card Online 1.0

Blackjack Scratch Card Online - download and play. No installation needed. Choose your bet, between a minimum 50 cents and a maximum $10. Three two-card hands will be dealt to the player and one to the "dealer." Press scratch to reveal the facedown card in each hand or hit SCRATCH ALL to see all four hands. Highest-scoring hand by traditional...
819.2 K 109

BlackBerry Database Viewer Plus 1.4

View and sync Microsoft Access, Excel, Foxpro,Oracle, SQL Server or any ODBC enabled database on BlackBerry.Update data on BlackBerry. Make a phone call from transferred database. Features: Supported Databases: MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, FoxPro, dBase, and Any ODBC Compliant Database. View and sync any database with...
944 K 200

Blackjack Portable Multilingual 2.1

Blackjack Portable Multilingual - download and play. No installation needed. The object of Blackjack is for the total of your cards to be closer to 21 than the dealer's cards, without exceeding 21. In Blackjack, aces count as either 1 or 11, face cards as 10, and number cards at their face value. If you receive an ace and a ten-value card as your...
9.1 MB 6,906

Black Ice Color Printer Drivers 13.92

Black Ice Color Printer Drivers can convert any printable file into 24 bit color, 8 bit color, 8 bit grayscale or 1 bit monochrome (black and white) image files. Color images are used primarily by color fax applications, archiving applications, desktop publishing, Internet imaging, etc. Color Printer Drivers can also extract ASCII text from a printed file...
59.6 MB 530

BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 2 /

Description BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP) is a power tool for BlackBerry devices designed for moderate to advanced users. With MCP you can easily load/save/erase any module you want, take screenshots of your device, turn the radio on or off, synchronize the time on your device to your PC, reset to factory settings (remove IT...
3 MB 29,424

Black Ice Monochrome Printer Driver 13.92

Black Ice TIFF Printer Driver is the complete solution for businesses and developers needing a fast and reliable TIFF conversion tool. The TIFF Printer Driver gives users and developers flexible options to convert, save, email, print, archive or combine TIFF files. The TIFF-Monochrome Printer Driver converts documents to various TIFF formats and other...
43.4 MB 311

BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse 1.3

The BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse includes an updated Eclipse Software Update for the BlackBerry SDK v5.0. The Eclipse Software Update includes updated APIs such as the OpenGL API. The BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse is an Eclipse plug-in that improves productivity by providing an integrated BlackBerry smartphone specific development,...
368 MB 5,165
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