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Windisk 1.10.0

Windisk is a truly unique design, which uses a powerful System Service coupled with a User-Friendly Interface. Once installed, Windisk can be accessed via its Control Panel or via its Icon in the Tray Notification Area, or can simply be left-alone to clean the PC automatically. A Totally Professional Product for Home and Business Windisk is...
8.4 MB 140

LanDiscovery 1.01

LanDiscovery is a free utility for browsing large local area networks. The program helps browsing your LAN, that consists of many computers.In the program you see the list of computers, present in the network, and the list of available 'shares' on specified computer.The first list is updated when the program is started; however, you can update it...
152 K 594

Sandisk SD Card Recovery

Multimedia card data recovery software is non destructive and read only program easily recovers all your important office documents lost from memory card. XD card data retrieval application salvages all type of files like document, presentation, image, picture, database, audio, video etc. Olympus SD cards data unerase utility facilitates user to rescue...
1.6 MB 715

SanDisk Memory Card Files Recovery

USB memory card data recovery utility provides easy access to your lost corrupted files and folders from logically crashed cf multimedia cards, mobile communicator, handheld computers, jump drive, smart media and memory stick. Software will display all recovered files and folders in a tree like hierarchy structure. If you are worry ?how to recover your lost...
1.5 MB 3,997

SanDisk sD Memory Card Data Recovery

SD Gaming card recovery software is secure and non-destructive utility to recover and restore picture, music files folders from all major memory card storage media. Multimedia Card data recovery software supports the various storage devices including Fujifilm xD Cards, Mini-SD card, MMC+ card, Trans Flash card, Micro-SD Card, xD Picture Card and free flash...
1.6 MB 4,493

SanDisk Removable Media Data Recovery

Digital file restoration application can capable to rescue all virus infected multimedia file folder from Olympus xD cards recovery, MMC Mobile DV card, Pro Duo Stick recovery etc. MMC Mobile DV card recovery software uses advanced technologies to scan the corrupt or eliminated files folders and recover your data in them as much as possible, so to minimize...
706.56 K 490

CleanDisk 3.2

Keep your hard disk free from unwanted junk files There exists many kinds of 'temporary' files that all have in common that they steadily increase in number and thus slowly eat up your hard disk space. Some programs use temporary files to hold intermediate data but do not delete them after program shutdown (e.g. just take a look in your...
512 K 316

Ascendis Caller ID

Ascendis Caller ID works with your telephone company's caller id service to track and announce phone calls and block annoying telemarketers! Each caller can be announced with a variety of pop-up window options, pre-recorded sounds, and/or text-to-speech, and can trigger email, a hang up, or the program of your choice. Advanced scripts provide even more...
10.5 MB 860

DragonDisk Client For Amazon S3 1.05

DragonDisk is a file manager for the Amazon S3 Service. DragonDisk will back up, share and organize your data thanks to an intuitive interface. Its functions and conviviality will persuade you from the start, whether you are an amateur or a professional user. Features include folder multiple windows; create, browse, and delete S3 buckets; copy and...
9.2 MB 665

Playlist Creator for SanDisk Sansa Fuze 2.33

Playlist Creator for SanDisk Sansa Fuze is a program designed to automatically create music playlists on your Sansa Fuze. It works by searching through all the music on your device and creating playlists based on the folder structure it finds. If you have a folder called "Rock Music" then a playlist with the same name will be created containing all the...
1.7 MB 544
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