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NotesXP 1.54

NotesXP is popular note and task manager for Windows. It is small, flexible and easy to use for everyone with good set of features. NotesXP supports file encryption for privacy. You can create task lists, address books or even databases. NotesXP is perfect solution for home or office use. Main features: * You can assign priority to each note ...
541 K 1,964

notespy 0.7

notespy is a clean and very efficient way to access Lotus Notes databases from Python. The library uses the Notes C++ API directly (well, behind a nicer C++ API) to make manipulating large amounts of data painless. Quicker than LotusScript!
7.4 MB 258

NotesLogExp 2011.0

No Setup, No Registration, use on any Computer, as many users as needed on the same computer, Unlimited Use with No Restrictions. Use on Hard, Portable, Flash Drives, or writable medias. Use NotesLogExp to: Store, Retrieve, Catalog, Manage, Secure, Search, Sort, Export, Notes & Documents & Links & Various information, and ID's & Pwd's with Auto...
1 MB 238

Notes4Email 1.1 Build 140

Notes4Email lets you pin an Outlook Note to your e-mails! Non-intrusive by using the standard Notes functionality of Outlook Easy, effective and reliable... No complicated software, no additional database systems, no additional areas on your screen... Simply add your comments in a native Outlook Note to your...
102.4 K 48

NotesHolder 2.2

NotesHolder lets you quickly type in any piece of information so that you can easily find it when you need, read it or print it out for your convenience. This is the most effective way to store all your notes without cluttering up your desk with PostIt and sticky notes. Unlike the other similar applications, NotesHolder is very thrifty with your...
2.3 MB 1,079

NotesTracker 5.2

NotesTracker records generic usage tracking data in an easily-understood universal fashion, for any platform that supports Notes and Domino -- Windows. Macintosh, UNIX/Linux, i5/OS (OS/400), z/OS -- and all in a "plain vanilla" Notes/Domino environment, without the need to install any plug-ins or learn any special skills. It is an application...
2.9 MB 160

Notesbrowser 1.9.2

Notesbrowser is a helpful, fast-access systems tray Freeform Organizer for making and storing quick notes and organizing dates. The tool has a calendar and many fields, where you can store, for example, to-do-lists, dates, bookmarks or your mp3-playlists. A integrated search function allows it to find your entries. Notesbrowser can remind you to dates. A...
8.3 MB 491

Notes Keeper

Notes Keeper is a simple, yet powerful, software to take notes and save them. You can insert files and pictures to your note. Features: -Creating a note -Groping notes -Tags -Creating folders to organize your notes -powerful search -Group filtering -Dynamic date and time at the status bar in main windows and note...
1 MB 10

Notes4Outlook 1.0 Build 1430

With Notes4Outlook you can easily keep your thoughts, ideas, pre-composed replies and lots more in context with any Outlook email. Whenever you select an email that has a Notes4Outlook note attached, Notes4Outlook will automatically display the attached note in a separate pop-up note window from where you can access all note editing features. With...
10 MB 1,560

Notes Portable 1.0

Portable Notes is a convenient, quick and space saving tool for writing and editing notes, setting alarm clocks, task planning and lots of other things! But what is more important is that this application will be always on your Flash Drive. You will be able to work with your files on any computer. You will never miss a reminder. You will be keep abreast of...
2.2 MB 194

NotesHolder Lite 2.0 Build 131

NotesHolder lets you quickly type in any piece of information so that you can easily find it when you need, read it or print it out for your convenience. This is the most effective way to store all your notes without cluttering up your desk with PostIt and sticky notes. Unlike the other similar desktop sticky notes applications, NotesHolder is very...
1.4 MB 549

Hindi Dictionary initial.rev65

Hindi Dictionary : It provide English - Hindi - English Dictionary. Its very fast and reliable. Hindi Dictionary is a handy and reliable Firefox extension designed to translate the selected word to Hindi. Just highlight the word and select the dedicated menu shortcut. This is a restartless addon, which means you won't be required to...
102.4 K 470

NotesPasswordBypass 1.0.1

Your Lotus Notes password is saved in an encrypted format so you may access Notes applications without a password prompt. This special application will allow you to take advantage of command line application process Lotus Notes. Normally you would be prompted for a password which would stop a process running in batch mode without user intervention....
512 K 77

Notes Local Security 9.10.01

Notes files are secured with local security for putting restriction to any unauthorized use. But sometimes removing local security becomes the need of hour. At that time, NSF local security removal tool helps you largely. It is a small effective and fast tool that removes notes local security from ?N? number of NSF database files. When a local security is...
1.6 MB 225

Notes to Google Sync 1.4.6

Notes to Google Sync is an application developed to sync your Domino calendar with Google Calendar. The application has a number of options: - syncing options - data options - reminders - connection type (ssl, http) Settings are saved in the user directory; so the application can be shared by different users on the...
3.2 MB 73

NotesContactExtractor 1.8

NOTESCONTACTEXTRACTOR moves Contacts, Groups (Distribution Lists), and Categories from a Lotus Notes address book (names.nsf) into a user-selected Outlook PST file. To convert a NAMES.NSF file requires three simple steps: (1) Select a NAMES.NSF file. (2) Select a target PST file. (3) Press the "Extract Contacts"...
4.2 MB 274

Notes Organizer Deluxe 3.4

Notes Organizer Deluxe is a simple to use note management software for personal or business use. Notes Organizer Software helps to record, organize, and keep track of virtually any type of information. For the database novice, Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use notes management solutions make it easy to set up and use. Our software comes with...
6.9 MB 282

Notes to PST Conversion 8.12.01

Successful and complete migration from Domino Server user mailboxes to MS Exchange Server email accounts is only achieved using competent and reliable Notes to Exchange migration software. It successfully exports Lotus Notes emails, its properties, Unicode characters , address book, calendar entries , to do list, appointments , tasks, alarms, schedules ,...
3.6 MB 230

Notes Tracking Software 1.52

Notes organizer software facilitate user to set reminder triggering for unlimited number of times. Note tracker utility provides an opportunity to export all notes to XML or text file by specifying destination file and type. Information organizer enable user to automatically hide software window when switching to other application window. Download free...
1.2 MB 830

Notes Password Recovery

You have a choice of using either: * Brute force search method - which attempts every combination of letters and characters that you choose. * Dictionary search method - which attempts words contained in a dictionary file (also called a word list) There are two versions available, one suitable only for Lotus Notes 6 and below,...
2.4 MB 532

NoteSync with Google Docs 1.1.1 Beta

Taking notes has never been this fast. Actually find the notes you took two weeks ago. Did we mention your notes sync with Google Docs? Yeah, we thought of that too. Experience NoteSync by downloading your free beta today. Keyboard shortcuts like CTR-L put your cursor in the search bar to easily search for notes or create a new note. Automatic...
1.8 MB 252

PNotes 9.3.0

Managing your day-to-day life is not an easy job to do. There are so many things to concern for - housekeeping, shopping, children... And what about cousin's birthday you always forget or important phone numbers? Undoubtedly your working place is covered with dusty yellow (or blue, or pink) sticky notes. If so - PNotes is right for you. Throw the physical...
1.3 MB 511

rNotes 1.2.0

rNotes is a small, lightweight programm to manage your virtual notes. It is written in C# (3.0) and requires the .Net Framework 3.5. rNotes is released under a MIT-style license.
409.6 K 291

oNotes Beta

Multiplatform program to manage online notes. Each note can be easily found by the use of custom tags. The program uses MySQL to store the notes.
102.4 K 85

Qnotes 1.1.10

notes is a personal database that allows you to organize notes and secure confidential information. You can lock files with a password or share files with other Qnotes users. Use Qnotes to... Log employee performance Develop a bibliography Create a personalized dictionary of terms Keep project notes Store...
3.85 MB 299


PNotes is light-weight, flexible, skinnable manager of virtual notes on your desktop. It supports multiple languages, individual note's settings, transparency and scheduling. Absolutely portable as well - no traces in registry. PNotes.NET edition requires .NET framework 4 Client Profile Features - Portability (PNotes does not require...
3.4 MB 58

PNotes Portable 9.0.110

PNotes Portable is an easy to use sticky notes manager with skins, flexible display options and a built-in scheduler packaged as a portable app so you can take your numbers, appointments, todo lists and more with you. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal...
1.3 MB 254

XLnotes 8.0

Ever wanted to have pictures, formatted text and attachments in your Excel comments? With XLnotes add-in for Excel you can create multiple notes for the cells, which contain full-featured Word documents, web pages and attachments.
16 MB 77

ATnotes 9.5 [rev2]

ATnotes is a FREE program which creates notes on the desktop. It lives in the system tray, takes very few resources, and supports a lot of languages. Don't lose your notes anymore With ATnotes, you will never miss important events or lose information. You can organize your notes by using folders, set alarm, change color or font and send...
102.4 K 85


There are many ways to create sticky notes and comments on your desktop! But ever wondered where all your important notes have disapeared when you need them? GumNotes is a great little program for users who just want sticky notes whereever you need them. How it works 1. Open a document This can be a website, an office document or a...
3 MB 698


TopNotes helps to manage any kind of information like addresses, phone numbers, recipes, pictures, videos and so on. Stores information in rich-text notes, arranged in a tree structure easy to organize. Features * Organize notes in a tree structure and stored in project files (notebooks). * Each notebook file can include an...
819.2 K 175

CS2Notes 2.2.0

S2Notes allow you to create new accounts using your valid email addresses, and create new sticky notes that are synchronized with the cloud. Major features of CS2Notes are listed as follows: * Synchronize a CS2Note with the cloud (automatically decide whether to save the note into cloud or update it from cloud based on version comparison). ...
102.4 K 125

iQ-Notes 6.00

This application gives the user the ability to track notes on their computer just like Post-It notes. The application is freeware, which means you can download and use it, at no cost! One neat thing you can do with it is that it can synchronize with an FTP server so the notes on one computer is the same as the notes on your other computers or...
3.1 MB 1,741

My Notes Center 1.5.2

Have you ever worked on a research project that required days even months to complete? Then you probably know the frustration of using the regular software solutions for systemizing gathered information and adding new notes. After a while you simply don?t know which file contains necessary information and how to manage the data stored. My Notes Center...
1.8 MB 259

My Notes Keeper 3.4 Build 1786 Beta

My Notes Keeper is a free-form notes/outliner application for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8. It allows you to store all of your notes and information in an easy-to-use outline, where you can quickly find what you need. My Notes Keeper is a 'swiss-army-knife' PIM program, powerful yet easy to use ... With My Notes Keeper, creating your own freeform database...
10.4 MB 298

My Notes Keeper Portable 3.3 Build 1770 Beta

You have too many ideas and things to remember? My Notes Keeper helps you to keep them in one place and find them fast and easy. Store all your information well ordered and safely protected by password, ready for quick access and fast search with My Notes Keeper! My Notes Keeper is a free-form notes/outliner application for Windows...
11.5 MB 114


When your Lotus Notes client crashes you normally have to reboot your PC which is very annoying. This program allows you to clean up the Windows processes that hang around when your Lotus Notes client crashes so that you can start Lotus Notes again without restarting your PC. This program is similar to KillNotes, however, it also terminates the...
102.4 K 51

FileNotes 1.0

This lightweight application is something you've always wanted, you just never knew it!
16.4 MB 354

jPDFNotes 4.70

jPDFNotes is a Java bean that integrates into your java application or can be deployed on the web in an applet or using java web start. After editing documents, the library can save them to a local file or the host application can override the save function to save the file to any location locally or on a network. jPDFNotes is built on top...
26.6 MB 215

digiNotes 0.6 Beta /

Each note is fully customizable. You can change size, color, opacity, title etc. by using a simple but powerful contextmenu(screenshoots) within just a few clicks. On conventional note sheets you can only take ordinary text-notes. As a software solution digiNotes also provides other usefull tools like calculators on its notes. Due to a PlugIn-system new...
614.4 K 157

DeskNotes 2.3.0

It helps you to keep your ideas in the place you visit and see the most of the time while sitting in front of your computer. The things which should not be seen by everybody going around your Windows desktop can be hidden. DeskNote can be made top most of your windows so you see it even while working in some other application window. DeskNote can be...
2 MB 338

IBM Notes to Outlook 3.0

Want to convert IBM Notes to Outlook? Try Recover Data for NSF to PST data conversion software ( for instant conversion of all NSF data (emails, contacts, attachments, notes, tasks, address book, messages, journals, calendars & to-do-list) to PST. Get our straightforward IBM Notes to Outlook converter...
2.6 MB 178

IBM Notes Social Edition 9.0.1

IBM Notes is how a modern business connects. The IBM Notes email software client simplifies today’s complex world by integrating messaging, business applications and social collaboration into one easy-to-use workspace. IBM Notes goes wherever you go, helping you work smarter and faster to provide better business results. IBM Notes email software...
555 MB 20

Ace Notes Free Removal Tool 1.0

AceNotes Free Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all AceNotes Free entries running on a scanned system. It will also make sure that malicious processes are no longer running and that they won't return when you reboot your computer. Install AceNotes Free Removal Tool on your PC and start scanning. The AceNotes Free Removal Tool will scan whole...
20.2 MB 136

Litenotes (formerly Stickies) 2.1.0

Stickies is a convenient and lightweight application, which is much more useful than using real Sticky Notes! What's New: * Added Alarms Feature * Added minimize to tray & a right click menu * Fixed major bug - some notes would not save * Improved+Streamlined code * Partial fix for blank lines *...
102.4 K 327

CintaNotes 2.8.4

One of main uses of CintaNotes is to quickly store a piece of information that you've found somewhere — most typically, on the Web. Some fields beside the text are also filled automatically — the title of the source application window is taken as the note's title, and if you clip text from a website, the note's Link field automatically...
7.2 MB 1,927


Turn your storage device into another brain, and carry it to work on any PC. Searching for a piece of information on your hard disk can be very time comsuming and also quite dispiriting if you can not find what you want. As more and more information from the internet, email, office working files, digital cameras etc. accumulates, knowledge workers...
12.59 MB 378

Hott Notes 4.1

The program supports regular notes, alarm notes, checklist notes and even freehand scribble notes. You can color coordinate the notes to your preference, using font sizes of your choice and also set a transparency level to blend them with your desktop background. If you prefer to keep your desktop clean, you can also hide all or selected notes, and manage...
3.8 MB 460


The MotorNotes software provides an overview of all your vehicles plus one-touch access to vehicle details, fuel, distance, service, service plan, and other information. Distance Configurable distance categories allow you to track distance in whatever way is important to you. For example, separate track and street distance to plan service...
5 MB 437

Tray Notes 1.0 (285)

The program Tray Notes is intended to be used to manage (almost) any kind of interim data. As special feature, the program allows dragging and dropping of data directly onto the tray icon. This in turn makes the program easy to use. The program also supports multi-drop-targets, which allows a grouped data management.
102.4 K 59
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