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Executor 0.99.12b

This is a multi purpose launcher and a more advanced and customizable version of windows run. The program originated as I was sick of spending too much time searching for programs through my ever growing windows start-menu, and also I missed a tool that could ease and optimize my daily work flow. There was of course already programs like this available, but...
1 MB 890

ExeOutput for PHP 1.7.0

ExeOutput for PHP lets you to create real application EXE files for Windows from PHP scripts and websites Convert PHP scripts, websites, JavaScript, HTML, XML into stand-alone Browser Applications for Windows that do not require a Web server nor PHP distribution. Combine the Power of PHP, HTML and JavaScript to Make Fully-Customizable...
46.1 MB 585

Exe 64bit Detector 1.0

EXE 64bit Detector is the simple command-line tool to find if the file is 32-bit or 64-bit Executable. You can specify any valid PE file like EXE, DLL, OCX etc. Often there is a need to know if the particular executable file is 32-bit or 64-bit. Also there is no easy or direct way to find this out by just looking at the file. In such cases 'EXE...
102.4 K 97

Exe File Information 1.65

Exe File Information helps you find more information about programs running in the background, so you can easily determine which one is safe and which is not.
1.4 MB 332

EXE Stealth Protector 4.15

Protect your software against illegal use. Protect your EXE, DLL, SCR files. Manage your serials for your shareware. Protect your exe files against cracking with crypto technologie. Stealth protector is the one stop solution for all your protection requirements. Executable files are susceptible to hackers and code crackers. You need to ensure that...
307.2 K 359

HexEditor 3.1.2

The XEditor is a Java application that allows to view, validate and edit the contents of X9 Image Cash Letter Files. to the following standards: * X9.37 DSTU-2003 * X9.37 DSTU-2003 - FRB * X9.100-180-2006 * X9.100-180-TECH * Universal Companion Document (UCD) * X9.100-181 (Check Image Validation) ...
2.3 MB 535

Word2EXE - Word to EXE 2.0

Convert word to EXE,support doc,docx,rtf,No editing,No copying,No printing,stronger than the MS office's own encryption. word2exe,doc2exe,rtf2exe,docx2exe
1.1 MB 308

Yorkyt.exe Disinfection Tool

Symptoms 1. Internet searches are redirected to abnow.com, mediashifting or any other websites. 2. The antivirus protection detects Trj/Sirefef and/or Rootkit/ZAccess. Solution Panda Security has developed Yorkyt.exe disinfection tool to erase any traces of the Trj/Sirefef and Rootkit/ZAccess.
1.3 MB 280

Nexeye Monitoring Enterprise 1.1

How efficient is your internet connection being utilised? Does your network users utilising the internet to the purpose of your organisation? Which web sites are your users browsing? Do you have a control of the content of the e-mails sent from your network? What kind of e-mails are received by whom in your network? Is MSN Messenger...
8.37 MB 268

Be.HexEditor 1.4.2

Be.HexEditor is a simple but powerful editor for binary files. Advantages: * Opens files of unlimited size. * Multi-language support (English, German, Japanese and Russian) * Open Source * It's free for personal and commercial use.
819.2 K 215

hl2.exe Error Fix Software 2.0

The consequence of deadly hl2.exe error is that your system shuts down without any command. The situation is annoying. There are certain reasons responsible for the error hl2.exe. The error might be due to the driver problems or may be your driver too old. As such, you need to update your driver. Driver software is capable tool and efficient enough to fix...
0 K 1,649

MSI to EXE Creator

Advance setup generator software is developed with innovative technology to for converting Msi file into EXE format. MSI to EXE Creator application is provided by company on www.data-recovery-mobile-phone.com website that does not need any technical training to generate accurate creation of EXE files with effective structure support of not losing original...
1.4 MB 88

Jar to Exe Portable

It makes it easy to start your java program. Generated binary file has many advanced features, such as "run as service", it is not only a java program. Generated binary executive will find JRE on host: - Search JRE from System registry for SUN JRE and IBM JRE. - Search JRE from local bundled 'jre' directory. - Search...
5.7 MB 47

MSI to EXE Setup Creator

MSI installer to EXE installation package software is an effective and efficient tool to build .exe setup from your existing Microsoft (.msi) file format. MSI to EXE builder application can create EXE installer package from .NET framework MSI setup. Professional program can generate executable file using MSI setup package to release your software product in...
819.2 K 517

MSI To EXE Installation Package Creator

Software to create exe setup package using .NET framework installer is a powerful and reliable tool which converts default Microsoft visual studio .NET framework MSI installation setup package to equivalent and similar exe installer format in a convenient and efficient manner. MSI to EXE installation package creator software create and maintain the...
921.6 K 766

Keybits EXE Password 1.0.3

With Keybits EXE Password you can protect any exe file with a password that is required before the exe file can launch. The protection works by adding a very small supplementary code to the exe file. Features: Small overhead adds only appx 0,5 kB to the protected exe file Works with Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,Windows...
204.8 K 188

Consent.exe Error Fix 2.0

When consent.exe error occurs in your system your system screen turns to blue causing blue screen of death error and all the applications stored in your system becomes inaccessible. Moreover it also decreases the performance level of your system and sometimes also causes system crash. Therefore it becomes really important for you to resolve Consent.exe...
0 K 222

Private exe Protector 4.0.3

Private exe Protector (PEP) is a professional licensing, anti-tampering and software examination system. PEP works with traditional methods, such as file compression, code fragment encryption, metamorphic loading, protection from debugging and file tampering , and features new innovative techniques, including data protection with stolen resources technique...
1.6 MB 264

Fix spoolsv.exe error 2.0

Spoolsv.exe is a file that handles the various printing process on your Windows System. This process is extremely responsible for various queuing and printing tasks. Sometimes, it happens that whenever a user boots the computer, gets an error message: Spoolsv.exe has generated errors and windows will shutdown very soon. These errors slow down your Pc...
0 K 364

Fix svchost.exe error 2.0

Svchost.exe error is one of the common system error occurs while start up the system. To run Windows application Svchost.exe file is used that is initially implemented as a .DLL. With Svchost.exe application error you will get some other related error on your computer screen. Which indicates that memory could not be read. In order to fix Svchost.exe...
5 MB 230

Fix wmpirvse.exe error 2.0

Wmiprvse.exe error occurs while system startup and booting. The error is very dangerous as it results into severe damage to system. It results to violate important system resources, start system after every 5-10 minutes and corrupt important files. Wmiprvse.exe is an important window file that is used by Microsoft operating system and requires for smooth...
0 K 190

Fix Ntkrnlmp.exe error 2.0

An error like Ntkrnlmp.exe on your system is a cause of concern for all Windows users. Millions of people are getting these errors. Ntkrnlmp.exe is an important file of the Windows NT operating system. Any problem in the BIOS of the system does not allow the file to function properly and the system is unable to boot up properly. It is also needed to...
0 K 570

MSI Setup to EXE Creator

Windows installer MSI package to executable file convertor software is user friendly, powerful and non destructive utility that help user to create EXE file from existing or available MSI file in easy and efficient way. MSI installer to EXE installation package converter application generates EXE from Microsoft .NET installer package file without changing...
921.6 K 545

Database Command Executor 2.3

This is a simple utility that can perform a sql commands on a database. You can execute an insert, update or delete commands as well as select statements. Utility returns the number of processed records as its ExitCode and you can also save the results (selected records or the processed records number) to the specified XML, CSV or TXT...
4 MB 460

MSI Installer to EXE Creator

MSI to EXE setup generator has the ability to convert Microsoft installation package .msi into executable .exe extension files. Setup builder provides effective and efficient solution to generate exe setup files from windows installer .msi package. MSI to EXE setup builder facilitates users to save converted executable setup files at any user specified...
921.6 K 563

Tweaking.com - Disable or Enable Data Execution Prevention (DEP) 1.5.0

This will allow a user to easily turn DEP on or off. DEP can cause some programs to crash, and as such you may need to turn it off. As a plus, for system where DEP is grayed out by windows, you can still enable DEP with this tool. DEP will still be grayed out, but it will be working. Personal note: I have to keep DEP off on my system for some older...
102.4 K 137

Orb 2.57.0023

Orb leverages the best in already available technology (hi-speed broadband, Wi-Fi, wireless internet access and sophisticated portable devices) to provide a brand new way for people to connect with their digital media in the manner "how, when and where" they most desire. In short, Orb provides the ability to "MyCast". MyCasting gives the user instant...
29.5 MB 770

exe4j 4.5.2

exe4j is a Java exe maker that helps you integrate your Java applications into the Windows operating environment, whether they are service, GUI or command line applications. If you want your own process name instead of java.exe in the task manager and a user friendly task-bar grouping, exe4j does the job for you. exe4j helps you with...
102.4 K 81


Viber for Windows lets you send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users, on any device and network, in any country! Viber syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile device. - Best-quality HD voice calls - Video calls - Text, photo and sticker messages - Full sync between your mobile and Windows -...
41.5 MB 1,886

Organ 3.1.5

Features: * Organ Synthesizer based on an emulation of many classic organs and the rotary speaker * Each emulated aspect is individually switchable or adjustable * 3 manuals, individually adjustable and playable on separate MIDI channels or in split or layer mode * Dual effects section with fully syncable rotary,...
2.6 MB 527

Orkut 1.0.1

Check your Orkut scraps, photos & status updates from your friends quickly and easily with this addon. By installing this addon you can check your Orkut scraps, photos & status updates from your friends. You can also reply to the scraps, set your status, add friends and post comment to photos. Just login in the popup that appears and you are all...
102.4 K 2,987

Orinj 2.3.0

Orinj is a multitrack recording and mixing software with wave and MIDI editing. * Record audio tracks and mix them into a complete product with full control over the mixing process - an easily accessible mixing console with volume, pan, dry, and wet mix envelopes, and effects. * Add modifiable effects: delays, echoes, choruses, bass...
8.2 MB 430


Origin is a digital service designed to enhance and improve user's gaming experience. This software is fast and easy-to-install, intuitive and free to use. This tool is more than a webstore, providing you great games and letting you chat with your friends or manage your digital game library. It will also allow you to stream your gameplay over the Internet,...
16.3 MB 784

Oragir 0.2.1 Beta

Oragir project implements an alternative multipltform client for LiveJournal web-based service. In contrast to other clients that allow reading and writing new entries in LiveJournal for a single user at a time, Oragir provides fast and easy way to "watch" and filter all newly added entries from all LiveJournal users at run time. With Oragir you can...
8.2 MB 81

Ora2Pg 8.7

Ora2Pg is a free tool used to migrate an Oracle database to a PostgreSQL compatible schema. It connects your Oracle database, scan it automaticaly and extracts its structure or data, it then generates SQL scripts that you can load into your PostgreSQL database. Ora2Pg can be used from reverse engineering Oracle database to huge enterprise...
102.4 K 263


ORBADA is a database, SQL, query client using JDBC drivers. It is a tool to administrate and manage database structure. It Is for Oracle, SQLite, Firebird, HSQLDB, DerbyDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other databases. Features: - Running SQL queries - Viewing database objects - Export to CSV, Excel, DBF, XML, HTML, SQL...
27.4 MB 412

ORTWIN 11.01

ORTWIN is a program for the country-wide inquiry of the cities and towns, localities, postal codes and telephone selections in Germany. It finds postal zip codes, telephone pre selections, coordinates and ground level elevations. The program determines municipal codes, local center points, car license codes, topographic maps, Unlocodes and much more. It...
3.6 MB 318

OrgDoc 5.1

OrgDoc is a unique Organization Chart Creator & Data Organizer software. This data management software can be used for creating organization/hierarchy charts, and also as your organizational as well as personal data manager. This is also a document based (*.odoc) organizational data management system. You can create and share as many organization...
7.9 MB 26

OrbitZ 1.7

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world puzzle game? OrbitZ requires logical thinking, skill and strategy. Excellent 3D pre-rendered graphics and a massive variety of levels will give you hours of fun. Take four planets, an enclosed play area, mines, asteroids and vortexes and you've got total puzzle mayhem! Get each planet to safety using skill and strategy...
11.22 MB 541

Exeine 0.9.3

Exeine aims to reduce the amount of exception handling code by allowing the error messages to be stored in annotations and propeties files. It will stop the widespread misuse of catch, log and throw in java code. Software users basically want to have a specific text message outputted when something goes wrong, but get this we have to catch, log...
102.4 K 432

Oriana 4.01

Are you working with directional data measured in degrees? Perhaps your research involves looking at patterns in the time of day of events, or things that occur in weekly, monthly or yearly cycles. These are circular data and they require special types of statistics. If you want to analyse this type of data, then Oriana is just what you...
6.6 MB 305

OrgPlus 9 Build 1634

OrgPlus is the easiest way to create great-looking organizational charts. OrgPlus is ideal for organizations that wish to create and distribute standardized organizational charts for planning and communication purposes. No drawing skills are required to create great-looking organizational charts with OrgPlus. You'll never have to manually...
60.2 MB 1,446

origami 1.3.1

Origami connects directly to Illustrator, so you see your layout in 3D immediately without exporting anything. Saving Images and 3D Shapes Origami allows you to save your folded layout as a 3D shape or image for further processing or sharing with customers. Dead Simple User Interface Origami features probably the easiest user...
102.4 K 79

EXESHOW 2.1 b151

EXESHOW has simple and intuitive interface, so creating of a presentation is very easy. All you have to do is choose some pictures (in JPG, GIF or BMP format). EXESHOW will produce single EXE file, which contains all images inside. No additional programs (including EXESHOW itself) are needed to run resulting presentation - only that stand-alone EXE file....
3.2 MB 620

ExeScan 2.6

ExeScan is the FREE command-line tool to detect anomalies in PE (Portable Executable or EXE/DLL) files. It instantly scans EXE/DLL file and reports all kind of abnormalities in the PE header fields such as checksum differences, header field sizes, non-ascii/empty section names, improper size of raw data etc Typically Malwares use...
102.4 K 89

OraBone 7.9.1

Powerful Oracle database management, development and reporting tool. Oracle client and direct mode supported, customizable object browser, SQL editor, SQL formatter, history browser, schema document, 27 ready made styles, etc.
5.4 MB 364

ORMLite 4.46

Object Relational Mapping Lite (ORMLite) provides simple yet powerful functionality for persisting Java objects to SQL databases while avoiding the overhead of other ORMs. Supports MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, H2, Derby, HSQLDB, Sqlite, and others. Features: * Simple Object Relational Mapping functionality * Java annotations...
102.4 K 106


What it will do: 1. This was specifically written for Wizmo graviton, but... 2. Runs an executable file (.exe, .bat, .com) as a screensaver, well sort of. What it won't do: 1. Depending on your operating system, password protection will or will not work. 2. Does not detect mouse movements or key presses, but Wizmo does this on its...
102.4 K 433

Orbitum 39.0.2171.125

Orbitum – a fast, easy and safe browser that lets you chat on popular social networks including Vkontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki. * New User Interface Modern and simple with a magic interface contains a window that displays the list of your friends from social networks, So you can quickly read and reply your private messages. *...
307.2 K 212

ExeWatch 1.34

ExeWatch keeps a careful eye on your hard drives and will instantly alert (beep) you every time a new executable appears in any folder, on any fixed or removable drive. Double-click the tray icon to view the details of the latest detections, if any. A solid and lightweight addition for the security-conscious power user.
102.4 K 5
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