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Oxford Dictionary of Business Windows 3.10

An Informative Guide to all Areas of Modern Business The Dictionary of Business is a wide-ranging and informative guide to all areas of modern business. Completely revised and updated, with over 6,500 entries covering terms from marketing to taxation and accounting, business strategy to international finance, human resources management to banking,...
9.94 MB 39,832

Oxford Dictionary of the Bible Windows 3.10

The Most Authoritative and Up-to-date Dictionary of the Bible Available As well as providing concise information about important places and personalities, this accessible dictionary clearly explains the themes and doctrines of the Bible. With entries ranging from earthquakes and mice to feminism and the Dead See Scrolls, it is a lively and...
9.83 MB 3,216

Oxford Dictionary of Idioms for Windows 3.10

Does your English "cut the mustard", or do you find that it's "wide off the mark"? Containing more than 5,000 entries, this dictionary covers metaphorical phrases, similes, familiar sayings, and proverbs, providing illustrative quotations from sources as varied as the Bible, the Spectator, and Agatha Christie. It explains meanings and provides...
9.71 MB 56,372

Oxford French Minidictionary for Window 3.10

The World's Most Trusted Dictionaries Includes English-French and French-English dictionaries and over 100,000 words, phrases and translations. The Oxford French Minidictionary is designed to present essential information of the core French and English vocabulary in accessible format, providing the user with a fast track to clear and effective...
9.91 MB 1,610

Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary Window 3.10

Over 340,000 Hard Copies Sold This dictionary provides full coverage of all the important terms and concepts used in medicine today. Written by distinguished practicing specialists and medical writers, it is intended primarily for workers in the paramedical fields: pharmacists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, social workers, hospital...
10.26 MB 155,422

Oxford Portuguese Minidictionary Windows 3.10

Essential and Easy to Use The Oxford Portuguese Minidictionary offers up-to-date coverage of essential day-to-day vocabulary with over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations. The dictionary provides a handy and comprehensive reference work to tourists, students, and business people who require quick and reliable answers to their translation...
10.07 MB 957

Oxford English Minidictionary forWindows 3.10

Essential, Reliable, Practical This is one of Oxford's most successful dictionaries, with over 40,000 entries and 50,000 definitions, including a substantial number of new words. It aims to provide up-to-date, compact coverage of the core vocabulary of current English in a compact and comprehensive format. The Oxford English Minidictionary is an...
9.92 MB 31,926

Pocket Oxford German Dictionary Windows 3.10

Combining the authority of the Oxford-Duden German Dictionary with the convenience of the Palm handheld and quick-access layout, this easy-to-use dictionary is the ideal reference tool for all those requiring quick and reliable answers to their translation questions. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users from the student at intermediate level...
10.94 MB 2,316

Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary Windows 3.10

Affordable, compact, thoroughly up-to-date and packed with extra features, this dictionary offers greater bilingual coverage than ever before. It is a complete guide to contemporary Spanish and English languages, as well as extensive helping tool with grammar. The Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary includes English-Spanish and Spanish-English databases, along...
11.43 MB 1,194

Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary Windows 3.10

An Essential Resource for Students and Travellers Called "the most complete and succinct" lexicon of its type by The Times Literary Supplement, The Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary has long been a favorite of students, scholars, business people, and travelers. Now this popular Second Edition is available in MSDict electronic format for mobile...
11.04 MB 975

Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary Windows 3.10

The World's Most Trusted Dictionaries With examples carefully selected by a large team of native speakers of English and Italian, the Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary clearly illustrates the full range of meanings and typical contexts of both languages. Offering wide-ranging coverage, this outstanding dictionary contains over 80,000 words and...
10.73 MB 745

Pocket Oxford English Dictionary Windows 3.10

This is an electronic reissue of the ninth edition of the world's longest-established pocket English dictionary by Oxford University Press. It is one of the new generation Oxford dictionaries derived from the database of the highly acclaimed New Oxford Dictionary of English and is particularly user friendly with its elegant open design, with different...
10.9 MB 200,142

Concise Oxford French Dictionary Win 3.10

The Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary offers a complete guide to the French and English languages, from general to specialist and technical terminology, from foreign language to slang. The dictionary makes accessible every aspect of the French-speaking world of today, and respectively the English-speaking one, through meticulous description of their...
13.34 MB 1,072

Concise Oxford English Dictionary Win 3.10

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary is the most popular dictionary of its kind around the world and is noted for its clear, concise definitions as well as its comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the vocabulary of the English-speaking world. This reissue of the revised edition brings the tenth edition completely up to date by the addition of...
13.91 MB 9,800

Concise Oxford Italian Dictionary Win 3.10

An outstanding Italian- English- Italian dictionary developed by one of Italy's foremost publishers- Paravia and Oxford University Press. This dictionary provides contemporary, up-to-the-minute coverage of Italian and English vocabulary and is the most authoritative Italian dictionary of its size. Convenience and Easy-access...
13.91 MB 431

Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary Win 3.10

This dictionary offers the richest coverage of the 24 principal regional varieties of Spanish, with special emphasis on modern idioms and colloquial usage. Words and phrases are clearly marked to show the Spanish-speaking region where they are used, from Spain the Chile or Mexico, from Central America to the river Plate. In addition, variant pronunciations...
13.68 MB 561

Dictionary 1.0

TheFreeDictionary.com presents a Thesaurus, Dictionary, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine all in one! IE Plug in. 1) Open the browser and navigate to any web page. 2) Select (or double-click) any word. 3) Right-click and select "Definition" in the menu.
685 K 53,426

DictionaryMaker 2.16 Beta

The purpose of the DictionaryMaker system is to facilitate the creation of an electronic pronunciation dictionary in a target language, as originally described in M. Davel and E. Barnard, "Bootstrapping for language resource generation". Such a pronunciation dictionary consists of a list of words, each associated with one or more phonetic pronunciations....
2.6 MB 680

Dictionary .NET 7.3.5553

Dictionary .NET is a tiny and smart multilingual dictionary translating from/to 81 languages. It integrates Google, Bing and Yandex services without installing and loading anything.
512 K 8,874

Oxford Brookes RSS 1.1

Access to RSS news feeds from Oxford Brookes University.
102.4 K 98

Dictionary Browser 1.1

* Dictionary Browser is a program which delivers translation from the selected online-dictionaries into one result window using Ctrl+C+ C key combination. * Supports more than 10 languages. * Using Abbyy Lingvo universal , Google and Multitran online-dictionaries. * Ability to display full or short translation. * Internet...
23.5 MB 634

Dictionary for Safari

Double click on any word within a page and get its definition in a small pop-up bubble. A link to the corresponding Wikipedia page is also suggested when applicable. Double click on any word within a page and get its definition in a small pop-up bubble.A link to the corresponding Wikipedia page is also suggested when applicable.
102.4 K 558

Dictionary and Converter 1.0

Translator & Dictionary application helps you to easily find meanings or translate a text / phrase to another language. It uses the Google Translator and Glosbe API. All your previous searches are saved so that you can quickly reference them in future without internet access. Besides that if you want to search for new content / alternatives, even...
921.6 K 59

Dictionary English Awesome 3.0.12

You can search any word in popup and in bubble window. Just double click on any word then u can see description.
102.4 K 198

Dictionary Lookup Extension 1.5.1

Looks up the meaning of the highlighted word and displays the definition when you right click on it and select "Define..."
102.4 K 436

Dictionary Organizer Deluxe 4.0

Dictionary Organizer Deluxe is a database management software that allows you to create your own dictionary, terminology or glossary books. Our software solution enables you to build and manage business glossaries, science terminology books, or personal dictionaries. For the database novice, Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use database...
6.9 MB 309

Dictionary Pop-Up for Firefox

Access the most popular dictionary in the world while you surf the web with a convenient definition and synonym popup. Definition Pop-Up Features Include: • Click on a word while surfing the web to see Dictionary.com’s definition in a small pop-up • Customize your dictionary popup to your liking - no other dictionary does...
102.4 K 60

Oxford Reference Suite (for Windows) 3.10

The World's Most Trusted Reference Books This dictionary suite includes four of the best-selling titles of Oxford University Press: Pocket Oxford English Dictionary Oxford Dictionary of Idioms Concise Oxford Medical Dictionary Oxford Business Dictionary The Oxford Reference Suite offers excellent coverage of the English...
13.17 MB 1,109

Oxford Multilanguage Pack (for Windows) 3.10

Multilanguage Word Power This dictionary suite contains 5 bilingual and bidirectional dictionaries and is designed for the traveler who needs quick foreign words look-up. The bundle gives the word power of over 590,000 words and translations from and to English, German, Italian, Spanish and French and offers reference and thesaurus information in...
17.05 MB 1,327

DDictionary 1.0

An application created to help you see English to Hindi & Hindi to English word meanings, and add Words & there means. Format their color and speedily resize.
1.5 MB 102

Sdictionary 1.0.0

Sdictionary is a universal multifunctional dictionary shell that uses the exclusively developed Sdict dictionary format. Sdictionary has a number of advantages, such as a user-friendly interface and high speed. You can also use Sdictionary as an interactive encyclopedia. The Sdictionary community provides a huge variety of freely distributed...
2.4 MB 280

EZDictionary 1.3

It helps users to quickly look up a word or phrase in most popular online dictionaries like Encarta.com, Merriam-Webster.com, Dictionary.com and so on. When users are surfing internet with Internet Explorer or working with Microsoft Word, WordPad or Notepad, they may have a word or phrase which is needed to look up in an online dictionary. With...
102.4 K 98

H-Dictionary 9.0

Looking to Higher Educational revolution all over the Hindi comunity. In every day life, we need meaning in Hindi of english words and also need pronounciation of the english words. Looking to present basic requirements, we have introduceed taking H DICTIONARY. Our H DICTIONARY is very useful for every needed persons who is required Hindi meaning of english...
14.7 MB 508

G-Dictionary 8.1

Looking to Higher Educational revolution all over the Gujarati comunity. In every day life, we need meaning in gujarati of english words and also need pronounciation of the english words. Looking to present basic requirements, we have introduceed taking G DICTIONARY. Our G DICTIONARY is very useful for every needed persons who is required gujarati meaning...
17.4 MB 180

myDictionaryGenie 1.1

Windows based software application that reads aloud (speech enabled) and displays in popup window english language word pronunciation, synonyms and definition details. Never leave the web page or article you reading to find the meaning of the word. If you see a word that you do not know while reading article on the web or word document or PDF...
307.2 K 1,180

EZ Dictionary English-Arabic 3.0

In many instances, when reading books or the newspaper, we encounter words that seem to escape our vocabularies. EZ Dictionary comes as the right tool for the job. Unlike consulting a dictionary, you can instantly zone in on all of the unknown or confusing terms you encounter on the Internet without taking too much time in searching for the definitions....
102.4 K 147

EZ Dictionary English-Portuguese 3.0

In many instances, when reading books or the newspaper, we encounter words that seem to escape our vocabularies. EZ Dictionary comes as the right tool for the job. Unlike consulting a dictionary, you can instantly zone in on all of the unknown or confusing terms you encounter on the Internet without taking too much time in searching for the definitions....
102.4 K 98

SAT Dictionary 1.0

This small program contains 3500+ words and their meaning extracted from Barron's SAT Word List. I wrote it because I needed a dictionary program that could search words quickly, and the one in the Barron's CD was just too slow. It uses Binary Search Algorithm to search through sorted words quickly.
204.8 K 441

CPT Dictionary 1.4.2

Features: * browsing/searching in any standard encoding including Unicode decomposition and bidi support; * creates display list of all words or clues (definitions); * supports inverted indexes; * searching in several dictionaries; * supports watch mode - via the clipboard the search pattern is taken from any...
2.9 MB 427

SQL Dictionary English Swedish 1.0

Dictionary Database English Swedish to integrate into your applications
307.2 K 684

Tray Dictionary 1.3

Tray Dictionary is a free desktop English-English dictionary tool. It stays in system tray and is ready to look up word all the time. The search of word can start instantly by one click on its icon. It requires Internet connection to utilize Encarta online dictionary for word lookup. Instead of opening a browser and typing the URL, Tray Dictionary 's...
512 K 903

MultiDictionary 2.1

MultiDictionary is a small and convenient piece of software that has become an essential for anyone who needs to translate words to and from other languages quickly and efficiently while being able to find the most appropriate translation possible. The software is both extremely easy to use and fast as well. Rather than manually searching through all the...
22.4 MB 643

Aard Dictionary 0.9.3

Aard Dictionary is a free, fast, easy to use word lookup program that * looks up words fast even with huge dictionaries like English Wikipedia * looks up words in multiple dictionaries in multiple languages without switching * works great as offline Wikipedia reader * is keyboard navigation friendly * has...
10.8 MB 108

Data Dictionary Creator 1.3.3

Data Dictionary Creator (DDC) is a simple application which helps you document SQL Server databases. It stores all the information in Extended Properties, so it's easier to keep the documentation in sync with the database as it changes.
307.2 K 1,840

Free Dictionary For Windows 1.0

Free English dictionary for windows installs in seconds, no more misspelled words with our completely free dictionary.
373 K 18,818

PONS Dictionary French - German Premium 7.6

The most comprehensive French German reference work from PONS, with 750,000 keywords, phrases and translations! Do you read and write French or German texts, newspapers and magazines? Or do you frequently check on a word whilst reading or writing e-mails, letters, presentations, trade articles in French or German - focusing on the widest range of...
102.4 K 95

PONS Dictionary German - Turkish Concise 7.6

Do you read or write in Turkish or German in your everyday life, your spare time or as part of your job? Then the PONS Dictionary Turkish German CONCISE is the right reference tool for you. Who can really benefit from this electronic dictionary? Everyone who has to continually look up Turkish or German words in their everyday...
102.4 K 121

Hindi Dictionary initial.rev65

Hindi Dictionary : It provide English - Hindi - English Dictionary. Its very fast and reliable. Hindi Dictionary is a handy and reliable Firefox extension designed to translate the selected word to Hindi. Just highlight the word and select the dedicated menu shortcut. This is a restartless addon, which means you won't be required to...
102.4 K 489

Stella dictionary 1.6

STELLA is a windows based multilingual dictionary, with simultaneous translation capability to and from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian and Russian. You only need to type in the word in one of the available languages, to view translation to all seven languages simultaneously! Experience the whole new level of comfort with Stella...
5.1 MB 387

GenericDictionaryEditor 1.0

Features include: * 100% managed code (C#), derived from System.ComponentModel.Design.CollectionEditor * Customizable editor form title * Custom Editors for Key and/or Value * Custom TypeConverters for Key and/or Value * Custom DefaultProviders for Key and/or Value * Custom AttributeProviders for Key...
102.4 K 208
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