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Money 6.4

This is a very powerful and feature rich personal finance keeper, for people who wants to know the source and destination of every cent ...
5.3 MB 1,655

MoneyMe 1.067

MoneyMe is a program for Windows PC and Android devices that lets you control your expenses, income, debts and coupons quickly and easily. The program is free and has an intuitive, fast and effective to insert your expenses and then be able to control and view statistics on your Android device or Windows PC. Create online accounts to sync...
7.8 MB 147

MoneyLog 1.0.1

Know where your money is coming from and where is it going all in a user friendly manner using MoneyLog. The incomes and expenses are grouped in a meaningfull way using categories and subcategories. Data entry is desined to be quick and easy using autocomplete features. Transfers can be made between any of the accounts. The reports module offers...
1.8 MB 343


Money is a LOVE and HATE topic, and yet it is an unavoidable issue we have to face it in every day. This project is not anywhere close to the finish line. It is a continuing effort to make it a better and useful program. There are equations and functions seem to be basic to some people, but they may be sophisticated or strange to others, and I do not focus...
3.8 MB 508

MoneyBar 1.7

Now New MoneyBar with: Search Money Online: Get Best Free Money Making Offers from India & International in your Browser. Search World: Search with Best Google Search Engine. Shop to Earn: Shop Online to Earn Money! Free Stuff: Best Free Stuff Provider Sites List. Popup Blocker: Eliminate annoying pop-up ads. Emails Checker: Check your Most of All...
257 K 505

Moneyble 3.3.85

Easy Transaction Entry Excel-like grid for quick transaction entry. Built-in formulas showing separate balances by account as well as the total balance. All accounts appear on one screen. You can see how the big picture changes as you enter your transactions. You can see how much you have spent this week in total and in a particular budget...
7.2 MB 94

MoneyView 2.2.0

MoneyView is a personal finance and accounting manager to track bank accounts, income and expenses. No double-entry accounting, MoneyView is designed to be simple and easy to use. Features - Easy migration from MS Money (via QIF exports) - QIF/OFX Import, Transaction Matching - Scheduled Transactions, Balance forecast and...
102.4 K 44

MoneyBrio 2.1.4

MoneyBrio helps you reach a better financial life by giving you an accurate picture of all your accounts and revealing your excessive expenditures. A simple and direct way to improve your finances is actually by saving money. That means essentially cutting down unnecessary expenses and it can’t be achieved without a clear understanding of where...
6 MB 12

Money Pig 0.1.1 Beta

Money Pig is a simple accounting project that supports budgets, accounts, writeoffs and reporting.
1.4 MB 223

Money-Pal 2014.3.1.0

Features: - Tracks cash, bank, credit card, mortgage, investment accounts - Accounts can be in any currency - Imports bank statements in ofx format - Auto and manual categorizes transactions - Auto generate a budget from past spending - Aggregate all accounts in a single place and creates a unified look at your...
42 MB 112

moneyGuru 2.8.2

moneyGuru is a personal finance management application. With it, you can evaluate your financial situation so you can make informed (and thus better) decisions. Most finance applications have the same goal, but moneyGuru's difference is in the way it achieves it. Rather than having reports which you have to configure (or find out which pre-configured...
17 MB 1,083

Money Key 7.9

Money Key is an easy-to-use password recovery tool for MS Money files (.MNY). All versions of MS Money up to 2006 are supported. Dictionary, Brute-force and Brute-force with Xieve Optimization attacks are used to recover the passwords in the shortest possible time. Passwords for files created with MS Money 2001 and earlier are recovered...
710 K 359

Moneydance 2015.3 (1170)

Moneydance is easy to use personal finance software that is loaded with all the features you need: online banking and bill payment, account management, budgeting and investment tracking.
39.5 MB 332

MoneyMania 1.25

MoneyMania is a thrilling and skillfully designed remake of the famous Pacman game! You are standing in the beginning of a fascinating adventure full of mysteries and dangers. You explore mazes in deep space and search for heritage of your mad-scientist grandfather. The game is filled with impressive special effects and lovely bonuses. Realistic design,...
4.08 MB 237


Money Magnet is a personal finance application that helps you to easily keep track of your incomes and expenses. Features * Fast entry * All incomes and all expenses list * Grouping by categories
204.8 K 104

Money Miner 1.0

Help Money Miner to earn as much money as you can! Grab coins, gems and rocks to earn money and buy upgrades to increase your haul! Press the down arrow key to release your claw and up arrow key to release a bomb. Good luck!
1.1 MB 129

MoneyCare + 3.0

Are you looking for a Personal accounting software which is simple to handle and needs no prior knowledge in accountancy…and certainly without a heavy price tag? Then you are in the right place, we have MoneyCare+, an ultimate personal and office accounting software for you. MoneyCare+ is a personal accounting software which enables you...
3.2 MB 204

Money Poker 3.2

Money Poker features poker ring games and tournaments for free or with real money with real live players from all over the world. Games are available at all betting and skill levels, speeds, and number of players. Play Texas Holdem, 5 Card Draw, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, and hi-low games. Also available at sit&go or multitable...
6 K 440

Money Toolbar 1.0

Free Money Toolbar. Keep you informed with the Free Money Toolbar.The Quicknation Money Toolbar also include more than 100 top search engines.Quicknation Toolbars contains no advertising and does not profile or target you.Will not disrupt your Internet Explorer integrated popup blocker.100% compatible with Google's toolbar! NO SPYWARE, NO ADWARE, NO
507 K 273

Money Miner 2 1.0

Money Miner is back and this time he is off the rainforest to find some ancient treasures! Collect coins, gems, rocks and ancient relics. Don't forget to buy the upgrades you need to help you progress.
1.2 MB 115

Money Tracker 1.0

MoneyTracker is a simple money tracking and reporting software for Windows, Money Tracker help you manage: - Your Expenses - Your Incomes - Your Debts and who owe you - Your Dues and who you owe money - Generate Reports - Agenda
102.4 K 95

Money Password 15.0.9219

Password recovery tool, which comes in very handy if you forgot, lost, or misplaced your password for MS Money files (*.mny, *.mbf). Money Password supports all MS Money versions through Money 2006. Instantly recovers passwords for MS Money files version 2001 and earlier. In MS Money 2002+ the protection scheme was significantly improved, so universal...
1.9 MB 360

MoneyWorks Gold 6.0.4

As the cornerstone to your business, your accounting system needs to do so much more than just bookkeeping and compliance. As well as providing fast and timely financial and management reports, it needs to adapt to your changing workflows, operate with your other systems and grow with your business. Get Better Information: Make Better...
30 MB 294

Money on Thread 1.6.4

The application for personal budgeting, with a brilliant new idea to put money on thread (literally) has been released -- it's a free software, simple, maybe too simple -- if you are professional go with Microsoft Money or Quicken ... this one is for the rest of the world, like us (financial newborns). So ... * Are you tired of trying...
5.5 MB 1,290

Money Manager Ex 1.2.0 Beta 2

Money Manager Ex is a free, cross-platform, open-source, very easy to use personal finance program. Mainly helps your organize finances and keeps track of where, when or how the money are spent. It is also a great option to get a general view of your financial worth. Money Manager bundles all the basic features that most users would want to see in...
5.4 MB 1,361 3

Money Casino is an online casino featuring state-of-the-art instant play no-download casino software. Money Casino is proud to offer over 45 games in exquisite 3D graphics, and guarantees extremely quick loading time. Among other popular games Money Casino includes favorites such as multihand blackjack, two roulettes, poker variations,...
317 K 363

Moneyble Portable 3.3.85

Personal Finance Software with spreadsheet-based user interface. It is specifically designed for those who are using Excel today to track their Finances. Features: Easy – Fewer clicks, faster results. Functional – All personal finance needs in one app. Configurable – You choose what to track. Secure – Does not require...
7.1 MB 62

MoneyWorks Express 6.0.4

The powerful accounting and business information system for Mac and Windows. As the cornerstone to your business, your accounting system needs to do so much more than just bookkeeping and compliance. As well as providing fast and timely financial and management reports, it needs to adapt to your changing workflows, operate with your other systems and...
29.4 MB 317

MoneyWorks Cashbook 6.0.4

Recurring transactions save re-entering repetitive items such as wages. Print cheques or create electronic direct payment files for supported banks. * Full record of payments and receipts. * Automatic tracking of GST/VAT. * Unlimited bank accounts. * Point and click bank reconciliation-no need to re-enter your bank...
28.6 MB 273

Moneylog Experience 4

Personal finances made real simple: one single HTML file with Javascript smartness and CSS beauty. Forget those bureaucratic finance softwares. To add a transaction in MoneyLog you only have to inform two values: the date and the amount (incoming or expense). The description and tags are optional. And that's it. The reports are reached...
307.2 K 147

Money Manager Ex Portable 1.2.0 Beta 2

Money Manager Ex is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that will assist you in managing your money and assets. Money Manager will help you track your incomes, expenses, bank accounts or market stocks in a very strict and accurate manner. Money Manager Ex is a complete and feature-packed software that bundles a variety of functions and...
6.7 MB 801

JMoney 1.0 PreRelease2

JMoney is a personal finance (accounting) manager written in Java. It is built using the Eclipse RCP and can be extended using plug-ins. If you wish your accounts program could do something that it cannot then download JMoney and write a plugin.
35.4 MB 126

LadderPlot 0.2.0

A Java based standalone program that takes as input a text file specifying a ladder diagram and from that generates the corresponding a plain text diagram.
102.4 K 78

iMoney Lite 1.32

iMoney soft helps people organize and manage their personal finances quickly and easily. It supports all the features required for home or even small-business accounting needs: - Manage multiple accounts of different types; - Create and manage budgets ; - Track performance of investments ; - Do your financial math in multiple...
3.7 MB 533

LadderWorks Electrical Designer 5.0.0

Create electrical designs
10.2 MB 924

Xpadder 5.3

Play PC games with poor or no gamepad support Add gamepad support to emulated, internet and DOS games Play multiplayer games with each player using their own gamepad Control video/music players using media or shortcut keys Use a gamepad with a web browser or any windows application No installation needed - Xpadder is just one executable...
409.6 K 313,393


Gladder stands for Great Ladder or Ladder for Great Firewall. It's a tool helping people get over the censorship in mainland China. Function Gladder is a proxy tool works on a customizable sites list. With it, you can: * visit and its sister sites * visit google cached page * visit gmail...
102.4 K 460

AceMoney 4.35.2

AceMoney is the best Quicken or Microsoft Money alternative financial software you can find, for Mac OS X or Windows. Manage accounts of different types in different currencies, track your spending habits, record your expenses, or do on-line banking. You do not have to be an accountant to use it. It is so easy! Set your mind at ease by scheduling automatic...
6.7 MB 2,567

My Money 2.0.91

My Money is a high quality personal financial software written from ground up to work with online bank statements. Simply download your transactions from bank web site and they are automatically entered into electronic register. MyMoney is designed to provide our customers with maximum choice. Some components are summarized...
70.1 MB 4,283

ArtMoney SE 7.43.1

This is cheating program you can use for all games. ArtMoney can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity. In spite of its title, ArtMoney actually allows you to change any quantity specified in a game, whether it be dollars,...
1.6 MB 701

AceMoney Lite 4.35.2

AceMoney Lite, home budget, free personal financial software, is the best Microsoft Money or Quicken alternative. It makes managing multiple accounts a breeze. You can manage your budgets, track multi-currency finances, analyze your spending habits, make transfers between accounts, and do on-line banking. You can start instantly without any prior accounting...
102.4 K 3,287

PWSMoney Lite

It offers an easy-to-use interface that provides a simple account register as well as an overview of upcoming transactions. You can enter transactions manually or import them via CSV or QIF (MS Money) file. Other features include scheduled or recurring transactions, custom categories, printable reports and export to QIF. PWSMoney is a portable application &...
2 MB 382

My Money Vista

At last! Vista capable My Money is here! Home/personal finance tool designed to enable simple tracking of all your financial transactions with a couple of basic functions. When designing this application, we started from our own needs and compared them with several finance applications available today. It turned out that most of the time we didn't need...
2.8 MB 468

RQ Money Portable 2.4.0

RQ Money is unique financial program (software) for households (families). Instead of other similar programs this one excels several advantages. This one is - simply portable (no need to install, just unzip to the optional folder), - quite small size, - very fast (thank to inbuilded SQLite database), - user user friendly...
3.4 MB 156

My Money Portable 2.0

My Money Portable is a utility that allows users to keep an eye on their accounts, income and expenses, and to generate financial reports. New accounts can be added by specifying the type and balance, and you can give details about transactions, such as description, date and amount. Thanks to its built-in search engine, you can quickly find the...
1.1 MB 174

My Money Tak-Soft 1.0.2013.414

My Money is Your personal assistant of your finances. By entering your income and expenses on a daily basis, the application shows where you earned money spent and provide information to plan your budget.
1.1 MB 70

ArtMoney Special Edition 7.39.2

ArtMoney can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity. In spite of its title, ArtMoney actually allows you to change any quantity specified in a game, whether it be dollars, bullets, swords, or health points. The program finds a hex...
1.6 MB 1,006

ArtMoney Professional Edition 7.39.2

ArtMoney can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity. In spite of its title, ArtMoney actually allows you to change any quantity specified in a game, whether it be dollars, bullets, swords, or health points. The program finds a hex...
1.7 MB 1,283

QuikMoney 3.41

Allows you to peruse all history, search and sum up by payee, type, amount etc. Create any number of searches by payee, date, amount, text and save for re-use. Graph the changes in balance of any period. Transactions can be imported directly from your online banking. Most banks allow you to export transaction lists in various formats...
1.3 MB 574


* Edit control with attached dropdown calculator * Calculator dropdown look fully customizable with a CalculatorLook property * 4 custom calculator buttons can be added * calculation on inplace editing (ie. just type 100+15= to have 115)
102.4 K 99
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