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NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Keep Your Drivers Up To Date GeForce Experience automatically notifies you of new driver releases from NVIDIA. With a single click, you can update the driver directly, without leaving your desktop. Auto-Optimize Your Games GeForce Experience uses the power of the NVIDIA cloud data center to provide optimal settings tailored to...
33 MB 342

Nvidia GeForce Ion Graphic Driver 185

Supported products: GeForce 200 series: GTX 295, GTX 285, GTX 280, GTX 275, GTX 260, GTS 250, G210 GeForce 9 series: 9800 GX2, 9800 GTX/GTX+, 9800 GT, 9600 GT, 9600 GSO, 9600 GS, 9500 GT, 9500 GS, 9400, 9300 GS, 9300 GE, 9300, 9200 GeForce 8 series: 8800 Ultra, 8800 GTX, 8800 GTS 512, 8800 GTS, 8800 GT, 8800 GS, 8600...
76.2 MB 3,918


The Global Text Resource Manager is a smart client for a next generation service of CryptoGateway at lexica2.com used to do text information management and cross language translations. It is a general purpose translation system designed to have the following characteristics, namely it is a 1. open, access to all, unified platform; ...
3.71 MB 345

GTK+ 3.6.4-1

Language Bindings GTK+ is available in many other programming languages thanks to the language bindings available. This makes GTK+ quite an attractive toolkit for application development. Interfaces GTK+ has a comprehensive collection of core widgets and interfaces for use in your application. * Windows (normal window or...
8.8 MB 716

GTask 1.2.0

GTask for Desktop is a straightforward software that allows you to manage all the Google tasks that have been created on one or more accounts.
9 MB 87

GTweak 1.61

GTweak is a command-line script that can be used for tweaking operating systems of Windows family. It has two modes of work: Wizard Mode (for average-skill users) and normal, prompt mode (also called advanced mode). First mentioned mode is the default, user chooses tweaks using keypad. Second is like command prompt, but program does not recognize standard...
102.4 K 759

GT8-UI 1.0

Java/Swing user interface for interacting with the Boss GT8 guitar effects processor using MIDI
2.7 MB 340

GT Text 1.3.3

n the research of algorithms that extract text from color images a set of files with the exact location of the text is needed to avoid inefficient and tedious visual checks of the results. This Ground Truth information saves enormous time and gives accuracy. For this the gttext project helps to create fast and quality Ground Truthed...
8.4 MB 560

GTKWave 3.3.51

GTKWave is a fully featured GTK+ based wave viewer for Unix, Win32, and Mac OSX which reads LXT, LXT2, VZT, FST, and GHW files as well as standard Verilog VCD/EVCD files and allows their viewing.
11.3 MB 311

GTAtool 1.5.1

It provides a set of commands that manipulate GTAs on various levels: array element components, array dimensions, whole arrays, and streams of arrays. For example, you can add components to array elements, merge separate arrays into combined arrays in different ways, apply global transformations to array data, reorder the array data, and much...
512 K 393

GTD Tree 1.0.5

GTD Tree is an application intended for the management of tasks, projects, objectives, ideas, etc. according to GTD methodology by David Allen, which he introduced in the book Getting Things Done: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.
1.8 MB 193

PilotEdit 7.8.0

PilotEdit provides the ability to edit, sort, compare, merge, encrypt and decrypt huge files. Features: - Edit huge files of 400GB (40 billion lines) in quick mode. - Compare and merge two huge files of 100GB (10 billion lines). - Encrypt/decrypt files larger than 10GB. - Edit an encrypted file transparently. - Sort a huge...
12.9 MB 1,261


gTaskSync is a software that synchronize Google Tasks with Outlook Tasks. Syncronized tasks can be accessed on Google Tasks from other pc, Android, and iPhone. Features: - Synchronize Google Tasks(Todo) with Outlook Tasks. - Synchronize multiple labels. - Various option(Sync way, interval, label) can be set. - It synchronizes...
2.6 MB 109

gTranslate 0.9

With gTranslate you can translate any text in a webpage just by selecting and right-clicking over it. The extension uses the Google translation services to translate the text.
102.4 K 859

GTalkabout 1.0.5

This is a graphic interface tool based on subversion. It helps programmer with revision control and allows them to review their codes. It is an integrated XMPP client that lets programmer across the world connect to each other through internet or intranet.
24.4 MB 75

GTANet Chat 1.0

New program for Windows PC called GTANetwork Chat for irc.gtanet.com IRC network. Created using Visual Basic 2010 and Powered by Light IRC & Adobe Flash 13.
102.4 K 38

GTranslater 1.1.0805

This program is completely open source (GPL), using Google translate api makes the process of translation between 89 (Eighty-nine) languages. it has a useful interface. Requires .NET 3.5 or above framework runtime library. Features: * Added speech feature (Microsoft Speech Object Library - SAPI)
102.4 K 361

GTraffic bot 1.10

This Windows application bot will help you to auto generate Google organic traffic by searching your keyword in Google and clicking your website link. With this bot you can easily generate Google organic traffic to any website or blog. You can generate traffic with SINGLE CLICK! Highly recommended! This bot was made to help...
7.2 MB 5

NVIDIA PhysX 9.14.0702

Highlights * Includes the latest PhysX runtime builds to support all released PhysX content. * Changes & fixed issues in this release o Fixes a bug that caused the Metro Last Light to not be GPU accelerated on some systems. * Supports NVIDIA PhysX acceleration on all GeForce 8‑series, 9‑series, and 100‑series to 700‑series GPUs...
34.3 MB 20,532


The SceniX engine (previously termed the NVIDIA Scene Graph or NVSG) is an established solution in its fifth release as a cross-platform, object-oriented programming solution for software developers to quickly create interactive OpenGL applications having the highest degree of interactive performance and realism. Unlike most scene graphs, SceniX was...
486.1 MB 2,678

GTKRawGallery 0.9.9

GTKRawGallery is a workflow oriented photo retouching software for camera raw image development. It is also a versatile photo manager for popular image formats. Features: - Image browser and manager; - Full featured Dcraw GUI for a fine-tuned raw image pre-processing; - Image modification tools for 16 bit/channel...
23.6 MB 105

NVIDIA Maximus

NVIDIA Maximus technology combines the visualization and interactive design capability of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and the high-performance computing power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs in a single workstation. On an NVIDIA Maximus system the Tesla GPU companion processor performs the heavy lifting of photorealistic rendering or engineering simulation computation. This...
102.4 K 129

NVIDIA CompleX 1.5.6

The NVIDIA CompleX scene scaling engine (previously termed NVScale) enables software developers to greatly increase the performance and/or ultimate scene complexity in their applications by fully leveraging the combined performance and memory of multiple GPUs within NVIDIA Quadro Plex visual computing systems. The CompleX engine can be directly...
3.3 MB 1,200

PilotEdit Lite 7.8.0

PilotEdit is an amazing text, hex, XML, C/C++, HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript and Perl editor that can edit large files of 400GB (40 billion lines). It offers customizable syntax and keyword highlighting, advanced search and replace operations, automatic text encoding, 256-bit AES encryption/decryption and a built-in FTP/SFTP client lets you open,...
8.9 MB 1,392

GT Invoice Maker 7.02

The complete software has been designed and programmed with the user in mind. With just few clicks you will be producing very professional looking invoice forms ready to be printed on paper. Print on paper invoices, packing list, shipping labels and an inventory listings; With the possibility to print on paper in the following worldwide formats: ...
3.3 MB 520

Gtalk Color Icons 1

Customize your Gtalk application with this set of color icons.
512 K 719

GT4T Word Edition 4.26

Google Translate for Translators (GT4T) is a translator's productivity tool that seamlessly integrates Google Translate into all text applications. It can help you translate faster by replacing selected source text of your choice with translations from Google. * GT4T pro works in all applications. GT4T pro is an unobstrusive stand-alone Windows...
614.4 K 334

GTGraphics 2 Theme 1.0

Experience other planets and other worlds through these stunning, imaginative new spacescapes from GTGraphics. We loved the first ones so much we came back for more. A free theme for Windows.
13 MB 167

GTU SPI Calculator 1.1

GTU SPI Calculator is a handy and reliable application designed to calculate your current semester performance in the Gujarat Technological University (GTU) India. In basic of your performance in examination, assignments, practical exam is awarded a grade. These grade are described by the letters like AA, AB, BB, BC etc, and a numerical equivalent...
102.4 K 326

NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 4.1.28

With the CUDA architecture and tools, developers are achieving dramatic speedups in fields such as medical imaging and natural resource exploration, and creating breakthrough applications in areas such as image recognition and real-time HD video playback and encoding. CUDA enables this unprecedented performance via standard APIs such OpenCL and...
185.7 MB 1,482

GT-10 Fx FloorBoard 20110414

Editors for the BOSS GT-3, GT-6, GT-8, GT-Pro, and GT-10 Guitar Multi-Effects Processors, and the BOSS GT-6B and GT-10B Bass Multi-Effects Processors. This software can edit patches via midi on the BOSS GT Multi-Effects Processor. Features: * Software which emulates the GT user interface in a graphical way. * Does realtime...
11 MB 1,416

NVIDIA DDS Utilities 8.31.1127.1645

Included are a set of utilities for manipulating DDS image files, including: nvDXT, a command-line binary version of the nvDXT library, detach, a tool that extracts MIP levels from a DDS file, stitch, a tool that recombines MIP levels into a single DDS file and readDXT, which reads compressed images and writes TGA files.
10.2 MB 226

Gtalk Password Retrieval 5.0.1

Google Talk Messenger Password Recovery Software works when "Remember Password" checkbox is ticked in Google Talk instant messenger. Free Gtalk Password Recovery Software is compatible with All Windows OS such as Win 98, Win 2000, Win 2003, Win XP, Win NT, Win ME and window VISTA. Users easily install and uninstall software and do not require any extra...
1.3 MB 439

GT4T Professional Edition 3.34

Google Translate for Translators (GT4T) is a translator's productivity tool that seamlessly integrates Google Translate into all text applications. It can help you translate faster by replacing selected source text of your choice with translations from Google. * GT4T pro works in all applications. GT4T pro is an unobstrusive stand-alone Windows...
409.6 K 271

nVIDIA nForce System Tools 6.06

Release: * nForce System Tools package for nForce 780i SLI and 680i SLI/680i LT SLI motherboards * Adds support for Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) * NVIDIA Performance Group (v6.00.34.06) * NVIDIA System Monitor (v6.00.32.09) * NVIDIA System Update (v2.00.20.05) * Windows XP users must install...
88.7 MB 2,628

NVIDIA Drivers Update Utility 2.0

Why choose us: Industry Leading Scan Technology. Using the most accurate and comprehensive Driver Scanning Engine (DSE) in the world, Drivers Update Utility Series are built from the ground up using the latest technology with over 10 years' experience in the driver scanning/detection industry. Machine Intelligence. Drivers Update Utility...
1.5 MB 2,137

nVidia ForceWare Graphics Driver 347.88

nVidia ForceWare Graphics Driver unleashes the full power and features in NVIDIA's desktop, gaming, platform, workstation, laptop, multimedia, and mobile products. Delivering a proven record of compatibility, reliability, and stability with the widest range of games and applications, ForceWare software ensures the best experience with your NVIDIA...
128 MB 32,704

HGT Tools 1.01.6

Equity was an idea back in the day when RealityFactory was more popular than it is to day that’s not to say its not a good Engine “ it is ” what it lacked was support for its models namely the Actor format .act. The original Equity was created to facilitate the need to convert other model formats to its format and display as much information as it...
102.4 K 61

MGTEK Dopisp 5.1.2594

If you ever tried to sync your iPod using Windows Media Player, then you know that the two just won't play together. Unfortunately, the only way to sync your iPod is to use Apple's iTunes software. Till today... That's right, kiss iTunes goodbye and start syncing your iPod with Windows Media Player! Finally, there is a solution that is fully integrated...
2.1 MB 398

mpgtx 1.3

mpgtx an MPeG ToolboX
102.4 K 334

Magtax 2006

Import 1099 and W2 data from QuickBooks Data. Print 1099 and W2 Forms on preprinted and plain paper. Generate data file for submitting data to IRS and SSA via diskette or upload.
20.62 MB 369


RegToy is a collection of useful utilities : tweaking, window manager, shell context menu, registry cleaner, file renamer, screen capture, memory cleaner , disk cleaner , much more. It also is available in some languages. Features * Registry Tweaking, Services Manager, Startup Manager, Registry Backup, Renew Registry, Registry Cleaner,...
1.6 MB 1,015

MsgText 2.09

A Program for converting .msg-files to .txt-files and extracting the attachments.
102.4 K 49

Logtalk 3.00.0

Logtalk is an object-oriented logic programming language that extends and leverages the Prolog language with a feature set suitable for programming in the large. Logtalk supports modern code encapsulation and code reuse mechanisms without compromising the declarative programming features of Prolog. Logtalk is implemented in highly portable code and can use...
1.9 MB 685


TagTuner takes you beyond repetitive typing and dramatically speeds up the creation of perfectly organized music library. Discover the industry-leading tools designed expressly to save more time when tagging music. The blazing level of automation in TagTuner means you spend more time enjoying your music collection. Edit song tags Make your...
4 MB 966

MagTrack 1.0.22

Do you save a lot of magazines and use them as a reference source? If so, you've probably been frustrated one time or another trying to locate an article and not remembering exactly what issue the article was published in. Wouldn't it be nice to have a program that build a "virtual library" of your magazine articles and allowed you to easily search and...
409.6 K 148

STGThumb 3.40

Don't leave your precious memories stored on your drive because it is too hard to put them on your site. Share them with the whole world! Tired of waiting for slow image uploads? STGThumb can create smaller versions of your photos (thumbnails), even for hundreds of photographs at once! You can convert from several formats and apply...
4.4 MB 1,088

GogTasks 6.2.9

GogTasks is a small tool which will synchronize MS Outlook tasks with Google Tasks, making your tasks accessible and available anytime, no matter where you are. By using Google Task, this tool will empower you to upload you tasks in the cloud, allowing you to manage, edit or work with them using the feature-rich user interface provided by MS...
2.3 MB 300


Regtweaker will make effective scanning and eliminate common computer faults, such as system slowdown, freeze and crash,blue screen, deadlock, dll errors etc. in addition to these, it is also can safely accelerate the processing speed in effect and help a computer to achieve its best performance with saving the high cost for hardware upgrade. Why...
2.1 MB 851

BugTracker.NET 3.6.2

A web-based bug or issue tracker written using ASP.NET, C#, and SQL Server (SQL Server Express too). Probably has all the features you need. Easy to setup. Power and flexibility when you need it.
2.3 MB 338
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