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SiteUp 2.0

SiteUp monitors your web sites and warns you when any become unreachable (e.g. when a server crashes). Because it checks page content it can even detect when the server is OK, but a site or page is unavailable. There is no limit to the number of sites that can be monitored, including secure sites, and the checking frequency can be anywhere between once a...
512 K 681

SiteMap 1.9 Build 9431

You use a sitemap to encourage Google or other search engines to more frequently and efficiently index your website. You use this sitemap utility because it is so quick you can use it before every upload so that your sitemap is always 100% up-to-date, always ready for whenever opportunity knocks, in the form of the Google spider. This...
1.9 MB 322

SiteKiosk 8.9.2821

SiteKiosk locks down your public computers and protects the operating system / system-critical folders against any kind of unwanted user manipulation. You can also configure which websites, programs and folders the user has access to. Features: Configuration tool The SiteKiosk configuration tool will guide you through every step of the...
99.9 MB 1,477

SiteBlock 0.2.2

Find yourself visiting websites unrelated to your current task, even without thinking? Place a barrier in your way by blocking the sites with SiteBlock.
102.4 K 163

Sitemap X

SiteMap X software not only allows you to automatically generate an introductory sitemap for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines but also helps discover problems like dead links that may be prevent your site from ranking well on search results. Best of all, it's completely free. One-minute easy setup, no skill needed, give you the results Google,...
2.2 MB 93

SiteShoter 1.41

SiteShoter is a small utility that allows you to save a screenshot of any Web page into a file. It automatically creates hidden window of Internet Explorer, loads the desired Web page, and than save the entire content of the Web page into an image file (.png, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp or .gif). You can use SiteShoter in user interface mode, or alternatively,...
102.4 K 1,382

SiteLoader 1.0

This Application Lets You Download Any Website Of Your Choice For Offline View. Just Enter The URL and Press OK And Let it Load . You Can Download it in Many Formats Like (.html,.txt,.mht,.xps)
102.4 K 103


Password Protect your Web site with this amazingly easy to use Java Applet. No knowledge of Java required! Customize Site Sentry to match your Web Site color scheme, Create up to 1,000 usernames and passwords, Add/ Delete/Modify and Sort users quickly & easily, Import/Export comma delimited text of your user base, Direct individual users to individual URLs...
773 K 300

SiteView DM 3.1.013

SiteView Desktop Management (SiteView DM) based on Windows platform, ITIL/ITSM standards as the core, can timely update resource information, make corresponding policies, keep stability and security and maximal level, improve resource management, and eliminate blind spots in order to avoid bad impat from system failure. Flexible Application...
121 MB 237

Pirate Cove 1.2.0

Navigate the wonderful world of Pirate Cove. 30 Levels of platform based goodness.
10.7 MB 97

Site Sleuth 1.7

With all of this information at your fingertips here are just a few examples of what you can do: find out to which pages your visitors are going and optimize your site design and layout to attract your target market (and more of them!) set up appropriate meta tags based on customer key word searches so that search engines list your site correctly develop...
610 K 260

Site Seeker 2.2.2

Site Seeker is a free software that makes you know the exact position of your web site on the most famous search engines. It helps you to analyze the SERPs' (Search Engine Results Pages) easily and quickly. To use it is very simple! The only things you have to do are: to point out the word or the words to search for, to insert the name of your...
307.2 K 115

SiteVaultPro 4.00.2458

SiteVaultPro is a professional backup software utility for your site. The new version brings all key features for managing your sites on a single application. One that backs-up files and databases together in an incremental and easy to restore package.
11 MB 133

Pirate Chains 1.0

The goal for you is to bring the key to the lock or break enough tiles to empty the purple vial. In this game, you should click and drag to form chains of identical jewels, then all the jewels on this line will be removed. In one minute, try to achieve your goal!
1.7 MB 62

SitePopularity 4.20

SitePopularity is a link popularity checker that analyzes any number of websites for the most important ranking criterias such as Google Pagerank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Dmoz listing, Compete rank and links from other websites. Quality results SitePopularity supports checking of an unlimited number of websites and uses the largest search engines...
1.2 MB 197

Site Publisher 2.6.125

Looking for an easy way to upload files to your web site? We know a solution! We designed special utility to simplify work with remote and local files of your web site. Anyone involved in site development and maintenance has faced the problem of tracking updated/modified files that need to be uploaded to the server, or files that need to be...
2.7 MB 660

Site Translator 4.09

In today's global marketplace, you must appeal to customers from the whole world. To compete successfully in the world economy, your web site must be available in multiple languages. Site Translator is designed for web site owners and web developers who need a simple, do-it-yourself solution to web site language translation. With a few mouse...
8.4 MB 2,200

Site Statistics 2.1

Site Statistics is a professional Web analytics solution for analyzing Web resource activity. Statistics analysis is a vital part of a normal site promotion process. A highly visited Web site can help businesses make decisions faster and improve their marketing ROI. There are two ways of analyzing site statistics - online counters and log analyzers. The...
15.03 MB 193

Sitemap Creator 1.22

Freeware sitemap creator, exports directory structure to a html file This application simply reads the given directory and it's subdirectories, and produces .htm file basing on a given template. The result file can be used to print out the contents of the folder, or as a sitemap of your website. Note: this program can't read your website...
716.8 K 720

SiteLinkChecker 1.4.5

Site Link Checker checks Web sites for broken links. It is a free easy-to-use link checker tool to help you maintain the accuracy of links on your web site. The program will help you easily locate broken links and links containing syntactic errors. Site Link Checker will search your site, testing each link it finds and report the status of each link. Broken...
512 K 436

Sitecraft-Studio 4.28.10

Sitecraft-Studio is a simple solution for creating good-looking websites. Looking to create your own website? Looking for a fast, user-friendly and simple means of doing so? You've just found it! Sitecraft is quite literally the easiest way of creating a professional looking website, and is designed to make creating, editing, modifying and...
12.78 MB 731

SiteMap Generator 0.975 Beta

Sitemap Generator is a free software that will help you to automatically generate sitemaps in Google (XML) or yahoo (TXT) format or just to spider your website and collect all the internal links for you. The tool may export collected links to CSV or HTML file too. The main reason to build this tool was that all other similar programs didn't fit my...
1.8 MB 307

Pirate Board Game 2.0

Pirate Board Game is an interesting free game where you get to play some domino. You are in a hidden pirate club where you play an interesting game of domino with some of the most notorious pirates and creatures of the sea. On your domino tiles you will find some pretty interesting images. Be careful of which domino you want to place on the table. If you...
2.3 MB 150

Sitemap Writer Pro 5.4.7

Sitemap Writer Pro is an easy- to -use program, fast and efficient, which offers 6 different types of sitemaps (Standard Sitemap, Google News, Google Video, Google Code Search, Google Geo, Google Mobile) to properly index every website, generate an xml sitemap and upload it to all search engines that support XML sitemaps (Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, Bing...
1.9 MB 2,101

SiteInFile Compiler

Create professional presentations, cd autoruns and eBooks using SiteInFile technology. SiteInFile Compiler compress HTML pages or entire site with all resources (include HTML, CSS, WAV, TXT, JPG, GIF, JavaScript, PNG, etc.) into a single compact file with built-in browser. All content will be protected from copying (no temporary files during execution!)....
1.6 MB 532

Site Visualizer Lite 2.0 Build 12

Site Visualizer is a website crawling tool that visualizes a website's structure and shows a site as a set of pages and their outbound and inbound links. The crawler gathers all SEO-related parameters of every URL within a site, such as: * Page title, meta tags, and their lengths in symbols. * Number of in-links, out-links, and external...
6.3 MB 131

Pirates of Dark Water 1.0

Go on quest to save the world in this game. Take control of one of three characters, each with unique abilities. You will have to fight bands of pirates that attack from every direction. However, you will need to stay alert to avoid the earthquakes and pools of dark water that can end your adventure. If the journey becomes too tough, have a friend help you...
1.72 MB 813

SiteMonitor Enterprise 2.82

SiteMonitor Enterprise is easy to install and configure. You can install it on any windows machine as long as it has internet connectivity. You can view the status of the monitored websites/hosts from anywhere since SiteMonitor Enterprise has it’s own web interface. On failure SiteMonitor Enterprise will send an Email and an SMS...
2.3 MB 226

Site Content Analyzer 3

Site Content Analyzer 3 is new word in website parsing. As you know, website rank depends on two main factors: the amount and the quality of inbound links and the amount and the quality of website content. Both elements are crucial in SEO and every webmaster concerning about the rank should pay a close attention to each of them. However, analyzing...
3.1 MB 571

Site Monitoring Software

Website performance analyzer is an efficient utility that keeps track on your inaccessible or poor performance website. Website status checker ensures to maximize uptime and minimize downtime for effectual and resourceful working of your website. Website alert service alerts the user for downtime notification via beep sounds, e-mails or runs specific...
1.3 MB 227

Pirates of Treasure Island 1.02

A relaxing game with a unique combination of brick-matching puzzle and exciting adventure. Every move you make on the puzzle screen guides the game's main character - Captain Gingerbeard - on his adventure to find the secret of Treasure Island. As you match groups of the correct color tiles, you make pirate ships cross the ocean, fire broadsides,...
2.67 MB 562

Site Visualizer Professional 2.0 Build 12

Site Visualizer is a website crawler tool that visualizes site structure and shows a website as a set of pages and their outbound and inbound links. The crawler gathers all SEO-related parameters of every URL within a site, such as: * Page title, meta tags, and their lengths in symbols. * In links, out links, and external out links...
6.3 MB 81

Site Sound Enhancement Software 1.3.0

Audio effect generator skinnable ASP.NET GUI toolkit creates an audio user interface easily achieved using stream broadcast control pack. The JavaScript API can also be used to trigger sounds effect when users interact with the web pages. Site sound enhancement software is MP3 sound effect generator and music player for ASP.NET which works invisibly in...
572 MB 896

Pirates of Caribbean and World Puzzle 2 1.0

If you like Pirates - there is something for You. Enjoy free jigsaw puzzles with one of the famous pirates of the Caribbean and whole world: Blackbeard, Major Stede Bonnet, George Lowther or Henry Avery... As a special bonus is here for you real pirate Flag! Game is very easy to use, you can control everything only with mouse. Pirates of Caribbean and World...
1.63 MB 473

JSiteMap 0.9.3

JSiteMap is an open source java site map generator; more precisely is a converter: from an HTML-only map to a Javascript, dynamic HTML map.
102.4 K 260

PetSite 1.0

PetSite v1.0 is a multi-browser compatible perl script that quickly and easily permits you to set up and maintain an extensive and well organized pet directory under Windows or Linux with a minimum of effort on your part. PetSite v1.0 is highly flexible and completely generic so that it can be used by virtually anyone with very little modification. It is...
3.02 MB 321

Offsiter 1.21

Offsiter is an archiving application that compresses files and sends them encrypted to offsite e-mail accounts. Such offsite storage offers far greater security than conventional storage mechanisms such as CD ROM, tapes, and hard drives, all of which are prone to theft or damage. You can use any e-mail account, including the free ones provided by Yahoo,...
515 K 441

SpySites 1.0

SpySites includes a database of over 1,500 known Spy/Sleaze sites and guides you through the simple process of including them in Internet Explorer's Restricted Zone and setting policies to prevent them from performing intrusive acts on your PC. By setting the policies for the Restricted sites zone to a very high level of security, you can be assured that...
614.4 K 420

WebSiteCopy 1.0

WebSiteCopy is a great tool for researchers, journalists, students, equity analysts, business and marketing executives, and for those who want to browse family sites containing digital photo albums. It's also ideal for viewing the large photo galleries associated with online dating. Whether you browse the web for research, work, or fun, there's nothing...
4.24 MB 739

SpySites Plus 1.0

SpySites Plus includes a database of over 1,500 known Spy/Sleaze sites and will automatically add them and any other site you choose to the Restricted Zone "On the Fly" and prevent them from performing intrusive acts on your PC. By adding those to the Restricted Zone you can still visit the site and be assured that they cannot do certain things which could...
1.27 MB 291

Website Block 3.21

Website Block software utility allows you to block unwanted websites from display in Internet Explorer. If a website is blocked the user is forwarded to a blank page and the contents of the page are not loaded on your PC. Stop loading banners and ads, block your kids from spending hours in chat rooms or remove undesired websites from their view. The...
1.1 MB 767

Website Finder

Do you want to find the websites which can not be found with google? If the answer is yes, then try Website Finder. It is an automatic search tool which can find many wonderful websites. It can show you the websites one by one automatically and generate website thumbnails. And it is quite easy to use. What you need to do is just enter a keyword and start...
716.8 K 124

WebSiteSniffer 1.41

WebSiteSniffer is a packet sniffer tool that captures all Web site files downloaded by your Web browser while browsing the Internet, and stores them on your hard drive under the base folder that you choose. WebSiteSniffer allows you to choose which type of Web site files will be captured: HTML Files, Text Files, XML Files, CSS Files, Video/Audio Files,...
204.8 K 581

Website Puller 1.0.2

Website Puller is a website downloader designed to allow you to download everything from a website! You can extract everything or just selected items off a website, or just the images, archive files or text files. Website Puller uses 2 threads for downloading the items faster for your convenience. You simply choose the destination in which you want to...
716.8 K 1,252

WebsitePainter 2.3

WebsitePainter is a Web Editor for creating professional websites, without HTML knowledge and programming. With a few clicks it is possible to create webpages with elements like Web2.0 buttons, gradients, round borders, hover effects, transparencies, continuous text and more. Includes a great variety of templates and supports important Web standards such as...
3 MB 661

Website Opener 1.6.4

Website Opener is an extension available for the web browser Google Chrome and Safari, in which you can open all your favorite web pages with only one click. All you have to do is to add the pages you want to open and then just click on the icon for the extension (the blue star in Chrome and the black star in Safari). It's perfect if you open the same web...
102.4 K 211

WebSite Auditor 3.18.1

Here's how you can create 100% Google-friendly webpages that hit top rankings with a marksman's accuracy. If you want to achieve top rankings for your site in Google or any other search engine, gain sustainable flow of free laser-targeted traffic... ...and watch your sales grow at a breakneck pace... ...then you need to make...
94.2 MB 2,275

Website Realizer 1.7.18

Website Realizer includes all of the following easy-to-use tools, completely integrated into a consistent, friendly interface. There is no need to buy and learn a bunch of complicated software programs. Features: * Site Management Website Realizer makes it simple to manage your files with its built-in Website Explorer. Create, rename...
74.1 MB 1,230

WebSiteZip Packer

Welcome to WebSiteZip Packer - a powerful and easy-to-use application which will help you to turn a single HTML page or a group of pages into a solid executable file (.exe) with an integrated HTML browser. Ideal for e-books, product catalogs, site demos, manuals, and searchable information distribution. After using our WebSiteZip Packer...
1.5 MB 454

Website Extractor 10.52

Website eXtractor saves you time and effort by downloading entire Internet sites (or the sections you stipulate) to your hard drive. Whether you browse the web for research, work, or fun, there's nothing worse than having to wait for page after page to load in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator (or in other popular browsers). The problem is...
1.1 MB 632
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