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Tower Defence 1.6

Hordes of evil monsters are intruding upon your ancient kingdom. You, as the protector of the land, must build a strong defense to protect the people taking refuge in your castle. But are you up to the challenge...? - 5 locations to explore - Survival mode - 120 raids of evil monsters - 4 different towers, fire and balloon - 3 Magic...
13.32 MB 676

Pokemon04 010

Pokemon game from webcrawler metasearch. children in japan who suffered epileptic seizures after watching a japanese cartoon would have probably developed seizures regardless of whether they . the epilepsy foundation has issued new guidelines to help avoid rare cases of seizures triggered by flickering lights from tv and video games. Pokemon pictures,...
512 K 1,445

DefencePlus 2.20

Antivirus software and firewalls play valuable roles in protecting your system. However they cannot protect your computer from hackers and worms that use buffer overflow security holes in Windows to infiltrate into the system. Once your computer is under hackers? control, they will turn your day into a nightmare. In a few seconds they can stealthily copy...
409.6 K 407

Towers of Hanoi 1.12.1

The Towers of Hanoi puzzle was published in 1883 by French mathematician Edouard Lucas, under the pen-name, N. Lucas de Siam. The "legend" which accompanied the game stated that in Benares, during the reign of the Emperor Fo Hi, there was a temple with a dome which marked the center of the world. Monks in a temple have to move a pile of 64 sacred disks...
102.4 K 231

Pokemon Adventure 1.0

Play as Pichu in this pokemon adventure game, collect lightnings to complete the levels and become bigger and stronger. Strong enough to evolve. Have fun and good luck!
5.4 MB 289

Pokemon10 pokemon 01

Pokemon game. Shdowgroudon wrote days ago according to beckett pokemon, the giratina version will be dubbed platinum version and released in spring. According to beckett pokemon, the giratina version will be dubbed platinum version and released in spring. it is nconfirmed by any other sources, ..
512 K 1,616

DbDefence Database Encryptor 3 Build 249

DBDefence is the program designed exclusively for SQL Server to protect the database from unauthorized access. DBDefence transparently encrypts the database without modification of your application. DBDefence prevents access to the database tables completely until certain SQL statement with the password. Even DBA can't access tables or execute procedures....
13.4 MB 79


Fun-Towers is a cardgame patience variant for young and old. Features: - 24 Levels with growing difficulty - Card series bonus - Level complete bonus - Time bonus - Extra Life - Bonus Level - HiScore - Training Modus, Joker Goal of the game fun-towers is to remove all cards from the field. To...
102.4 K 6

Tri-Towers 2.1.4

The cardgame Tri-Towers is a popular cardgame. for young and old. 24 levels with growing difficulty, cards in sequence bonus, level complete bonus, time bonus, time left bonus, cards left bonus, extra life, bonus level, hiscore, high run hiscore, training-mode, joker, and much more... Goal of the game Tri-Towers is to remove all cards from the field. To...
5.34 MB 724

Huje Tower 2 1.0

In this physics puzzler you must guide the little creatures to their doom. This game is like Meeblings. Use the little creatures to build a bridge or ladder for the others to climb. Build your own levels and upgrade with power ups and more! Huje Tower 2 game await you with 40 puzzle levels, additional top rated user levels and built-in Level Editor.
3 MB 142

Jelly Tower 1.0

Jelly Tower is a great puzzle game. It is totally funny and addictive, because a little wind could destroy everything. Try to build up a tower in this game adding the proper elements. Keep the tower balanced, otherwise, it will fall apart and you will lose. Have fun!
716.8 K 75


A complex data leak protection system, SecureTower is an essential for any business that extensively uses Internet communication channels in its daily working. The Internet is often the biggest source of any company's leaks and in order to preserve your company's security and reputation, having an advance protection system is essential. Though it is...
138.3 MB 513

Ivory Towers 1.0

Rain Death and Destruction as you command the very elements of nature to cast devastating spells and summon eldritch monsters. Start as a lowly Apprentice, learn High Battle Magic and fight frantic Duels from the top of your tower as you carve your way to the climactic battle against the evil Warlock Baduk.
2.4 MB 66

Jelly Towers 1.0

Jelly Towers a funny and challenging puzzle game. The objective is to feed a terrifying monster constructing towers of jellies! Make sure the monsters get the right shape or they might cause trouble. Use mouse click and drag jellies.
3.3 MB 75

Lofty Tower 2 1.0

Arrange the available shapes into a stable structure that reaches the red arrow to complete a level! Each level starts with a set of blocks. Move each block and stack them just right to reach the required height for your tower on each level. You can rotate the blocks using the arrow keys or the A and D keys.
4.2 MB 83

Giant Tower Defense 2 1.0

Giant Tower Defense 2 has 8 different tower defense modes. You can play through story mode, survival mode, sandbox mode and many more tower defense modes to keep you busy. Try to keep the giant from getting to your castle and set up your best tower defense units to kill the giant. Good luck with more than 60 levels to fight through you will have to have...
26.4 MB 67

Magic Towers Solitaire 1.0

Build up magical castle towers by playing tri-peaks solitaire! Can you clear the board of all the cards? If so, move on and get more points. Use the mouse to click on cards to add them to the pile.
2.1 MB 5

Rising Towers 1.0

Rising Towers is an addicting fast paced matching game. Match the blocks of the buildings so they do not rise too high. Do not let the planes fly into the buildings! A fun challenge which gets harder each level. This game is played by mouse only.
1.1 MB 97

Azgard Defence 1.1

Azgard Defence is an unique strategy game, where you must build a line of defense to protect your home Azgard from hordes of most dangerous creatures, invading your place. Choose wisely amongst the fifteen tower types, upgrade them, combine them, find the most effective placement combination, and earn as much as you can. Azgard Defence is a superior of all...
10 MB 83

Mahjongg Towers 2.5

Mahjongg solitaire as you have never seen it before. Play traditional 144 tile layouts or step up to the 'towers', 288 to 432 tile Mahjongg Towers will keep the best mahjongg masters busy for months. Includes over 200 layouts and a board editor to create custom boards and has the ability to share your boards with other players around the world, resulting...
5.79 MB 380

Last Line of Defence 2.04

Cities collapse into chaos as the Ravager virus mutates all infected into bloodthirsty Ravagers. You are the last survivor and you are all that stands between you and death. Wave after wave blood hungry zombies will try to take over your line. Blast with automatic machine guns until they are all dead.
4.2 MB 67

Hands of War Tower Defense 1.1

Hands of War Tower Defense is very fun and addicting game in tower defense genre. You should defend the land of Tempor against invadin force and unite seven fractions once again. A lots of hero skills and upgrades makes this game really awesome!
7.4 MB 143
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