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MusiCat 1.03

MusiCat is a powerful database program designed to help you maintain an inventory of your music collection. You can quickly catalog your collection by downloading CD data from FreeDB - the worlds largest music database, you can also catalog your MP3, WMA, OGG, MPC & FLAC tracks, honestly you will be instantly converted and wonder how you managed without...
11.7 MB 13,945

Paralog 5.3.9

Paralog downloads jump details from all electronic freefall loggers on the market: Neptune by Alti-2, ProTrack and AltiTrack by Larsen & Brusgaard and Skytronic FX/GFX by Parasport Italia. Starting with version 3.0, Paralog also supports direct downloads from practically all consumer GPS units, adding a new dimension to post-flight...
8.5 MB 1,277

Musican 1.13

At developing much effort was spent to simplify handling, clear arrangement and fast selection of songs. With just a single key or two mouse clicks you can add a single title, a complete album or all songs of an artist to the internal playlist without the need to navigate through different views, tiny windows or lists. Your MP3-library will be...
3.4 MB 38

ParaView 4.3.1

ParaView is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application. ParaView users can quickly build visualizations to analyze their data using qualitative and quantitative techniques. The data exploration can be done interactively in 3D or programmatically using ParaView’s batch processing capabilities. ParaView was developed to...
102.4 K 15

PaRaMeter 1.3

PaRaMeter stands for "Page Rank Meter" - the meter of Google PageRank which is one of the web ranking important parameters. Google PageRank shows how important your site is and is based on the number and quality of backlinks to your site. Obviously, you want to know how important your website is from the Google's point of view. You install Google Toolbar...
1.4 MB 708

Paranotic 2.0.302

Paranotic is a small utility for store notes and passwords in secure way. Data is stored in highly- encrypted file, which can be unlocked only with password. Paranotic is always at hand, allows you to quickly find the information and copy data in one click. Daily backup to the Backup Storage is guarantee to restore your data in case...
3.6 MB 773

Parachute 20091026

Parachute is an application that you can use to synchronize two folders across a network, such as the Internet. Sharing between machines is as easy as dropping the file in the folder of your choice. Based on Java 6, runs on Windows/Linux/Mac
102.4 K 957

Para Sheeps 1.0

Sheeps are jumping off of Rocking Cliff and risking their lives to find out the best cliff jumper and win the attention of lovely girl in the closest villages. Help our hero be the best in this challenge!
3.8 MB 85

Paradox Key 8.5

Features * State of the art password recovery engine - all passwords are generated instantly * All versions of Paradox are supported * Multilingual passwords are supported * Full install/uninstall support
512 K 614

Paragon HFS+ 10.2

Experience total communication between Mac & Windows with the industry’s highest performing file system technology Paragon HFS for Windows is the only solution that provides full read-write access to HFS /HFSX partitions on any type of disks (GPT, MBR) under most of Windows versions! Access Mac-formatted partitions in Windows systems...
5.7 MB 254

Parallel Sets 2.1 Beta

Parallel Sets (ParSets) is a visualization application for categorical data, like census and survey data, inventory, and many other kinds of data that can be summed up in a cross-tabulation. ParSets provide a simple, interactive way to explore and analyze such data.
7.1 MB 202

Musical Notes 1.6.1

Rock stars, classical musicians, jazz lovers and enthusiasts of music, are you ready to take the test of music notes? Your task in this game is to play the notes that appear on the staves by using the keyboard. When the game starts, you will be given a keyboard at the bottom of the screen. Music notes on the treble clef will scroll from right to left, and...
716.8 K 1,881

Parallel port+ 1

Features: * Control and Monitor your Parallel Port's Output. * See the Parallel Port Pin Configuration. * Run the program automatically at Windows Startup. * See the status of Feedback and Control Registers.
5.9 MB 266

Paragon Bridge 1.1

Paragon Bridge (Full Version) is a Contract Bridge card game which features both offline and online (internet) game play. Sports superb graphics and is ideal for both novice and professional players alike. Those new to the game of Bridge will appreciate the built-in Bid Buddy help balloons which give you a bidding hint during the auction. This full version...
1.84 MB 527

Paragon Sudoku 1.0

A Sudoku puzzle game for Mac OS X and Windows
893 K 352

Paradise Beach 1.0

You have been selected to become the manager of some of the world's leading beach resorts in Paradise Beach, a fun and exciting Strategy game! Create your dream retreat as you construct buildings, plant pretty foliage, and even design the layout of your peaceful getaways. Travel to different islands and use your imagination to keep your customers nice and...
92.1 MB 1,315

Paradox viewer 2.3 Build 5.556

This tool allow to read/open the Paradox tables on any computer. An application don't use any external libraries (no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run this tool on computer without any additional setup/install. You may see the full Paradox system information (file version, header size etc), table structure and data in...
921.6 K 411

Paradox Embrace 1.2

You're trapped inside of a very mysterious world where every day logic seems to be flipped on its head. In order to escape this crazy mixed up world, you will need to safely maneuver over obstacles like slippery bridges and locked doors while collecting all of the keys and lab beakers. Use arrow keys or WASD to move, Up or W to jump and Down or S to use...
5.3 MB 103

ParadoxRecovery 1.1.096302

ParadoxRecovery is a powerful data recovery software for corrupted Paradox database files (.DB). Unfortunately, many factors affect database efficiency nowadays, and chance hardware or software failure may cause huge damage to the essential information. In this case a quick and reliable data recovery software, such as ParadoxRecovery, can save a day....
921.6 K 523

Paradox Converter 2.29

Paradox Converter enables users to convert Paradox files (DB files) to other formats, such as DBF, XLS (MS Excel), CSV, HTML, or SQL. To do so, the program offers a simple GUI interface, where you set the source and output folders and then specify the output settings. There is no need for users to mess around writing conversion scripts as in Paradox...
1.5 MB 432

Parallels Desktop 4.0.6630 Build 449744

From application developers to power users and corporate desktops, personal computer virtualization software has become a mainstream component in the productivity toolkit. Parallels Desktop includes superior technology bundled together in an easy to use package. Improve reaction time Parallels templating, VM cloning and pre-built virtual...
103.1 MB 340

Paragon Poker Pal 5.4

A neat poker calculator that provides the winning odds on any Texas Hold Em, Seven Card Stud or Omaha poker hand. Sports a simple, easy-to-use, friendy calculator interface. Automactically sees your cards as they are dealt then Poker Pal will tell you the odds of winning as a percentage and suggest the correct play. User options include calculation/accuracy...
1.1 MB 1,194

Paraben's Mah-jong 2.4.2

Paraben's Mah-jong is an easy playing version of the classic game. Play it in English, French, German, or Spanish while listening to music. With features like "shadows" and "3D" play, the only challenge comes from the game itself. 3D play using your choice of DirectX 8.1 or OpenGL. Improved rendering speed in 2D version. Includes a layout editor and...
1.49 MB 621

Paranotic Portable 1.0.170

Paranotic is a small utility for store notes and passwords in secure way. Data is stored in highly- encrypted file, which can be unlocked only with password. Paranotic is always at hand, allows you to quickly find the information and copy data in one click. Daily backup to the Backup Storage is guarantee to restore your data in case...
3.6 MB 197

Paragon Go Virtual 1.0

Continue using your PC's applications in a virtual environment. Programs, files and user settings are transferred automatically with zero user downtime. Even if you moved from PC to Mac - you can continue using your Windows PC on your new Mac. Features: * Continue using your old PC's applications in a virtual environment. Programs,...
27.2 MB 237

Paragon Poker Suite 3.1

Paragon Poker Suite is a complete suite of popular poker games such as 5 Card Draw, Texas Hold 'Em and 7 Card Stud. The suite also features a high speed Poker Calculator to provide odds and statistics on any starting poker hand over up to a million deals and with up to six players. Also includes player speech and sound effects. Paragon Poker Suite truly...
679 K 275

Paradox Data Editor

This is viewer and editor for Paradox tables. It has password protection removing and fix & repair ability. It uses BDE. Built-in BLOB viewer, filtering and searching, column statistics and structure viewer are tools that covers most needed operations. Data can exported to many formats e.g. HTML, SYLK, Excel, RTF or CSV and printed.
4.8 MB 272

Musical Notes Helper 3.1

Notes helper with easy Band, is essentially a software that enables music players to play along music sheets easily. Some people call this karaoke for players with musical instruments… Notes Helper enables many interactions and interactivity between the player, the music and the music sheet. easyBand which is an add-on to...
2.8 MB 524

Paradigms Master Pro 1.3.0

Paradigms Master Pro is a quiz on word-forms in: * Biblical Greek * Biblical Hebrew Paradigms Master Pro features include: - More than 1450 Greek and Hebrew word-forms available. - Many, many quizzes available - Only a few word-forms available. - Only a few quizzes available. - Easy to...
10.5 MB 200

Paragon Total Defrag 2010 Build 9369

File system starts out with all or most of its files contiguous, and becomes more and more fragmented as a result of the file creation and deletion over the time. Thus files and their parts become spread all over the hard disk, which follows the delays in the hard disk work and further lower performance. Total Defrag 2010 is a new comprehensive product for...
74.6 MB 273

paradox dbase reader 2.2.0

Paradox dBase reader is a versatile, powerful, compact and intuitive viewer for DBF/DB files (Paradox, dBase, FoxBase, Foxpro, Visual Foxpro, Visual DBase,...) With Paradox dBase reader you can view, sort, print dbf file and export the data from them to a variety of formats (TXT, CSV, Excel, HTML, XML, RTF) without using any packages and more. In addition,...
5.6 MB 402

Paradise Chat Online 7.2

Paradise Chat is a free, interactive online community with many ways for our members to enjoy our site such as audio/video chat capability, Web-cam capabilities, free games and just a ton of fun. Our features include voice chat, cams, text chat, buddy lists, choice of font and color options, mute option, forums, picture icons, 24 hour support, and...
3.4 MB 501

Paramedic medications 1.0.0019

A small and accessible test that's been specially built for paramedics. The module contains the following activities: * Activity 1 - contraindications & Dosage * Activity 2 - Side effects & indications * Activity 3 - class & actions * Activity 4 - multiple choice
102.4 K 62

Paragon System Backup 2010 Build 8618

System Backup is easy to use and highly automated: out-of-the-box automation for scheduled background protection of your complete system and data. Plus, customizable backup strategy options for specialized individual needs. Choose instant automation or customize each backup detail, System Backup does both with maximum levels of protection and...
88.7 MB 226

Musical Space Invaders 3.0

Musical Space Invaders is an extremely versatile program. It will benefit all ages and levels. Even accomplish pianist will improve their sight-reading skills. The secret to Musical Space Invader's power is rooted in its ability to be customized for all levels. It also has the benefit of being programmed by a professional pianist and composer. This is a...
2.61 MB 877

Paradox Editor Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to edit data in a Paradox table. Simply select the table to be processed and click on Next to go to the editing screen to choose specific fields and begin editing.
102.4 K 47

Paragon Partition Manager 2014

Partition Manager provides easy and reliable hard drive partitioning and full-range hard disk management: - Enhance computer performance, convert operating systems, defragment partitions, optimize your hard disk partitions cluster size. - Resize, move, hide, merge, restore and convert partitions without data loss. - Recover lost or deleted...
32.4 MB 1,291

Musical Instruments Icons 1

First of my complete themes for customizing your PC. The theme consists of Musical Instruments icons, Musical Instruments cursors (coming soon) and Musical instruments wallpaper.
614.4 K 494

Paradox Password Recovery 1.5

An application don't use any external libraries (no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run this tool on any computer without any additional setup/install. You may customize the extended settings for brute-force or dictionary break to search the entire password. For example, to define the length of password or range of characters (useful for...
204.8 K 217

Parallels Transporter Agent 7.0 Build 14922

Parallels Desktop is simply the world's bestselling, top-rated, and most trusted solution for running Windows applications on your Mac. With Parallels Desktop, you can seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-side without rebooting.
44.5 MB 1,530

Paragon Drive Backup Personal 9.0

Protect your entire system and data! Drive Backup is an easy-to-use software for complete hard disk backup, disk imaging and cloning. Drive Backup creates a backup image of entire hard disk, including operating system with all user preferences and settings, applications and data files. Paragon's Hot Backup technology allows to perform real-time...
90.2 MB 365

Paragon Partition Manager Home 2013

Prepare System Installations on Brand New Computers You’ve got a brand new computer. To prepare the installation of an operating system on your hard disk you need to check, partition and format according to your needs. Organize your assets for faster access Storing all your data and your operating system (OS) on one partition...
31.7 MB 431

Paragon Drive Copy Professional 15

Want to replace the hard disk of your PC or notebook, or move your Windows system to new hardware? Then Paragon Drive Copy is the ideal tool. The software provides the most efficient way of computer migration for any soft- and hardware combination, from any source to any target. Featuring wide copy & migration options, including virtualization as well as...
92.4 MB 282

Paraben's Business Card Builder 6.0

With Paraben's Business Card Builder, you can build your own business cards without having to be a professional desktop publisher. Choose from dozens of templates and backgrounds or start from scratch to create your own. Registered users get an additional set of 100 background images to choose from. Import your own graphics and logos. Print your own or...
3.96 MB 302

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 15

The Hard Disk Manager Suite is the ideal system and data management solution for the discriminating private user. Dependable backup and flexible recovery functions, optimization tools, everything you need for perfect partitioning, the new Paragon Recovery Environment, reliable data wiping algorithms, and much more... all of this is what makes the Hard Disk...
60.4 MB 425

Parallel Iterative Deconvolution 1.12

Parallel Iterative Deconvolution is an ImageJ plugin for iterative image deblurring. Features * 2D and 3D iterative image deblurring * Multithreading (user can choose the number of computational threads) * Four iterative methods: o MRNSD - Modified Residual Norm Steepest Descent o WPL -...
102.4 K 60

Paraben's Network E-mail Examiner 2.0.290

With Network E-mail Examiner, you can now thoroughly examine a variety of network e-mail archives. No longer will you have to be stuck in a long and painstaking restore process. View one or all individual e-mail accounts in information store. Supports Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, and 2000 (.EDB), Lotus Notes 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 (.NSF), & GroupWise up to v6.5.1....
25.87 MB 255

Paradox Find and Replace Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to replace content in one or more Paradox tables. The user selects the required table/s and then inputs the text to be replaced and the replacement. There is an option to find and replace multiple sets, which can be added manually or loaded from a file.
35.8 MB 5

Paradox To Oracle Conversion Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to transfer tables between Paradox and Oracle databases. The user simply chooses the Paradox folder, enters the login information for the Oracle database and tests both connections before proceeding to the user-friendly transfer interface. This software is compatible with Paradox 5 databases. Users of higher...
3 MB 6

Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition 2014

Backing up data today ensures a safe recovery tomorrow, so start your backups now! * Complete Backup - Create an exact copy of your PC including the operating system, applications, user settings and all data * Differential Backup - backup only changed data * Backup Scheduler - plan your regular backup * Backup Capsule -...
120 MB 420
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