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DEEP 1.0.3

DEEP is a tool that takes your data on differential gene expression (i.e. SAGE or microarray data) and predicts additional molecules which may be of importance in either of the two tissues (or conditions or time points...) under examination. It does so by combining your data with information on signaling networks stored in the TRANSPATH database (BIOBASE...
102.4 K 668

Dessy Release 67

Dessy is a DEsktop Search and SYnchronization framework for mobile devices. It allows file search using content, metadata, and custom tags, and synchronization of results, and entire file system subtrees. It works on MIDP 2.0 handsets and Java 2 SE. Features: * Content and metadata-based file search * Bidirectional file...
13 MB 190


It's a easy and fast way to create interactive-show for products,goods and service etc. Snap mutiple pictures by your voice, then Upload and Edit. Embed the interactive-show into your site, E-commerce, Ebay or share to Facebook, G+ ..etc. Let your interactive-show show more, social more and share more. It's cloud show for sharing, selling, messaging with...
102.4 K 34

Dexter 1.0 (Build 14)

Dexter is primarily aimed at professional software developers. It is an Add-in that extends and enhances the functionality of several Microsoft development tools, including Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual InterDev, Visual J++, Visual Studio 2002, Visual Studio 2003, and Visual Studio .NET for Applications. Dexter...
102.4 K 24


Decrap allows you to easily and safely remove all of the bloatware that comes pre-installed by the manufacturer on a new Windows PC. It can take hours or even days to get all the pre-installed software removed from your new computer, but with this little freeware utility you can completely uninstall all the unneeded software without any user...
102.4 K 26

Dendro 3.0.0

A Parallel Geometric Multigrid Library for Finite Elements on Octree Meshes
16.5 MB 171

Devpad 4.19

An Open Source Notepad like VB.Net Multi-tab Source Code Editor for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 that supports C++ and plan text files. It also supports syntax highlighting.
102.4 K 412

Dexpot 1.6.12 Build 2416

What are virtual desktops? Virtual desktops are supplemental work spaces for windows and icons in Windows. You can switch virtual desktops at a keystroke or with your mouse. What's the use of virtual desktops? Overcome desktop clutter Facilitate working with many applications Organize applications into work...
3.5 MB 3,229

Decor8 1.07

Windows 8 limits your start screen customization options to only a few provided background images and a few pre-defined color schemes. Decor8 removes these limitations and provides the freedom to personalize your start screen with your own images and colors. Choose from more background images to personalize your start screen. ...
35.4 MB 434

Deluge 1.3.6

What is Deluge? Deluge is a full-featured BitTorrent client for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. It uses libtorrent in it's backend and PyGTK for it's user interface. Deluge features a rich plugin collection; in fact, most of Deluge's functionality is available in the form of plugins. Deluge was created with the intention of being...
12.5 MB 4,224

DeVIDE 9.8.3784

DeVIDE, or the Delft Visualisation and Image processing Development Environment, is a cross-platform software framework for the rapid prototyping, testing and deployment of visualisation and image processing algorithms. The software was developed within the Visualisation group. DeVIDE's primary (and currently only) front-end is a data-flow boxes-and-lines...
170 MB 464

Deimos 0.8.26

The Deimos Project is a computer statistics/monitoring tool allowing you to gather information and statistics about your computers, including network information and bandwidth, uptime information, keyboard and mouse usage, and hardware information.
5.8 MB 225

DeskBox 4.10

DeskBox is a powerful, easy to use multi-purpose application, integrated text management, clipboard, screen shots, regular reminders, music player and many other practical and common functions, is your good work and study partner, a good assistant. Main Function 1. Clipboard: Used to copy and paste, quickly notes, group management, capture...
6.7 MB 89


DealBox is a small tool, software that displays the latest Lightning Deals on The application runs in your system tray and allows you to easily access the corresponding page. With DealBox, you won’t miss any Lightning Deals anymore! You can view the latest price discounts directly on your desktop!
512 K 32

DEV-C++ 5.6.2

A maintained version of Dev-C++. Features * MinGW GCC 4.7.2 32bit * TDM-GCC 4.7.1 32/64bit * Syntax highlighting * Code completion * Shows information about code when hovering above code * Provides user-editable shortcuts and tools * GPROF profiling * GDB debugging * Devpak IDE extensions
921.6 K 675

Dexster 4.2

Dexster audio editor provides cool and easy-to-use interface that allow you to edit an audio file visually (Cut, Copy, Delete Select, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File); apply different effects (Amplify, Compressor, Delay, Envelope, Equalizer, Expander, Fade, Flanger, Invert, Normalize, Phaser, Reverb, Reverse, Silence, Tempo, Trim,...
11.5 MB 958

Develve 1.00

Statistical package for fast and easy interpretation of experimental data in science and R&D in a technical environment. This statistical package helps with analysis and prevents making false assumptions. In short it makes statistics faster and easier. The software is currently pending for release but will soon in final state. Develve has no deep...
1.9 MB 17

Destroy 2.4

DESTROY is a file wiper program, which offers several options for permanently destroy a set of files. Files can be specified by filemask, size, and time. It can be set to overwrite files maximum 8 times, with different characters.
102.4 K 267

DeepPac 3.1

DeepPac is designed for Windows clone of classic arcade game. The object is to eat dots and various bonuses while you avoid the enemies. With new marvelous graphics, funny sounds and over 40 surprising levels it's now one of the best clones of Pac-Man. You can switch between three difficulty levels or start playing at any maze using levels codes. Joystick...
2.63 MB 778

Deposit 14.0.3

DEPOSIT is the universal program for keeping records of items taken as a deposit for example, storage of tires Features: 1. Print an agreement acceptable to deposit 2. Print label (header acceptance for deposit without the line) 3. Create database objects cast a deposit 4. Print the object tag 5. Assign...
1.1 MB 22

DefinIT 2 Build 59

Easy-to-use and the only computer based tool for using the Construction Industry Council (CIC) Scope of Services Facilitates collaboration between all the participants to ensure that appropriate tasks are allocated and everyone is informed of the decisions Saves time and effort by providing a quick and simple way to identify and...
102.4 K 28

DESMO-J 2.3.4

DESMO-J is an object-oriented framework targeted at programmers developing simulation models. The acronym "DESMO-J" stands for "Discrete-Event Simulation and MOdelling in Java". This longer name highlights DESMO-J's two significant properties: * DESMO-J supports the discrete-event simulation paradigm. In models of this type, all system...
102.4 K 32

dedexer 1.13

Dedexer is a disassembler tool for DEX files. DEX is a format introduced by the creators of the Android platform. The format and the associated opcode set is in distant relationship with the Java class file format and Java bytecodes. Dedexer is able to read the DEX format and turn into an "assembly-like format". This format was largely influenced by the...
102.4 K 447

deVault 2009 R7

deVault allows you to store, classify, organize, compress, encrypt, backup, and share all your files in sophisticated digital vaults. Advanced tools allow categorization, revision control, easy search and retrieval options, fully automated backup, compression, encryption and vault synchronization. Built-in scanner and virus scan interfaces, email, ftp,...
512 K 365

Delprof2 1.6.0

Delprof2 is the inofficial successor to Microsoft’s Delprof which does not work with operating systems newer than Windows XP. Here are the main facts: * Delprof2 is syntax compatible to the original Delprof, but more powerful * Delprof2 lets you explicitly specify which profiles to delete * Delprof2 bypasses security to delete...
204.8 K 105

Detagger 2.4

Detagger is a Windows program that can either convert HTML files into good-looking text, or selectively remove HTML markup. As a markup remover, you can tidy up your HTML in a number of ways. Simply select the classes of tags to be removed, sections of code to be stripped out, or tag manipulations to be performed. Options include - remove all FONT tags;...
1.08 MB 264

DelProxy 1.1

DelProxy - erase proxy objects from AutoCAD DWG drawing (VLX Lisp)
102.4 K 254

DefoxIII 1.007.199

DefoxIII is a program denoted to protect your application against decompilation. Supports VFP6 - VFP9. It is possible to protect exe, app, dll and fxp files. Also DefoxIII provides a possibility to create a demo version of application that may be upgraded to fully functional version through registration that ties the registered application to certain...
2.2 MB 343

DevxExec 1.14

There are could be different situations when you need to create an additional process from your main process. One of those situations is when you need to isolate some code of your service because that code could be a reason of resource leak or can damage your common process somehow. Another case is when your application needs to perform action that requires...
102.4 K 119

Defogger 1

If you have a CD or DVD emulation software installed, it may make it harder to get accurate scan results when you scan your computer with a anti-rootkit scanner. Due to this it is wise to first disable these emulation programs before scanning your computer so that the scan results are more accurate. Defogger is a utility that will allow you to...
102.4 K 136

DeckLink 7.5.2

Turbocharge your creativity with DeckLink Studio, the SD/HD broadcast video card that costs hundreds of dollars less than standard definition solutions! DeckLink Studio features SDI, HDMI and enhanced analog connections, plus a built in hardware down converter, and an incredible 4 channels of balanced analog audio. DeckLink Studio lets you move seamlessly...
44.8 MB 249

Desktops 2.0

Read email on one, browse the web on the second, and do work in your productivity software on the third, without the clutter of the windows you're not using. After you configure hotkeys for switching desktops, you can create and switch desktops either by clicking on the tray icon to open a desktop preview and switching window, or by using the...
102.4 K 880

deep-spy 8.1

Are your employees playing games during the working hour? Or visiting the Websites have nothing to do with their work? Even betraying confidential information by MSN, ICQ and other chat tools, copying the files away... Deep-spy is a perfect solution to all your problems. Logs all chat conversations, websites visited, emails activities, application...
10 MB 598

Deshaker 2.7

It eliminates camera shakiness and makes panning, rotation and zooming smoother. Features: * Stabilizes horizontal/vertical panning, rotation and zooming. * Works in 2 passes for optimal simulated camera motion. * Can use previous and future frames to fill in "black areas" caused by the...
204.8 K 742


DePopper cleans most clicks and pops and optionally removes cassette tape hiss, too. You can even clean those tiny clicks that are impossible to remove when using an audio editor - automatically! Use DePopper to remove vinyl scratches from wav files, remove tape hiss, bring your 78 rpm records back to you. Use DePopper to restore vinyl records - your rare...
11.7 MB 966

DeskTask 1.3 SR1

DeskTask connects to Microsoft Outlook and displays your calendar and task items on the desktop. Your tasks will always be visible, saving precious time to launch or switch to Outlook Just minimize every window, and see what are the items due for today or tomorrow. DeskTask displays the whole week so you can be prepared to...
614.4 K 580

DemoMate 1.0.690

DemoMate is the only solution that lets you: * Reduce Training Costs * Improve Sales Results * Increase Customer Satisfaction How It Works Create Demos with Simple Mouse Clicks Making a demo with DemoMate is easy. Simply launch DemoMate, start clicking, and you're making demos. In fact, you'll be creating a...
5.1 MB 485

DeskScan 2.0

It allows you to capture a full-screen desktop or a selected area as well as input from your Twain device (scanner, camera etc.) The captures can be saved as BMP,JPG,JPEG2000,MNG,WMF, GIF,PCX,PNG, PDF and TIFF. Very few features, but extremely easy to use with support for the most popular image formats.
409.6 K 765

DesktopX 3.5

DesktopX is a revolutionary program that lets you completely change the Windows desktop into anything you want it to be. It's the program studios use to create futuristic looking computer screens in movies and TV. Enhance your desktop by giving Windows the ability to have real objects on the desktop. Objects include clocks, stock tickers,...
24.7 MB 4,714

Deadband 3.7.6 Build 214

Deadband is an area of a signal range or band where no action occurs (the system is dead). The filter module "Deadband" for Accurate Printer Monitor is an additional module that provides a method to exclude less significant data records from the final data export. The "Deadband" module can be used to prevent data export for small level changes or...
921.6 K 157

Debugbar 7.3.2

Time is money. Debug faster, reduce costs. Use DebugBar Features The toolbar : - Menu to customize the DebugBar and check updates. - Toggle the Development bar - Alert on javascript errors - Send page screenshot by email - Color picker - Resize IE window - Zoom page - View source code - View...
4.3 MB 238

DeskRule Alpha

DeskRule is still rough around the edges and rather slow, but things will improve in the near future. Unlike xplorer² which does "everything and the kitchen sink" file management, this is going to be a tool focused on just one thing, searching for files and folders. The general ideas are: - Search everywhere. Wherever you have files DeskRule...
1.9 MB 9

Deadhunt 1.0

Deadhunt is a first person arcade shooter (FPS) game that merges the best features of arcade and FPS action games. The undead hordes seemed endless. Thousands of zombies and skeletons surrounded the last bastion of humankind. Many have fallen in Earth's final battle. With grim determination, the last warrior moved forward into the mass of bones....
9.6 MB 407

DeleteMe 1.2e

DeleteMe for Windows 2000/XP removes files that are unchanged for a specified period. It may be used for regular cleaning of temporary folders, log files folders, network shared folders used for temporary file sharing or other folders that must be cleaned on a regular basis. Main features: - safely removes files when they are unmodified...
1.3 MB 863

Decisions 1.01

You rate each reason between 1 and 10 to represent how important it is, and the app will calculate a result in favour or against the decision. You can rate reasons from 1 to 10. Simply move your mouse over the stars to make a rating, then enter a reason. The rating should indicate the importance of the reason, 1 being the lowest.
102.4 K 26

Demologic 1.0

Save the city by steering a crane with a big scoop to destroy blocks. There is always an red evil behind the blocks. Try to hit the blocks with the scoop by balancing it. Your aim is to bring the red-blinking statue together with a red shining block! Use Arrow Keys to drive the truck and to balance the scoop to destroy the blocks.
2.9 MB 23

Dev Eject 1.0.29 Beta

Features: - List of the removable devices - Quick access to removable media - List of the files that are open from the drive and which process has them open
512 K 246

Dev Hound 2.44

Complete Tracking * Bugs, feature requests, documentation, solutions, white papers & articles * Clients/customers and their support calls including time spent on each client * Users as developers, QA personnel, managers, team leaders, etc * Invoicing for support calls, development time, & product purchases *...
2.4 MB 339

Desktop3D 2.0d

Desktop3D is tailored to replace the standard Windows Desktop and bring new features. Desktop3D includes more of 100 icons that replaces the default icons on a large and beautiful with alpha - effect (Transparency). Desktop3D replaces the wallpaper on animated pictures that will definitely give a twist to your desktop. The default setup includes three...
13.2 MB 7,253

DeskNotes 2.3.0

It helps you to keep your ideas in the place you visit and see the most of the time while sitting in front of your computer. The things which should not be seen by everybody going around your Windows desktop can be hidden. DeskNote can be made top most of your windows so you see it even while working in some other application window. DeskNote can be...
2 MB 300
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