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Willing Digital Camera 1.2

The program supports the following Canon digital cameras: Power Shot A620, A640, S80, S3 IS, S5 IS, G7, G9, G10, SX100 IS, SX110 IS. All cameras work with Willing Digital Camera on Windows XP. They also work with Willing Digital Camera on Vista in Windows XP compatibility mode and on Windows 7 (except the S80 model). Power Shot A10, A20,...
6.9 MB 49

ThumbsPlus Digicam Raw Plug-in

This plug-in package has included two plug-ins, (1) plug_digicam, which uses PolyImagePro along with Canon, Nikon and Foveon libraries (and its numerous internally supported formats), and (2) plug_digiraw, which uses Dave Coffin's dcraw.c. This second plug-in can support many additional manufacturers and models, including the Canon PowerShot G9, for which...
15.9 MB 277

IncaMS 6.2.4

Some Features: * Pre-paid and Post-paid The walk-in customer can use the internet and pay, where pre-paid is for the regular customers, making it easier for them to access. What makes our prepaid better than the others is that you can add terminals outside the preset Terminal range. These can be computers located in cubicles providing...
5.2 MB 473

AMP WinOFF 5.0.1

AMP WinOFF is an utility for scheduling the shutdown of Windows computers, with several shutdown conditions and fully configurable. Some of its features are: - Several modes/conditions for shutdown planification: - At certain date/time (e.g. 12:00 AM). - After a period of time (e.g. 1 hour and 15 minutes). - When there isn't user...
614.4 K 3,992

AM-DeadLink 4.6

AM-DeadLink detects dead links and duplicates in browser bookmarks and text files. If a bookmark has become unavailable you can verify and delete it permanently. Additionally you can download FavIcons for all your Favorites and Bookmarks. AM-DeadLink can check the following resources: * Internet Explorer Favorites * Firefox...
1.9 MB 1,274


This program integrates common functions biochemists perform on a daily bases. In addition to conventional sequence input protocol, the program offers a new protocol of entering sequence by its building blocks and corresponding counts. This facilitates the possibility for the program to deal with very complicate, branched, cyclic and lengthy sequences. The...
2.6 MB 442

Amusing Balls 2.5.0

A very amusing puzzle and logic game is familiar lines and balls games. New possibilities movement of balls. You can to put one ball over other ball in this game only. Color will be changed. Consist of five original games. Excellent sounds schemes. Help with rules, control and strategy of game. Many skins, set of animation figures, tables, sound schemes....
785 K 350

Amateur Invest 2010A+

Amateur Invest. - Invest like a Pro... Let no internet site know your private economy. - Keep your investments private! Manage all your personal finances in one program. Features include: - Portfolio/Investment Manager - Securities: stocks, bonds, mutual funds - Free current prices via the internet -...
2.6 MB 450

IntraMessenger 1.31F

Innovative designed and fully centralized under your (admin) control. Server (PHP) provides great flexibility, including the 3rd-Party extension possibility (e.g. forum, CMS, blog, PGI, CMR...). Allows companies/communities (organizations, associations, institutions...) and dispersed workgroups to create and control their own network of instant...
4.8 MB 1,066

InstagramSaver 1.5.1

InstagramSaver is an easy to use program to download Instagram photos and videos. Just enter the Instagram account you want to download and start downloading. What is more, InstagramSaver will download photos and videos in parallel. Just set the parallel download count in settings. Features - Download photos and videos from Instagram...
102.4 K 43

Instagram Live

Instagram Live, provides both non-Instagram users and authentication Instagram users with data feeds of the latest images from Instagram free of charge. Non-Instagram users don't need to login into instagram, the app handles the feeds for you. The app provides the following functionality for non-instragam users: * View popular...
102.4 K 62

Amazing Blocks 1.4

Amazing Blocks is another variation of the popular tetris theme. Here the player can use fast but simple logic to arrange different coloured blocks of varying shapes into rows, columns or diagonal lines. Once the player has aligned 3 or more blocks they will disappear with some nice graphic effects and sounds. The game is perfectly designed to maintain your...
270 K 211

Instametrogram 1

You can easily br up to date with your Instagram account. See the latest photos from your friends and access your own images. You can like and comment photos you like and share these images with others. With notification and live tiles you can keep updated on what is happening on your Instagram. You can´t upload images. Features: *...
102.4 K 93

amaze by Tinco 1.1.22

My first experiment with Qt and with multi-platform GUI app packaging. Includes binary installers for Ubuntu and Windows XP. Features: * Generates simple mazes of square, triangular or six-sided tiles. * Can print the generated maze, or save to a picture file.
7 MB 472

Amazin SPISPOPD 2.0

A maze chase game with a few twists. Collect power-ups to walk through walls, go super fast, and even give your foes the Evil Eye. Also play cooperatively with a friend, or compete in Sibling Rivalry mode. Also includes randomly generated mazes and a Time Attack mode to compete for record times. ZDNet gave it 4 stars, saying 'Caution: the deceptively...
1.83 MB 270

Invoice Example 1.0

This example shows how to create basic invoice, how to insert and modify invoice items, how to format the values such as quantity, price and currency, how to print / preview the invoice, save it to PDF, calculate invoice totals using ADOQuery etc. Solid framework for building the invoicing, stock, inventory or accounting software. Full source code and...
102.4 K 54

Project Timeline

Having a lot of tasks with chaos of due dates in your personal projects, company projects, and many many more projects with a lot of collaborators? Project Timeline is a tool to plan and organize your tasks and projects. All the tasks are displayed on a timeline, making it easy to keep track of the start and end dates for each task. So you are not...
102.4 K 133

Amazing Carousel 3.1

Works on desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android The jQuery carousel works on all modern web browsers, mobile, tablets and computers, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Ready for Dreamweaver, Frontpage, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal The jQuery...
21.3 MB 38

inPhoto ID Webcam 3.1.5

inPhoto ID Webcam works as TWAIN driver. It can be used with all commom ID card design and management software for automatic image capture with a web camera, face recognition, crop, image resizing and enhancement, and image transfer to the photo field of an ID card design and management software e.g. Incardex software for ID card design and...
11.3 MB 8

Amor Video Joiner 2.5.2

Amor Video Joiner - can help you join multiple AVI/DivX, MPEG,or WMV/ASF files into one large movie file. You can add an unlimited number of video files to the list and easily rearrange their order if needed.The Other Software only can join the video files of the same type. But Amor Video Joiner can join several different types of video files to a large...
4 MB 497

Amazing Frame Show 1.3.2

Amazing Frame Show is a photo utility designed to decorate your photos with stylish picture frames on computer desktop. You can also move & scale photo, adjust it's transparency to reach the desired effect. Amazing Frame Show lets you turn your image file into attractive creations with a point-and-click.
3.6 MB 454

Amazing Mahjongg 3D 1.3.0

A traditional Chinese game for centuries, Mahjongg combines elements of skill, strategy, memory, and intuition into a challenging game of patience. This is a single-player 3D version of a classic favorite.
3.11 MB 391

Amazing Slow Downer 3.5.1

Amazing Slow Downer is available for Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iPhone/iPad devices. Change the speed of the music - from 20% (one fifth speed) to 200% (double speed) without changing the pitch. Wrong key? Change the pitch in semi-tones - at full or changed speed. Out of tune? Adjust the pitch in cents...
2.2 MB 1,706

AmoK CD/DVD Burning 1.10

Multisession, file verification, RW Deletion, ISO, CUE and BIN burning, "On the Fly" burning, Video CDs, Audio CDs, DVDVideo, Disc Caching and more is offered by AmoK CD/DVD Burning. Supported are all available CD and DVD formats such as CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM and DVD+DL. No registry entries are created during the installation...
716.8 K 975

Amazing Lock Screen

Bing My Lockscreen allows you to select from the eight most recent Bing images and quickly select which of them to set your lock screen to use. In addition Amazing Lock Screen allows you to automatically have your lockscreen updated daily with the latest image from Bing - thus ensuring a constant supply of inspiring and interesting new content for you!
409.6 K 55

Instagram for Chrome 5.6.6

Use Instagram directly from your browser. Familiar Instagram interface makes it easy to browse, like, and comment on all the photos from your feed. Click on any @name or #hashtag to browse through. Full navigation support, hit the back button to go back to your previous page!
102.4 K 300

Amazing Photo Editor 7.9.2

Amazing Photo Editor is powerful and easy to use image processing software used for image processing,viewing and converting. 33 amazing effect are available! 1. Amazing Photo Editor is easy and photo editing software and image processing software. You can edit unlimited photos at the same time. Besides,Amazing Photo Editor has much ability to...
2.7 MB 11,430

Instagram Downloader

Download any image or video from Instagram by copying the URL in the address bar into the text field and choosing a save location.
409.6 K 94

IntraMessenger Server 2.0.2

Uniquely designed and fully centralized under your (admin) control. Server (open source PHP/MySQL) provides great flexibility, including the external authentication possibility (e.g. : forum, CMS, blog, PGI, CMR...). Intra-MessengerAllows companies/communities (organizations, associations, institutions...) and dispersed workgroups to create and...
50.7 MB 270

American Grand Casino v7.00

American Grand Casino providing 60 of the nets most exciting casino games like Blackjack, Video Poker, Craps, Poker and much more.
307.2 K 3,323

Instagram for Firefox 0.16

View your latest feeds and browse images from instagram in a quick popup. -View your feeds -Browse by tags -Show pictures full screen -follow users, and like pictures
102.4 K 59

Internet Webcam Capture 1.4.1

A handy, small, command prompt based tool specially designed to capture image from a webcam automatically.
102.4 K 423

Ambling BookPlayer Lite 1.04

Unlike music players which include audiobook functionality as an add on, the Ambling BookPlayer is designed from the ground up to be an audiobook player. The Ambling BookPlayer offers unique features designed to make audiobook listening easy, frustration-free and uncomplicated for everyone: - Never lose your place again. Fully automatic bookmarking...
102.4 K 52

IntraMessenger Portable 1.30E

This instant messaging is corporate oriented (enterprise), with local networks (LAN) or internet for effective intra-office communication. Server is PHP/MySQL (opensource), make easy for the administrator to choose all options, for display, contact manage, lock... Possible to force or not user to use password, limit (or not) maximum simultaneous...
4.4 MB 465

Amazing CD & DVD Burner 2.2.5

Easily burn music, video and data CDs and DVDs. Amazing CD & DVD Burner handles all drive types including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM (SCSI, IDE, EIDE, and USB). Frequent tasks such as burning files, building and burning ISO files, and erasing rewritable CDs and DVDs are made easy for novice as well as advanced users. Amazing CD &...
819.2 K 446

Amazing iPhone Transfer 3.2.16

Amazing iPhone Transfer provides all-in-one solution for Apple users to transfer/move/copy files from and to iPhone/iPad/iPod, PC or iTunes or delete files direclty from iOS devices including all versions of iPhone, iPad, iPod. Key Features 1. Free iOS Backup & Restore. Easily to backup photos, songs, videos, apps, SMS, contacts,...
21 MB 109

Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2013

Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2013 is the premier performance profiler for C, C++, C#, Fortran, Assembly and Java*. Versatile – Rich Set of Performance Profiles Whether you are tuning for the first time or doing advanced performance optimization, VTune Amplifier XE 2013 provides the data needed to meet a wide variety of tuning needs. Collect a...
92.6 MB 1,180

AmphiSoft Plug-in Filters 1.22

Unlike almighty "Wizards" (so popular nowadays), directing user step-by-step toward a predefined result, AmphiSoft plug-in filters simply give all the power to the user, leaving him the chance to be creative. There are "Shamans" (as opposed to "Wizards") in there, which unleash all the magic power - and it's up to you what it is used for; there are...
716.8 K 538

Amazing Heists: Dillinger 1.0

Help John Dillinger stick up banks across the country in this exciting Hidden Object game! Select your gang and steal the loot without getting caught. Embark on a wild ride through one of the most fascinating periods in American criminal history as you play fun and challenging minigames. Amazing Heists: Dillinger lets you relive the adventures of a...
87.2 MB 255

AmazingFree INTERNATIONAL 1.70

The AmazingFree is a freeware that can monitor Amazon, and do an automatic order at the same time as arriving. This software monitors Amazon according to the task of setting it, and when the item is prepared, it orders automatically.(The setting of the number and the price is possible.) You have the item absolutely wanting it. However, the item...
3.5 MB 505

Intellisys Project Desktop 3.40

Intellisys Project Desktop is an intuitive visual tool to manage business or home projects. It allows you to organize the tasks involved, assign budgets, estimate costs and create schedules. Visual overviews and customizable reports give a precise view of project status. Print out HTML/PDF reports, task-lists and Gantt charts. Intellisys Project Desktop...
18.02 MB 299

Amazing Heists Dillinger Game 2.0.3

Amazing Heists Dillinger free game is one of many free Games you can download at Free Ride Games, Follow the exploits of one of America's most notorious public enemies, John Dillinger on a wild ride through one of the most fascinating periods in American criminal history. Playing as the ruthless Dillinger, it's up to you to heist the banks,...
716.8 K 184

Project Timer Pro for Windows 1.1.2

It is the easiest and most powerful cross-platform time tracking software available. Excellent for lawyers, independent professionals, consultants and especially organizations (like graphic design firms, law offices, consultants and other groups of professionals) that need to monitor the time they spend on various tasks for clients. This is a rewrite of the...
2 MB 289

Amazing Song Trainer Portable

Amazing Song Trainer is a useful application that provides several adjustments for the music tracks you want to load as a playlist. Thus, you can adjust the music tempo and pitch, as well as configure low, mid and high range using the built-in equalizer. Features: - Unique TimeLine - Change Tempo - Change Pitch - 6...
102.4 K 65

AmoK CD / DVD Burning Portable 1.10

AmoK CD/DVD Burning is for all those people who think burning programs such as Nero or WinOnCD are too overloaded with functionality that no one needs. AmoK CD/DVD Burning does not have a media center, wave editor, cover designer and cannot create videos. AmoK CD/DVD Burning burns CDs and DVDs and offers all options you need - nor more and not...
921.6 K 1,140

Project Planning and Management 2.2

The Project Planning and Management template is designed as a generic and affordable Excel based solution to plan and manage any project. Management of the project's budget as tasks are identified facilitates the processes of business case proposal, valuation analysis, and securing the required funding. Project dynamics can be altered and performance...
204.8 K 462

Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb 2.1

Welcome to Egypt! A piece of an ancient map was discovered and is believed to reveal the location of the Lost Tomb of Egypt. Under the direction of the Museum, you must immediately begin your adventure to locate the Lost Tomb and the treasures locked within! Complete over 100 levels by finding hidden objects and circumventing unique puzzle traps
17 MB 1,221

Intel SPMD Program Compiler (ISPC) 1.8.1

Intel SPMD Program Compiler generates C\C++ assembly language files and provides support for x86 and x64 architecture types.
102.4 K 36

Interactive Whiteboard eBeam Capture 2.2.3

Turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard. Luidia's eBeam interactive white board is a portable solution. Visit our web site in order to learn more about our education and business solutions.
9.81 MB 544

Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder 3.33

Amara Intro and Banner Builder is the ultimate Flash text effect tool to help web designers create animated Flash intros and Flash banners in the popular SWF file format, which can be used in any website and viewed in the Adobe Flash Player. No knowledge of Flash is needed to create animations with Amara Software. Amara Software's easy-to-use web...
4.4 MB 877
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