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With BioStat, one gets a robust suite of statistics tools and graphical analysis methods that are easily accessed though a simple and straightforward interface. While BioStat is a "heavy-duty" biology and medicine oriented professional statistical analysis tool, the interface is so simple that even people who have no knowledge of statistics are...
29.8 MB 4,987

PS3Muxer 1.30

PS3Muxer is a new very simple program which will remux mkv file with h.264 video and AC3/DTS/LPCM/AAC audio to a M2TS file which is playable on the Sony PlayStation3. Features: * No video transcoding; * Audio transcoding if track codec differs from AC3; * Use of the delay and fps information from the MKV container; ...
9.2 MB 889


PS3Merge is a tool allowing users to merge files splitted by various PS3 Backup Managers or after using our PS3Splitter tool. This application will automatically scan for splitted files that require merge (with '.666xx' file extension). Features * Automatic scan of selected directory including sub directories for files that needs to...
614.4 K 823


HERE Maps means you can download and take accurate, high-quality maps with you on your tablet. It's a complete mapping app, designed to work even without a data connection so you can rely on it when traveling or out of the home. Get walking, driving and public transit directions to the places you want to go, all completely offline. HERE Maps is a perfect...
48.1 MB 76


Features * Automatic scan of selected directory including sub directories for files larger than FAT32 max file size. * File split is compatible with Open Manager & Gaia Manager methods. * "Delete original file" as option. * AutoUpdate as option. * Aside from progress bar for file split operation there is...
614.4 K 2,829

BIOS Patcher 4.23

WHAT IS "BIOS Patcher"? BIOS Patcher is a kind of software that can find and fix errors in your system BIOS (only AWARD BIOS for now) and also it can add or open new features, i.e. some features that your BIOS has but they are closed by manufacturer of your motherboard. WHAT DOES IT MAKE? BIOS Patcher scans rom...
0 K 4,370

PS3 Emulator 1.1.7

This product is an Closed source PlayStation 3 (PS3) emulator for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. There are already many PS3 games that are playable, and several games even have full functionality (like God of War III). To play games you need either a PS3 DVD or you need a .ISO file from the game. To Start a game you need to select which...
0 K 596,988

BIOSAgentPlus 2.2013.07.11

Why have more than 10 million users downloaded BIOSAgentPlus? * BIOSAgentPlus safely checks to see if a newer BIOS is available for your computer. * Checks your PC for old device drivers and recommends updates. * Provides instant access to your detailed BIOS and driver report. Your BIOS Report Includes: *...
614.4 K 1,036

BioSeqAnalyzer 1.0

BioSeqAnalyzer is a bioinformatics software tool for analyzing DNA and protein sequences. Its Windows interface makes sequence analysis extremely easy. BioSeqAnalyzer, registered version, supports the following operations: Alignment Scoring. Linear global alignment. Affine global alignment. ...
566 K 564

BIOS Agent Plus 2.2014.12.12

Why have more than 10 million users downloaded BIOSAgentPlus? * BIOSAgentPlus safely checks to see if a newer BIOS is available for your computer. * Checks your PC for old device drivers and recommends updates. * Provides instant access to your detailed BIOS and driver report. 80% of PCs have outdated BIOS and Drivers, which can...
409.6 K 15,479

PS3 Media Server 1.90.1

PS3 Media Server is a DLNA compliant Upnp Media Server for the PS3, written in Java, with the purpose of streaming or transcoding any kind of media files, with minimum configuration. It's backed up with the powerful Mplayer/FFmpeg packages. Features: * Ready to launch and play. No codec packs to install. No folder configuration and...
51.2 MB 5,813

PS3 Video Converter

4Media PS3 Video Converter is an easy-handled conversion software which implements your ideas of converting MP4 to PS3 Video, AVI to PS3 Video, MPEG to PS3 Video, and WMV to PS3 video perfectly with personalized parameters setting. In addition, it supports the output files as definition 480p/720p and 1080p. With this converter you can get what you want and...
14.14 MB 1,826

Biosoftworld ICD-10 Analyzer 7.0.1

Includes all ICD-10 2012 (CM and PCS) diagnosis codes plus ICD-9 2012 (CM and PCS) diagnosis codes to their highest specificity. Out tool also map codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and vise versa. You can also load for reference the original PDF files. Biosoftworld ICD-10 Software is the only ICD software search tool in the medical market today that...
33.2 MB 141

Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler 2.2.20

n all-in-one sophisticated Electronic Medical Records - SOAP Notes - Medical Appointment Scheduling - Medical Billing software package. Medical Office One is a HIPAA Compliant - NPI Compliant and feature-rich application for medical office - practice administration and billing. Fast and easy-to-use, it allows creation of the new 08/05 version of the HCFA -...
37.8 MB 236

PS3 PSP Xploder Cheats & media manager

Access great cheatsaves for GTA 4, Xploder blows your games wide open. Have access to new weapons, loads of money and missions unlocked, Xploder cheatsaves gets you ahead of the game! Also includes cheatsaves for Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue, Call of Duty 4, Assassins Creed and many more BONUS: Take control of your PS3 & PSP media with Xploder HD Movie Player...
11 MB 4,860

@BIOS B12.1207.1

Support AMD 900/FM1/FM2/760G AM3+ series MB (support may vary by model). OS:Windows XP 32bit,Windows XP 64bit,Windows Vista 32bit,Windows Vista 64bit,Windows 7 32bit,Windows 7 64bit,Windows 8 32bit,Windows 8 64bit
5.1 MB 366

Theremin 1.0

The sound is a nice mellow howling tone with lots of distinctive stamp. Move the mouse over the hand and click to start using it and at the same time play a note on the keyboard. It is possible to record the hand movement by using the write enable automation on the output itself. Record just one note with MIDI data while the hand movement plays different...
1.5 MB 878

Phereoshop 2.0.1

Phereoshop is a unique application designed especially for stereo photographers. With Phereoshop you can easily manage, edit and batch upload your stereo photos to popular 3D-image sharing service Features: Organize * Import stereo photos of any stereo formats * Organize images into albums * Add...
10.5 MB 83

theRenamer 7.69

TV Series Episodes and Movie File Renamer works with,,, and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) from WikiPedia. theRenamer renames your TV or Movie files into a neat and orderly format and adds in the TV show episodes titles! Features: - A user interface that's idiot proof - using Drag & Drop. -...
3.9 MB 400

WhereIsIt? 2014 Build 220

The primary goal for WhereIsIt is to provide access to the contents of cataloged disks, even when they are not available on the system, or even they are not your own. You can browse their contents, search for files or folders you need, use imported descriptions and thumbnails, organize data using categories and flags etc. WhereIsIt can be used to...
8 MB 154

Where Is It? 2013.1014

WhereIsIt's user interface is one of its most praised qualities. Easy to use, familiar Explorer-like user interface with clear overview of available functions, adjustable toolbar, columns to choose between, and extensive use of object menus (right mouse click) to let you quickly access command you need. Want to see item's description or assigned thumbnail...
8 MB 5,540

Where Is It? Portable 2011 Build 622

WhereIsIt is an application written for Windows operating systems, and designed to help you maintain and organize a catalog of your computer media collection, including CD-ROMs and DVDs, audio CDs, diskettes, removable drives, hard drives, network drives, remote file servers, or any other present or future storage media device Windows can access as a...
8.3 MB 2,438

Where is Waldo The Fantastic Journey 3.0

Based on the hit publishing series, Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey enables fans of the elusive Waldo to enjoy a dynamic hidden-object game experience. Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey is the ultimate search and find adventure for all ages, as players scour the virtual globe in search of Waldo and friends Wizard Whitebeard, Wenda, and Woof and...
716.8 K 301


The SMBIOS (System Management BIOS) is a standard developed by DMTF. The information stored in the SMBIOS typically includes system manufacturer, model name, serial number, BIOS version, asset tag, processors, ports and device memory installed.
307.2 K 71

SphereXP 1.4.10

What is SphereXP? * a 3D desktop replacement * a natural way of extending the classic desktop metaphor * future platform for 3D applications A simple idea * display icons and windows inside a sphere instead of a flat desktop * provide easy manipulations and...
7.1 MB 417

Symbiosis 1.0

Symbiosis is an innovative game where your main objective is to destroy crystals using powers of your plants. Tons of upgrades, spells and achievements. 15 challenging levels. Have fun!
7.7 MB 53

Lingoes Portable 2.9.0

It provides results in over 80 languages. It offers full text translation, capture word on screen, translate selected text and pronouncing text, and abundant free dictionaries as a new generation dictionary and translation software. Lingoes offers users the instant-est way to look up dictionaries and translation among English, French, German, Spanish,...
5.4 MB 661

Lingoes Translator 2.9.2

Lingoes Translator is a dictionary and multi-language translation software providing results in over 80 languages. It offers text translation, a cursor-driven translator, index list group and pronouncing text, and abundant free dictionaries as a new gerenation dictionary and translation software. Lingoes offers users the instantest way to look up...
5.9 MB 55,590

Netbios Share Scanner 1.0

The Netbios Share Samba Scanner scan C classes and reveal all open shares. It will tell you all the information and even show the content of the shares. It will also show you shares that are not accessible.Also provide a username and password to it.
102.4 K 110

AnyWhere Pro 6.3

AnyWhere 6 Pro allows you to right click on files and folders to copy, move, zip, rename, and securely delete them. Copying filenames to the clipboard, replacing text within many files and making groups of files and folders writeable is just as easy. New features include a Recent Folders function which allows you to send files to frequently used folders...
1.09 MB 213

NuSphere PhpED IDE 15.0 Build 15010

PhpED is the Integrated Development Environment for PHP (PHP IDE), HTML, CSS, XML, SMARTY, XHTML and other. Balanced combination of advanced code editor, reliable dbg debugger, productive database connectivity client and fast and secure deployment abilities make PhpED a complete solution for most sophisticated developer needs. As in any...
143 MB 1,085

Anywhere PE Viewer 0.1

Anywhere PE Viewer is a free tool for exploring PE (Portable Executable) files (EXE, DLL). With Anywhere PE Viewer, you can inspect all PE headers, view export tables and import tables and resources. Anywhere PE Viewer can generate HTML reports with all information from headers (see samples), export some types of resources (RT_ICO, RT_STRING, AVI) into...
15.81 MB 253 Horizon Toolbar

Horizon Toolbar features quick access to all our individual pages (E-Cards, Horoscopes, Cartoons, Games Room, Virus Help, etc) as well as popular sites on the web such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Digg and others. Also includes 24/7 news, e-mail notifier, radio, weather, popup blocker, cookie cleaner, history cleaner,...
512 K 507


Press Alt Middle Mouse Button to open a command prompt for folder(s) selected in Explorer. Requires Windows XP and later.
307.2 K 411

BallSphere 1.0

Rotation of a sphere with several balls inside.
921.6 K 84

LogiSphere 2.0.8

LogiSphere turns your computer into a internet server. * Web Server to deliver content to the web * Web Cam server for any windows capture device * Tilt/Pan/Zoom for Logitech Orbit, Orbit MP, Sphere, Creative Live! Motion and TrackerPod, with LogiSphere you can tilt/pan the camera with any web browser. * Zoom...
2.78 MB 523

SpaceTheremin 1.01

SpaceTheremin is a virtual mouse-controlled theremin. Unlike a standard analog theremin, which typically has a sinewave oscillator and some basic vibrato, SpaceTheremin lets you choose from six different oscillator types (sine, square, triangle, sinc, saw, and pulse). The same waveforms can also be used for vibrato and modulation. It uses OpenAL for sound...
5.4 MB 238

GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio 1.0.1

GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio is a free desktop tool that makes it easy to protect sensitive files using the popular Open PGP encryption standard. Documents can be encrypted, decrypted, signed and verified from your PC or workstation using this intuitive tool. An integrated key manager allows you to quickly create, import, export and manage Open PGP keys...
35.8 MB 55

BeAnywhere Support Express 5.50 RC

One click. That's all it takes to start a support session with your customer. Even the most novice of the users can ask for your support with ease. No software installation required. Provide immediate support to customers and colleagues without pre-installing software. No administrative permissions required. A direct web link will...
4.5 MB 432

Atmosphere Lite (Nature Sound Generator) 6.1

Bring the sounds of nature to your desktop. Atmosphere Lite enables you to create your own custom relaxing soundscapes and listen to the results in realtime, or record to wav using the inbuilt recorder. This enables you to easily create royalty free wav sounds and custom nature sound CD's. Atmopshere Lite is extremely easy to use and you can have your own...
11.5 MB 698

SpyAnywhere 5.1

Ever need to remotely control or monitor your computer from a distance? Do you need to see what your children or employees are doing when you are not around to supervise them? Now you can with SpyAnywhere! SpyAnywhere is a remote spy tool that lets you monitor your computer from a remote location with just your web-browser. View keystrokes in real-time,...
1.4 MB 1,408

4Media PS3 Video Converter

4Media PS3 Video Converter is an easy-handled conversion software which implements your ideas of converting MP4 to PS3 Video, AVI to PS3 Video, MPEG to PS3 Video, and WMV to PS3 video perfectly with personalized parameters setting. In addition, it supports the output files as definition 480p/720p and 1080p. With this converter you can get what you want and...
30.5 MB 514

The Sun Goes to Space 1.0

The sun woke up one morning to find that 8 planets and Pluto have been kidnapped! Help the sun venture into outer space to find them all! Use magnets to pull the sun towards them and collect all of the stars! Can you complete all the levels including the bonus ones? Good luck!
4.2 MB 73

Send Anywhere 0.11.27 Beta

Simple No Sign-up or Log-in You don’t need to know recipient’s contact info. All you need is a 6-digit one time key to pair devices only in the first time. Unlimited Any type of files, As large as you want, As many as you need. No limitations on transferring and it’s free. Cross-Network Send files directly...
11 MB 8

Spider Sphere 1.0

Guide your Spider Sphere through this candy-coloured, but dangerous world, using the built-in grappling hook to navigate this ridiculous rollercoaster. Avoid spikes, deep drops and other perils and try to get as far as you can! Use mouse for the grapple hook and WS to extend and shorten it.
7.1 MB 43

Dragon Spheres 1.0

Defeat the family of fire breathing enemy dragons while breaking through spheres breakout style. Dragons are in control of the universe and it is up to you to beat them through 50 colorful levels by capturing bones, catching bonuses and destroying the leaders. Several powerups will help you like multiball, breakthru ball, sticky paddle and paddle guns. ...
4.9 MB 411

Realgame PS3 Zune Converter 3.0

Realgame PS3 Zune Converter is a professional video converter to convert almost all popular video/movie formats to Pocket PC MP4 format. The output iPhone MP4 video files can be played on your Pocket PC. All popular video/movie formats are supported, including AVI, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV, ASF, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, H264, MPEG4, AVC, MOV, QT, DivX, XviD, VOB, FLV,...
5.28 MB 736

Aneesoft PS3 Video Converter

Aneesoft PS3 Video Converter is an easy-to-use and totally PS3 video converter that can convert all popular video formats to Sony PS3 MP4, MPG formats. It can convert almost all video format, e.g. AVI, MPG(MPEG), WMV, MP4, MOV, VOB, FLV, ASF, RM, RMVB, 3GP, 3G2, etc to PS3 Video format. Key Features of Aneesoft PS3 Video Converter: 1. Convert all...
6 MB 307

Satan-AnyWhere 1.3.9

Satan-AnyWhere is a Java based open-source flexible remote control software. It got some common features of remote control softwares, like remote console, file transfer, remote desktop control, proxy, encryption, multiple sessions, chat, screen capture, etc.
2.4 MB 179

Moving Nowhere 1.314

Moving Nowhere Game. The object of the game is to score points by having all of your buttons farther away from another button. Scopre Points and Move Nowhere! As the game progresses, your buttons have to be farther apart to score the same points. Therefore, you want to complete each level as quickly as possible. Two Brothers Software! Score is...
8.88 MB 300
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