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IDE 1.0

Why do I need to choose this? Because: * provide a completely cross platform alternative for developing projects; * provide an editor with a small footprint that would eventually run on smaller devices; * you can test some powerful plugins; If you want to generate a HTML valid page for your content you can do that,...
9.1 MB 461


It works with a keyboard. The emulator is unable to play NDS games because the touchscreen is unstable at the moment according to the release notes. The plugin system came originally from UltraHLE N64 emulator so that further support can achieved without looking at the source code of the emulator. There are no plugins. * Fixed a bug in Texture...
204.8 K 16,126


With IDEGLU you can tie down your ideas, before you forget.
102.4 K 95

Python 3.4.3

Python is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains. Python is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java. Some of its key distinguishing features include: * very clear, readable syntax * strong introspection capabilities * intuitive object orientation * natural...
23.2 MB 2,186

Ideabox 1.0

How about playing one of the colorful logical games? A journey to the amazing world of ideas is waiting for you in Ideabox. Brilliant and silly, original and trivial ? all these ideas are born here with your help. Only your logical approach to this game guarantees the success! During the journey you?ll meet many talented people such as Shakespeare, Mozart...
17.8 MB 268

ideal-Z 1

ideal-Z is a simple impedance calculator with graphical schematic entry. Drop components onto the schematic, connect them, set values, and the impedance is calculated instantaneously.
307.2 K 101


IDelight is a program that lets you view your favorite pictures as a slideshow on your desktop. Highlights: - With IDelight, you can always view what you love and continue to work at the same time! Your family, pet, or nature-all your favorite pictures will be close to you on the desktop of your computer. If you are tired of...
11.5 MB 107

iDeduper 2.5

Show Duplicates menu on iTunes * We can't adjust the duplicates criteria. iTunes will display songs with the same name and artist as duplicates. At many cases we want to find duplicates which have the same name,title & album or any combination which is not possible on iTunes. * The built-in function on iTunes is hard to use...
1.1 MB 1,215

PythonQt 3.0

PythonQt is a dynamic and lightweight script binding of the Qt framework to the Python language. It can be easily embedded into Qt applications and makes any QObject derived object scriptable via Python without the need of wrapper code generation. Features: - Qt Scripting in Python - Embedding of Python into Qt applications ...
4.7 MB 1

PythonCAD R38

PythonCAD is a CAD package written, surprisingly enough, in Python using the PyGtk interface. The PythonCAD project aims to produce a scriptable, open-source, easy to use CAD package for Linux (Cross Platforms)
16.1 MB 239

IDentify! 5.4.2

Get rid of those pesky telemarketers. IDentify! is the ultimate call screening solution. With IDentify! and a Caller ID capable modem, you can have an advanced Caller ID box built right into your computer. In addition to the usual screen-pops with auto-name-lookup, IDentify! has many features to help you screen your calls: * Announce...
1.9 MB 312

IdentaPop 2.24

A unique Caller ID popup display that overlays the Caller ID on your screen and slowly fades away. Fully integrated with MS Outlook Contacts including Exchange Server public folders for lookups and screen pops for IP phones (Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, ESI, NBX, NEC, Nortel, Panasonic etc) and TAPI modems. Equally suited for the home user who wants a...
2.6 MB 277

iDecryptIt 7.02.0

When you update your iDevice, iTunes downloads a firmware file. That firmware file is a generic ZIP file. If you extract it, you will find many files. The biggest one is the filesystem (A.K.A. the one that is installed on the device). It is encrypted. If you run it through iDecryptIt with the correct key, iDecryptIt will decrypt it. The decrypted file can...
1.2 MB 300

iDevice2PC 5.1

Overview New in iDevice2PC 5.0: Supports now iPhones and iPod Touch/Nano! iDevice2PC is the successor of iPod2PC, now with support for all iPods and iPhones. With iDevice2PC you can easily sync/copy/restore your songs, playlists, music videos and podcasts from your iPod/iPhone back to your iTunes music library or to any folder on your...
2.4 MB 40

Idea Rover 5.20

Idea Rover absorbs and crystallizes your ideas and sources into outline-structured notes, releasing your brain from monotonous switching and searching work. Drag-and-drop your files and sources and get a starting place, calmness, and time for writing your research paper, dissertation, etc. The program allows you to retrieve relevant and...
4.1 MB 511


IDesignSpec is an award winning engineering tool that allows an IP, chip or system designer to create the register map specification once and automatically generate all possible views from it. Various outputs are possible such as UVM, OVM, RALF, SystemRDL, IP-XACT etc. User defined outputs can be created using Tcl or XSLT scripts. IDesignSpec's PATENTED...
99.3 MB 176


Python(x,y) is a free scientific and engineering development software for numerical computations, data analysis and data visualization based on Python programming language, Qt graphical user interfaces and Spyder interactive scientific development environment.
420.7 MB 118

IdealSorter 2008 5.0

Ideal File Sorter - is a powerful audio, video, image, text, archives and other files organizer, that will sort, organize and rename all your files according to their content, fast and easy. Let all your files to be in ideal order! Support variety of media and document formats: MP3, AVI, DIVX, PDF, DOC, RTF, JPG, PNG, BMP, ZIP, RAR and HUNDREDS of other...
17.1 MB 240

IdentiToken 1.00

IdentiToken is a soft-token solution that allows web designers to implement 2-factor authentications on web sites. For the client side of the login (web browser), users must use the IdentiToken Windows client software to generate time-based tokens for their logins. For the server side we have provided a script to demonstrate how easy it is to implement the...
2.6 MB 185

IDEAL Secure 3.0

IDEAL Secure manages the optimization of network servers and client PCs through the application of predefined actions. These settings are classified by theme: Windows, Hardware, Network and Software. So, with IDEAL Secure, you can remotely optimize, secure and parameterize Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista operating systems in a few clicks and...
8.2 MB 472

IDEAL Remote 2015 10.3

IDEAL Remote is not only a remote control tool, in addition to taking control remotely, you have access and manage remote computers, registry, events, printers, processes, sessions, open files, WMI properties and, finally, to the information systems. Features: - User-Friendly Interface to Manage Domains and Workgroups - Remote...
42.3 MB 1,896

Ideco Gateway 2.5.7

It allows you to: * Maintain the database of users of the corporate network * Guard the enterprise's servers and workstations against attacks from the Internet * Filter traffic, block unwanted advertising * Connect remote departments and employees * Analyze network traffic and set restrictions for the...
121 MB 276

Ideal DVD Copy 4.3.0

Ideal DVD Copy is a simple and great DVD Copy Software. It can copy or burn any protected DVDs to blank DVD directly, or copy to computer hard drive as DVD folders or ISO file. It also supports burning DVD from hard drive to blank DVD. Features: * Remove all copy restrictions of DVD - Automatically make region free, remove UOPs and...
5.6 MB 1,243

IDEAL Dispatch 8.2.1

IDEAL Dispatch provides remote installing and uninstalling of software, remote running of scripts and programs, and remote actions (view, copy, rename). With the help of IDEAL Dispatch, you can remotely install Windows patches, run scripts and msi files, uninstall programs, or update software on all the servers and client workstations on your...
25.5 MB 63

IdentaFone Pro 3.0.2

IdentaFone is a caller identification system that monitors the phone line for incoming calls and offers many ways to keep you informed about your caller's identity. Once the caller information is obtained, this virtual telephone assistant can speak the caller's name through your PC speakers, screen pop the callers name, send the information to a pager or...
3 MB 842

Ideal Automate

It does this by making it possible for you to write scripts that can find images on the screen. By finding an image on the screen, you are able to locate where you want to read or write something, regardless of which application the image resides within. The fact that you can read and write to virtually any location makes it possible to create a degree of...
819.2 K 10

Ideal Migration 5.4

You are able to migrate all the server objects (OU, groups, users, files, ACL, etc.) from and to any Windows NT and Active Directory server, but also too automatically change the domain client PCs without intervention. Features: * Full Windows NT and Active Directory Domain Migration * Can be used with or without trusted...
5.9 MB 1,150

Ideal DVD Ripper 2.0.2

Ideal DVD Ripper is quite a simple dvd ripper software to rip any dvd to the general video format like mkv, mpg, mp4, avi and wmv. No need to worry about the video bitrate, frame rate, aspect ratio and resolution as well, you can rip any of your dvd to any format you wanted and enjoy it on your smart phone, portable device with best quality. Remove...
13.8 MB 72

Identity Cloaker 1.2.0 Build 20

Did you know that almost all the data you send and receive over the Internet is transmitted unencrypted and can be easily stolen? Spammers, hackers, data thieves, identity thieves and just about all kinds of bad guys simply love it. And yes, this list may just as well include even your own government, your Internet Service Provider or an overly curious boss...
2.2 MB 1,619

Idea Knot for PC

Idea Knot is a software tool designed to collect a library of inspired text ideas, each with a descriptive name of your choice, inside a special XML document. Its particular method of collection offers you two primary advantages over other text tools: 1) Instant access while inspired; 2) Reuse relevant ideas in different combinations. What's new...
2.4 MB 223

Ideal Blu-ray Copy 1.2.3

Ideal Blu-ray Copy helps you copy any copy protected blu ray disc to computer hard drive as ISO file or BDMV folder with original quality, also can burn bluray movie to blank BD disc directly. Support "Entire disc" and "Only the main movie" two copy modes. Fast copying speed, can finish copying the whole blu-ray disc to computer within 50 minutes,...
8.8 MB 101

Ideal Blu-ray Copy 1.3.3

Ideal Blu-ray Copy helps you copy any copy protected blu ray disc to computer hard drive as ISO file or BDMV folder with original quality, also can burn bluray movie to blank BD disc directly. Support "Entire disc" and "Only the main movie" two copy modes. Fast copying speed, can finish copying the whole blu-ray disc to computer within 50 minutes,...
11.9 MB 208

Ideal FLV Converter

ideal FLV Converter is designed to help you convert WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP4, VCD, 3GP, RM, etc. to FLV file with high speed and excellent quality. It allows you to convert various video formats to FLV format, such as AVI to FLV, MPEG to FLV, WMV to FLV, DivX to FLV, XviD to FLV, MP4 to FLV, ASF to FLV, and MOV to FLV. With the simple and...
6.6 MB 189

Python Code Library

Python Code Library is a powerful multi-language source code Library with the following benefits: 1. Built-in library with 50,000++ lines of code 2. Quick and powerful search engine 3. Powerful printing capability 4. Password protection & strong 448 bits encryption (optional) 5. User notes & attachments...
11.2 MB 137

iDeer Blu-ray Player

iDeer Blu-ray Player is a multimedia player for playing Blu-ray, DVD, video, audio, music, photo on Mac and PC. With Arix, play Blu-ray on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. * Play Blu-ray and DVD Disc - Play commercial Blu-ray or DVD in different regions. - Play new released Blu-ray titles without any limitation - Load movie directly from...
36.8 MB 366

Ideal Blu-ray Ripper 5.1.0

Rip any blu-ray to mkv,mpg,avi,mp4,wm,mp3 format. Embedded a lot of profiles for popular smart phones, TVs, tablets and portable devices, so you can easily rip any of your blu-rays and enjoy it on your devices with high quality easily, even you\'re new to computer. Features: * Remove copy restrictions in blu-ray - you don\'t need...
19.2 MB 162

Ideal Administration 2015 15.3

IDEAL Administration simplifies the administration of your Workgroups and Windows Active Directory domains by providing in a single tool all the necessary features for managing domains, servers, stations and users. With IDEAL Administration, browse and manage your servers and Active Directory domains becomes as easy as surfing the...
47.5 MB 12,401

Identity MP3 Renamer

No longer will your music have to stand with a common music ripping problem, give your MP3 tunes their Identity back! The installation files, a brief instruction guide and the source code to Identity is included in the ZIP file. Use WinRAR or 7Zip to extract the files. This software is perfect for melodyMe's Download feature, and will...
716.8 K 193

iDEN Media Downloader R01.01.03

The iDEN Media Downloader is the first enhanced application that enables you to load pictures and videos from your iDEN compatible phone to your computer. Media downloader is intended for iDEN phones that incorporate the My Pictures or Media Center feature.
19.3 MB 529

Ideal Video Converter 3.0.0

Ideal Video Converter is a free product which is embedded in Ideal Media Solution. It supports ripping the most common video formats, for example, avi, wmv, mkv, mpg, mp4, flv, vob etc to other video formats, so that you can enjoy it on your smart phone, tablets, and other devices. It's easy to use, you may just select the whole video which...
13.7 MB 85

Ideal DVD to Avi Converter 2.0.2

Ideal DVD to Avi Converter is the most efficient avi converter software. It can convert any protected dvd to avi format with high video quality and fast ripping speed. Flexible and powerful clip converting function allows you to extract any part or chapter of a DVD to avi format, you also can rip multiple clips at one time. It also supports batch DVD...
2.3 MB 198

Ideal DVD to MP4 Converter 1.0.1

Ideal DVD to MP4 converter is an efficient and simple dvd converter. It can rip any copy protected DVD movies to mp4 player or mobile phone, embedded with profiles for popular mp4 players and mobile phones. Optimized for dual-core processor, Supports both MPEG-4 and H.264 codec. Automatically download decryption files from our server, you needn't...
2.6 MB 199

Ideal DVD to PSP Converter 2.1.4

Ideal DVD to PSP Converter is an easy and powerful DVD to PSP Converter. It can convert any DVD movies and avi file to PSP format with high video quality and fast conversion speed. Can transfer the converted MPEG-4 file to your Sony PSP directly. Compatible with PS3. Key Features of Ideal DVD to PSP Converter: * Support ripping any DVD to...
2.2 MB 881

Ideal AVI to iPod Converter

ideal AVI to iPod Converter supports converting most of the popular video formats including AVI, WMV, ASF, DivX, XviD, RM, RMVB, MOV, MPG, MPEG etc. to iPod video format. The AVI to iPod Converter can AVI-DivX, AVI-XviD, AVI-H.264 to iPod MPEG-4, iPod MPEG-4 AVC. You could convert AVI to MP4 suitable for different devices such as iPod, iPod TV,...
6.6 MB 149

Ideal DVD to iPod Converter 2.5.4

Ideal DVD to iPod Converter is the most efficient and simplest DVD to iPod converter software. It can convert DVD/AVI/WMV/FLV/RMVB/RM formats to iPod format with high video quality and fast speed. Simple interface and user-defined profile features can meet different level users' need. With Ideal DVD to iPod Converter in hand, you can appreciate your DVDs...
2.5 MB 1,414

Ideal DVD to iPad Converter 1.0.1

Ideal DVD to iPad Converter, the most efficient and simplest iPad converter software for iPad fan to rip their favorite dvds or videos, can help you put any copy protected DVDs to your iPad device with the best quality, also enables you to appreciate your favorite video files like Avi/WMV/FLV/RMVB/RM formats on your iPad. Optimized for double cores...
2.4 MB 281

Identity Finder Free Edition

Let us prove to you the power of our search capabilities for free. Simply download, install, and run the search. It will detect unprotected credit cards and passwords on your computer that are vulnerable to identity theft or fraud. Once found, you can permanently shred or encrypt the information with a password so identity thieves cannot steal them. Take...
25.2 MB 1,012

ideal iPhone Video Converter

ideal iPhone Video Converter a superior video to iPhone converter to convert all the popular video formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, VOB, XviD, WMA, ASF etc. to iPhone video MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC(.mp4) format. With the simple interface and super fast converting speed, you can convert video to iPhone such as MPEG, VOB, MP4, M4V, QuickTime MOV,...
6.6 MB 206

Identity Finder Home Edition 6.3.2

Right now, social security numbers, credit cards, bank accounts, passwords, and other highly sensitive personal information are exposed on your computer leaving you and your family vulnerable to identity theft. You may not be able to find all the places they are hidden, but hackers and thieves know where to look. They have developed viruses, spyware, back...
25.2 MB 2,734

Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1

Python Tools for Visual Studio turns Visual Studio into a Python IDE. It's a free & open source plug-in for Visual Studio 2010 from Microsoft's Developer Division. PTVS enables developers to use all the major productivity features of Visual Studio to build Python code using either CPython or IronPython and adds new features such as using High Performance...
6.5 MB 122
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