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RealPlayer Cloud 17.0.15

With RealPlayer Cloud you can move videos between your PC, Tablets & Smartphones. Plus, you can share videos privately with family and friends.
46.9 MB 373

CloudTune 1.6.5

Music is always around us. We've done our best to let you enjoy, discover, and share your favorite music. So what CloudTune actually can do for you: * Play your favorite music right from the Internet * Find new music and add it to your library with just a single click * Easily share your music with friends using...
1.7 MB 216

CloudFuze 1.7.0

Sync and Control Sync all your files and folders from your cloud storage accounts to your CloudFuze. Selective sync gives you added control over file/folder synchronization and sharing. Manage Better Create, duplicate, rename or delete folders and files right from a single window on your desktop or Android screen with...
12 MB 63

Cloudship 1.0.0

With Cloudship you can get organized in the simplest and most productive way. Add your tasks in a second and order them as you wish. It’s really very easy to use! Cloudship will help you focus on the tasks you have to do today and on the tasks that are important. Using the search box, you can find any task immediately. With Cloudship you will...
23.7 MB 7


Put your mind at ease. Magically find anything when you need it the most. Lightning fast search across Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Box and much more. Quickly find things when you need it the most: - that important email when a customer calls - that spreadsheet on the way to your meeting - that airline ticket at the...
102.4 K 51


RealPlayer Cloud (formerly known as RealPlayer) is a software utility which will let you play Real Media files (.ra .ram) on your computer. RealPlayer will allow you to find, buy and download music that can be played on more than 100 types of portable devices, including the popular iPod. With this powerful media player you will have the power to...
716.8 K 3,897,415

Cloud Print 2.1.3

Cloud Print for Windows is a Windows PC client for the Google Cloud Print service (Video). Cloud Print for Windows registers local Windows printers with Google Cloud Print (GCP) creating virtual printers within GCP. When you use GCP to print from Gmail, Google Apps or mobile devices, the virtual printers registered by Cloud Print for Windows will be...
10.5 MB 203

Cloudfogger 1.4.2160

No matter where you are, your documents and files travel with you, they can be accessed from any place, on any device and whenever you need them. At the same time we believe that cloud storage brings additional needs for privacy, data security and integrity. Are you always 100% sure who has access to your files stored on remote servers? With...
10.7 MB 544

CloudXplorer 3.2

CloudXplorer is a rich UI client for browsing Windows Azure storage. Features - new revamped UI with the modern Windows-style ribbon. - faster multithreaded downloads and uploads for block and page blobs. - native copy/move blobs or folders between different Windows Azure accounts. - search for a specific blob or folder...
4.6 MB 163

Cloud Explorer 4.2

Cloud Explorer is a simple, free, and open-source S3 client made by me. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Cloud Explorer provides extras that are not found elsewhere in other S3 browsers like search for objects, performance testing, music player, transition to Amazon Glacier, Amazon RRS, migrate buckets between S3 accounts, compress files piror to...
102.4 K 62

CloudBacko Pro

Military-grade encryption with 256-bit truly randomized encrypting key - Ensuring your data are encrypted to the maximum extent - No lazy encrypting keys such as "abc123" or "123456" will be used - A 10.51 Pentaflops supercomputer needs 3.31 x 1056 years to crack such key - The only solution that also encrypts your file and folder...
161 MB 87

CloudBerry Drive

CloudBerry Drive beta maps your cloud storage as a local disk to access and edit files in the cloud directly from the Windows Explorer interface. CloudBerry Drive comes with an easy installation and configuration that seamlessly integrates cloud storage as a virtual disk with the Windows environment. Features: - Easy...
4.1 MB 124

CloudSource Radio

CloudSource Radio is a small software that allows you to listen to different online radio stations. It also connects to cloud radio stations.
31.6 MB 194

Cloud Sticky Notes 2

Cloud Sticky Notes is a free, cloud based, desktop sticky note application enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide. Features: - Easy setup and clean, intuitive interface - Automatic synchronization on all of your desktops - Launch from your browser (Web Start) or traditional installation - Online and offline modes
4.5 MB 69

Cloudnymous Connect 2.1.2

Protect your privacy and sensitive data while it passes through internet, get anonymous access to web. Make your traffic appear to originate from another point on the globe, get an American or Euro IP from anywhere. Get your internet truly free, unblock censored sites and services like Skype, Facebook or VOIP. Connect with ease With...
3.6 MB 113

CloudBerry AD Bridge

CloudBerry AD (Active Directory) Bridge is a gateway solution developed to simplify cloud storage deployment in corporate networks. By installing and configuring AD Bridge on one workstation or server in a domain network, system administrators can automatically provide AD users’ accounts with a restricted access to a certain folder in an Amazon S3 account...
1.6 MB 65

Cloudmark DesktopOne

Protect your inbox from spam, phishing and viruses with Cloudmark DesktopOne. Features: Automatically filter one email folder Automatically filter multiple folders and accounts Manually scan an email folder Self-help support Filtering for IMAP, POP, Exchange, and Web mail accounts Automatically delete old...
11.4 MB 684

Cloud System Booster 3.5

Cloud-based optimization engine together with online database brings more efficiency to make computer system faster and better. The Cloud technology empowers user-sourced online database to offer better maintaining services with database updated in real time. This means Cloud System Booster performs files analyzing and cleaning up based on thousand ratings...
15.7 MB 300

Cloud Drive Optimiser

An optional component, cloud drive optimiser, improves performance, reduces bandwidth and reduces your data storage requirements. The optimizer periodically analyses and optimizes your data. This component can be installed on all iSCSI clients in the home or office.
1.8 MB 1,527

Cloudiff Monitor Agent

Cloudiff is a tool for any entrepreneur who runs his own server, or any administrator who would like to dwell deeper into the servers diagnostics, with real-time data, and impress their boss. Features: * CPU monitoring * RAM monitoring * HDD monitoring * Network monitoring * Battery monitoring *...
2 MB 67

CloudBerry Online Backup

CloudBerry Lab is proud to announce that CloudBerry Online Backup is currently available in beta. Disaster recovery planning is often times an afterthought that comes to light when disaster strikes. Very seldom do companies fully recover from loss of critical data which could lead to loss of business. CloudBerry Online Backup...
13 MB 1,464

CloudBerry Backup for WHS

CloudBerry Online Backup for Windows Home Server provides a powerful Backup and Restore program designed to leverage Amazon S3 storage to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable. Windows Home Server is a great way to protect your data. However you are still vulnerable to physical disk failures and inadvertent deletions....
9.2 MB 476

CloudFlare DynDNS Updater

CloudFlare DynDNS updater runs in the background on your computer and automatically updates the IP address on CloudFlare everytime your IP address changes. Requirements - Windows OS (XP/Vista/7/8) - .NET Framework 3.5 or Above - CloudFlare Email and Auth Key - An A record for the HOST with TTL 5 Mins - Admin Privileges for...
102.4 K 127

Cloud Drive Storage Service

The cloud drive storage service is a cloud data storage gateway. The service runs on on a PC or server allowing you to access cloud storage just like a hard drive or file server. The service improves cloud data performance by up to 100 times, in most cases it out performs hard drives, file servers and SAN's. The service intelligently caches data and...
4.9 MB 1,329

Cloud Drive Network Accelerator

An optional component, cloud drive network accelerator, improves the performance and availability of your data. The network accelerator provides a local private cloud that compliments the cloud storage provider. This component enables you to access your data even when your internet connection is down. This component can be installed on all computers in the...
4.6 MB 1,788

CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3

S3 Explorer provides a user interface to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier accounts allowing accessing, moving and managing files, buckets and vaults across your local and cloud storage. Freeware Amazon S3 client by CloudBerry Lab comes with a full support for CloudFront (Amazon Content Delivery Network (CDN)). It includes a set of tools to manage...
8.6 MB 2,481

CloudBerry Backup Bare Metal Edition

CloudBerry Backup Bare Metal Edition is designed to perform system state backup and bare metal recovery in Windows OS environment. With CloudBerry Backup users can store backups in over 15 clouds including: Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Windows Azure and Google Cloud Storage. Benefits: * Run System State Backup and Bare Metal...
13 MB 99

CloudBerry Explorer PRO for Amazon S3

It makes managing files on Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier even easier, more secure and cost efficient. S3 browser by CloudBerry comes with an user end data encryption and compression, an ability to copy objects up to 5 TB and configure the predefined set of HTTP headers for every upload. PRO edition of CloudBerry Amazon S3 browser also...
10 MB 1,234

CloudBerry Explorer for Google Storage

By providing a user interface to Google Storage accounts, and files, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer. Features: * Register and connect to any number of Google Storage accounts * Work with any number of Google Storage accounts simultaneously * Create, browse,...
6.4 MB 156

CloudBerry Explorer for Azure Blob Storage

CloudBerry Explorer makes managing files in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage EASY. By providing a user interface to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage accounts, and files, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer. Features: * Register and connect to any number of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage...
7.7 MB 430

CloudBerry Explorer PRO for Azure Blob Storage Pro

By providing a user interface to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage accounts, and files, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer. Windows Azure Windows Azure is a cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting and service management environment for the Windows...
5.9 MB 260


cCloud Client creates for you a folder that is accessible offline and automatically synchronized with your cCloud storage. cCloud features an intuitive interface that takes users through the download, installation and first-backup process in 5 minutes or less. You just need to install the client, configure your backup settings and your data is...
16.6 MB 115

iCloud Control Panel 4.0

iCloud keeps mail, contacts, and calendars up to date between your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Windows PC, and lets you share calendars and task lists. iCloud also keeps your Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome bookmarks on Windows in sync with your Safari bookmarks on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. With My Photo...
67.3 MB 837

BYclouder iPad Data Recovery

The main function is recovery lost data and files from iPad including 4/2/1, iPad Data Recovery ignores the file system layer, direct recovery from the media layer. Even if the file system has been severely damaged or formatted, so it can still work.
4.9 MB 74

BYclouder Data Recovery Ultimate

It is super data recovery tool and cross-platform.recovering lost/deleted files from any storage device,such as hard disks,Digital Camera/Camcorder/Voice Record,general mobile phone,iPhone,iPad,iPod,Windows Phone/Tablet,Android Phone/Tablet,CD-ROMs,DVD,Bluray, memory cards (CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Secure Digital/SD, SmartMedia, Microdrive, MMC, etc.),...
102.4 K 56

BYclouder Memory Card Data Recovery

The main function is recovery lost data and files from Memory Card, BYclouder Memory Card Data Recovery ignores the file system layer, direct recovery from the media layer. Even if the file system has been severely damaged or formatted, so it can still work. This is a powerful data recovery tool for any memory card, it is very easy-to-use, only...
4.9 MB 73

BYclouder Windows Phone Data Recovery

The main function is recovery lost data and files from Windows Phone, Windows Phone Data Recovery ignores the file system layer, direct recovery from the media layer. Even if the file system has been severely damaged or formatted, so it can still work.
4.8 MB 55

ownCloud 1.7.1

Access your files on the web or access them from your desktop with file managers like Dolphin, Nautilus, Finder and Explorer. There are even third party WebDAV applications for Android & iOS so you can access and edit your files on your smartphone. OwnCube Webmail OwnCube offers a integrated webmail function where you can access your email...
44.1 MB 144

TagCloud for VCL 2.1

This package brings you the visual components, that are based on idea of a well known "tag cloud" navigation element. Namely, you can use TTagCloud and TTagIndex components coupled with a predefined styling components for managing the look and feel of your tag clouds and indexes. Complementary TNavPathLabel component implements a simple path info...
4.1 MB 469

2X CloudClient OS Beta

Its simplicity makes the 2X CloudClient OS one of the world's most user-friendly operating systems, allowing user access to apps, virtual desktops and the Internet from PCs, laptops and thin client devices. It converts PCs, notebooks, netbooks, thin clients and other devices into clients that instantly deliver web applications, virtual desktops and...
1.5 MB 248

Mixcloud Downloader 1.0

This easy-to-use mixcloud downloader, makes it possible to download all High quality dj mixes stream from smoothly and efficiently. It is designed with simple app to download mixcloud, allowing you to download any mixcloud songs and tracks even if they are listen-only. With Mixcloud Downloader, you will never miss mixcloud songs any more.
1 MB 158


A free STL File creation utility to create models from point clouds for cutting in Meshcam, VCarve, and other 3D CAM programs. Download and unzip to the Mach3 folder. An example point cloud is included.
102.4 K 109


One of the biggest concerns about cloud computing is security and privacy. get2clouds solves this issue by encrypting the data twice - by using RC4 encryption and then sending the data via a secure socket layer (https). The end-to-end (E2E) Encryption provided by get2clouds makes interception or access to the data by anyone other than the user impossible....
614.4 K 10

A-Z RealPlayer Video Converter 6.45

A-Z RealPlayer Video Converter is a professional and easy-to-user video-converter software. It helps you convert AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, WMV, MOV, ASF, QuickTime into RM or RMVB.The powerful features and unbeatable price make A-Z RealPlayer Video Converter powerful video conversion solution on personal computer.And you can set the start and end of the video...
7.9 MB 1,842


The Jottacloud sync folder is a unique folder that is automatically synchronized to all your computers. Collaborate on folders Invite others to collaborate Turn a folder into a shared workspace. You can invite as many people you like. Realtime notifications You get instant email and desktop notifications when someone joins...
27.5 MB 129

GreenCloud Printer

GreenCloud is a great Ink saver driver and word to PDF converter tool to boost your actual printer. GreenCloud is an super eco-friendly PDF tool and printer driver that will help you save some money on your daily print jobs, and reducing your ink and paper usage volume. With GreenCloud you can even convert Word to Pdf! A free Word to PDF converter...
16.1 MB 455

Soundcloud Downloader for Firefox 0.84

Adds download link/button to all soundcloud tracks. This includes both singles and playlists on soundcloud. This works for the new soundcloud site/interface.
102.4 K 172

ScoreCloud (formerly ScoreCleaner) 3.1

ScoreCloud instantly turns your songs into sheet music. As simple as that! - Instant Score from MIDI or Audio - Arrange and Edit your Score - Print, Export and Share
154 MB 165

SoundCloud Latest Tracks for Google Chrome 2.76

SoundCloud Latest Tracks for Google Chrome is an unofficial extension that gives you quick access to your latest incoming tracks from SoundCloud and notifies you of new track uploads from artists you follow. Stop checking SoundCloud for newly uploaded tracks. Let them come straight to you! Speeding up track streams: The next update will cut...
102.4 K 143

Back2Cloud Personal Backup (formerly Back2Cloud Remote Backup)

Back2Cloud support teams are made available for you around the clock. They can take all your calls from installation procedure to restoring or backup questions. We can take requests and help you step-by-step to make sure your most important information is secured and backed up on schedule Back2Cloud support programs are free of charge to all our...
107 MB 76
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