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Smarty Uninstaller 4.1.2

Smarty Uninstaller is a software that allows you to completely uninstall programs (64 and 32-bit) installed on your system. It monitors the built-in application uninstaller and uses an advanced scan engine that deletes any program leftovers. It allows you to launch the scan engine manually at any time to force uninstall a program with broken...
6.4 MB 73

Smarty Uninstaller Pro 4.1.2

Smarty Uninstaller is a software that allows you to completely uninstall programs (64 and 32-bit) installed on your system. It monitors the built-in application uninstaller and uses an advanced scan engine that deletes any program leftovers. It allows you to launch the scan engine manually at any time to force uninstall a program with broken...
6.4 MB 3,679

SMART 1.2a

We are pleased to release SMART (Service Management And RealEasy Tweaking) Utility for Windows 7. SMART is a freeware utility which helps you tweak Windows 7 Services, based on the suggested configurations of BlackVipers. It can simply be downloaded and used as a portable application to customize your Windows services settings, to meet your...
409.6 K 1,983

Smart-i 1.2.0

Smart-i is a new software that will ultimately let you control everything in your home. Just using your voice or your mouse. It is a free alternative to get a personal virtual assistant! Extremely easy to use, the simplified interface enables anybody to control his environment in a much more efficient way. In this version you are able to enjoy all...
1.7 MB 334

SmartRM Beta

Control who uses your files, and how. Prevent unauthorized printing, copying and sharing Set time limits on file use Track who is using your files, and how Keep control of your file even AFTER the file was sent * Right click Right click on the file you want to protect and invoke SmartRM. *...
102.4 K 124

SmartFox 1.2

SmartFox is an open source Flex/AIR web browser. It is just intended to be a demo on how to use the HTML component and the similar classes from the AIR framework. Features: History management (back/forward) Typed in addresses saving (they are saved from one instance to another) Visual effects for different window
1.3 MB 78


Save your organization money and time. Save a ton of boring retyping, focus on your real work and be productive again. * More than 99.8% accuracy - Smart OCR saves you a lot of time fixing your document later * Retains document layout and formatting - Our advanced OCR technology creates editable digital documents with layout and...
49 MB 718

SmartSMS 5.0

SmartSMS enables you to send Picture Messages, Caller Group Graphic, Operator Logo, Ringtones and FlashSMS. Picturemessages can be sent to Nokia AND EMS compatible phones (new handsets by Ericsson, Siemens, Alcatel, Motorola) FlashSMS is supported by almost ALL of the newer phones from Nokia, Philips, NEC, Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel, Motorola and Sagem....
2.27 MB 856

SmartCam 1.4 Alpha

SmartCam - Smart Phone Web Camera - Turns a camera phone (S60, WinMo6.x, Android, Samsung Bada) with bluetooth or WiFi into a handy webcam ready to use with your PC
102.4 K 450

SmartCVS 7.1.9

SmartCVS is an innovative CVS client that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It has powerful features, such as built-in File Compare/Merge, Transaction display and List Repository Files, and at the same time is easy and intuitive to use. SmartCVS focuses on usability and handling of day-to-day CVS tasks and is not limited to the available CVS command set.
102.4 K 5

SmartFax 2002

SmartFax 2002 is an easy-to-use and powerful fax software package that turns your PC into a complete fax messaging system. Advanced faxing and messaging capabilities make SmartFax the perfect companion for both mobile and stationary PC users. SmartFax 2002 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP software. Now...
19.15 MB 372

SmartZip 1.0

Why files compression is useful? The answer to this question is coming more obvious day after day and as a consequence of the Internet diffusion. Tomorrow's way of working is here and we can't lose precious time trying to send large files over the Internet. It's time to move and to start compressing files: that's the only way to save time,...
102.4 K 411

SmartFTP 4.1.1286

SmartFTP allows you to transfer files across the Internet. It features an Explorer-like, customizable interface and supports drag-and-drop functions. Multiple FTP connections can be opened at the same time, and you can copy files from one remote host to another (FXP). Remote-host directory information is cached for future viewing, and FTP URLs are...
15.1 MB 7,560

SmartDVB 0.4.0

Emphasis has been put on overall speed and user experience on the desktop concerning DVB operations like scanning and channel viewing. It also allows for HTPC/PVR functionality through SmartOSD and legacy video renderer OSD. New OSD includes Options menu for quick PVR like access, better integrated EPG, Teletext, graphical timeshift, program data, zoom,...
19.5 MB 232

SmartMap 0.51 Alpha

It also comes with a GDI+ 2D GUI graphics engine for use with graphics and textures within the scene and an RPG game. Input is appreciated for any world object random creation.
29.4 MB 289

Smartcopy 3.1

In Windows and Dos it will copy a file from your hard disk to your disk drive, in the case that the file size is bigger than the size available in your disk drive. Once copied it is possible to restore the disk(ette)s to another computer. You can copy any big file via ordinary diskettes! This small tool can be very usefull on your system disk to safeguard...
40 K 333

SmartDraw 2010.12

SmartDraw translates whatever you need to communicate into compelling, professional-quality visuals in minutes-eliminating the need for manual drawing. Start by selecting the exact template you need, add your message and SmartDraw does the rest. Features: Automatic Drawing Only SmartDraw draws for you. Start with a SmartTemplate then...
512 K 2,251

Smart OCR 5.12

Convert scanned text, images and scanned PDF files into editable documents with Smart OCR. Save your organization money and time. Save a ton of boring retyping, focus on your real work and be productive again. * More than 99.8% accuracy - Smart OCR saves you a lot of time fixing your document later * Retains document layout and formatting - Our...
49 MB 96

Smart PIM 1.85

Capture information from anywhere and Smart PIM stores it for you! All necessary information will be with you in one place! What is Smart PIM? Smart PIM is unique personal information manager. The unique features - Smart PIM lets you capture information from anywhere (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox, Word, Excel, Adobe Reader and so on)...
1.1 MB 158

Smart Bro 2.6.0010

Smart Bro is a free browser designed carefully to suite the user needs. It is built on the Internet Explorer technology. Smart Bro has many options that you always wanted: 1. Tabbed interface: Multi-pages inside the same application. 2. Integrated form filler 3. RSS Reader. 4. Stylish yet simple interface. 5. Minimize to System tray...
2 MB 580

SmartTick 1.2

SmartTick is one of the most powerful and customizable trading platforms.SmartTick has real time chart and stock scanner which allows traders to set their own trading criteria and notifies you with real time alerts when the trigger has been met. Traders are pleased with the voice alert chart radar to find the correct symbols or the best moment to trade...
14.5 MB 94


"SMART HDD" has capabilities to tune hard disk drive by controlling its performance, acoustic noise and temperature. The basic principle of "SMART HDD" is minimally possible usage of computer resources since any program which implements monitoring must always reside in random access memory of computer decreasing the capacity of available memory...
102.4 K 406

Smartedit 3.411

SmartEdit is a new, first-pass-editing tool for creative writers and novelists. It's not a replacement for a human editor. Neither is it designed to do your editing for you. It was built to act as an aid—a helper for when you begin editing your work. SmartEdit runs a series of 20 individual checks on your work and highlights areas that might...
307.2 K 1,345

SmartRoot 3.7

SmartRoot is a semi-automated image analysis software which streamlines the quantification of root growth and architecture for complex root systems. The software combines a vectorial representation of root objects with a powerful tracing algorithm which accommodates to a wide range of image source and quality. The software supports a...
102.4 K 76

SmartFolio 3.0.88

SmartFolio is a highly advanced, easy to use analytical tool to assist and enhance the management of investment portfolios according to the investor’s risk profile. SmartFolio is a state-of-the-art asset allocation software aimed at all types of investors and investment professionals. Active SmartFolio users include institutional portfolio...
13.6 MB 577

SmartMouth 1

SmartMouth is a Flash extension that automatically analyzes vocal audio tracks and adds mouth shapes. Your Flash Timeline remains 100% editable, leaving you in full control of your animation. Additonal Features: * Three modes to suit your animation style (symbol swap, frame numbers, frame labels) * Thumbnail previews of your...
204.8 K 283

SmartWhois 5.1 Build 279

SmartWhois is a useful network information utility that allows you to look up all the available information about an IP address, hostname or domain, including country, state or province, city, name of the network provider, administrator and technical support contact information. It helps you find answers to these important questions: Who is the...
7.5 MB 2,022

Smart Cars 2.1

The game Smart Cars releases an all-absorbing line of arcade races. You drive a racing car and your objective is to be the first at the finish first. The game gives you a feeling of speed and danger. Every level of the game is full of obstacles, which you need to overcome in a limited period of time taking different routes. The obstacles reduce the speed,...
3.3 MB 822

Smart Sync 1.0

‘Smart Sync’ Program is a free for download software for computer and it synchronizes with ‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application to activate the ‘Presentation Mode’ and more. By synchronizing with computer through the ‘Presentation Mode’ of ‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application, user can control pages at Microsoft ‘PowerPoint’ or Apple...
102.4 K 129

SmartFlash 3.50

SmartFlash is a VCL with additional features in Macromedia Flash ActiveX. SmartFlash support real trasparency of the flash and antialiasing effect in the flash frame. Also you can load flash from stream and grab frame to the bitmap with alpha-channel. With SmartFlash you can create flash interface in your applications (flash forms, menus,...
17.4 MB 334

Smartstock 7.2.0

Are your investments giving you the financial security you want and need? Are you happy with your returns? Are you minimising your risk in the markets? An effective investment strategy is all about following a proven, disciplined, well thought out plan. And Smartstock offers you all this in one easy to use software system. It's based on Robert...
6.72 MB 752

SmartPower 1.6.0

SmartPower's “goal” is to hibernate (or sleep) your computer. Use the SmartPower configuration utility to tell SmartPower when the computer should stay on (and turn on) – at all other times your computer will be automatically hibernated. SmartPower is particularly suited to any computer that is left on 24 hours a day, but which spends a...
307.2 K 590

SmartBlock 1.50

SmartBlock is a perfect filtering software that filters pornographic, sex,hate,violence,gambling,and other offensive content. It has Five powerful features: 1) Filter Web Sites: Limit children's access to indecent web sites. 2) Block Words on Screen: Filter out objectionable words displayed on screen. 3) NoRun...
653 K 393

SmartChart 1.6

Managing your stock trading activity with "SmartChart" is a cinch. The program can read practically any ASCII file or MetaStock file and plot the data. The package includes: Over 30 of the most popular technical indicators into the charting software so you have access to the likes of Bollinger Bands, Moving Average Envelopes, MACD, Moving...
3.9 MB 319

SmartStats 1.02 Alpha

SmartStats is a open source statistics and matrix operations class library in a .NET platform. Functions Available: Central Tendency: * mean * median * mode * GeometricMean * HarmonicMean * MidRange Correlation: * Covariance * PearsonCorrelation *...
102.4 K 70

Smart Dogs 1.0

These two stray dogs found a hobby. The throw and catch game! Launch the ball from one dog tail to the other. Place objects to help the ball reach the other dog. Believe it or not it's not that easy. This game is played with mouse only. Have fun!
1.2 MB 223

Smart Menu 1.0

SmartMenu is a software to quickly create a intuitive Menu for Restaurants, Pizzerie, Pub, Coffee Bar, Café, Canteen etc. Using a powerful database you can store all your dishes and their features, organized by category (for example: Antipasti, First Course, Second Course, Side Dish, etc.) and by sub categories (ex: Meat main courses, Fish main...
29.7 MB 1,544

Smart Cook 2.0

Are you a puzzle gourmet, looking for some delicious entertainment? Lucky you! Get Smart Cook and feed your hunger for succulent, fun and engaging games. Smart Cook simple rules, intuitive gameplay and rockin' sound track! Your objective is to groups all fruits into sets of three. Then they'll go right into Rockin' Chef's juicer and you'll get points....
5.44 MB 313

SmartPixel 3.0

SmartPixel is a free screen capturing and free video editing software. Its powerful screen capture and video editing features help you efficiently create exciting, professional and high quality tutorials, games, music videos in a few minutes. SmartPixel Camera * Record Screen/Game Seamless integration of screenshot recording and...
27.4 MB 158

SmartClose 1.3

SmartClose is a free program that automates the process of closing all running programs. It can also save the state of the system to a system snapshot, so all the programs that have been closed can be easily restarted later by SmartClose. Many tasks that can be performed on PC's these days require you to close all currently running programs. For...
716.8 K 578

SmartBreak 2.1

SmartBreak is an ergonomics software that will oblige you take breaks when working on a computer for long hours. This tool will monitor your time spent on a computer and then reminds you to rest your eyes for a short period of time. SmartBreak includes a Blink Reminder function that allows you to set customizable notifications for reminding you to...
2.1 MB 6

Smart Shot

SmartShot is an application allowing to capture screenshots in a very convenient way. It is intended to replace standard Windows 7 screen capturing tool, which lacks several useful features: - basic editing options: adding straight lines, arrows, shapes, text annotations - image cropping - UNDO function
102.4 K 102

SmartDeblur 2.2

SmartDeblur is a user friendly and useful tool for restoring blurry and defocused images. Blurry images are universal in our life. There are many causes of that: camera shakes, defocusing, artificial blur via photo editors like Photoshop or Gimp. Many people think that blurring is an irreversible operation and the information in this case is lost for good....
15.9 MB 651

Smart Timer

This is a smart timer tool, you can select a date and time point, or countdown. When time is arrival, the tool will execute a file(e.g. play a music file or open other type file). In addition, you also can choose to log off(restart, shutdown, suspend or hibernate) your PC. Build Environment: Visual studio 2008
307.2 K 724

Smartlaunch 4.0

Smartlaunch is a professional software package designed to deliver a complete management solution to your gaming center, internet cafe and cybercafe. Smartlaunch introduces a wide range of features including computer booking, license management, financial and statistical reports, integrated POS system and advanced security. All together Smartlaunch reduces...
37.21 MB 3,286

SmartGit/Hg 7 Preview 3

Focus on what is really important: SmartGit will ask only when it needs a decision, but doesn't bother you with underlying technical constraints. Powerful features. Modify commits before pushing, commit individual lines within a file, resurrect lost commits and many more. All inclusive. No need to install and configure additional...
61.3 MB 886

SmartLock_A 4.11

SmartLock means CAD encryptor, CAD lockor or DWG lockor. SmartLock is a useful tool to protect drawing files, keeping others from modifying or copying your designs, protecting your copyright and enhancing the value of your dwg. Features: * No plug-in needed * Read only in AutoCAD * No explodable entity / No Copy / No...
12.8 MB 628

SmartLock_B 5.72

SmartLock is a useful tool to protect drawing files, keeping others from modifying or copying your designs, protecting your copyright and enhancing the value of your dwg. Features: * No plug-in needed * Read only in AutoCAD * No explodable entity / No Copy / No modify * No snap * No need password (but...
18.1 MB 310

Smart Icons 1.0.6 Beta

Features: * Add items via drag & drop * Support 24-bit PNG files & ICO files * Animated icons (SI Files) * CMD actions by click * Always on top icons * Change icon opacity * Launch Multiple applications at once
614.4 K 254

Smart To-Do 3.0.21

Residing in the Windows tray Smart To-Do is always right at your fingertip ready to obey you. It sports a convenient tab-based interface which helps you to organize your tasks better. Sort your tasks by priority or by due date and finish the most important ones first. Add and edit tasks with ease. For every task you can specify details like a long...
3.1 MB 586
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