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Tomb Raider Theme 1.0

If you like the game, you’ll also like this theme. The Tomb Raider Theme is based on the artwork wallpapers from the game. It include 23 high resolution artwork wallpapers. The theme also replace Windows default logon screen with 5 custom logon screen images from the game. It also has 3 icons for My Computer, Documents and Recycle Bin.
7.4 MB 69

Merging PDF Together

Merging PDF Together join merge split files. Split PDF files into multiple pages. PDF files merge tool utility used as PDF joiner, creator of PDF document to break join PDF page. PDF merger can delete, extract or remove pages from PDF files.
1.8 MB 169

Tomb Raider Art Theme for Opera 1.0

Tomb Raider Art Theme for Opera is an excellent crafted theme that will help you customize and improve your web browser.
102.4 K 64

Kingston Memory Card Recovery Tool

How can you recover your lost or deleted files and folders from memory card! Kingston memory card recovery tool is an advance data backup program which can easily restore your all inaccessible or corrupted data files including jpeg, jpg image files and midi, mp3, wav audio files. Micro sD card data salvage utility safely recovers data from multimedia card,...
1.5 MB 1,560

Kingston Memory Stick Files Recovery

Memory stick data recovery utility recover all digital files formats including gif, riff, tiff, bmp, jpg, jpeg, tif, mpeg, mov, wav, midi etc. Olympus XD cards data revival software is simple and safe non destructive tool that make corrupted data mending process very fast and easy. PSP memory card files revival application is useful for higher capacity...
1.6 MB 471

Kingston Memory Card Data Recovery Tool

Pro Duo memory stick files recovery tool is non-destructive and read only software that can easily retrieve your virus infected or accidently damaged text, doc, access, word, power point, excel, zip, rar, pdf files. Mini sD card files recovery tool is useful for recovering important documents that are missing or deleted by mistake and restore it in the...
1.5 MB 352

Automatic Time Tracking Software 2.0.1

Fully automated time usage/project tracking software with time statistic analyzing and informative reporting capability for you to track billable hours, project analysis or simply to be conscious of your time spent while concentrating on real work. Time tracking is make easy without your manual involvment and you simply won't have unrecord time or lost...
61.44 K 507

October 2013 Calendar Windows 7 Theme 1.00

This theme contains 10 random HQ backgrounds with monthly calendar for the upcoming month. All of them are of 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution and will fit very well into Windows 7 desktop and laptop screens of nearly all resolutions.
12 MB 68

Customer Call Tracking Database Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to create and manage customer calls. There are all the necessary fields for creating new call threads and tracking calls. Fields include timings, status, handler/s, etc. There is a built-in reporting feature for all the calls handled. With this easy to use software, information on any customer call will be...
2.7 MB 13

Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game 1.0

A conversion of the arcade game. The T2: Arcade game is a fun gun game based on the film Terminator 2. One or two players can play at the same time shooting the Terminators and various other bad guys culminating in the virtually indestructible T-2000 himself. If you followed the movie truthfully and want to get into the game then you should have no...
1 MB 3,317

Level Editor the Game 1.0

In this ingenious platform game, you can create the level as you play. Can’t reach the key you need? build an elevator! Getting crushed by gigantic spiked balls? Create some spikes of your own to destroy them! 40 levels with an increasing difficulty curve.
4.8 MB 75

USB Data Theft Protection Tool for Windows Network (formerly USB Port Locker)

USB port security system reduces the risk of data leakage, data theft, computer viruses, and malware by locking and blocking USB ports from unauthorized data access from pen drive, memory card, flash drive etc. Flash drive disabling utility is compatible with various USB supported storage drives including zip drive, thumb drive, memory sticks, digital...
4 MB 1,338

Delphi IDE Theme Editor Portable

The Delphi IDE Theme Editor is a freeware tool which allow to change the Delphi (Rad Studio) and Lazarus IDE color settings from scratch or importing existing themes from another IDE like Visual Studio or Eclipse Themes, the current version supports Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005, BDS/Turbo 2006 and RAD Studio 2007, 2009, 2010, XE,...
3.5 MB 181

JumpBox for the Magento eCommerce Software 1.7.2

Magento is an open source eCommerce application that allows merchants to build, create, and manage online storefronts. Magento's customizable solution features tools for site management, marketing promotions, search engine optimization, and catalog management. Winner of '08 awards from Infoworld magazine and SourceForge.net, Magento's open source...
243.2 MB 257

JumpBox for the Redmine Project Management and Issue Tracking System 1.7.10

Redmine is a project management and issue tracking system for software developers. Redmine provides many of the features in Trac plus support for multiple projects, role based access control, time tracking functionality, Gantt charts, a calendar view and user self-registration support. It includes tight integration with subversion and the JumpBox has...
253 MB 327

Sony Ericsson Themes Creator 4.16

The Sony Ericsson Themes Creator tool is a "composer" that allows you to personalize the look and feel of any Sony Ericsson mobile phone by quickly creating great-looking themes based on existing components such as color palettes, sound files, image files or animations. Features: * Quick three-step workflow 1. Select...
21 MB 138,409

Begginers guide to making Flash/JS games 1.0

Want to make your own Flash or JavaScript games quickly and easily? This eBook is a beginner's guide to creating games with Flash and JavaScript. The eBook has three sections based on articles from Game Innovator. All the content in this eBook is written in common, everyday language that you can understand. These articles are all bundled...
712 K 746

Paige Harper and the Tome of Mystery 1.0

Watch classic tales come to life in Paige Harper and the Tome of Mystery, an immersive 3D experience where you twist, turn, and zoom in to locate hidden objects! Late one night, Paige Harper stumbles upon a secret library and becomes trapped within a magic book. Her only way out is to travel through the seven timeless stories contained in the tome, but they...
121 MB 85

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Windows 7 Theme 1.0

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Windows 7 Theme is dedicated to the upcoming movie Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn. This Windows 7 Theme has been created on the request of reza adara and Dinup Xavier who requested for a theme on the movie series. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn movie also popularly known as Breaking Dawn is a romantic fantasy film directed by...
102.4 K 580

USB Network Gate (formerly USB to Ethernet Connector) 6.2.671

USB Network Gate easily connects one or more remote USB devices to your computer over Ethernet (Internet/LAN/WAN) as if the device was plugged into your own machine. Doesn't matter if you are in other country or in next door office, you can always use remote scanner, printer, webcam, modem, USB dongle or anything else as if they were connected directly to...
5.6 MB 1,246

18 Wheels of Steel Pedal to the Metal 1.07

Take your show on the road. Drive your rig to make it big and build your business. Money talks when you're in charge, so get the peons to do the driving while you count your cash. You're not only a trucker, you're a tycoon. You are the Boss and you give the orders. You own up to 35 trucks and you own the road. Dispatch 45 cargo types. Keep this country...
92.28 MB 4,611

The King 3.3

"The King" is a challenging card game. The game is recommended for children and adults who want to develop own memory and logical thinking. Each game of King as ten different hands, being six of them to negative points (your score goes down) and four for positives (your score goes up). Your aim is to get as more score as you can. You have to play against...
1.05 MB 840

MenuetOS 0.99.16

MenuetOS is an Operating System in development for the PC written entirely in 32/64 bit assembly language. Menuet64 is released under License and Menuet32 under GPL. Menuet supports 32/64 bit x86 assembly programming for smaller, faster and less resource hungry applications. Menuet isn't based on other operating system nor has it roots within UNIX...
102.4 K 109

TakeStock 2.0 Alpha 39

You can use TakeStock to track US and international stocks and mutual funds, get real-time (when possible) quotes and historical prices, view and compare stock charts, obtain company information, and read business news. TakeStock is a secure and free alternative to fee-based portfolio management services and commercial desktop...
1.3 MB 207

theRenamer 7.69

TV Series Episodes and Movie File Renamer works with IMDb.com, TV.com, theTVDB.com, EPGUIDES.com and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) from WikiPedia. theRenamer renames your TV or Movie files into a neat and orderly format and adds in the TV show episodes titles! Features: - A user interface that's idiot proof - using Drag & Drop. -...
3.9 MB 432

Mediator 9

Mediator 9 is a premier multimedia authoring tool that allows you to create interactive CD-ROM presentations, dynamic HTML pages and Flash® projects. Recognized for its award-winning icon-based editing, Mediator remains the leading multimedia authoring software for creating highly professional presentations, without requiring any coding or scripting!...
134.7 MB 8,858

King Story 1.0

Get that young, blue-blooded hero through the platform action game King Story. A storm of darkness is taking over the world. Can you find a Hermit's lost son in your quest to save the world? Use arrows, space, X and C to jump, run and fight. Have fun!
2.3 MB 149

Theme Park 1.0

Do you love the thrill of roller coasters? Does the smell of cotton candy make you think of bumper cars? If you answered yes to these questions, then you'll want to play Theme Park. You are given the opportunity to manage and run an amusement park. Decide the park layout, research and build new rides, all while keeping your employees happy. You can create...
1.3 MB 73,579

ThemeEngine 9.10

ThemeEngine is a library of components which allows to change visual appearance and behavior of your application with use of the powerful set of tools including visual components, convenient designers, easy-to-use non-visual components, the optimized graphic algorithms and a set of ready themes. ThemeEngine can add themes to forms, to the menu and to the...
4.9 MB 3,786

Me Speaking 3.03

Me Speaking is a versatile Text to Speech application that will read the text you see on your screen or convert the text into MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA and five more formats. Sit back and relax while Me Speaking reads your email's, Ebook's, web pages, proof reads documents, reads to the visually impaired, reads stories to your kids, reads to you...
3.2 MB 538

MeshCreator 2.52 build 108 BETA Release

MeshCreator focuses on being easy to use, intuitive and fast. It can be used to quickly create content for 3D applications and games. The file format has been designed to be easily imported into any application on any platform because of its ACSII CSV format and layout.
921.6 K 386


You can use your TomTom device and all the features straight out of the box, and with TomTom HOME desktop software, you can get even more out of it. TomTom HOME is FREE and ensures that your TomTom device is always up-to-date. - Always stay up to date - Personalize your TomTom device - Buy maps, content or subscribe to services - Backup...
29.7 MB 1,339

Merry Motors

The Merry Motors Games collection includes 27 edutainment games and exercises that will help to your kids in training of memory, logic, math skills, spatial imagination and creative thinking. The program can be useful for preschool children at the age 5+ as well as for their parents and teachers. The main heroes of the games are nine machines:...
14.68 MB 291

ThemeWidgets 1.50

Windows 7 also had some widgets and Microsoft decided to abandon them. Many people still like that idea and so I have started to develop them right here. Theme Widgets has eight small apps that run on your PC desktop. The apps cover different tasks such as: clock, calculator, weather, notes, calendar, timer, stopwatch and a whiteboard. This will...
2.8 MB 76

Topaz Moment 3.5

Topaz Moment allows you to quickly and easily capture video frames and change them into high quality mega-pixel pictures with up to a 4x resolution increase. Tired of noisy and blur frame grab from video? Topaz Moment uses the most advanced super-resolution technology to let you capture a video frame that is the cleanest, sharpest, and at highest...
5.5 MB 837

MetarWeather 1.72

The MetarWeather utility decodes METAR weather reports from around the world, and displays them in a simple weather report table. You can save the weather report into text, HTML or XML files. MetarWeather can decode METAR reports from a text file, or download the latest reports directly from the Internet.
204.8 K 303

mergetorrent 2.3

Using mergetorrent: 1. Add all the .torrent files that you want to fix. Also add any files or directories that might have relevant files. Don't worry if you add extra files or directories, mergetorrent will figure it out. 2. Exit uTorrent. 3. Press "Start!". The process might take a few minutes depending on how many torrents...
102.4 K 408

The Mechanic 2007

THE MECHANIC HARD DRIVE RECOVERY SOFTWARE Fix Any Crashed Hard Drive. Recover Lost Data and Lost Files. Bring your dead PC back to life! The Mechanic Hard Drive Recovery software is designed so anyone can get their PC back up and running in minutes! This software will easily locate and recover hard drive crashes with FAT32 drives,...
2.61 MB 1,842

The Extractor 2.0.1

The Extractor lets you extract any number of files with just one click. Simply drag and drop zip files, any one file of the same rar set or any folder, with any number of subfolders, to add to the list of items to be processed. It can also delete processed files and folders after successful extraction. Supports ZIP and RAR archive formats.
3.9 MB 12,991

MetadataTouch 6.3

MetadataTouch is a powerful tool to view and edit metadata in Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), OpenOffice documents, JPEG, JPEG 2000, AVI, MP3, MP4, F4V, WAVE, AIFF, PNG, SVG, APE, MPC, OFR, WV, TAK, and XMP files. MetadataTouch is a standalone metadata editor that does not requires any other program to be installed in...
614.4 K 262

King War Game 2.5

King War is a free multiplayer online simulation strategy war game. This world is dominated by five races: Human, Undead, Elven, Beast and Monster. You will be a king or queen, who controls a kingdom with one castle in this magic and mystery world. You should upgrade technologies, build structures and recruit armies with resources, fight for more...
6.3 MB 596

Mesh To Solid 1.0

Mesh To Solid is a software to convert a mesh into a solid. A mesh is a set of vertices connected by edges that describe triangular or quadrilateral faces. These faces describe the shape of the object that the mesh describes. Meshes are often used to describe closed solid or open surface objects. However, general solid modeling software do not have...
4.9 MB 342

Theme Manager

Theme Manager is simple theme management program for Microsoft Windows. Allows you to manage theme files and wallpapers on Windows 7/8. And includes logon background changer for Windows 7.
102.4 K 55

Metaio Creator 6.0.1

Drag and Drop your way to Augmented Reality experiences ranging from simple to complex scenarios. Benefits of the Metaio Creator No Programming Required Easily create and update AR experiences without programming skills. Multi-platform Support Effortlessly create AR Apps for multiple platforms including iOS, Android,...
267 MB 113

The Calculator 1.2.2

The Calculator is small and handy. It supports compound expressions, bit operations, unlimited number of user variables and constants, and works with various types of notation. Special features: * User Variables. In computations, you can save your intermediate results in variables for further use. * Value Suffixes....
197 K 1,070

Theme Switcher 1.1

Themeswitcher adds a submenu to "Tools" that allows you to quickly switch between Themes (aka Personas). It also adds two key combinations: Shift-Control-D to reset to the Default and Shift-Control-S to rotate through all your Themes.
102.4 K 272

MediGetTorrent 1.12.012

Mediaget is a wonderful software for searching and downloading media files which will be useful both for greenhorns and for experienced users. It often happens that some files are unavailable or hard to find. For example, they can banned from free distribution or they cannot be downloaded because of nonoperating site. In such cases Mediaget will be your...
6.81 MB 549

Merge Storages 2.5

Merges selected storages and folders with the specified storage. It is possible to delete source Outlook items.
204.8 K 50

The Tetris Game 1.0

The old Tetris game details. Tetris game instructions mention the seven one-sided tetraminoes in tetris as I, J, L, O, S, T and Z -due to their resembling letters of the alphabet-but players sometimes use other names for the pieces. All are capable of single and double clear.Tetris game kept records by how fast a certain number of lines could be cleared...
512 K 619

The Time Master 1.3

Need help with coping with time? The Time Master is the ultimate time management tool. Easily track the time you spend on your tasks with Work Timer. Be reminded with the multiple alarms and reminders feature. Have multiple world clocks with the World Time feature Have your PC's clock always atomic prompt with Time Sync. Have...
1.57 MB 270
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