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Internet Download Manager 6.23 Build 10

Internet Download Manager is an easy to use tool to improve download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and program downloads. Complete error recovery and resume ability will restore damaged or interrupted downloads because lost connections, computer shutdowns, network problems, or accidental power outages. Simple GUI makes Internet Download Manager very easy...
5.9 MB 5,110,885

Random Password Manager Enterprise Ed. 1.19.050623

Password randomization of your common accounts on all your systems. Web based interface allows your Help Desk to get the current password in effect for each system. SQL Server based solution.
10.29 MB 538

Aha Password and Info Manager 7.03.01

You can store ID, passwords, and all the information securely in your computer or our network server and access it from anywhere on the glove. Instead of typing or inconvenient copy-and-paste, you can just press hot key (Ctrl+1 for ID, Ctrl+2 for Password, Ctrl+3 through Ctrl+9 for your other data) or drag-and-drop. When you work with several windows at the...
281 K 400

Free FTP and Download Manager

Ftp and download manager update a Web site with a single click, resume interrupted downloads or uploads, Firewall/Proxy support, one click directory with subdirectory transfers, Drag and Drop and many other features, With the ability to split file into chunks & download simultaneously, it dramatically speeds up your download times. You can schedule your...
144 K 8,355

Mirrapass Login and Password Manager

Safely store and manage your passwords. Login to your favorite websites securely with a single click. Save time, protect your identity and never forget a password again. Mirrapass can secure your online identity and manage your passwords to protect you against fraud and identity theft. Now you can automatically and securely save your login information,...
3.8 MB 217

PasswordManager 1.0

This is C# .NET windows application that is used to manage passwords. Passwords are stored on the local file system in encrypted format. Features: * Manage Password on your local machine * Password are saved in a encrypted file at the exe location * Encrypted file is encrypted with the same master password that you...
102.4 K 373

Password Manager 1.0.2266.39722

Today identity theft and similar crimes are on a rise; thus to protect our privacy we are required to have at least one password for every service or device we use. This problem is not only limited to the Internet; mobile devices, credit cards, alarms, restricted areas, to mention some, all require passwords or pin codes of some sort. Lets face it;...
23.22 MB 875

Passwords Manager 4.0.19

Passwords Manager is a professional software that will help you systematize secret information stored on your PC. You will forget about all your headaches which were caused by loss of passwords, access codes and other sensitive information. You'll be able to store all your logins, passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers and their access codes, and any...
9 MB 765

Password Manager XP 3.2.645

Password Manager eXtra Protection is a software expressly created to help users systematize and store securely important information. It relieves computer users of headaches caused by forgotten passwords, forgotten access codes and other delicate information. With this tool, you safely store all your logins, passwords, credit card numbers, PIN codes, files,...
2.4 MB 4,614

Password Manager Pro 1.01

Whoever you are, certainly have confidential data, especially you are an active person in the internet world. Currently you probably have at least dozens of different login and password to remember. Like password for e-mail, PIN for credit cards, debit cards, Internet bank accounts. Or also PIN for access to the Your Money Box, Bank Deposit, Locker,...
1.9 MB 185

Android Manager WiFi 2.2 Build 1101.2672

Features: Contacts Contacts allows you to back up contact entries so that you don't have to worry about losing, breaking, switching phone or changing service providers, as well as organize your contact entries and keep yourself on track all the time. Messages Messages frees you from painstakingly inputting text on the keypads....
19.4 MB 953

Internet Password Pro 1.1

The more we use the internet, the faster we tend to accumulate a long list of usernames, passwords and website log-in information. The two biggest problems are 1: trying to remember all of this information, and 2: writing them all down, which may put you at risk of the growing threat of identity theft. Internet Password Pro is designed to...
2.57 MB 779

Internet Password Lock 9.1.0

Internet Password Lock is a software program for Windows 2000/XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7 computers (does not work on Windows 95/98/Me) that allows you to block, control and restrict Internet access. This includes Web browsing and surfing, Instant Messaging, and email. Parents can use Internet Password Lock to protect your children by making sure children do not...
819.2 K 145

Download Manager Tweak 0.9.5

The Download Manager Tweak (DMT) extension allows the download manager to open in a separate window, the sidebar, or a tab, and adds some optional display changes, which can be controlled with the many options. The intent of Download Manager Tweak is in the name. It "tweaks" the Firefox download manager with small changes and doesn't completely...
102.4 K 6,436

Password Vault Manager

Password Vault Manager lets you and your team centralize your organization’s passwords and credentials into one secure repository. Manage user security rights and access, reduce help desk support calls and strengthen your network security by generating only strong and unique passwords. Password Vault Manager is your all-in-one solution...
16.6 MB 304

Password Commander PRO 2.9.4

You have passwords to be protected, don't you? You don't want to worry about the safety of your passwords, do you? You don't like to log on manually, do you? Password Commander manages passwords and personal data, generates secure and strong passwords, and sticks them to web pages and programs. It fills in forms with ONE click and even clicks the "Log...
4.6 MB 504

Internet Access Manager 1.22

Internet Access Manager is a nifty utility you can use to schedule and simplify your access to the Internet or to another computer. It's designed to help you make and maintain Internet connection with as little fuss as possible. It has integrated connection manager and flexible time scheduler for automatically establishing an active connection at a...
704 K 2,244

Password Manager Deluxe 3.826

Don't rely on unsecure post-it notes or text files to store your private information! Criminals are everywhere, and today, it is more important than ever to keep sensitive information safe. Password Manager Deluxe provides that safety in one easy solution! With Password Manager Deluxe, you can keep all your passwords, pin-codes, account numbers...
1.1 MB 659

Password Safe and Sound 1.2.0

Password Safe and Sound allows you to store all your passwords and related information securely, in an encrypted file that only you can view using your defined password. It also allows you to launch websites, programs, or files associated with your passwords with a simple click of the mouse. Features: ? Easy to use ? Eliminates the...
4.71 MB 242

Download and upload sites 1.0

378 K 1,100

Download Manager Portable 3.9.855

Portable Download Manager is a Windows download manager application that makes it easy to download video/audio streams and files from Internet sites at the maximum available speed. Download resume is supported. Multiple channels technology significantly reduces download time. Portable Download Manager supports a wide range of downloads: from usual...
3.3 MB 5,640

Internet Explorer Password 3.0.189

Internet Explorer Password is a password recovery program for IE Content Advisor. Content Advisor was initially designed as a security feature and a tool to monitor website ratings to prevent minors from accessing adult websites. Since the rating technology never became widespread, this feature is basically useless, and may effectively block the usage of...
102.4 K 625

Username/Password Generator

This program will generate between 1 and 250 usernames with a secure, complex password for each username. If you only want 1 username/password, the program displays the generated output at the bottom of the screen. If you generate more than 1 username/password combination, the program creates a CSV file that you can import straight into...
307.2 K 3,753

Internet Download Optimizer 4.10

Internet Download Optimizer (IDO) can accelerate your downloads by up to 200% with a new TCP/IP optimization logic. Its wizard determines your operating system and guides you through a number of steps to achieve better Internet performance. IDO currently supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 operating systems and finds your optimal MTU, MSS, buffer sizes and...
492 K 11,458

Downloadupload iPod Manager

iPod Manager is very easy to use tool to manage your iPod Device(Any Type), You will not need any other software with iPod Manager. With iPod Manager, you can Add, Edit, Delete Audio/Video Tracks to your iPod; Also you can copy tracks from iPod to your local hard drive. iPod Manager is compatible with other iPod programs like iTunes. Also with iPod Manager...
5 MB 2,572

DownloadFix Download Manager 1.1

DownloadFix download manager allows you to simultaneously download up to 20 files at the same time rather then the Microsoft Internet Explorer default maximum of only 4 files at a time.
993 K 4,555

Internet Download Accelerator 6.2

Internet Download Accelerator lets you to noticeably increase the speed of file download from the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. The acceleration is achieved by splitting a file being downloaded into several parts and downloading these parts at the same time. Internet Download Accelerator resumes broken downloads from where they left off from...
5.6 MB 48,239

Password Magic Password Manager 1.1

The Password Magic password manager securely stores your passwords and other confidential information in an encrypted data base, retrieves the information to fill out web order forms or complete web logins automatically. Online order forms are quick and easy. One click logs you into your favorite web sites. Password Magic is secured by one master...
5.27 MB 234

Internet Explorer Password Reset

Internet explorer password recovery software recovers and unmasks all lost or forgotten internet explorer saved passwords for email, newsgroup accounts, search engine searches, magazine subscription, web forms and other password protected applications. Asterisk password restoration utility supports all major versions of Internet Explorer that easily manages...
102.4 K 344

Password Manager XP Professional 3.2.645

Password Manager eXtra Protection (XP) is a software designed to empower people to securely store their precious data and information, eliminating the nuisances caused by forgotten user names and access codes, lost passwords, or other missing sensitive information. This software will allow you to store all your info (passwords, PIN codes, login data, access...
2.4 MB 854

Internet Explorer Password Unhide

Internet explorer password viewer utility is capable for displaying lost auto complete data string and content advisor passwords which are stored in either password list or windows registry file. Password recovery software unmask passwords hidden by asterisks (***) or dot (?). IE password revealer utility is non destructive and read only tool can rescue all...
409.6 K 437

Internet Explorer Password Viewer

AOL Verizon password retrieval tool to restore internet explorer as well as windows application passwords and recover forgotten passwords of user emails accounts like Verizon, BT Yahoo, Comcast, AOL, Earth Link, Hotmail and MSN web based services. Comcast password unmask software recovers password of any Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Windows vista...
61.44 K 1,757

Password Vault Manager Enterprise

Keep your credit card numbers, your bank accounts, your serial numbers or your alarm codes in an organized and secure database. Share with your team members only what they need to know and keep your data safe. Import Passwords From Multiple Applications Already using a password management tool? No worries, you can easily import your...
14.2 MB 48

Internet Explorer Password Unlock

IE password recovery software easily recovers internet explorer saved password. IE password revealer program also reveals password like FTP passwords, identity password, auto complete form or field password. IE password unmask tool is compatible with all major versions of internet explorer such as IE 4.0 IE 5.0 IE 6.0 IE 7.0. Internet explorer passwords...
512 K 551

Internet Explorer Password Changer

If you have lost your password of any windows application or web login form then this internet explorer password changer software help you to find your lost or misplaced secret code of various email account build on Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, MSN, MySpace, EarthLink, AOL etc. This administrator password repair utility is a powerful and advance key code...
512 K 317

Internet Explorer Passwords Recovery

Internet explorer password recovery software is encrypted code analyzer program that unmask and uncover characters of password that are covered by asterisks without compromising its length and complexity. Earthlink email passwords recovery software is one click solution to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords and important keys. Advanced password recovery...
512 K 363

Internet Explorer Password Rescue Tool

Have you lost or misplaced your internet explorer login account password, try this easy to use IE password changer software that enable you to recover and restore all forgotten password of Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, EarthLink, Orkut, MySpace, MSN, Hotmail and many more. Administrator password restoration tool reset FTP account, IE Auto Form or Autocomplete...
512 K 315

Internet Explorer Passwords Rescue Tool

Have you lost your passwords of multiple email accounts on internet explorer? Don?t Worry! Internet explorer passwords rescue tool uncover all asterisks (******) character saved passwords and displays them in their original format. Secret codes breaker program is non-destructive application which restores lost or forgotten passwords of FTP, email, newsgroup...
512 K 279

Password strength analyser and generator 0.9

The Password Strength Analyser and Generator is one application combining two tools - the analyser (shows the "strength" of your pass phrase regarding some rules) and the generator (generates a "strong" pass phrase regarding the same rules)
96 K 278

Internet Explorer Passwords Recovery Tool

Earthlink email password recovery application provides the best way to retrieve lost and forgotten passwords and displays information for all identities set up for user. Freeware password recovery application software is capable to unmask passwords stored in dial-up entries of windows and auto complete strings forms of internet explorer. Yahoo password...
512 K 257

Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master

If you use Internet, chances are you have over a dozen logins and passwords. Couple for e-mails, few more for online shops, one or two for a newspaper or a magazine subscription, bank accounts and so forth. Plus, there are web forms, shipping and billing addresses, credit card numbers and much, much more. Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master is a...
921.6 K 418

Internet Explorer Bookmark Manager Library 1.0

The Internet Explorer Bookmark Manager library provides developers with easy access to Internet Explorer's favorites. It has simple methods to move, create, edit favorites and more.
307.2 K 360

Internet Explorer Password Recovery Utility 8.0.2

You only have to open the program, and pulse on the icon "Recover Passwords". that simple. In synthesis, a tool that can take us out of a difficulty in more than an occasion. The current version of Internet Explorer Password Recovery Utility will run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Trial period is endless. You will recover only 2 characters...
1.9 MB 274

Internet Access Monitor for Novell BorderManager 3.2

Internet Access Monitor is a comprehensive Internet use monitoring and reporting utility for corporate networks. The program takes advantage of the fact that most corporations provide Internet access through proxy servers, like Novell BorderManager, MS ISA Server, WinGate, WinRoute, MS Proxy, WinProxy, EServ, Squid, Proxy Plus and others. Each time any...
4.86 MB 483

Internet Explorer Password Recovery Software & Tool 5.0.1

Advanced internet explorer password recovery software recover logins passwords for web sites, recovers cached passwords, saved web sites and forms auto complete entries cached email passwords. Software support Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista. Recover all lost or forgotten password (auto complete option is enabled in internet explorer) from internet explorer...
512 K 868

Handy Password 4.9.1

Fill out forms and log into web sites automatically with the most reliable and easy-to-use Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox add-on. Handy Password is built into your browser's toolbar making web search fast and secure. It stores user all user data with bookmarks to favorite websites. With one click Handy Password will navigate to a website, enter...
4.6 MB 409

Handball Manager 1.9.1

You are the manager and coach of a handball club of your choice. Make the right decisions to win the championships. Keep an eye on the transfer market and your financial situation. Choose your favourite handball club and make a career as coach and manager. Train teams from all over the world. Play in the national cup and in the different...
14.1 MB 3,886

JDownloadManager 1

Basic Download manager supports multiple HTTP downlaods at once. made using Java. Swing interface Warning: SUPPORTS ONLY HTTP CONNECTIONS
102.4 K 62

GPassword Manager 2.3.1

It was designed with simplicity and usability as a goal, but does not sacrifice on security. Developed cross-platform with Qt and Crypto++ for file encryption. Features: * Intuitive, lightweight interface that does what you want without all the extras * Cross-platform; runs on Windows, Linux, Mac (anything which runs Qt) ...
6.1 MB 821

Random Password Generator 1.3 (0313)

Random Password Generator is designed to create secure & random passwords that are highly difficult to crack with options to include upper, lower case letters, numbers, and punctual symbols. Random Password Generator is designed with the following security options to make a random, strong and safe password. Main Benefits : ...
2.6 MB 466
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