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Plugins Toggler 1.2.1

After installation, the button is placed in your Customise Toolbar window (View/Toolbars/Customise...). You need to open this window and drag it to your preferred location in the main toolbar.
102.4 K 193

Plugin Galaxy AE 1.6

Plugin Galaxy AE is set of 21 plugins with more than 150 animatable effect which can be used to create stunning video effects. It works with After Effects, Premiere, Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements under Windows and MacOS X. It can also be used with Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Commotion, Discreet Combustion and other applications that support After Effects...
1.7 MB 1,419

Internet sharing plugin

Is an additional plugin for the Advanced Serial Data Logger software is intended for the bytes received by the Advanced Serial Data Logger software and selected from the stream by the parser send through the Internet via the SMTP, FTP, SFTP and HTTP (HTTPS) protocols. Using this plugin, you can send the data received from the COM port on e-mail, to the FTP...
1.6 MB 425

Bing XML Sitemap Plugin 1.0

The Bing XML Sitemap Plugin is an open source server-side technology that takes care of generating XML Sitemaps compliant with sitemaps.org for websites running on Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows® Server as well as Apache HTTP Server. Easy to install and highly configurable, the Bing Sitemap Plugin provides an ideal solution for webmasters...
1.2 MB 101

Windows 7 Pidgin plugin 5

This plugin for Pidgin aims to add new Windows 7 functionality to Pidgin, including jump lists, transfer progress and status indicators
102.4 K 114

Line tool plugin for Illustrator 1

Line tool plugin set includes 13 plug-ins in one - truly awesome creative design effects. Creates lines designs, curved lines, random shape designs. Plugin comes with Grid tool, drag tool, circular tool, frame tool, spiral tool and more. Random line tool, zoom tool, paint tool, tile tool and more. Generate millions of different line designs. Interactive...
307.2 K 212

BDPlugin Removal Tool 1.0

BDPlugin Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all BDPlugin entries running on a scanned system. It will also make sure that malicious processes are no longer running and that they won't return when you reboot your computer. Install BDPlugin Removal Tool on your PC and start scanning. The BDPlugin Removal Tool will scan whole PC for existence of...
24.3 MB 197

VTF Plugin 1.1.1

It is a simple plug-in that supports single-frame/multiple-frame, 3 or 4 channel .vtf files in any format. It is designed for typical .vtf creation and viewing and does not contain the advanced features found in VTFEdit. Nonetheless, it can be a useful tool for creating simple .vtf files.
512 K 2,328

VST Plugin Analyser 1.0

With several precustomised measurement procedures you can check the impulse/frequency response, have a look at the phase/group delay, identify if the plugin causes distortion and if so, what type it is. The latest additions cover dynamics. So you can plot the static characteristic, plot the attack/release envelope, make a peak/RMS test or setup your own...
1.1 MB 1,440

Garmin Communicator Plugin 4.1.0

Communicator Plugin is a free Internet browser add-on that transfers data between your Garmin GPS device and your computer. It lets you add maps to your device, upload training data to Garmin Connect, check for map updates and more.
18 MB 82

Talking Agent Plugin for eReminder 2006 2.1

Talking agent plugin is specially designed for eReminder 2006 - Easy Calendar & Reminder It comes with a cast of characters including Peedy, Merlin, Genie, and Robby. If you specify Popup an agent as a reminder way, then an Microsoft Agent will pop up and read the notification when the appointment/task is due. To install this plugin, you need install...
18.41 MB 321

TViX Plugin 2.1 R2694

his plug-in was created with the intention to use information on the films which are in software DVD Profiler, to generate pictures of the jacket DVD and pictures of outline for multimedia player DIVCO TviX.
102.4 K 381

AlphaPlugins LaunchBox 2.0

AlphaPlugins LaunchBox lets you launch your favorite Photoshop plug-ins under Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto and more… even if you don't have Photoshop installed! There are many powerful, amazing Photoshop plug-ins today… for various prices, and even more that are free. Some provide unique ways to create interesting special effects, but what if...
102.4 K 70

AlphaPlugins FirTree for After Effects 1.02

AlphaPlugins FirTree is additional module for Adobe After Effects. This plug-in allows create animated fir tree branches. You can use these elements for decorate your Merry Christmas and Happy New Years videos. AlphaPlugins FirTree lets create as very realistic natural fir tree branches so fairytale fantastic seem trees and plants. If you need...
102.4 K 49

Email plugin 1.944

The 360Works Email Plugin offers the following advantages over FileMaker's built-in mail functionality: * Works with Instant Web Publishing * Send multiple attachments/inline attachments in a single message * Send multipart formatted (HTML, etc) emails * Speedy delivery of many messages by re-using a single connection...
2.1 MB 200

DVD43 Plug-in

DVD43 PLUG-IN (DVD43.DLL) is a free decrypter plug-in that provides an interface that DVD copy programs can use to decrypt. SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. (32 and 64 bits) HOW TO USE IT: Run the setup program. Start your DVD copy program. If your copy program complains that the DVD is still...
102.4 K 6,820

Audio Plugin Manager 1.1.1

Audio Plugin Manager lets you manage large numbers of VST effects, in different folders, from one simple interface. Add as many vst folders as you like, activate or deactivate effects with a simple one click action. The software works with any host application that uses vst effects. Features * Set your own, unlimited plugin...
921.6 K 179

PhysX plugin for Gamestudio A8 20111121_2 PreAlpha

Further development of the PhysX plugin for Gamestudio A8, originally created by Chris Kahler and made open source by OpGroup.
102.4 K 391

LuaCOM Plugin

This is an Indigo Rose plugin format plugin version of the LuaCOM library created by Vinicius Almendra and Renato Cerqueira, at TeCGraf, the Computer Graphics Technology Group of PUC-Rio (the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil). You can see the LuaCOM Web site at http://www.tecgraf.puc-rio.br/~rcerq/luacom. This library has been...
307.2 K 198

AnalysePlugin 1.9 Revision 24 Beta

AnalysePlugin will help you to search for more than one search pattern at a time. It is a plugin for NotePad++.
102.4 K 63

NSIS Skincrafter plugin 1.0

An installer is the first thing that user faces beginning to use an application. So it?s really important to make your installation program not only user-friendly but also attractive. Taking into account this fact we developed NSIS SkinCrafter Plugin a freeware developer tool meant for skinning of install packages created with NSIS installer. This simple...
1.92 MB 706

Lyrics Plugin for Winamp Beta 1

To put it simply - it is an add-on to view lyrics in WinAmp or Windows Media Player. No more searching for lyrics. Just start listening to your favourite songs and lyrics will be displayed automatically. Oh, and if lyrics is not found, you can add it yourself
102.4 K 590

Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player Beta 1

To put it simply - it is an add-on to view lyrics in WinAmp or Windows Media Player. No more searching for lyrics. Just start listening to your favourite songs and lyrics will be displayed automatically. Oh, and if lyrics is not found, you can add it yourself
102.4 K 2,110

Zigzag plug-in toolbox pack for Illustrator 1

Zigzag toolbox plug-in for Illustrator CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. 3600 Combined different zigzag types are included in the tool. The tool includes scaling and rotation settings + mirrors + random colors + zigzag warping + slanting of zigzag designs + many different color combinations + drop shadow features + layers + paint trails + pattern designs +...
102.4 K 188

Dropbox Plugin 1.8.1

Drag one or more files (directories are not supported) to DropBoxPlugin.exe. Files will be copied into your Dropbox 'Public' folder, auto-synchronized and URL for these files will be placed into the clipboard. You can use the Windows Explorer Context menu to quicken the process (explained below). Create a Shortcut to file DropBoxPlugin.exe with...
1.1 MB 376

BsTweet Plugin 1.0.0

BsPlayer plugin to automatically send a Twitter status update to your Twitter account when you play a movie file (or any other media file). Share your movies, music and any other media files on your Twitter account with ease. Features: # easy to use # automatically Twitter status is sent when a file is played with BsPlayer (will not...
512 K 184

iEmboss plug-in 1.50

iEmboss plugin creates a colorful emboss which can be applied over an image or pattern. You can simulate various embossing surfaces like melted glass, stamping foil, curved stone, decorative concrete, iron castings, ets. A smart random settings generator helps you to create your artwork by simply clicking on the Dice.
1.4 MB 78

Barcode Plug-in for FileMaker 7.1

Easily integrate barcodes into new or existing FileMaker databases, applications, reports and forms as dynamic calculated fields, without the use of scripts. This package includes a tutorial and plug-in extension for FileMaker versions 4 and up and includes support for the Universal Binary Intel Macintosh. Functions are included for the IDAutomation...
585 K 348

De.Haze Plugin for Adobe Photoshop 1.0.0

The brand new De.Haze plugin allows you to - remove haze and - add coloring to the atmosphere to create a tremendous look of your landscape and skyline views. HOW? It removes the atmospheric influence, known as haze, from images to retrieve more details from objects far away. This is realized by...
102.4 K 74

FontShop Plugin 1.0.15465 Beta

The FontShop Plugin Beta allows designers and other type enthusiasts to try out FontShop fonts directly inside Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS5.5. You can preview any of the over 150,000 FontShop fonts for free, in the context of your own artwork. This is a great new way to find the perfect typographic fit for your project. Watch the introductory video...
2.4 MB 153

Sapphire Plug-ins AE 6.10

Sapphire increases your productivity, quality output, and ability to compete. Platform-agnostic so you can leverage your work across video editing and other compositing software or artists without compromising consistency or quality of the look, Sapphire saves you valuable time and money. Discover the superior image quality, control, render speed, and...
102.4 K 85

Change Printer Plug-in

This plug-in gives FileMaker Pro the power to automatically change printers, set optional printing attributes, coordinate large and complex print procedures and switch between various types of printers/drivers such as: inkjet, laser, label, and PDF. By using the Change Printer plug-in your users can save time and frustration by not having to search for...
102.4 K 67

Creation plug-ins for Illustrator 1

Set Includes duplication plug-in for grid and tabular designs; round duplication plug-in for stunning radial and circular duplications; circled and duplicator plug-in for variant grid & circular designs; abstract plug-in for line & stained glass & abstract designs. Plug-ins work using selected paths, images etc. Plug-ins include many color features;...
204.8 K 202

CAD View Plugin for Total Commander 7.3

CAD View Plugin for Total Commander CAD View Plugin provides support for DWG / DXF / HPGL/ SVG / CGM files in Total Commander. Features: - Fast reading - 2D / 3D graphic - Mouse wheel zoom - Pan
1.38 MB 360

Potolook plugin for Microsoft Outlook 4.1

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful e-mail messaging and management system that we use everyday. Even a minute saved on a repetitive operation may save you a few hours every week. This is why Outlook plug-ins (programs intended to enhance certain operations or add new features) are so popular today. As a heavy Outlook user myself, I tried and used many...
2.14 MB 333

SMS Excel Plugin 3.5

Our software takes less than 2 minutes to download and install onto your computer. Upon installation you can send customized SMS in bulk directly from an excel sheet. A flash demo can be viewed at http://bulksms-service.com/sms-excel-plugin.html Features we provide include a user-friendly interface, unique sender ID, message previewing facility, character...
1.5 MB 406

Sense RTF Plugin 1.10.0

This RTF Plugin enables Rich Text Format files to be Imported / Exported between Microsoft Word and the Sense Document Editor allowing Sense to be used for Outlining and more detailed documentation. Headings with underlying content and Multilevel Lists are expandable / collapsible document constructs within Sense providing an efficient work...
614.4 K 374

Perfectum plug-in 2.01

Perfectum plugin is a unique software that enables you to quickly remove digital noise, enhance surface smoothness and improve edge antialiasing without the need to make any manual adjustments. The program works great for images that were taken with high ISO settings or enlarged photos that have been degraded during the upsizing process.
716.8 K 741

IrfanView PlugIns 4.38

IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows. It is designed to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals. IrfanView seeks to create unique, new and interesting features, unlike some other graphic viewers, whose whole "creativity" is based on feature...
10.2 MB 296

Realbasic Plugins 13.1 Prerelease 12

A big toolbox to help you solving your problems. Thousands of new functions will help you developing better applications.
131 MB 92

AmphiSoft Plug-in Filters 1.22

Unlike almighty "Wizards" (so popular nowadays), directing user step-by-step toward a predefined result, AmphiSoft plug-in filters simply give all the power to the user, leaving him the chance to be creative. There are "Shamans" (as opposed to "Wizards") in there, which unleash all the magic power - and it's up to you what it is used for; there are...
716.8 K 541

ESQL Sonar Plugin 0.1 PreAlpha

A Sonar plugin to analyse ESQL-Code written for IBM Websphere Message Broker.
1.8 MB 71

Sense OPML Plugin 1.5.0

An Import / Export Plugin for using Sense as an OPML Editor. With this Plugin, Silva Elm's Sense Structured Document Ediitor may be used as an OPML Editor with a freestyle editing environment. Documents may be multilingual with a control to change the input keyboard language on-the-fly. Editing is carried out using the highly...
716.8 K 285

Wire Pilot plug-in 3.1

How to Get Our Photo Programs Working as Plug-ins The following photo programs can be used as plug-in versions in your main photo editor: * Retouch Pilot * MakeUp Pilot * Pet Eye Pilot * Red Eye Pilot * Perspective Pilot * Wire Pilot * Beauty Pilot Installation programs as...
4.3 MB 344

Box Export Plugin for Lightroom 2.5.0

The Box Export Plugin for Adobe Lightroom enables you to export photos and videos from Adobe Lightroom directly to your Box account, manage online albums, and synchronize your entire album hierarchy via Lightroom's Publish Services. The Box Export Plugin for Adobe Lightroom helps you: - Create new albums - Navigate existing...
1.2 MB 100

IDRMyImage Plug-In for Photoshop 1.5

Sometimes it is impossible to take a clear shot with no over-illuminated and under-illumimated areas. IDRMyImage is the solution to this problem. Take several shots with different exposure times and fuse them together using IDRMyImage. It is easy and fast with natural looking results and a dynamic range of tones. No artificial colors or...
2.8 MB 404

Snapshotter Plugin 1.03

The Snapshotter plugin creates snapshots of the current develop settings for all selected photos in a single step. Snapshots capture a permanent record of an image's current develop settings and can be accessed from the Snapshots panel on the left hand side of the Develop module. Snapshotter adds a new Create Snapshot(s) from Images menu item to...
102.4 K 58

Troi Serial Plug-in 3.0.2 for FileMaker 8.5

Troi Serial Plug-in 3.0.2 released Connect your serial ports! With this plug-in you can connect to serial ports directly from FileMaker! We have released Troi Serial Plug-in 3.0.2. Version 3.0.2 fixes is a maintenance release, which fixes some bug. At the...
1.6 MB 416

Elecard AVC PlugIn for WMP 3.1.120718

AVC Plugin for WMP is the package of components for receiving and decoding media data from network (UDP, RTP over UDP, TCP, RTP over TCP) with the RTSP protocol support and for file playback from any media storage. The plugin allows decoding of AVC/H.264 (MPEG-4 P.10 ISO/IEC 14496-10), as well as MPEG-4 (ISO/IEC 14496-3) AAC...
3.7 MB 97

SignMyImage PlugIn for Photoshop 4.26

SignMyImage is an application that is translated to: : English, French, Czech, Slovak, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Bosanski, Hrvatski, Crnogorski, Srpski, Korean, Danish, Magyar, Arabic and Thai. This application allows you to sign your images. The sign...
1.6 MB 463
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