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NextPVR 3.2.9

Relax with a DVD or play back your music, videos and photos stored on your PC or on other devices across your home network. With support for multiple clients (including thin client devices such as the Popcorn hour) you can distribute your media experience around the home. Away from home you can use the web interface to schedule and stream media...
23.6 MB 740

vGallery 2.1.0

One of strongest points of vGallery is the management of visuals. Three display modes are available: Record, List, Thumbnails. It is also possible to reduce the size of images included in vGallery without using third-party software. Images can be exported to other software, sent via e-mail etc. * Languages: French, English, Italian. The...
68.4 MB 159

NextSTART 8.9

An in depth look... * Prevent Unauthorized Modifications Secure, password-protected configuration panel prevents unauthorized modification of NextSTART Corporate Edition's interface. Coupled with other security features, a company can prevent employees from accessing the normal Windows interface and force them to run only...
16.2 MB 610


NextFood? Application helps people who are confused to what to cook for their next meal. All the users have to do is to keep the application updated with their meals.
102.4 K 89

NeXtract Pro 3.013

NeXtract is a Windows program that you can use to extract data from printed reports to create spreadsheets or databases. It is normally used with accounting or CRM reports. These reports can be in text files, or PDF form. You may download them to your desktop computer or laptop computer through FTP, or they may be on a network drive. The reports are usually...
5.4 MB 98

NextInstaller 3.80

Windows Installer is becoming the "de facto" software installation technology on Windows. Being preinstalled on the latest Microsoft operating systems, and also bundled with the most popular productivity packages (Office, etc.) this software installer provides a significant number of power features that improve application management and...
11.1 MB 288

NextReports Server 2.5

NextReports Server is a reporting server that helps automating production and delivery of business reports. NextReports Server handles reports created with different report designers (NextReports, JasperReports and more to come). Featuring a fast and efficient web interface, NextReports Server makes use of advanced Web 2.0/Ajax technologies to...
15.9 MB 154

Next Video Converter 4.0.1

Next Video Converter is an multifunctional video converting freeware with easy-to-use graphical interface, fast converting speed, and excellent video quality. It can convert almost all video formats including DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, and AVI to MPEG-4 movie format for iPod, iPhone, PSP or other portable video device, MP4 player, or...
23.5 MB 114

NextGen AntiKeylogger

NextGen AntiKeylogger uses unique method of protection. It intercepts keystrokes at the lowest possible level, encrypts them and sends via its own protected path directly into the protected application. Thus, by using its own encrypted keystrokes path, NextGen AntiKeylogger defeats all types of software keyloggers. Moreover, unlike anti-keyloggers which...
4.9 MB 281

Board Games Collection 1.06

The game is a collection of four games ? Speed Lines, Super Blocks, Fast Balls and Real Clicks. The rules are based on removing certain amounts of chips from the board, depending on the rules of each game. The player gets bonus points and thus increases game level. Higher level means more bonus points and faster appearance of new chips. Besides, the...
3 MB 680

BoarderZone FileBrowser 0.11 Build 523

A diverse set of plugins is already distributed with the program, providing some nice functionality on simple file types for advanced users.
9 MB 1,412

NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS 3.0.1

NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS is a software that uses Neospeech lily tts (text-to-speech) engine for learning mandarin (NeoSpeech Chinese voice is the best sapi 5 mandarin tts engine in the world.) NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS can read Chinese text from Word (using ms word add-in), Outlook, Adobe Reader, webpage ... with excellent mandarin pronunciation. You may...
210.6 MB 385

NextPVR (Formerly GB-PVR ) 2.5.5

This new release focuses on improvements GB-PVRs compatibility with Transport Stream files, for both recording and playback. Transport Streams are becoming increasing important in countries using digital TV, particularly for those using H.264 channels, or advanced audio codecs like HE-AAC. Transport streams are also used with the new Hauppauge HD-PVR. Also...
20 MB 1,028

BoarderZone MP3 Info Viewer 0.13 Build 574

This is a simple application to analyze the tags and technical data of MP3 files It provides general operations and file handling capabilities and allows comfortable usage of the FileHandler, e.g. a file selection dialog, drag and drop support, a help system etc. The actual MP3 analyzing functionality is all in the corresponding...
3.2 MB 4,412

EVGA Precision 5.3.1

EVGA, once again, sets itself apart from the rest with the EVGA Exclusive Precision Overclocking Utility. This program allows you to fine tune your EVGA graphics card for the maximum performance possible, with Core/Shader/Memory clock tuning, real time monitoring support including in-game, Logitech Keyboard LCD Display support, and compatibility with almost...
18 MB 11,084

EVGA X79 FTW Bios 34 Beta / 33

BIOS 033 Updates: * Internal PLL Override fixes * Adds options for OCP * Corrects Memory Voltage default setting * Updated CPU microcode * Fixes error that caused 1394B to fail * Automatic adjustment for voltage if voltage is set to auto * Automatic adjustment for voltage if timings/memory set...
11 MB 450

sbNextStep 2.5

The term "salon software" is generic. This software is also great for booth renters, pet services, massage practices, or anyone who works by appointment. * Books appointments for unlimited staff * Appointment book with appointment reminders * Reporting * Inventory Tracking * Promotional Email...
42.7 MB 177

JCVGantt Pro 1.5.1

Develop Gantt charts at the "speed of thought". JCVGantt Pro plans projects r-a-p-i-d-l-y! Plan any project professionally in three easy steps - (1) Brainstorm tasks (2) Specify task dependencies (3) Specify who will do the work, then view gorgeous Gantt charts and customizable project cost reports. Syncs direct with MindManager X5 Pro too! "Excel-like"...
13.65 MB 464

Vonext Menu X 1.0.0

Vonext Menu X is a simple program with many functionality. It appeared as a smal button in your desktop. It's always placed in top. When you left-click this button, you will go to the main menu which then you can choose which feature do you want to choose. If you right click on it, you will go to one of feature according to your settings. 4 main features...
102.4 K 46

OWLNext 6.33.02 Dev / 6.32.2

OWLNext is a modern update and extension of Borland's Object Windows Library for writing GUI applications in standard C++ on Microsoft Windows. With support for a wide range of modern compilers, OWLNext provides a migration path for legacy OWL applications written in Borland C++. OWLNext is maintained and supported by the user community.
102.4 K 124

UseNeXT 5.27

Usenet was created before the internet and consists of more than 60,000 boards for discussions (newsgroups) about every topic under the sun. Opinions are exchanged in these boards. * Universally unique: We provide access to 8 independent serverfarms (see graph). When searching for files, you will automatically be connected...
3 MB 2,716

netboard 0.2

netboard aims to provide a whiteboard shared by users over the Internet. It's main goal is to be portable between various operating systems and that's why it's written in Java.
102.4 K 389

NohBoard 0.15b Beta

NohBoard is an attempt at making a free/open source keyboard visualizer with as much customization possibilities as posisble. It's main use is for livestreamers that want to overlay their currently pressed keys on their streams. But feel free to use it for any other purpose as well. Settings are opened by right clicking anywhere in the...
102.4 K 380

VstBoard 0.5.7

Modular and programmable : create multiple setups (plugins parameters, audio and midi routing) and switch between them via automation or midi.
9.5 MB 665


Uniboard software overview enhance your content * Import all your work Easily integrate any documents (PDF, PPT) * Integrated Web browser Access and capture any web page content without leaving Uniboard * The power of the pen Annotate, draw, highlight * ...
8.2 MB 953


No more configuring layouts, or compromising your typing skills on other computers/keyboards. When you press and hold a key, the Keyboarder displays a group of characters which are similar, or have been previously added by the user. While holding, go left and right with arrow keys to the desired character. Once chosen, simply release the...
102.4 K 528 1.3

A simple extension to bookmark pages to Features: - Click the toolbar button to get a pre-filled submit form with the title, selection and url of the current page - A list of your tags for quickly adding/removing tags before bookmarking - A list of suggested tags for the current page - Edit the details of the...
102.4 K 663

KeyboardTest 3.1 Build 1000

PassMark KeyboardTest allows users to quickly check that all the keys on their computer keyboard are functioning correctly, check the keyboard LED's, look at the internal scan codes being generated by the keyboard and measure typing speed. The down and up stroke of each key is registered and highlighted on a graphical image of a keyboard. Each...
716.8 K 10,003

Keyboard Leds

Some new model of notebooks, netbooks and cordless keyboards have no indicators for Caps Lock, and Num Lock. Indicator of Scroll lock disappeared almost from any hardware. Keyboard Leds software solves this problem and allows you to see the current state of keyboard locks on small icon in the system tray or on the floating small window over your screen.
512 K 1,644

KeyboardTools 1.2.1

Keyboard Tools is a multi-platform application for Piano and Keyboard Players of any style. It's a learning tool which helps you finding scales, chords, voicing, harmony and practicing. It comes with a bunch of useful features and customization : from 2 to 5 octaves, different piano sounds, metronome, favorites tunes, circle of fifths,...
2.7 MB 622

Keyboard Smash 1.1

Keyboard Smash is designed to allow young children to play for the first time with a keyboard and mouse while at the same time not endangering the operating system and its file contents of the computer. Designed to stimulate children by linking actual keyboard letters to matching objects and sounds Keyboard Smash brings a fun new activity for...
16.5 MB 557

KeyboardLocker 3.6

KeyboardLocker disables the keyboard while leaving the mouse active. An exit phrase must be entered before the keyboard is reactivated. KeyboardLocker can be used - to secure photo kiosks (as used by FujiFilm) - to completely disable Ctrl+Alt+Del - to secure dedicated servers (such as university print servers) - to prevent both...
3 MB 9,653

Keyboard Logger

Keyboard surveillance tool has an advanced feature of periodically capturing visual shots of all activities at regular interval of time. Keyboard key tracker works in stealth mode so utility is completely undetectable in add/remove list and in Windows task manager. Parental monitoring software records all user activities on PC or internet (data entry,...
2.9 MB 768

MsgBoard Cloner 2.9.174

From your primary monitor type or copy/paste your message select fonts, colors and other attributes size it from your primary monitor and then display it remotely. Your party, training session or other audience will only see the final result. The cloned image supports most "rich text" attributes as well as both foreground and background...
409.6 K 388

ImgBoard Cloner 2.9.172

ImgBoard Cloner has two operational modes 1. "Image" mode can size, zoom and pan images within your desired window area. 2. "Capture" mode can window and screen capture a portion of your monitor. The resulting "Clone" image can be titled, rotated, bordered and moved to the remote display. The "Clone" can be set to "Stay on Top" of...
512 K 2,073

Keyboard Express

It allows you to issue just about any series of keystrokes to your windows applications with the touch of a key. What is a Macro? A macro is a way to automate a task that you perform repeatedly or on a regular basis. It is a series of commands and actions that can be stored and run whenever you need to perform the task. You can record or build a...
15.3 MB 2,187

Keyboard Remapper 1.2.21

Keyboard Remapper allows you to quickly redefine what a key-combination does, allowing you to extend the functionality of your keyboard or replace broken keys. The program was designed to as simple as possible: - You do not have run a Setup and install the program. Just download the archive, unpack it where you want and start the program....
102.4 K 963

Keyboard Collector 2.08

Secretly log and view all keys typed, including emails, instant messages, passwords, and more. You simply choose to have it run all the time, or to start at a specific time of the day, and it runs undetected while capturing all keyboard and data entry. Even if the computer is restarted, Keyboard Collector will automatically start running again. It runs...
731 K 1,262

Keyboard Indicator

Keyboard Indicator is an easy to use indicator for the Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Insert keys. This utility is especially useful for those who do not have a keyboard or laptop with led indicators. New: You can choose custom text messages.
102.4 K 414

Keyboard Extensions 1.0.0 Build 135

General - Quickly locate and launch programs, documents, mp3s and other files from system folders (e.g. start menu, quick launch folder), or other user defined locations. - Enhanced Start/Run replacement dialog that includes searchable history - Create global or application-specific keyboard hotkeys - Integration with...
1.3 MB 173

DVDneXtCOPY Ultimate

Combines the highest possible quality and speed to produce perfect copies of all your favourite DVD movies. It comes packed with features to copy DVD movies to DVD, iPod, PSP, Zune your computer hard drive and more. It also has the ability to copy up to 10 standard DVD movies to 1 BluRay Disc (an industry first). This latest version now utilizes neXt Tech...
10.5 MB 125

Keyboard Image Viewer 1.5.3

Keyboard Image Viewer is built to be run in full-screen and controlled by a keyboard. It's perfect for managing large image collections. Feature List * Watches a specified set of folders for images * Tags, Ratings supported * Searchable * Detects duplicate images by both file hash and image content *...
1.5 MB 293

Keyboard Spy Software

Keyboard spy software is a best PC monitoring tool for recording all typed keystroke from your computer in your absence. Professional keystroke recorder application supports all windows operating system like windows Vista, XP, 2003 etc. Keylogging application provides interactive graphical user interface (GUI) and inbuilt help manual for assisting users. PC...
2.87 MB 5,813

Keyboarding Skills Test 3.0.2

The Keyboarding Skills Test is software for the PC which allows the user to assess typing and data entry skills. Speed and accuracy are measured. Test results are saved to a database for future viewing and printing.
1.3 MB 44

Keyboard Tracker System

Keylogger is parental monitoring software that facilitate user to monitor its kid online activities and prevent them from unauthorized websites. Professional PC surveillance software examines other user activities and save it into password protected log file. Keyboard activities logger utility store all key press information including special character...
1.6 MB 7,427

Keyboard Manager Deluxe 2.14

Keyboard Manager Deluxe provides you with the power to assign shortcuts, text, and objects to over 350 keyboard hotkeys or key combinations for automatic, click-free activation and pasting. You can create shortcut functionality for drives, folders, programs and other file types, the control panel, printers, DOS applications, Internet webpages, and...
780 K 525

Keyboard Keylogger Tool

Advance keylogger software provides facility to record voice chat conversation, typed e-mails, passwords, text documents and other user performed actions on the system. Computer user activity monitoring software records all visited website URLs and captures running application screenshots at regular interval of time. Advance key logger application monitor...
1.7 MB 1,010

Keyboard Monitoring Tool

Data doctor user activity monitoring software is user friendly utility which record all key press information in hidden log file. Keystroke capture tool trace all character including special character of keyboard like ctrl, alt, shift etc. Surveillance tool monitor staff of organization, family member as record activity in absence of user. Key logger runs...
1.58 MB 346

Keyboard Monitor Program

How can you record or monitor all activities done by guest users, kids, spouse, employees during your absence! Keyboard monitor program records online chat conversation, instant messages, typed URL, asterisk (****) character hidden passwords and typed text document list in an efficient manner. Multifunctional keystroke capture utility supports all major web...
2.9 MB 470

Keyboard Tracking Utility

Stealth keylogger application helps you to know entire events on PC including typed email, message, password, website URL, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk instant messenger chat conversations. Professional keystroke capture application watches employee activities and takes screenshots in regular interval and send log file to user specified email ID. Advance keyboard...
1.6 MB 264
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