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BandX 1.50

An easy to use multi-track recorder for musicians who want to record layered recordings without being forced to work with the complexities of a program geared toward dance music or other sample based material. Record multiple instruments and voices either one at a time or simultaneously then mix to taste in real-time. Easily remove or replace individual...
1.64 MB 748

Bandoo 6.0 Build 85562

Bandoo is a FREE new and improved way to express yourself on the Instant Messenger, Email and your favorite Social Network (now available for Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and Windows Live Email (Hotmail), Yahoo! Mail and IM, AOL Messenger, Outlook Express, Twitter and Facebook). Bandoo boosts your instant messages and the whole communication with friends to...
8.2 MB 1,203


BandzPro consists of a well-designed set of virtual music instruments including Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Full Drum Kit, Grand Piano and an Electronic Keyboard. We add new instruments to BandzPro regularly. Choose your instrument and play! Wide variety of sounds You can explore the full range of general MIDI instruments with the...
1.5 MB 466

Bandizip 5.05

Bandizip has a very fast Zip algorithm for compression & extraction with Fast Drag and Drop, High Speed Archiving, and Multi-core compression. It handles the most popular compression formats, including Zip, 7z, Rar, and so on. Features: - Extracting and Unextracting: - Zip(z01), ZipX(zx01), TAR, TGZ, 7Z(7z.001), and EXE(e01). -...
4.5 MB 1,005

BandBro' 5.0.2

BandBro' is a drag & drop, music performance set list software. With it, you can create, save and print custom set lists, archive lyrics, track your gigs and manage your audio / video library. Core Features True Drag & Drop - Drag a title from the song pool to one of the sets or from one set to another. To change the set song order,...
22.5 MB 322


Bandicam screen recorder makes it possible to record a certain area on a PC screen, or a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies. Bandicam will help you carry out a video record with high compression ratio, while keeping the video quality closer to the original work, and provides performance far superior to other programs that...
9 MB 2,742


Bandicut is a video editor that can cut a certain part of video. Because it cuts videos without encoding, you can clip a part of video quickly while keeping the original video quality. Features: - Easy to use user interface. - You can cut a part from the original copy without encoding. - You can precisely cut videos by frame. -...
9.4 MB 101

Band Bro' 4.0.3

BandBro' is a print driven, repertoire manager intended for solo musicians, bands, choirs, worship leaders and songwriters. With it, you can create and print custom set lists, archive lyrics, charts and manage your audio library. BandBro' also serves as a DJ software -- Create M3u playlists which can be launched in Windows media player...
22.5 MB 354

Band2play 1.0.0

It's a very simple programm with a powerful conversion engine programmed by Christoph Schröder. You can chose a lot of different backing styles, like Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop, ... You may use it as a generator for playalongs for jazz standarts and improvisation, for singing, for generating any playback you want. You just need the...
819.2 K 534

Bandwidth Monitor

The software displays real-time download and upload speeds in graphical and numerical forms (refer to screen shot below), logs bandwidth usages, and provides daily, weekly and monthly bandwidth usage reports. Bandwidth Monitor monitors all network connections on a computer, such as LAN network connection, Internet network connection, and VPN...
1.2 MB 411

Bandizip Portable 5.0

Bandizip has a very fast Zip algorithm for compression & extraction with Fast Drag and Drop, High Speed Archiving, and Multi-core compression. It handles the most popular compression formats, including Zip, 7z, Rar, and so on. Features: * Extracting and Unextracting: Zip(z01), ZipX(zx01), TAR, TGZ, 7Z(7z.001), and EXE(e01). *...
2.3 MB 250

Bandwidth Meter Pro

Bandwidth Meter Pro is an easy-to-use network software for bandwidth usage monitoring, reporting, and notification. It monitors traffic of all network connections on your computer and displays graphical and numerical download and upload speeds in real-time (refer to screen shot below). It logs bandwidth usage and provides how much bandwidth was used by each...
1.2 MB 1,215

Bandicut Video Cutter

Bandicut Video Cutter is super-fast video cutting software with an easy-to-use interface. It allows users to trim parts of video quickly while keeping the original video quality. Users can also extract audio from video to MP3, select multiple sections to cut video files, allowing the removal of one or more parts from the video, or split the...
9.4 MB 9

Bandwidth Monitor Zed 2.1

This is a very simple bandwidth monitor for Windows. Displays a graph of bandwidth usage over time.
409.6 K 71

Abandonwares Pack 2.0

Abandonwares pack v.20 contains some of our old abandoned softwares made over decades ago. This pack houses six of our abandoned softwares. Namely: 1) The lost crystals: An adventure, RPG (role playing game). 2) Pacman 4) Karpet Media Player: A media and CD player with neat graphics. 5) Invading Enemies: An adventure game with a...
17.6 MB 198

Abander MP3 Image Extractor 1.1

Abander MP3 Image Extractor is a free and easy-to-use MP3 Tag Editor and MP3 Image Extractor. Support: ID3v1, ID3v2 tags (artist, album, title, track, year, genre, conmment and image [APIC ID3v2 frames]) and MPEG information (bitrate, sample rate, size...).
307.2 K 177

SXBandMaster 0.94 build 10

SXBandMaster is designed for Internet services maximum use. It is a program complex that serves as ISP Dialer, Download Manager, Offline Browser (Web Spider), FTP Upload Application with FXP support, Time Synchronizer (Atomic Clock), Traffic Explorer and many others. SXBandMaster excels it's substitutes in functionality and unmatched features number....
3.2 MB 230

4 Band Shifter 1.0

Is able to scale (shift) independently the pitch of 4 adjacent, user-definable frequency bands. Pitch-shifting algorithm is based on Stephan M. Bernsee's article, Pitch Shifting Using Fourier Transform. Pitch knobs Each one of them controls the amount of pitch shift of the correspondent frequencyband. Pitch shifting range goes from -12...
819.2 K 250

3-band Distortion 1.05

This is distortion from "Experimental Combo Emulator" without output filter. Instead I set tunable first-order band filter. Three parallel channels with frequency separation gives more possibilities for sound tuning.
1 MB 85

Deadband 3.7.6 Build 214

Deadband is an area of a signal range or band where no action occurs (the system is dead). The filter module "Deadband" for Accurate Printer Monitor is an additional module that provides a method to exclude less significant data records from the final data export. The "Deadband" module can be used to prevent data export for small level changes or...
921.6 K 202

DigiBand 1.8

AthTek DigiBand is a handy music program for Windows. It can automatically compose music on your computer. It can also improvise an accompaniment to any midi file or humming. The only thing you need to do is to choose the music emotion, instrument, structure or chord, then you would get a complete music with one click. With AthTek DigiBand, you would be a...
48.6 MB 99

RSS Bandit

* RSS Bandit now translated to the following languages; English, French, German, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Serbian and Polish. If the language configured on your machine is one of these then all text should appear in your target language (see also Supported Language Matrix). * Atom 1.0...
10 MB 574

Air Bandits 1.0

Aviate your plane in the times of WWII. Destroy enemy targets and supplies. Blow up Zeppelins and collect bonuses. Survive in dogfights with air bandits!
10.5 MB 379

easyBand Music Software 3.03

easyBand music software allowes beginning bands to play easily, by using Notes-Helper smart and effective method. easyBand is allowing several band players to play with an individual digital sheet music with realtime moving cursor.
921.6 K 447

SQL Bandwidth Meter Log Reader 2.0 Beta

I was in the process of migrating the database servers for one of our applications from an onsite local server to a third party hosted server on the internet. One of the key factors that goes into which hosting package to purchase is how much bandwidth will be required for communication between the client and server. To determine the most cost effective...
102.4 K 151

Crash Bandicoot 1.0

Your goal in Crash Bandicoot made in flash is to go through all 5 levels jumping on boxes and avoiding explosive boxes (TNT, nitro) and as much diamonds as you can. Use the ARROW KEYS to move the fox and hit SPACEBAR to do the twist. Use UP ARROW KEY to enter the level. You can save your game progress too. Have fun!
1.9 MB 102

MMultiBandDelay 7.03c

MMultiBandDelay is a powerful multiband automatical delay featuring 2 synchronizable taps per band. Up to 6 bands along with 4 global modulators provide more than you could ever imagine with standard delays. * 1-6 fully configurable independent bands built on a perfectly transparent crossover with fully adjustable limits and input gains....
6.6 MB 451

MMultiBandPhaser 7.11

Phasers are commonly used on keyboards, guitars and other instruments to bring some movement and spatialization. MMultiBandPhaser is an extremely versatile and musical sounding phaser, which is perfect for all kinds of audio material. 6 bands with custom shape and other advanced features MMultiBandPhaser provides way more than common...
7.7 MB 490

MMultiBandReverb 7.03c

MMultiBandReverb extends the possibilities well beyond that of standard quality reverbs by allowing you to process up to six distinct bands simultaneously. This reverb plugin can provide everything from extremely realistic halls to unbelievable effects. Engage your distinct originality with our reverb. Features: * Spatial positioning...
7.4 MB 396

MMultiBandTremolo 7.05

This effect, naturally, is designed to modulate the sound levels. However when coupled with our incredible adjustable oscillator technology this plug-in becomes much more than just any normal tremolo effect. * 1-6 fully configurable independent bands built on a perfectly transparent crossover with fully adjustable limits and input gains....
6.4 MB 501

MMultiBandLimiter 7.02

MMultiBandLimiter is an advanced state-of-the-art multiband mastering brickwall limiter and saturator plug-in that makes your recordings and mixes sound louder with minimal distortion and artifacts. You don't need a Ph.D. to achieve great professional quality results with our plug-in and a little work. Using a few controls MMultiBandLimiter can...
4.1 MB 563

MMultiBandAutopan 7.11

This effect is naturally designed to bring spatiality to the sound, however our incredible adjustable oscillator technology makes this plug-in much more than that. Due to its multiband core it is suitable for any single track as well as for master tracks. * 1-6 fully configurable independent bands built on a perfectly transparent crossover with...
7.2 MB 660

MMultiBandVibrato 7.11

Vibrato effects are rarely used, but this one is different. MMultiBandVibrato is also a powerful rotary simulator, which is perfect for everything from organs to guitars. And the audio quality is just the best on the market. Powerful rotary simulation with astonishing audio quality MMultiBandVibrato combines the vibrato effect with a...
7.7 MB 414

MMultiBandFlanger 7.06

Where other flangers end, this flanger only begins. It processes anything from guitar tracks to complete mixes with outstanding audio quality, and includes an extensive set of features. * 1-6 fully configurable independent bands built on 3 perfectly transparent crossover algorithms (analog, linear-phase and hybrid) with fully adjustable limits...
4.5 MB 364

MMultiBandGranular 7.13

MMultiBandGranular is an extremely versatile granular resynthesizer, which can make your lead sound like a pad, make your drums more powerful plus much more. The plugin cuts your audio material into small pieces and creates an entirely new sound from them. In multiple bands of course. 6 bands of ultimate versatility Panorama and pitch...
7.4 MB 101

MMultiBandDynamics 7.08

MMultiBandDynamics advanced multiband dynamics processing module plug-in is an advanced multiband dynamics processor with clear sound, designed originally for mastering. However due to its high performance and zero latency it is also suitable for any mixing purpose. It features up to six fully configurable independent bands. In addition, starting...
6.9 MB 562

MMultiBandSaturator 7.11

Saturation is a very special type of smooth distortion known from tubes and tapes. It can provide some harmonic flavor, improve bass and subbass content and much more. MMultiBandSaturator is an extremely musical and versatile saturation plugin, which also contains a digital harmonic generator. MMultiBandSaturator combines the best from both analog and...
7.4 MB 702

MMultiBandWaveShaper 7.05

MMultiBandWaveShaper is a powerful multiband wave-shaping plug-in, which literally lets you draw your own signal graph; which also makes it the perfect solution for creating various kinds of distortion and even complicated modulated effects that you haven't even dreamed of...yet. * 1-6 fully configurable independent bands built on a perfectly...
4.4 MB 304

DEKSI Bandwidth Monitor 3.11

DEKSI Bandwidth Monitor is designed to help analyze, diagnose and repair bandwidth problems so they can be quickly repaired before they become major problems. DEKSI Bandwidth Monitor allows you to monitor the traffic from your computers, servers, printers and other devices that are connected to your local area network or the Internet. Help...
9 MB 483

MMultiBandRingModulator 7.11

Ring-modulators are quite specialized effects used especially on non-harmonic audio materials, such as drums. MMultiBandRingModulator is a very advanced ring-modulation effect, which is due to its multiband nature highly suitable for many types of audio. 6 bands with 2 oscillators with custom shape One oscillator can make quite a mess, but...
7.7 MB 528

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter 1.4

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter remains in tray and displays the bandwidth consumed for the session, day and month. This will be useful for people with limited bandwidth/month internet connection. Other Features : - Option to make meter always visible. - Transparency of meter can be adjusted. - Option to exclude bandwidth during certain...
102.4 K 656

Monitor Bandwidth Usage Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to monitor and keep a real time log of internet bandwidth. Using a drop down menu, the user can specify the delay between each check from once every 1 second up to once every 24 hours. The resulting history can be viewed, viewed as a graph or copied to the clipboard for pasting. This software can be useful,...
5.2 MB 10

cFos Broadband Connect 1.07.1088 Beta / 1.06.1069

Features at a glance: * PPPoE Dial-Up driver for Windows * High-speed, 10x faster than the Windows driver * low CPU usage * PPPoE auto-detect, all PPPoE parameters configurable * Incoming calls * Multiple sessions, no limit for the number of connections * Filtering with 'Service-Name' and...
2.3 MB 682

10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor 3.2

Monitor Internet and local network traffic usage with 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor! The program is designed for Microsoft Windows network administrators and users.
9 MB 310

IP Camera Bandwidth&Disk Size Calculator 3.0

If you need to calculate a required network traffic, storage space or lens focal length for your video surveillance system and you get tired of ugly online calculators, than this software tool is for you. IP Camera Bandwidth & Disk Space Calculator lets you to calculate required network traffic and storage space for your network camera based...
716.8 K 374

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager 3.1.0

Are your Internet usage or costs unexpectedly high? Does inappropriate use of the network or the Internet have an adverse effect on your business performance? Did the Internet access bandwidth become a major bottleneck in your network? If your network has any of these problems, SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager will provide a cost-effective solution....
7.3 MB 4,049

Sonoris Multiband Compressor 1.50

The Sonoris Multiband Compressor is a versatile multiband compressor suitable for mastering or mixing. It is meant to be a compressor that can be very transparent but also have some "character". It has three independent frequencybands followed by three compressors based on the Sonoris Compressor. The three bands are created with special designed...
102.4 K 370

Midi Guitar to Rock Band Converter 0.8

Allows you to use a midi guitar converter to play rock band's pro guitar mode
512 K 246
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