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PDF Protection Remover 4.2

This software is able to decrypt PDF documents and is able to remove all protections, such as preventing copying, preventing printing, preventing editing, etc. Decrypted PDF file can be opened in any PDF viewer or any PDF editor without any restrictions. PDF Protection Remover is standalone software, Adobe Acrobat Reader is NOT required. Main...
9.5 MB 657

spyware protection and remover Software 7.7.3

spyware protection and remover Software safeguards your identity and restores system performance through fast, smart and powerful spyware protection. Huge Anti-Spyware Database guarantees removal of existing infections Active Protection blocks new spyware BEFORE they infect your PC Host Blocking ensures that known spyware-spawning websites are always...
2.4 MB 645

Microsoft Excel Protection Remover 1.0

Have you ever needed to edit or change a protected Microsoft Excel spread sheet or a workbook and forgot the "Unprotect" password or don't have a password to unprotect it? or the person who passed the spreadsheet left the company and moved on and you are now doing an audit and reviewing the spreadsheet but can't do it because he/she didn't leave the...
102.4 K 176

WriteXML 1.1

WriteXml is a library for writing well formed XML written in Java. It's intended to make it easy to produce XML, and as a foundation for domain specific languages for your XML documents. It is open source, and free for you to use.
102.4 K 64

Write CDs 4.32

Fully featured Audio and Data CD/DVD writing. Write on DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM, CD-R/RW and DVD+R DL(Dual Layer) Write Audio CDs, recorded in TAO (Track-at-Once) mode. Write MP3, WMA, and Ogg Vorbis CDs as an audio disc. Extract (Rip) audio CDs to MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV. Free CD-Player. Free Media Player, plays Ogg...
5.22 MB 297


Features: NO DISTRACTIONS Full-screen editing. Get free from your computer and its distractions. Writemonkey's full-screen mode hides it all away leaving just you and your text behind. Do more with less! SMALL, FAST, STABLE No installation necessary. Just copy files and directories in any folder on your machine. Writemonkey is...
4.3 MB 377

Writer2LaTeX 1.2 Beta / 1.02

Writer2LaTeX converts documents into LaTeX 2e format for high quality typesetting. Writer2LaTeX contains... * Writer2LaTeX - a standalone command line utility and java library * Writer2LaTeX - a LaTeX and BibTeX export filter for OpenOffice.org or LibreOffice1 Writer * Writer2xhtml - an XHTML, XHTML+MathML and EPUB...
1.8 MB 105

Writer's Cafe 2.39

Writer's Cafe is a set of power tools for all fiction writers, whether experienced or just starting out. The heart of Writer's Cafe is StoryLines, a powerful but simple to use story development tool that dramatically accelerates the creation and structuring of your novel or screenplay. Designed by published novelist Harriet Smart, Writer's Cafe...
17.4 MB 368


The WriteableBitmapEx library is a collection of extension methods for the WriteableBitmap. The WriteableBitmap class is available for Windows Phone, WPF, WinRT Windows Store XAML and Silverlight and allows the direct manipulation of a bitmap and could be used to generate fast procedural images by drawing directly to a bitmap. The WriteableBitmap API is...
102.4 K 3

Writepaper-Printery 1.0

Do you ever wanted to create and print your personal writing paper? With Writepaper-Printery this is no longer a problem. Design ruled or checkered paper with individual colors, line widths and edges. Additionally you can insert a picture and use a background texture and a free text to design your personal writing paper. You can lighten the background...
819.2 K 12

Writer's Cafe Portable 2.31

Writer's Café is a set of power tools for all fiction writers, whether experienced or just starting out. The heart of Writer's Café is StoryLines, a powerful but simple to use story development tool that dramatically accelerates the creation and structuring of your novel or screenplay. Writer's Café is designed to be a playground for the...
12 MB 159

Writers Project Organizer 4.0.1

Organize your writing projects, from manuscripts, to characters to overdue submissions--ideal for novels, works of nonfiction, short stories and screenplays, from first draft to polished product. All the Organizer your writing needs...Writers Project Organizer is manuscript orientated software for writers. Writers Project Organizer will help you...
6.4 MB 322

WriteThat.name for Outlook 2.1.0

WriteThat.name for Outlook automates your Outlook address book: We detect contact details in your incoming emails signatures, register new contacts that do not already exist, or update new details of contacts that you already have - right in your address book! You are in full control over the process: - Decide whether you prefer...
10.7 MB 43

Protection Studio ASProtect

It is designed for protection of 64-bit applications against copying, analysis and cracking of software products that are distributed via internet or any physical media. Distinctive feature of the new product is support of 64-bit applications and .NET applications protection for Windows only. Moreover, ASProtect 64 is based on absolutely new protection...
4.9 MB 38

Protection! Licensing Framework Standard 2.1

Protection! - a licensing framework that can be embedded into custom Java applications or components only allowing the permitted use according to the supplied license. Protection! Licensing Framework for Java, delivers powerful and feature-rich licensing solution. Protection! provides a robust feature set enabling developer to securely distribute...
13.97 MB 286


yWriter is a word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes, helping you keep track of your work while leaving your mind free to create. It will not write your novel for you, suggest plot ideas or perform creative tasks of any kind.
2 MB 653

iwrite.4.life 4.1

iwrite.4.life is a very flexible system for the various needs of serious journal writers. After almost ten years of experience with its predecessor - i*write - we have written a completely new software based on all the customer feedback we have been receiving. There are many enhancements in iwrite.4.life but the two major improvements are its...
44.3 MB 184

yWriter Portable

yWriter is a word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes, helping you keep track of your work while leaving your mind free to create. It will not write your novel for you, suggest plot ideas or perform creative tasks of any kind. yWriter was designed by an author, not a salesman! yWriter is free to download and use, but you're...
102.4 K 14

JapWrite 0.80

Since Japanese have too many characters and it's hard to memorize them all (for begginers or people that busy) and when you (for example) want to only translate something with google/bableon from a picture (you can't Copy/Past the text from a pic) and you don't even know the characters reading for the most letters (means you can't use IME) ...you need...
102.4 K 67

SynWrite 6.12.1700

SynWrite is a free source code editor, HTML editor, and Notepad replacement for Windows systems. It tries to be a full-featured alternative not only to simple Notepad, but also to such rich applications as Notepad++. Features - Syntax highlighting for lots of languages - Fully customizable highlights - Code folding - Tree...
14.4 MB 1,367

dxfwrite 1.2.0

A Python library to create DXF R12 drawings. supported DXF R12 entities * ARC * ATTDEF * ATTRIB * BLOCK * CIRCLE * 3DFACE * INSERT * LINE * POINT * POLYLINE (special Polyface and Polymesh objects are available) *...
102.4 K 61

SewWrite 1.2.8

It uses hand-digitized alphabets based on Windows fonts for greater quality and ships with a wide range of typefaces. New alphabets will be added in the future (some will be cost-free, while others can be ordered for a nominal charge). User requests for additional alphabets will also be considered. SewWrite ships with over 60 alphabets and four...
8.3 MB 44

USBWriter 1.2

USBWriter is tiny Windows tool that let you write an image file directly to an USB drive. It requires no installation and depends on no bloated framework, it's just a little program that you may let on your desktop.
102.4 K 152


The free AppRemover utility enables thorough uninstallation of antivirus and security software, public file sharing applications, toolbars and more. Features: - Uninstall antivirus and public file sharing applications - Support for Windows and Mac - Available API - Automatic updating - Web-based management...
11.3 MB 3,191

SpyRemover 2.72

SpyRemover detects and removes intrusive devices such as spyware, adware, keyloggers, Trojans, tracking devices, hacker tools, and other spy devices from your PC.
4.39 MB 1,114


* Shorten support time when troubleshooting problems in a Group Policy restricted environment! * Do you find yourself spending precious time while supporting end users because of Group Policy restrictions? Use GP-Remover to instantly unlock restrictions for a specific user, and then reapply Group Policy with a single ...
11.2 MB 256

WinProtection 3.0

WinProtection 3.0 protects your computer from unauthorized accesses. You can protect your computer at startup or directly from within Windows. WinProtection 3.0 can also shut down your computer after a number of incorrect passwords. This program works for Windows 95/98/ME.
1.31 MB 246

SWFProtection 2.6

SWFProtection is a strong and easy to use Flash SWF encryption tool which helps you protect SWF files from Flash decompilers. Unlike other SWF encryption software, SWFProtection protects not only Actionscripts, but also all images, sounds, buttons and sprites resources in your SWF files. SWFProtection can also stop your SWF files from opening on...
4 MB 557

SpyRemover Pro 3.05

Is someone stealing your information from your PC? Is your browser home page hijacked? Are you in danger of identity theft? Are you being spied on? Are you being watched and tracked? Find out with SpyRemover. SpyRemover detects and removes more than 140.000 intrusive devices such as spyware, adware, hijackers, keyloggers, Trojans, tracking...
6.4 MB 1,504

SynWrite Portable 6.11.1670

Advanced text editor (application with installer and Lister plugin) for programmers: - syntax highlighting for lot of languages - fully customizable highlighting - code folding - panels: - tree structure for source code - project management - FTP/SFTP-client - clipboard history - mini-map - tools output -...
14.2 MB 887

Pc Protection Pro 1.0.12

PC Protection Pro is windows application used to maintain the privacy of user, by restricting access of the important files and folders, make the permission on application even hide them. Program is user friendly to make you understand in single look, Software is divided in seven protection parts, In which each part can work with specific files or program...
102.4 K 55

XMLwriter XML Editor 2.7

XMLwriter is a powerful XML editor for Windows designed to help web editors and programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT and XSD Schema. XMLwriter provides users with an extensive range of XML functionality such as: validation of XML documents against a DTD or XSD Schema and conversion of DTDs to the...
4.05 MB 304

DIYwrite Book Creator

With DIYwrite you can: - Create new books within your control panel - Import existing books to edit and format for Kindle - Auto format entire books - Auto format your Table of Contents - Export your book in .doc or .epub format which are recommended for Kindle With this kind of automation, you'll get your books on Kindle...
102.4 K 59

MeshWrite 1.5.1

Just like a little book you have to jot down ideas and thoughts. You don't need to save, just close and then re-open and everything is still there. It is designed to be quick to use. Getting your ideas down fast and productively is the aim. MeshWrite is a great ideation tool and new features are being added all the time. You can drop...
12.5 MB 411

NoteWriter 0.1

A small, simple application specially designed to help you edit your rich texts
102.4 K 157

TypeWriter 1.02

This component is a convinient way for writing java class files from another java application. It takes care of basic things like formatting, imports, ordering and has methods to easily methods, innerclasses and such in the javafile. It also supplies an easy way to write the class file to file and packages This version is pretty basic and...
102.4 K 109

AVG Remover 2015.5501

AVG Remover eliminates all the parts of your AVG installation from your computer, including registry items, installation files, user files, etc. AVG Remover is the last option to be used in case the AVG uninstall / repair installation process has failed repeatedly.
3.5 MB 568

Red Remover 1.4

Red Remover is a physics-based puzzle game. Mission of the game is to remove the red shapes without the green ones falling off the screen. Can you remove all the red shapes without losing any green ones?
1.6 MB 72

DLL Remover 1.0

DLL Remover is the free command-line tool to Free DLL from remote process. Currently it supports DLL removal using the CreateRemoteThread technique. If you are looking for advanced and more user friendly GUI version then check out our popular RemoteDll tool. Being a command-line tool makes it easy to integrate into your automation scripts....
102.4 K 55

WGA Remover 1.2

Windows Genuine Advantage Notification is a system of notification of the results of Windows authentication. If authentication finds out that the key installed in the system is not genuine, then a star will appear in system tray which will be constantly annoying you with messages about the necessity to buy the license. You will have the similar messages...
819.2 K 337

Spy Remover 8.7

Spy Remover is great for those who want to know exactly how their computer is infected and the best ways to get rid of particularly nasty spyware components. Spy Remover stands out in the spyware-removal field, but you'll have to pay for the quality. A slick interface sports controls similar to its competitors, offering options for...
5.79 MB 694


PDF-Writer.NET component is designed to provide developers with an easy-to-use tool for creating standard PDF file from their applications. We have designed PDF-Writer.NET on strict guidelines of Adobe PDF Standards and .NET graphics standards. This makes it very easy to use and program. It hides the complex structure of PDF files behind a simple object...
5.7 MB 525

PDF Writer Pro 2.0

A handy utility designed to easily create PDF files from any Windows application running on Windows 98/Me/2000 and XP, without needing to have installed Adobe Acrobat. PDF Writer Pro installs as a pdf printer driver, and all you have to do is to click "Print" from your application to create PDF files easy and fast. Common documents can be converted to...
7.87 MB 1,780

NFO Writer for E

View detailed information about the contents of a MKV file and generate the corresponding NFO data file.
1.9 MB 63

USB Write Protect 1.1.0

Protect your USB drives from accidental file deletion or modification.
102.4 K 6,578

DRM Protection Removal 2009.098

DRM Protection Removal. Convert DRM protected music files to plain MP3, AAC (M4A), WAV etc, at high speed and high quality. Enjoy your music and audio files on MP3 Player, CD Player, iPod etc, without any restrictions or DRM protection.
18.75 MB 492


BlindWrite extracts all the characteristics of your media to your harddrive to reproduce a working copy of your media. It allows you to protect your investments against damage caused by children, scratches or by frequent use. Your personal CD or DVD backups can even be run directly from your computer using a virtual drive (i.e. Daemon Tools). Blind write's...
13.8 MB 1,802

Pyongwriter 1.2

Pyongwriter is a very versatile and easy to use Korean Hangeul editor. It utilize normal latin keyboard (QWERTY) for Korean Hangeul. So the user is only required to know to spell the Hangeul to type it. ml Eve one with small Hangeul knowledge can easily type in Korean Hangeul.
409.6 K 41

Book Writer 5.50.1

Are you writing a book? Are you a student? Are you researching? If you have chapters, notes, papers, or any writings spread across multiple files, you can use Book Writer to free your creative mind from your computer. Now includes easy databasing for People, Places, Events, and Notes. Features - Combine related files into a...
4.4 MB 579

Code Writer 2.0

Code Writer is a free text and code editor app for the Windows 8 platform, downloadable from the Windows Store, and fully supported on ARM, x86, and x64 devices. We've built it from the ground up to be fast, fluid, and powerful. Active syntax highlighting updates as you edit files, with over 20 file types supported. Color is used pervasively...
102.4 K 34
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