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Yahoo! Mail Download Multiple Emails To Text Files Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to save Yahoo! emails as text files to their local hard drive. There is a feature to choose which folder to extract from (Bulk Mail, Drafts, Inbox, Sent or Trash). There is a feature to choose to save all emails to one text file or save each email to its own text file. There is also a feature to...
102.4 K 427

MultiYahoo! 1.00

This is Multi Yahoo for any version of yahoo messenger. With this application you can login to yahoo messenger with more than one ID in the same time.
716.8 K 11,069

Yahoo Multi Messenger 2011 1.0

Yahoo Multi Messenger 2011,is your all-in-one tool you need for Yahoo!Messenger.Yahoo Multi Messenger 2011 will allow you to run multiple assistances of Yahoo! Messnger.Our Software works on every version of Yahoo! Messenger and on every Computer running Microsoft Windows.With our Languages Pack,you can run our software in many languages.We offer free 24/7...
409.6 K 35,553

Multi Yahoo Messenger

This software allows you to run multiple instances of the famous Yahoo! Messenger so you can log into multiple Yahoo! accounts at the same time. The patching process is easy and quick. You can also revert the patch and restore the messenger to its original state.
102.4 K 161

Yahoo Group Downloader 4.0

guru's Yahoo Group Downloader is the ultimate software for automatically downloading the File section Files, Photo section photos and Message section content from the Yahoo Groups. With a click of the mouse, download all the Photo Section Photos , Files section files and Message Section contents immediately. It completely automates the manual...
3.3 MB 4,368

Yahoo Satellite Maps Downloader 6.3

Yahoo Satellite Maps Downloader is a tool that help you to get small tile satellite map images from Yahoo! Maps. All downloaded small images are saved on the disk. You can view downloaded maps by Map Viewer Or you can combine them into a big BMP map.
1.2 MB 14,557

Yahoo Group and Files Downloader 4.3

This Program is meant to download pictures from the Yahoo Groups. Just specify the Group Name and the Message Numbers. Thats it !. You have almost all the Yahoo Groups pictures and other files downloaded in your harddisk! Features: * Download all attachments, files , photos and messages from all Yahoo groups.(new) *...
3.4 MB 243

Download Multiple Web Files Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to download one or more files from a web site to local folders. Simply load a list of remote links/URLs/file addresses from a text file and click the 'Start' button to begin downloading. There is an advanced bonus feature include in the software to try to discover download links inside a web page that you...
13.9 MB 137

Yahoo! Mail Print Multiple Emails Software 7.0

A solution to users who want to simultaneously print many Yahoo! Mail messages to the printer or other device/driver (such as a PDF writer). By working quickly, this batch software will save you the hassle of opening emails one-by-one. There is a feature to choose which folder to look at (Bulk Mail, Drafts, Inbox, Sent or Trash).
8.8 MB 27

Yahoo! Mail Export To Multiple PDF Files Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to convert many Yahoo! Mail emails into PDF format. There is a feature to choose which folder to extract from (Bulk Mail, Drafts, Inbox, Sent or Trash). There is also a feature that allows you to specify whether to export emails to text-only PDFs or PDFs with images. By quickly exporting your Yahoo! mails...
25.7 MB 39

Yahoo! Finance Get Multiple Stock Quotes Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to retrieve multiple stock quotes using Yahoo. The user simply adds stock symbols or loads a list of them from a file. There is an option to display the full name instead of the symbol in the results. There are check boxes for retrieval of: opening, high or low value, and volume, average volume and market...
102.4 K 34

Easy Yahoo Maps Downloader 5.5

Easy Yahoo Maps Downloader is a tool that can automatically download the Yahoo Maps images to your PC. It can download the small tiles and save them to your hard disk, including the normal maps, satellite maps and hybrid maps. After downloading, you can view the maps offline by its tool Maps Viewer, or you can combine the small images into one big map...
1.3 MB 735

Gmail Download Multiple Emails To Text Files Software 7.0

This software is useful if you need to download emails to your local disk this software will automate the process. Simply enter your login information, choose input and output folders and click to compute. You choose specifically which files to target with the intuitive interface. This software is as easy to use as logging into your Gmail account and will...
1.7 MB 371

Flickr Download Multiple Image Files Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to download one or more images from Flickr. The user simply enters the URL containing the required images and enters the number of images to receive. The image file names are displayed in a list and the output folder is chosen before starting the download.
102.4 K 86

Photo Album Downloader for Yahoo

THE Downloader for your Yahoo-Groups! - You won't find it easier: This Downloader lets you download all photos and files from ALL of your Yahoo-Groups IN ONE GO! You can download a single item, a complete Photo-Album or a complete Files-Directory - either from a single Group, or from selected Groups as well as from all of your Groups. Of course in one go...
1.06 MB 1,850

Windows Live Hotmail Download Multiple Emails To Text Files Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to download many Windows Live emails to the hard drive. Unfortunately, this software only works with the Hotmail Inbox, no other folders. There is a feature to choose to save all emails to one text file or save each email to its own text file. There is also a feature to search/filter which emails to save by...
716.8 K 2,238

Google Blog Search and Download Multiple Blogs Software 7.0

Save blogs found on Google Blog Search. Save results as text or HTML files.
716.8 K 240


MultiG is a small, fast, no-nonsense Gmail email account monitor and notifier. The thing that makes MultiG different, is it's ability to monitor Multiple Gmail Email Accounts! In fact, you can monitor up to 6 Gmail email accounts with MultiG. Key Features * Monitor up to 6 Gmail email accounts at once! * Quick double-click access...
921.6 K 3,852

Multicom 2.0

Multicom is appointed for emulation of one, two or more (up to 200) serial streams. Hardware devices are not necessary. This product is based on Windows XP DDK and doesn't require using devices of other manufacturers. The whole product is created with the help of Microsoft tooling. Multicom realizes full emulation of Serial Port...
430 K 545


Features: - Write in a tabbed environment, just like your browser - View PDF's alongside your notes - Save up to ten notes at once - View Microsoft Visio(R) diagrams alongside your notes and PDF's - Label tabs so that you can keep track of your notes - Easy text editing environment - Innovative interface makes maximum use...
409.6 K 29

MultiBit 0.5.9 Snapshot

MultiBit is a secure, lightweight, international Bitcoin wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux. MultiBit makes performing Bitcoin transactions quick and simple. MultiBit comes in a variety of languages because Bitcoin is without borders. MultiBit is free and open source. Features: *10 minutes: To send any...
27.9 MB 49

MultiMon 2.50

MultiMon is an advanced multifunctional system monitoring tool for Windows which displays highly detailed output of a very wide range of activities in real-time. It offers state-of-the-art system monitoring functionality which cannot be found in any other software. It's an indispensable tool for system administrators, developers and support...
1.3 MB 207

Multiget 1.1.2

Multiget is used to download files from Internet that are named with the help of number successions. The program uses sets of rules applied to names of files and directories to save you from pressing an excess amount of buttons during restoring from backups or downloading from Internet file archives.
102.4 K 784


MultiPlay is a Windows based program designed to play audio cues for theatre or corporate use. It is free to use in both amateur and commercial environments. Feature suggestions and bug reports are welcomed. A wide range (wav, mp3, wma, etc) of audio files are supported. If your installation of Windows Media Player can play it, so can...
102.4 K 31

MultiDesk 3.14

MultiDesk is a tabbed remote desktop client (terminal services client). Features: * Only ONE executable file, small, fast (written in C++), green! * Portable and SSD/flash drive friendly * New style: status bar and fit window with margin * Manage remote desktop connections in groups * Inherit username...
409.6 K 885

MultiBall 1.0

Then use all 3 materials, wood, paper and stone to solve different puzzles. Every material uniquely interacts with other things in the game like ventilators and bridges. Guide the golden ball into the basket by shooting wood, paper and stone balls out of your cannon. You can break bridges with stone balls or fire. Avoid obstacles to your shots.
1 MB 48

MultiLoad 1.0

Load very big files with your friends and merge them afterwords. Every user only downloads a part.
292 K 480

MultiBase 1.11.0

Introduction: A seven database (and expandable) information manager for the home. This product provides for the tracking of your personal addresses, Books from the library, Batteries, Documents, gadgets (anything that uses batteries), Home inventory, Recipe keeper and Shopping list. Basic functions: Add, delete and edit records in all of the six...
5.9 MB 603

MultiFind 1.51

It allows to search for files on your local computer or network drives and to search or replace text in multiple files. An ability to have several searches in different tabs and to show lines of found text makes MultiFind a very useful and convenient assistant. MultiFind enables you to: * Search for text in multiple files. This...
512 K 256

MultiCHAX 7.6 Build 4

The MultiCHAX system is a check writing software that works with virtually any Windows accounting program (i.e. QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains) to allow the user to print MICR encoded checks in a single step on any check form. No longer will you have to worry about stocking inventory of multiple forms for different bank accounts. With MultiCHAX you can...
57.2 MB 164

MultiWall 1.0.17

MultiWall is a free windows desktop application that is designed for setting desktop wallpaper on any computer setup, especially those with more than one monitor. This is providing what windows should have had a long time ago; it will make setting your wallpaper incredibly simple and easy. Whats the problem? Theres...
102.4 K 98


Editor for several programming languages with syntax highlighting Editor for several programming languages. * Syntax highlighting * Line numbering * Code proposals * Execute code immediately from the editor (additional software may be needed) * Also a useful replacement of Notepad. System...
2.1 MB 302


MultiScan is a portable application oriented toward technical users who typically don't run resident anti-virus/malware scanners, though there are other uses for it. It is intended to scan any number of selected files or folders using multiple (up to 10 currently), 3rd party malware/virus scanners. MultiScan will pass the file/folder paths you have selected...
307.2 K 314

MultiPing 2.20.1

MultiPing is an application built for monitoring one or more TCP/IP hosts, while providing detailed historical information about the collection period. Using the proven and powerful PingPlotter engine technology, MultiPing allows you to monitor numerous targets simultaneously giving you the data you need to choose between multiple possible hosts (for online...
3.1 MB 1,010

multiAVCHD 4.1 Build 771

Put up to 252 different files (MPEG2, Quicktime MOV, MKV/AVC, AVI/AVC, M2TS/MTS, TS, TRP, M2V, VC1, 264, MP4, MPLS, IFO, etc.) or AVCHD / Blu-ray / DVD / VIDEO_TS folders in one place and navigate all these via nice 1080p top menu: - XMB style MENU: up-to 252 scrollable titles (similar to Playstation3 cross-media-bar XMB) - SLIDE MENU:...
36.7 MB 7,073

MultiColor 0.2.1-1 Beta

An image manipulation tool for Commodore 8-bit computers' graphic formats.
1.7 MB 79

MultiMouse 1.0.39

MultiMouse allows multiple users to remote control the desktop of a central computer with the keyboard and mouse of their PC. Users can drag the mouse cursor out of their computer's desktop and multiple mouse cursors will appear on the common desktop of the central PC: Multiple mouse pointers are useful for workgroups who want to...
2.8 MB 378

Multitoner 1.0

Multitoner plug-in features three image filter types designed to add single or multi colour tones and tints to black and white or colour images. TRI-TONER A versatile little filter to easily add rich colours and brighten up the even the most boring colour or greyscale images. Easily apply complementary, wild, corporate company or even...
102.4 K 148

Downloader 1.0

Open source download manager built using the Microsoft .NET Framework. The language used will be C#. This program will provide download management, resume and other download management features.
102.4 K 19,451

MultiSkype 0.2

This VB.Net app requires .Net Framework 4.0 It allows you to start multiple Skype accounts at once. It can be started manually or you can create a shortcut in the start folder of the Windows Start menu. To create accounts and password you'll need to execute the app with the parameter "U": Example: C:\Multiskype.exe...
102.4 K 2

MultiUpdate 3.0

rt some text before or after the found string instance. You can use case-insensitive search and also backup your files automatically. It can now also search subdirectories and restore the modified files or place them into another folder instead of replacing the original files. Also preview your updates using the embedded browser window and accept/restore...
675 K 515

MultiCopier 1.0

The MultiCopier is a the easiest way, that allows user to copy from different sources (partitions or folders) to the destination, in a few clicks with a simple menu extension to shell. It's 20% faster than Windows copy as it didn't share the CPU in multiple copying operations, but in only a single thread (operation). Features The...
102.4 K 560

Multi Timer 2.2

A simple to use, but really useful utility for those who need to time multiple jobs on the fly. It has 10 timers each with 2 payment scales.
819.2 K 200

MultiHasher 2.5.3

Features: * Calculate one or more hash values for a single file at once * Calculate hash values for multiple files and text string * Supported hash algorithms: CRC32, MD5, RIPEMD-160, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 * Supports hash file verification (MHX, SFV, MD5Sum, etc.) * Supports NT file namespace *...
2.2 MB 193

MultiCastor 2.1

MultiCastor allows to simultaneously send and receive multiple IPv4 or IPv6 multicast data streams. Development of MultiCastor was performed as a student project at the Cooperative State University Stuttgart in Germany.
102.4 K 40

Multi Print 2.0

Multi Print is a distributed printing program that processes tiff images and PDF Files, it is unique in it also has the ability to optionally archive the print job as a PDF if it was set to print a Tiff Images. Unlike conventional distributed printing solutions where a special driver is setup and used, Multi Print watches a file folder for the arrival of a...
13.3 MB 166


MultiLoader is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one video downloader and conversion utility. Designed with simplicity in mind, the application lets you to grab the desired video files from any of the video sharing websites listed below and to automatically convert them for your favorite multimedia player. MultiLoader is powered by FFmpeg, the leading transcoding...
10.5 MB 90

Multi Alarm 1.0

Multi Alarm provides a lot of features,like wakeup alarm,reminder,open any type of file,shutdown, restart,lock the pc,open web page at specified time.
409.6 K 325

Yahoo! Mail

With an easy to use interface, the Yahoo! Mail app lets you message with ease, stay connected, and get more done faster. Features: * Easy-to-use interface * Send and receive messages from the people you care about * Share photos, videos, and documents * Quickly scan messages in your inbox with continuous...
102.4 K 815

MultiViewer 0.2

Simple tool for viewing OSX and iOS plpist files, SQLite database tables and image files. Includes a hex viewer for files with no viewer. Features: * View OSX and iOS plists * View image files * View SQLite table data * Right click export from file tree (poss. broken on OSX in v0.2)
102.4 K 56
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