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Zend Optimizer 3.3.3

Zend Optimizer is a free runtime application that enables PHP to run the scripts encoded by Zend Guard. It can be freely used by anyone looking to run encoded applications. If you're looking for better PHP application performance, we strongly recommend you download Zend Server, which includes: * Zend Optimizer+ for opcode...
8.3 MB 1,089

Zend Guard 4.0

Zend Guard enables the protection and mass distribution of commercial PHP applications. Zend Guard provides independent software vendors and IT managers with the ability to safely distribute and manage the deployment of their PHP applications while protecting their source code. Zend Guard is comprised of two key components, Zend Guard's encoder and Zend...
30.29 MB 397

Optimizer Rx 1.1

Optimizing utility for enhancing the performance and security of PC's. Optimizer RX is a suite of 6 robust utilities that have been designed to increase the performance and security of PC's... Correcting problems, cleaning and fixing Windows registry, deleting unnecessary files, deleting traces of spyware, fine-tuning your internet connection settings,...
4.75 MB 346

Optimizer Prime 1.0

Optimizer Prime is a set of modules and handlers designed to optimize the output of a site. It can be used to combine, minify, and compress the output of CSS files and javascript files. It also automatically removes "pretty printing" from a website's output, thus reducing the output size of a page. Another advantage is the fact that it works with both...
1.1 MB 149

Zend Studio for Eclipse 12.0.2

A professional-grade development environment that includes PHP code editing, debugging, profiling, unit testing, diagnostics and more. The rich and smart code editor understands your code and its structure right off the bat. It works with the latest PHP 5.5, HTML, CSS and JavaScript; as well as older versions of PHP for compatibility with legacy...
271 MB 12,100

MemOptimizer 3.56

MemOptimizer monitors your system in the background and frees resources when these are required. The result is that your programs will run faster and be more stable than ever before! * Automatically recovers memory left by closed programs * Optimizes your memory in critical situations and prevents crashes * See exactly how much...
1.6 MB 512

DB Optimizer XE6

Embarcadero DB Optimizer is an automated SQL optimization tool that maximizes database and application performance by quickly discovering, diagnosing, and optimizing poor-performing SQL code. DB Optimizer empowers DBAs and database developers to eliminate performance bottlenecks by graphically profiling key metrics inside the database, relating resource...
201 MB 5

PC Optimizer Pro

A Powerful Software that Tweak Enhance Repair & Protect performance of your Computer. It prevents your PC from crashing, annoying error messages and protects privacy. Has ability to Scan & Fix Registry Errors, Clean Tracks and Internet Activities, Shredding unwanted files, Managing System Startup & Uninstalling Safely any unwanted software. It's highly...
1.8 MB 614

Witzend Text Editor for DOS 5.0

The Witzend Editor is ideal when you don’t need all the features of a huge word processor. The DOS-based Witzend Editor makes writing simpler and more productive, perfect for older systems and for those people who work at least occasionally in DOS. - On-line help - Drop-down menus - Cut/copy/paste up to 64k - Cut/copy/paste...
204.8 K 87

Witzend ReplaceInFiles Add-in for Visual C++ 5/6 2.2

The Witzend ReplaceInFiles Add-in vastly improves Visual Studio’s ability to search and replace in project source files. The ReplaceInFiles Add-in attaches so transparently to the Visual Studio environment that the only outward change to Visual Studio is a new Witzend Replace in Files command added to the environment’s Tools menu. Simply choose the...
409.6 K 87

GIF Optimizer 2.0

GIF Optimizer is a nice utility you can use to easily optimize GIF file for your website. Savings of up to 90% in file size is possible, which can decrease web page download times, save the disk space and reduce bandwidth charges. GIF optimizer includes two preview panes to help you compare the original GIF with the optimized GIF. The color reduction option...
1.8 MB 119

TCP Optimizer 3.0.8

The TCP Optimizer is a program designed to provide an easy, intuitive interface for tuning TCP and IP related parameters in the Windows Registry. It takes into account all related RFCs, the Microsoft TCP/IP implementation oddities, verifies all Registry locations for the same TCP/IP parameters (ICS Sharing, AOL protocol MTU, etc), only ads the necessary...
614.4 K 1,181

Sys Optimizer 1.0.4

This project is programmed to become a best optimization software. The software also let you to uninstall the installed software and it also let you to end the process running in the system. Designed with Softview GUI Custom Guidelines. Features: - Fast Way to Clean Temporary Files - Very Easy to use with two buttons -...
2.3 MB 273

SQL Optimizer for Visual Studio 1.5

SQL Optimizer for Visual Studio seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio. As part of the development process, it automatically identifies, rewrites and validates SQL statements to ensure SQL runs as fast as possible for immediate deployment. Easy to install and easy to use, SQL Optimizer for Visual Studio allows you to improve your productivity, shorten...
12.26 MB 495

HTML-Optimizer 10.7.5

Optimizing your code is performed in a safe way, so that your content will be displayed correctly, without any sign of corruption as often seen with other optimizers or cleaners. Your pages will render perfectly in every browser on every platform, and load faster. HTML-Optimizer is our first developed model and very easy to...
2.1 MB 3,162

Mz 7 Optimizer 1.1.0

A complete system optimization suite for your Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems. With Mz 7 Optimizer your computer will be faster, more stable and more secure. Easily customize your computer to suit your needs! Here are some key features: * Boosts PC performance * Speed up games * Tweak and personalize Windows ...
2.2 MB 1,175

HostsOptimizer 0.5

HostsOptimizer rearranges the content of the hosts like this: * a maximum of 9 host names are put in a single line; * all comments are removed (this includes disabled entries); * duplicate host names are removed.
307.2 K 246


SpeedOptimizer will optimize your Internet-related data transmission including loading of web page elements (text and graphics), downloading, uploading and streaming of content (music, movies, games, clips, etc.), delivery of email messages and attachments (transmission and receipt), and performance of web based applications (such as online...
2.1 MB 3,056

HTML-Optimizer Pro 5.12.5

HTML-Optimizer Pro is recommended if you manage more than one website and/or if you need extra features like tag checking and link checking. Switching from one web folder to another is very easy. HTML-Optimizer Pro has no upload facility.
2.4 MB 389

HTML-Optimizer Plus 2.5.5

Features: * Our applications work with Windows 2000 or later, including Windows 7. * When you start the application for the first time, a wizard appears which will guide you through the configuration process. * All optimizers optimize both HTML code and script code. The following script types are supported: JavaScript, Java, LassoScript,...
4.1 MB 449

Cargo Optimizer 5.10.0

Cargo Optimizer handles regularly shaped containers such as ocean containers, trucks and refrigerated units. Plus it offers several advanced options such as: - loading by sequence - loading by FILO (First In Last Out) - multiple container sizes per shipment (no limit) - multiple package sizes per shipment (no limit) - manual...
17.3 MB 515

Flash Optimizer

Flash Optimizer is a powerful SWF compression utility, a handy solution for anyone dealing with Flash. It easily reduces SWF files size up to 80% thanks to amazing algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphing, Z-buffer, fonts, sounds and other optimizations, thus saving considerable amount of traffic and loading time. Unlike any other similar software it manages...
17.6 MB 1,245

System Optimizer 6.1 Build 200309

* Fast, effective Windows Optimization * Quick analysis of your PC's hardware, operating system, and programs * Easy optimization in just a few clicks * Easy-to-understand help functions * Safe Windows Optimization * Ideal for XP and Vista and windows7 users * Recommends tools for optimal PC performance ...
7.3 MB 363

System Optimizer And Tweaker

System Optimizer & Tweaker offers many tweaks that modify software, hardware and other settings that affect how the operating system works. They are registry-level settings that can be modified without the pain of searching through a Windows registry. Some Tweaks may determine what is shown on the desktop. Other tweaks may determine what programs are...
7.4 MB 408

System Optimizer and Cleaner Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to optimize and cleanup a computer system. This easy to use computer housekeeping tool will clean up files and registry entries that may slow down system performance. The file cleaner pane has check boxes for: temporary internet files, cookies, history, types URLs, auto-complete data, run history, recent...
5.3 MB 3

Battery Optimizer

Battery Optimizer is designed to fix a problem that plagues most people, short laptop battery life. Most other applications just help you manage when your computer goes to sleep. Battery Optimizer goes several steps further and actually tells you how much battery life you can save by turning un-needed features of your laptop off. Giving you those extra...
2.9 MB 1,379

Privacy Optimizer 1.0

Privacy Optimizer can help Internet users block websites that are poorly rated and/or are very invasive. Keeping the software updated will allow the program to connect to a complete database of websites and software applications that are dangerous to access. Users of Privacy Optimizer can warn other users about the websites or software programs they have...
8 MB 64

Latency Optimizer 3.0

High latency (lag) and a slow PC performance can be caused by the lack of periodical operating system services, and by improperly configured internet, registry and network device settings. With Latency Optimizer from Badosoft you will get a set of utilities and tools to assist you to speed up and boost your Internet connection and PC! Latency...
5.4 MB 186

Bar Cut Optimizer and Manager 1.24

Bar Cut Optimizer & Manager is a length nesting optimizer and stock manager software. It minimizes the waste in the cutting process of any linear material like pipes, bars, tubes, profiles, paper rolls, extrusions, beams, cables, etc. The program implements two types of optimizations: by using the current stock in an efficient way and by reusing all stubs...
512 K 384

Prefetch Optimizer 1.0

Prefetch Optimizer is a Windows\Prefetch folder monitoring program designed for the Windows XP/Vista/7 Operating Systems Its featured benefits are: - Decreases the boot up time of Windows and startup time of many previously used Windows and 3rd party program indefinitely - Automatically discovers, copies, backs up and replenishes any...
102.4 K 52

Internet Optimizer 1.0

Internet Optimizer is a software application designed to optimize your internet navigation, boosting the speed of your internet browsing.
985 K 1,307

PC Health Optimizer 2.5

Are you sick and tired of slow PC performance? Do you wish your computer ran like it did when you first bought it? Since your computer is like any other machine, it needs maintenance to stay in top health. And here's how we can help. PC Health Optimizer is a unique set of over 20 maintenance tools to improve system performance and security. This...
20.1 MB 468

A-PDF Scan Optimizer 2.8.0

A-PDF Scan Optimizer help you to correct the skew scanned image within PDF; convert the scanned image to black/white or gray in Acrobat PDF; downsample the image in PDF and delete unused blank page in PDF directly. A-PDF Scan Optimizer opens a PDF file and automatically checks if images inside are skewed, then corrects the skewed images using a...
2.9 MB 867

AyRegistry Optimizer

AyRegistry Optimizer is a powerful registry error repair tool, easy to scan, repair, backup & restore your registry. It can fix and optimize registry errors with the help of AyRegistry Optimizer function and vastly improves your pc speed.
962.56 K 173

JPEG Image Optimizer 1.0

JPEG Image Optimizer is a free application for Microsoft Windows designed to simply reduce the file size and quality of JPEG images, but you can optimize also any image file format, such as PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG because the optimized image is then converted to .JPG format. The usage is simple: you just need to select the source image file (or...
102.4 K 43

Wise Memory Optimizer 3.33.87

Wise Memory Optimizer helps you free up and tune up the physical memory taken up by some useless applications to enhance PC performance. Wise Memory Optimizer, as automatic and intelligent as other products from WiseCleaner.com, can execute its tasks in accordance with your settings and the physical truth of your computer. It is really easy to use for both...
1.2 MB 256

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11.00.60

We all like fast and secure computers, but only constant system maintenance and time-consuming optimizations will keep them that way. Those of us who like to invest time and effort to keep up with the latest developments may very well handle those tasks using default Windows tools alone. As system experts, they love to accelerate their machines, protect...
41 MB 3,735

Mz Registry Optimizer 3.1

Over time data becomes scattered within the registry file and when information is deleted from the registry, holes are left which fragment the data within the registry. Mz Registry Optimizer, optimizes your registry by removing gaps and wasted space. This procedure, will increase applications response time and reduce registry access time!
1.2 MB 242

BestRegistryOptimizer 5.0

BestRegistryOptimizer removes spyware, adware and hijackers, repairs the registry, removes hidden junk files, check for hard drive stability, optimizes the startup, and removes Internet histories for safety and more in just one simpleclick. Advanced users have the option to scan and clean individual areas of their computer.Combining more than 15 tools into...
5.6 MB 131

Absolute GIF Optimizer 1.01

Absolute GIF Optimizer is a nice utility designed to easily optimize GIF graphics for your Website. Savings of up to 50% or more in file size are possible, which can considerably decrease web page download times, save on disk space and reduce bandwidth charges. Just add images to a project and select Test to preview the difference in file size. The...
482 K 244

Magic Memory Optimizer

Whether you want to optimize your system performance or cleanse fragmentation collected in your system with as little effort as possible, Magic Memory Optimizer is the tool of choice. No other program is as feature-rich, yet as easy to use as Magic Memory Optimizer. Magic Memory Optimizer is designed to tackle difficult but crucial problems of...
1.8 MB 645

Max Internet Optimizer 1.3

The Max Internet Optimizer software optimizes your internet related system settings. The product is designed to be easy to use for novice or basic computer users. The end result is a faster and more pleasurable internet surfing experience. Max Internet Optimizer's easy to use interface allows users to optimize their internet connection in just a...
1.2 MB 798

Workbook Size Optimizer 1.0

The Workbook Size optimizer for Excel can better compress data inside workbooks that use PowerPivot or PowerView if this data comes from external data sources. The best size compression can be achieved for workbooks based on SQL Server databases and there are a few tricks we can do for other SQL datasources as well. The optimizer will install as an add in...
102.4 K 85

Digeus System Optimizer 8.2

Speed up your computer within 10 min. Digeus System Optimizer is the smartest way to solve computer problems and protect your valuable data. This easy-to-use software helps you eliminate system crashed, prevent computer problems, and restore your system to a healthy state. Here is a list of tools included in suite: * Digeus Data...
7.1 MB 162

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6.0.8

Gradual auto-optimization Don't have time for experiments? Simply select photo(s), hit "Auto-Optimize" and Ashampoo Photo Optimizer will have your photo collection vamped up in no time. There just is no faster way! Whiten teeth, remove red eyes and skin imperfections Get rid of discolored teeth, skin imperfections and other blemishes!...
85.2 MB 1,153

Vista Services Optimizer Portable 1.3.200

Vista Services Optimizer is an open source FREE Windows optimization utility that enables you to tweak your Windows services in an easy, automatic and safe way based on the way you use your computer and which hardware and software you use. Vista Services Optimizer does not require any technical knowledge, as it provides easy to understand options...
3.2 MB 256

HLP Free Memory Optimizer 1.2.117

HLP Free Memory Optimizer monitors your system in the background and frees up memory whenever needed to increase the performance of your computer. If the available physical memory gets too low, HLP Free Memory Optimizer causes the system to swap old data to the paging file to free up memory for your applications.
1.8 MB 231

Advanced System Optimizer 3.5.1000.15948

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer is a multi-functional system performance and optimization suite for Windows. This collection of tools lets you supercharge your PC's performance, enhance its security, tweak and optimize its settings, and customize and personalize your screens. It works with a Single Click of Mouse. Advanced System Optimizer's...
14.4 MB 1,480

PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer 2.0 Build 116

From the most trusted name in Microsoft Certified disk defragmentation technology, PerfectDisk. ● All-in-one Defrag, Registry, Duplicate File and Privacy Protection ● Completely automated using AutoPilot Scheduling ● Proven safe and effective from a brand you trust ● Perfect for novice users as well as PC...
34.1 MB 353

WinASO Registry Optimizer

WinASO Registry Optimizer is a mature and professional product that has been through more than 5 years constant improvement. Its advanced scanning algorithm can scan the entire registry within a few seconds for obsolete and invalid entries, as well as other registry errors, all listed comprehensively in the scanning report. You can select the items to fix...
7.7 MB 1,572
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